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Uber Driving - An Unexpected Benefit Part 2

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As the title indicates, I was very surprised to have a passenger with a very surprising end.

The day came for our meeting, and I showed up at Panera’s about fifteen minutes early.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to wait.  I had be there about that twenty minutes when I noticed Khrystiana coming in the back door.  She looked a bit flustered as she scanned the crowd and then, upon noticing me sitting at one of the booths, looked a bit relaxed and came over to my table.  I thought that her accent was adorable as she told me that she was sorry for being late, and I told her it was not a big deal.  However I was a bit curious as to why she was so late.  She told me that she would tell me later.  We decided to order lunch and then moved to a table that was a little bit removed from the crowd.

Understandably our conversation was initially a bit reserved.   We talked about the weather, her job and what had brought her to our area, my career and retirement and my decision to drive a couple of days a week for Uber and things like that.   I finally decided to bring our conversation to what she and I were both, may I say, at least “curious” about.

“Khrystiana, you had told me that you were heading to your bank to clear up an overdraft issue and also that your dad would not have hesitated in spanking you for this issue… is that correct?”  I thought it was adorable that Khrystiana blushed again and told me that I was correct.  I then asked her if she felt that he would have done so today even though she is now in her mid-twenties.  

She told me that both her dad and mom believe the childish actions should have child like consequences and indicated that her dad would believe that not managing your personal finances was childish. 

I laughed and asked her if she was glad that her dad was so far away so that she was able to avoid the “much deserved” spanking.

I think that this question really kind of broke the bank for her.  She got quiet for a minute to take a couple of bites of her salad and a sip of coffee.   She smiled as she said, “Believe me, I am very glad to be able to avoid that spanking as my father’s spankings always hurt and, as I got older, became more and more embarrassing.  But there is another side of the issue.   I hated knowing that I had one coming and I hated actually getting the spanking.  But after the spanking was over I felt so much better inside.  I always felt a huge emotional release and a tremendous feeling  of forgiveness and love from my father.  I also know that this probably makes zero sense!”  

I told her that actually I felt her comment made a lot of sense.  I told her that a couple of young women I had spanked in the past had told me that before. 

She looked up from her salad and looked at me for a minute and then said, “Chuck, who have you spanked before?” 

I had not really wanted to get into that topic but felt that I could open up to her.  “Khrystiana, I use to do a lot of business travel in the 90’s and 00’s.  Adult discipline was something that had always fascinated me and I was fortunate enough to find through the internet some women who were looking for, well, kind of a ‘strict uncle’.  I became that figure for a couple of them”.  As I told her this she had kind of a quizzical look on her face.  As we finished lunch I ended up answering a lot of questions that Khrystiana had.   As we finished she told me that she was going to have to get back to her office. 

As we walked out, she turned to me and said, “Chuck, I have really enjoyed this and would like to do it again.  Can we do this again?"

I replied, “Same place, same time a week from today”.  She agreed.  I laughed and said “Ok, but don’t be late again!”  She laughed, gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and waved as she walked down the street.

One week went by, and I did send her a text the night before to confirm our luncheon.  She replied by telling me that she was looking forward to it as she had more questions for me.  She also indicated that she knew I probably had some for her as well.  I was thinking that my next day’s lunch might be one of the more interesting lunches I might have had for a while.

I got to Panera’s the next day a little before noon and, remembering what had happened last week, got cup of coffee and was wondering if my new friend was going to be late again.  Well, she was but this time by only about ten minutes.  This time when she apologized I told her that this might be something we have to chat about one day.

We got our lunches and, being it was such a beautiful day, decided to go to the park and enjoy our lunches on one of the tables there.  As soon as we sat down, Khrystiana asked me what it felt like to give a woman I barely knew a real spanking.

 I was thinking that here we go and I Have not even had a chance to ask a question!  So we talked about that question and some of her other questions.  Then I stopped her and reminded her of her text to me telling me that she knew I had questions as well. 

She laughed and said, “Fair, go right ahead.  It is your turn.”

I asked her if she had told her dad about her overdrawn account. 

She told me that she had not because she knew he would have been disappointed in her.  

I mentioned that she had moved to the States about two years ago and asked her when she had gotten her last spanking from her father. 

She told me that it had been about six months before she moved and that he had spanked her for driving after she had been drinking.

 I kind of smiled and said, “I remember last week you asking me for details of a couple of the spankings that I had given, so now it is your turn to give me the details!”

Khrys told me that her dad had been waiting up for her and told her that they would deal with this issue the next morning (she told me that her dad and mom always gave the kids some time to think about what was coming before an actual punishment).  She said that she had gotten up the next morning and had headed downstairs for breakfast.  Her mom, one brother and one sister were at the table when she went in.  She told me that she had gotten a cup of coffee and had sat down when her dad came in.  He asked her if she had remembered their conversation from the night before.  When she told him that she did, they talked a little bit in more detail about how many drinks she had, why she had not called for a ride and other things.  He then told her that she would be spanked that evening after dinner.  She told me that she hated having to wait and would have preferred that he had spanked her immediately.  But no such luck. 

That night at dinner, he announced to the family that Khrys had been a big disappointment to him and her mom, and she was going to have to take the consequences with a very serious spanking.  He then told Khrystiana to go to her room but on the way, pick up her mom’s hairbrush (she told me she hated that as it was an old fashioned heavy wooden brush).  She did as he asked and waited in her room about ten to fifteen minutes before her dad came in.  She said that he sat on her bed and had her face him while he lectured her about drinking and driving.  He then told her to remove her skirt and come over his knee.  She told me that he started spanking her with his hand over her panties and after a number of spanks peeled them down and started again on her bare bottom.  She said that when she felt her bottom was on fire, he stopped and had her go to the corner and think about why she was there and what was still to come.

 He left the room and came back about twenty minutes later,  He took her by the hand and led her back to the bed.  He pulled her again over his lap and then picked up the hairbrush and started with hard spanking on her bottom and upper thighs.  At this point she told me that she really started twisting and kicking and started crying.  She said that her dad had told her previously that he hated how she resisted the spankings and knew that he had to feel her completely accept the spankings before he could quit. 

I smiled and told her that I understood, you can always tell when a person quits fighting and simply accepts. 

After he was finished she said that he simply sat her (gingerly) on his lap and just held her until the calmed down.  He told her that she had “paid for her sins” and all was ok.  After a few minutes he left her room.  A few minutes after that her mom showed up with a jar of Aloe lotion.  She kind of laughed as she reminded me of her comment from last week….that she hated the spankings but felt such an emotional release, almost a catharsis, afterwards.

I asked her if all her spankings had been like that and she said yes and no.  All of them started over clothing but ended up on the bare (her dad had once told her that a spanking is not a spanking unless it is on the bare) and that quite often his hand was enough.  He “saved” the hair brush for what he thought were really serious offenses.  She also said that her dad felt, as she got older, that embarrassment was an important aspect of the punishment.  Being bare bottomed was part of that but other elements could be brought into the picture as well.

I decided it was time to ask the question that I had been wanting to ask since our first conversation in my car.  “Khrystiana, do you think it would be helpful for you to have a good friend who was willing to hold you accountable, someone to be kind of like (and I smiled as I said this) a ‘strict uncle’?” 

She laughed a bit and said, “You know, I have been wondering when you were going to ask me something like that.  If you had asked me when we were in your car, I would have told you that I was not sure I would or not.  If you had asked me last week at the start of our lunch, I would have told you that if I did it would have to be someone I could trust.  You have been so honest and candid with me up to now in telling me so much about yourself and your experiences that I believe I could trust you in that role.  And, to answer your question, I think I would but am not 100% certain.  I really do not like to be spanked, especially how my dad does it and, based on what you have told me, how you do it!  But to be honest, I think it would probably be good for me to have someone like that in my life.  I think that eventually I would hope it would be my husband.  But right now I am not even dating anyone seriously.  Can we get together one more time so I have a little time to think about this and we can decide if this friendship needs to add an element to it, like me being a niece in addition to being a friend?”

I smiled and said of course.  I asked her if she wanted to meet again the next Tuesday here at Panera’s. 

She told me that she very much appreciated me buying her lunch but felt it was her time.  Khrys asked if I enjoyed fondue. 

When I told her that I did she said then let’s do Saturday evening at my apartment.  She said if I decide to take this step we might need some privacy and also I need to be thinking of the kinds of things that I might need to tell you about. 

I smiled and suggested she think about the things that she needed to tell me, make a list of both the things that she has done recently that she knows that she should not have done and also the things that she did not do that she should have done. 

She smiled and handed me a note with her apartment address on it, once again gave me a kiss on the cheek and turned down the sidewalk as I collected our stuff and headed to the waste can.

Part 3 will fill you in on a fascinating Saturday evening.


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