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Unforgettable Day at the Beach

Makaela will never forget today<3
I thought the beach was lovely, and summer vacation was going great. I looked over atmy best friend, Makaela. I sighed I try hard not to be jealous of her because she is gorgeous, but I never got any attention when she was around. I know I'm a pretty girl. I’m a lot taller than Makaela and I have long sexy legs. My legs usually didn’t matter when Makaela was around though because all eyes were on her big breasts and bubble butt.

She wore a pink bikini that could barely contain her boobs, and bikini bottoms that left a lot of her big butt exposed. She wore her silky black hair down and wore silver hoop earrings the perfect size, not too big but not too small. Her bellybutton was pierced and she wore an anklet. Her full lips glistened with gloss and her big eyes looked pretty adorned with her natural long eyelashes.

It wasn’t just her full body that made her sexy. I was stunningly beautiful, but Makaela was more than stunning. I think of her as one of the most beautiful girls on the planet, but I hate that she always overshadows me. Makaela was usually soft and sweet but her beauty had made her very full of herself. She was beautiful but delicate so I always protected her, I would never let anyone hurt her. Still her ego made me furious, she had hurt me today inadvertently implying that she was much sexier than me.

Makaela startled me as she suddenly leaned over and happily said “what'cha thinkin about?”

I don’t know why, but I was furious. Makaela thought of herself as the most sexy thing on earth. I don't know why I'm mad, maybe it was her bubbly happiness that irritated me, or the way she shook her big breasts in my face.

“I'm thinking about how uncomfortable that huge buttplug in your ass must be, and how humiliating it must be to take it out to use the bathroom then put it back in” I said viciously.

I watched her light brown face burn with shame. A few days ago Makaela had smarted off to her mother and earned a hard spanking. Our beach trip was the next day. She begged her mother not to thrash her so she could wear swimsuits and have fun. Her mother usually never yielded but, this time she did. Makaela still needed to be punished. As compensation punishment her mother made Makaela insert a rather large rosebud buttplug in her her tight bottom. She was to wear the plug all weekend and when she got home she would be given a very long and very hard bare bottom spanking.

The joyous look she just had was now replaced with humiliation and she gently sat back down, and was very quiet. I got up.

“S-Sylvia?” Makaela asked, “stay here and continue all your sexy posing and drink in your adoring fans. I’ve had enough of your condescending attitude. I honestly don’t want to be around you.”

With that I turned and walked onto the boardwalk, I discreetly turned and saw Makaela crying. I knew it was wrong and cruel but, I felt such happiness knowing I had truly hurt her. As I walked on the boardwalk I noticed guys checking me out. Without that fat bitch people see how beautiful I am. I walked around enjoying myself, finally tired I walked back to the hotel. We had rented 2 rooms but Makaela always slept in my arms like the big baby she was. I opened my room door and put my ear up to the wall, trying to listen to what was going on in my former friends room.

I happily heard Makaela sobbing. I truly wished I could spank her fat bottom so she wouldn’t be able to wear her sexy bikini’s. I remembered watching Makaela’s mother spank her. Makaela cried so hard begging her mom to stop but Makalea’s spankings were long and hard sometimes reaching 20 minutes, leaving her bottom red and sore for days.

I thought for a long time then went to my bag and pulled out an old style hairbrush. It had a polished wood head, and it was nice and heavy.

“I don’t care if she’s prettier than me, she will not condescend me anymore.” I angrily thought.

I took the brush and knocked hard on Makaela’s room door, but no one came to the door.

“Makaela open this door right now,” I growled.

“I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore,” Makalea shot back angrily.

“Open the fucking door.”

Makaela opened the door, and angrily let me in. I guessed she was about to go to the beach because she wore an extremely sexy pink bikini.

“You’re a bitch,” Makaela said.

“Shut up all you do is condescend people,” I shot back.

“No I don’t.”

“Makaela you're making me mad.”

“I don’t give a fuck.”

I angrily looked at her and said, “you tell me right now that you will never condescend or disrespect me again.”

Makaela was angry now and shouted

“I can’t help it that I’m so much sexier than you, I can’t help it I’m a millionaire and your poor. I know what this is about, your boyfriend has been looking at me, and you’re mad. Shut your ugly mouth before I take him.”

I slapped her hard. She looked at me, clearly shocked. She had her hand over her red cheek and her big eyes swam with tears. Makaela could never be dominant. She was a girl who planned to cook and clean for her husband. She was just a delicate girl.

“Get that bikini off.”

I watched Makaela try to angrily retort, but she had nothing.

“Do not make me tell you again,” I warned.

She finally found some courage, and screamed, “you have NO right to make me bare my bottom and you have no right to spank me you poor bitch!”

I saw she regretted the words as soon as she had said them.

“I’m going to call your mother right now, and tell her about your rudeness. She was already supposed to spank you, now you will get so much more”

“Oh god, Sylvia please don’t,” she said now panicking.

I glared at her.

She reached back and undid her bikini top, her breasts spilled out as she removed the bikini bra. She then pulled her bikini bottoms down stepping out of them. Finally she put her hands on her head and looked at me with tears in those big brown eyes.

“Good girl,” I walked over and picked up her pink bikini underwear.

“Open your mouth.”

Her eyes grew huge and she began to protest. As soon as she opened her mouth to talk I shoved the pink panties in her mouth.

“We don’t need you screaming in a hotel do we honey?”

That big eyed bitch shook her head side to side. She looked adorable with her big teary eyes her scared look, and her own beautiful pink panties stuffing her mouth.

“Get on the bed now,” I ordered.

Makaela put her hands on the edge of the bed, she then spread her legs and bent fully over. I expected her to present her bottom for me like she did for her mother, and she didn’t disappoint.

I went to her closet and took out her own stylish and expensive belt. I folded the belt and tapped it on Makaela’s bottom. Then I raised it and brought it down hard on her fat bottom.



I smiled at her muffled scream, and raised the belt.





“I bet you're sorry now huh baby?” I asked and I was answered with a sob.

I administered strokes of the belt in threes, until I reached 22. All I could hear was muffled weeping. She was bouncing from one foot to another on her high heels trying to cool the sting. Her bottom was a pretty red, it looked nice and very sore.

I picked up the hairbrush and said, "Get up Makaela”.

She got up and put her hands on her head. Her face was streaked with tears, and drool soaked the panties in her mouth. She looked at the hairbrush in my hand and made muffled sobbing sounds.

I sat on the bed and although sobbing she obediently laid over my lap. I was going to have my revenge for every time this bitch condescended me and made me feel ashamed of who I am.

I raised the brush high, and brought it down hard on her sore right cheek. The cheek bounced deliciously, and Makaela’s head flew up. She lifted her leg as her bottom stung. I began to spank hard and fast. Her bottom cheeks were so bouncy, and I loved it. I brought the brush down everywhere on her bottom. Even on her thick thighs especially on the spot where her bottom turned to her thigh.

Makaela was desperately thrashing around, but I was much stronger than her and held her properly. Her silk hair was everywhere as her head thrashed around. She was thrashing her legs as hard as she could causing one of her black heels to fly off of her foot. All I could hear from her were slightly loud,


Her bottom was reddening nicely, but I had no intention of stopping anytime soon. After about 7 minutes Makaela was thrashing as hard as she could. Obviously it couldn’t last and she fully tired herself out. Her body looked so sweet glistening in sweat. Soon she completely gave up and could only lie and take her punishment.

I spanked her for a good 20 minutes. Finally her bottom had reached a red I was happy with. I stopped I’m not sure she knew it was over. I gave her 15 minutes to get those chest heaving sobs under control. I admired my work, such a bruised red bottom. She wouldn’t be sitting for a week.

“Get up, hands on her head.”

She slowly and gingerly got up. I looked at the great and amazing god of beauty now. Her face was puffy, and her eyes big and red from crying. Water ran from her nose into her lip gloss. Her lower face was covered in drool and leaked down her, chin and face. I loved how pathetic and degraded she now looked.

“Turn around let’s see that big ass you’re so proud of,” I said smiling.

Her bottom and upper thighs were so red.

I smiled, “put your hands behind your back.”

I took two flower nipple covers and put them on her breast's nipples. Then I threw her one of her own string thongs.

“Put it on Makaela."

She did as she was told.

“Just like that go down to the hotel lobby, then walk all the way across the boardwalk and back.”

She let out a “MMMHHHHHH” as a pleading no.

It sounded like a please no. There were panties stuffed in her mouth. She was only wearing flowers over her nipples and her underwear only covered her vagina, the string rode all the way up her butt. Her huge red, bruised and very sore bottom completely on display. She was basically naked and completely humiliated.

“Go down the elevator and walk across the boardwalk NOW!” I said opening the door.

Her head down in shame, she walked into the hall. Then she walked into the elevator. That bitch will remember this for the rest of her life, I thought. This should put that stuck up girl in her place.

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