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Vet School Part 2 M/F

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Vet School Part 2

In part one, Melissa enrolled in a vet school and later found out that the school used corporal punishment. Although she was 19 years old, she accepted this since she really liked the school. She got her first taste of the paddle on her initiation day at the school. According to the rules, each student would receive a spanking before their first class. She also learned that in each building, on each floor, was a room marked “AAA”. It was the Attitude Adjustment Area where a student would be taken for discipline. Also, each classroom contained a large wooden paddle with holes in it. The instructor would use the paddle at any time, for any reason, on any student.

A very loud bell rang out in the dormitory. Melissa woke up, and remembered that she was now living in a dorm room at a vet school. She quickly ran down the hallway to the bathroom and showers. There were plenty of towels and the other students advised her on how things were done in the dorm. After she showered and put on make-up, she made her bed and cleaned up the room. Since this was her first day of classes, she constantly checked with the manual, to make sure everything was done correctly. Since her roommate was also a new student, they struggled together to make sure everything was just perfect.

Then Melissa went to the cafeteria for breakfast. There was plenty to eat, but she was surprised that hardly anyone was in the cafeteria. She sat down at a somewhat messy table, and began to eat. Then to her surprise, she heard a bell rang. The vet school had a policy of sounding a bell three minutes before the class was to start. She wasn’t aware of the time since she was concerned about making her dorm room look nice and clean. Now she had only three minutes to get clear across campus and get seated in her first classroom. The bell would ring again as the classes would start. If you entered the classroom after the bell, you were subject to detention or punishment, depending on what the instructor wanted to do.

So Melissa quickly got up from the table and ran to the cafeteria doorway. To her surprise, a very large woman with an apron on was standing in the doorway.

“Please move, I need to get to class.” Melissa told her.

“Not until you clean up your mess. According to the rules, you always need to bus your own dishes in the cafeteria. In fact, since there is such a mess at the table you ate at, you need to clean up the whole table.” The large woman told her. “I will block you from leaving the cafeteria until you clean up the table.”

“Please let me out of here!” Melissa pleated.

“Either you clean up the table or I will take you to the AAA room right now.”

“I’ll clean it up.” Melissa said. She didn’t want to be spanked by this large woman, so early on her first day of classes. As Melissa bused the dishes and cleaned off the table, she heard the bell ring again and was aware she was missing part of her first class. Finally, the table was clean, and this large woman allowed her to leave the cafeteria.

It was against the rules to run on campus, so she walked very quickly to the classroom building. Melissa took the nearest stairway to the third floor. The classroom for her first class was 310, and when she got to what she thought was the room, it was labeled 310L. She looked in the room and no one was there. It also was a lab of some sort. Then she remembered that half of the rooms in the classroom building were labs. She now had to go down to the first floor, walk across the building to the stairway to the regular classrooms.

After rushing up the stairs, she finally found the room 310. The class was full of students and she could her a male teacher say, “We have introduced ourselves and I have explained how important it is to be on time for class, so now I can start your first lesson.”

Melissa decided to enter the classroom at this moment. As she opened the door, everyone glared at her.

“I am sorry I am late, I can explain why.” Melissa said.

The male teacher said, “Come up front and stand next to me. Then introduce yourself to everyone, and we will find out a lot about you. My name is Mr. Smith, your chemistry teacher.

“My name is Melissa, and I am a new student and this is my first class. I’m sorry that I was late.” Melissa said.

“I just gave a ten minute lecture on why it is important to be on time for my class.” Mr. Smith said. “All of these students were on time, and I want to use you as an example of what happens when a student arrives late to my class. In your case, you were twenty minutes late. That shows a lot of disrespect to both me and the other students.”

“But I can explain what happened!” Melissa interrupted. “I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t talk or interrupt me again, it will only make your punishment worst.” Mr. Smith said. “Also, the class will get to know you a lot better this way. So first, reach under your skirt, pull off your panties and give them to me.”

“You’re kidding.” Melissa protested. “I said I am sorry. I am a new student and this is my first class.”

“Stop talking and give me your panties, or I will call someone to take you to the Attitude Adjustment Area right now, where your punishment will be much worst.”

“Okay.” Melissa reluctantly said as she reached under her pleaded plaid skirt and pulled her panties down her long slim legs.

Mr. Smith had his hand out to receive her panties and he examined them. “It is good for Melissa that these are regulation white panties and they are not torn or soiled in any way. If you hand me panties that are not regulation, soiled or torn, you will get five extra swats from the paddle and I will confiscate the panties. So Melissa, bend over my desk for me and grip the other side with your elbows on the desk. Also, spread your legs apart so that you can stay in position better.”

Melissa didn’t want to be spanked in front of the entire class, but she had no choice. She felt like she was a naughty little girl back in elementary school.

“This is the position I want you to assume if you are late to my class, or if you need to be punished during or after class.” Mr. Smith said. “One last thing, lift your skirt up so that your whole bare bottom is completely exposed for your punishment. Melissa, raise your skirt up now!”

Melissa was embarrassed to be completely exposed like this in front of the class. She did feel lucky that this was a women only vet school, and that Mr. Smith was the only male seeing her like this.

“If you are late for class, even by a few seconds, I expected you to hand me your panties and assume this position. You will receive a minimum of five swats from the paddle.” Mr. Smith went over near the door of the classroom and took down a large wooden paddle with many round holes in it. The students gasped out loud when they saw the paddle.

“Since Melissa was twenty minutes late, she will receive twenty swats of the paddle. If she does not stay in position or attempts to rub her bottom, she will receive extra swats. Also, answer me ‘Sir’ while I punish you, and stay in position until I tell you to stand up. If your panties are in good shape and are white regulation style, they will be returned to you at the end of class. That is unless more punishment is needed after class. Any questions?”

“No.” Melissa replied.

SWAT! Then she felt a very hard and stinging swat from the paddle.

“Answer again with ‘No, sir’, and that swat doesn’t count.” Mr. Smith said.

“No, sir,” Melissa quickly replied. She was surprised how much the paddle stung her completely exposed bare bottom.

SWAT! SWAT!, SWAT! Melissa’s spanking started. She gripped the other side of the desk tightly to stay in position and she felt her bare bottom getting warmer and warmer.

The class was amazed to see her bottom cheeks go from white to pink to a very rosy red color. Melissa jerked her head back as each swat hit her poor exposed bottom.

After fifteen swats, Mr. Smith said, “Melissa, you are taking this very well. There are only five swats left. Please count them out loud and say ‘Thank you, sir’ after each swat.”


“One, Thank you, sir.” Now it was very hard for Melissa to stay in position. She whished that she could stand up and rub her poor hurting bottom.


“Two, Thank you, sir.”


“Three, Thank you, sir.” Now Melissa didn’t even care that her legs were spread apart and she was totally exposed to everyone. She just wanted the spanking to stop.


“Four, Thank you, sir.” Now there were almost tears in her eyes, but she stayed in position.


“Five, Thank you, sir.” At last, the spanking was over with for Melissa. She stayed in position so that she would not receive any more swats from the paddle. Then she felt Mr. Smith’s hands rubbing and exploring her exposed bottom.

“This is what you can expect to happen if you are late to this class or the other classes at this vet school.” Mr. Smith told the whole class. “It was too bad Melissa had to experience it on her first day of classes. Now Melissa, stand up and walk to the corner of the classroom. Keep your skirt tucked up so we can see your exposed spanked bottom, and keep your hands at your sides. You will stay there until class is over. Now go to the corner.”

Melissa slowly stood up and walked over to the corner. She really wanted to rub her bottom, but stood there, with her bottom still exposed until the class ended.

After class, she finally was able to let down her skirt and get her panties from Mr. Smith.

“I look forward to spank your nice firm round bottom some more.” Mr. Smith said.

Melissa didn’t put on her panties, but quickly walked to her next class. She didn’t want to be late for her next class, and her bottom hurt too much for her to pull her panties back on.
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