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Vet School Part 5 M/F

Vet School Part 5

Melissa had just finished her class at barn six on “Basic Care of Barn Animals”. When she got to her dorm room, specials signs were posted that everyone was to meet in the school’s auditorium for a special presentation. Attendance was mandatory, and you were supposed to wear your regular classroom uniform. Also, you were to sit with your first hour classmates. It would start at 7 PM, so it allowed you plenty of time to change, if needed, and to eat supper.

Melissa took a quick shower down the hall, and put back on her regular class uniform. It was still lying on the bed from when she changed clothes around 1:00 PM. Then she dashed off to the cafeteria. After she got her very delicious, wonderful food, she went over to a high table and ate it. Her bottom was so sore from the paddling, caning, and whipping that she had received earlier in the day, that she wasn’t wanting to sit down until sometime tomorrow.

After she ate, she made sure she was following all of the rules, and she bused her dishes and cleaned up the small table that she sat at. Then she took her time and walked over to the ARTS building that housed the large auditorium. Signs were put up on the seats so that she could easily find her chemistry class. Melissa was proud of herself because she was ten minutes early. She found a seat, but since her bottom was still sore, decided to stand until the last minute, when she would need to be seated. At least the seats in the auditorium were very comfortable seats with lots of padding.

The vet school had a very modern stage with all the high tech accessories. There were large screen monitors and speakers all around the auditorium, and a screen that very large and was just above the stage. There were also many cameramen on stage, so everyone could hear and see what was about to happen onstage. Melissa was really impressed with the auditorium. Also, the theatre has stadium type seating that had a steep slope to it, so there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

The program started exactly at 7:00 PM, with a welcoming of the students on their first day of class, and also welcoming back the second year students. Although awards were given out at the end of the class year, they also wanted to honor the students again for their hard work.

First, they had the six students who had gone through the first school year without breaking any rules to go onstage and show off their awards. Then they had two students who had completed the first and second year of school without breaking any rules, came onstage. They also had several of the students who had graduated from the school, talk about the jobs they now had in the industry. The students who had graduated talked about the importance of the rules and how they had made them into better employees in the industry.

Next, the principal of the school spoke, along with the vice-principal and the person who in charge of the enforcement of the rules. He told all of the students about all of the many cameras that were throughout the campus, and that he was in charge of the “Men in Black”. They were the enforcers of the rules, and that a student would be immediately taken to an “AAA” room or area if they saw you break a rule.

Then the principal of the school talked about the dorm moms and the important role they played with the school. The dorm moms were responsible for keeping clean supplies in the dorms, a counselor for the students to talk to about any problems, and they were also the enforcer of the rules in the dorms. That meant that a student’s bed was to be made properly before they went to class, no clothes were permitted on the beds between classes, and that the dorm rooms would be kept clean. Every evening, the dorm mom would spank the students, if these rules were not followed.

Then the principal introduced Mary, who just happened to be Melissa’s dorm mom. Mary came out with a large wooden paddle, and the principal thanked Mary for all of her hard work and dedication to the vet school.

The principal then said, “You have met some of the really good students who follow the rules, now you will meet a student that doesn’t follow the rules. This is her first day of class, and she now has been spanked three times already. Please bring Melissa down to the stage.”

From nowhere, two men in black suits grabbed Melissa’s arms, and dragged her down to the stage and made her stand next to the principal and her dorm mom. At the same time, a spanking bench from one of the AAA rooms was placed next to where Melissa was standing.

“Melissa, please take off your panties and then bend over the spanking bench.” The principal told Melissa. “If you don’t do it quickly, I will have these men take off your panties for you and force you over the bench.”

Melissa didn’t want to be spanked again, and certainly didn’t want these men to take off her panties, so she voluntarily reached under her skirt and gave the principal her panties. Then she turned around and draped herself over the spanking bench. Immediately, the men in the black suits secured her hands to the spanking bench. Next, her legs were spread apart and also secured to the spanking bench. Her dorm mom lifted up her skirt and rolled it into the waistline of her skirt, and the men took a wide strap that went around her back and secured her to the spanking bench so she was unable to move.

Melissa saw the cameramen come up close to her, and she felt very embarrassed because she knew her poor welted and spanked bottom was now on the big screen. Melissa could hear the whole auditorium gasp as her poor bottom was shown to everyone.

“This is what happens to students who break the rules.” The principal said. “Melissa also didn’t make her bed properly and she left clothes on her bed. So Mary, her dorm mom, is going to give her ten swats from the paddle. She would normally get twenty swats of the paddle, but since Melissa has been spanked so many times already, she will only receive ten swats. Melissa also was late for two of her classes and was also caught at lunch without her panties on. So Mary, you may proceed with her spanking.”

One of the men in a black suit took a wireless microphone and placed it near Melissa’s mouth, so everyone could hear her moans. The other man in a black suit put a small television monitor near her head, so she could see what the audience was seeing. On the screen was an extreme close-up of her poor bottom, and her sex and every inch of her intimate parts were fully on display.

Then Mary, her dorm mom, started to spark Melissa. It was good that she was secured to the spanking bench, because the swats of the paddle on top of her other spankings were very painful. Melissa was unable to escape this paddling, and she just moaned and cried as her punishment was administered.

After Melissa received her ten swats, the principal said to the other students, “Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure and follow all of the rules and be on time to your classes. Also, this is being videotaped and will be shown over and over again on the monitors throughout the campus. That concludes the program, and I want everyone to walk past Melissa and see what happens to students who break the rules. You are now dismissed.”

So Melissa stayed tied to the spanking bench, totally exposed, as the other students and staff walked past her poor well-spanked bottom. She couldn’t help but hear the comments and snickering of the other students.

After everyone had left the auditorium, Melissa was released from the spanking bench and allowed to go back to her dorm. Melissa then took a cool shower, changed into her pajamas and lay on her stomach on her bed. Her roommate rubbed soothing lotion on her poor bottom to help relieve the pain. This was only the first day of classes for Melissa and she wondered what tomorrow would bring.
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