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Vet School Part 9 M/F

Melissa returns to the Vet School
Melissa had just endured a very humiliating public spanking, and her poor bottom was very sore and burning like it was on fire. She also realized that she would have to endure three more of these spankings because she didn't have the money to pay for the fines.

Finally, the crowd left and she was still secured to the wooden spanking bench and totally exposed and sore. Then she heard two women's voices.

"Melissa, my name is Jane and I am the wife of the Sheriff," Jane told her. "My friend Sue and I are going to get you off this terrible spanking bench and treat your poor bottom so that you can drive back to the school."

They had brought with them a gurney like what you find in an ambulance and rolled it next to the spanking bench. Then they lowered it and undid the straps that held Melissa to the spanking bench.

"Slide over on your stomach on this gurney so that we can take you to a place to recover from your severe spanking," Jane told her. Melissa slowly slid over on the gurney and they covered her nude body with a thin white blanket.

Jane and Sue wheeled the gurney away from the platform and down the street to another building. Inside the building was a room that looked like a small hospital room. It had a lot of medical equipment and supplies.

Jane took Melissa's blood pressure as Sue reached for some special lotion and started to rub it in to poor Melissa's sore bottom.

"That feels so good," Melissa told Sue.

"It is a special lotion we use on women once they have been punished," Sue told Melissa. "It is a special formula made to help you heal faster and stop all cuts and bleeding."

Jane gave Melissa some fruit juice to drink and helped her feel relaxed. "I brought over your school uniform and also a copy of the document you signed saying you would be here by one o'clock for the next three Sundays. It is very important that you arrive here early or on time, or your punishment will be even more severe. I also have some bubble wrap that you can take with you and sit on in your car. Just take it easy until you feel you are able to drive."

Slowly, Melissa was able to get up and put on her school uniform. Then she noticed the clock in the room. It was now ten minutes after six o'clock, and Melissa had signed a paper at the school stating she would have her car returned by six o'clock. She was now ten minutes late and she hadn’t even left yet.

"I have your car parked just outside, so you can leave anytime you want to," Jane told Melissa.

"I am sorry but I am already ten minutes late," Melissa told Jane and Sue. "I need to go now but I will be back next Sunday."

Melissa ran out of the room and into her car with the court document and the bubble wrap. The bubble wrap did really help her sit down in her car since her poor bottom was so sore. Slowly and watching the speed limit, Melissa drove out of town and she was so happy to finally see the vet school again. She parked her car where she was supposed to and went into the administration building with her keys.

When she got to the main desk, the lady said, "You know that you signed a paper stating that you would return the car before six o'clock."

"I know. But things happened beyond my control," Jane told the woman.

"The paper also states that you will get twenty strokes of the cane upon your arrival if you are late. Let me call the principal to attend to you." Then the lady picked up the phone and called the principal. After talking to the principal briefly she told Melissa, "Have a seat. He will be right down to cane you."

"That's okay. I will just stand and wait for him." Melissa didn't want to sit down because her bottom hurt so much.

In a few minutes, she saw the principal walking down the hall towards her.

"Are you the very naughty student who got spanked during the special presentation on Friday?" the principal asked Melissa.

"Yes, I am that student."

"And now you need to be caned for not returning your car on time? I thought you would have learned to obey the rules by now," he told her.

"I was caught speeding and was punished for it, that is why I am late." Melissa pleaded.

"Let's go to my office so that we can discuss this."

He took her down the hall to his office. "Please have a seat and tell me what happened."

"I'd rather stand. If that's okay with you."

"Okay. Tell me what happened."

"On Saturday morning I left here and I was so happy that I wasn't watching my speed. I was caught speeding and to make things worse, I tried to escape. I was taken into jail and spanked. I was spanked again before dinner, and then I was taken to court on Saturday. Since I didn't have money to pay the fine and I didn't want to go to jail, I agreed to a public punishment and caning for four Sundays in a row. The punishment started at four o'clock and I got here as soon as I could. Please don't cane me! I already can hardly sit down from the punishment I just received."

"You aren't the first student that has been caught in their speed trap. First, I need to see what your bottom looks like to be able to tell whether I will be able cane you. Kneel on a chair, pull your panties down to your knees, and lean way over the chair," the principal told her.

This was humiliating for Melissa, but not as bad as her recent public punishment. She did as told and leaned way over the chair.

The principal lifted up her pleated skirt and revealed her well-marked sore bottom. He could see the cane marks plus the redness and bruising from the razor strap.

"I agree that I shouldn't cane you right now," the principal told her.

"Thank you!" Melissa answered with a sigh of relief.

"I will let you be caned after your classes on Tuesday. Since you were to receive twenty today, I will give you twenty-five strokes on Tuesday. What time are your classes over with on Tuesday?"

"Four o'clock, sir."

"I will expect you in my office no later than four-thirty. Understood, Melissa?"

"Yes, sir."

"Also, usually we take driving privileges away for a month if you return the car late. But since you have to return to the town on Sundays to be punished, I will expect you in my office by four-thirty on Thursday to get another twenty-five strokes of the cane. Your caning on Tuesdays and Thursdays will continue for three more weeks until you have been punished for speeding. Do you agree to this?"

Melissa felt like she had no choice in the matter. "Okay. I agree to that."

"Stay bent over like that while I get my secretary to draw up the documents for you to sign." It was embarrassing again to have his secretary see her bent over with her freshly marked naked bottom sticking out. But Melissa held her position and soon his secretary returned with the documents.

"You can stand up and pull up your panties, then sign these documents and I will see you on Tuesday afternoon for your caning."

Melissa signed the documents, and finally left with her copies for her dorm room. She was so happy to be on her nice soft bed again, and she slept on her stomach all night. She wondered what this next week at the vet school would bring.

On Monday morning she woke up in plenty of time to eat her breakfast in the cafeteria and bus her dishes. Melissa had also brought the bubble wrap to sit on because her bottom was still very sore. She arrived at her first class in chemistry so she wasn’t late and sat on the bubble wrap.

Since Melissa’s bottom was so sore, she moved around a lot in her chair. This drew a lot of attention from both the other students and Mr. Smith, her teacher. “Melissa, you are making a big disturbance in my classroom,” Mr. Smith said. “You know I do not tolerate that in my classroom. Please stand up, take off your panties and hand them to me and bend over my desk.”

“But Sir, I was severely punished on Sunday and I can’t help from squirming about,” Melissa replied.

“You know that talking back at me will only make your punishment worse,” Mr. Smith said. “Just do not talk and assume the position.”

So Melissa took off her panties, handed them to Mr. Smith and walked to the front of the classroom. Next she raised her hemmed skirt and bent over the desk with her legs spread far apart. This was the required position you would assume to receive a punishment from Mr. Smith. Once Melissa bent over she could hear a gasp from the other students in the room and they started whispering.

“Quiet class or I will punish each and everyone of you,” Mr. Smith told the class. Then he told Melissa, “I can now see why you were squirming around in your seat. However, since you disturbed my class I will only give you two swats of the paddle. You can stand in the back of the class with your bottomed bared after I paddle you. That way you will not disturb the class.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Melissa replied.

Melissa counted the two swats out loud as required by Mr. Smith and then stood in the back of the class with her poor bottom totally exposed again. After class was over Mr. Smith handed Melissa her panties and said, “Next time you should tell me and show me your bottom before class starts, that way you won’t be spanked. Be sure and put your panties back on because you don’t want to be caught on campus not wearing panties.”

“I will tell you and show you next time, Mr. Smith. You should also know that I will receive a severe caning from the principal on Tuesday and Thursday after classes and I will also receive another severe punishment again on Sunday afternoon.”

“Then I suggest you take off your panties and show me your bottom on Wednesday, Friday and next Monday. If your bottom looks like it does now, then I will allow you to stand in back of the class with your bottom exposed. But if you cause any commotion in my class, no matter what your bottom looks like, you will be spanked,” Mr. Smith said.

“Yes Sir, I will Sir,” Melissa replied. “I don’t want to be spanked.”

Then Melissa put her panties on and left for her next class.

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