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Vicky’s Retribution - Chapter 4

Nineteen-year-old Vicky remains in control of three older women

Vicky was so annoyed this morning. She had told Emilie and Marian to be home by midnight but they hadn’t even arrived at twelve-thirty.

So first thing in the morning she stormed into each of their bedrooms and ordered, “Out of bed, take your nighties off, go to my bedroom, and press your noses against the wall.”

Emilie and Marian were both saying, ‘”Sorry,” as they did as they were told. Of course, they both knew how late they had been the night before and that there would be a price to pay. It was no surprise that they now had their noses pressed against the wall with their hands on their heads and were totally naked.

Nineteen-year-old Vicky stared at the two naughty bottoms she was going to spank. They were going also to get a rather uncomfortable punishment. One though they had used first on the vicar. First, though, both would have very sore bottoms. There was a paddle and a wooden-backed hairbrush on the sideboard to be used on their naughty bottoms.

Vicky left the two women to stew for ten minutes. She never ceased to be surprised how two women in their early forties were so submissive to a teenager even though she had now spanked them so often.

“Right, ladies,” Vicky said sternly to the backs of their heads, “I will be giving you both a spanking and then before we go to church you will both have itching powder applied to your bottoms. I will not have you disobey me like you did last night.”

Vicky heard both women moan but neither voiced an objection. She hadn’t expected them to either.

The doorbell rang as she took the itching powder out of the drawer and she was still holding it when she opened the door. It was Margaret. Vicky had forgotten that she was coming over this morning to be given another spanking. It had been her own request as she felt so bad about lying to earn her first spanking.

“Hullo, Miss Vicky,” Margaret said.

The submissive welcome reminded Vicky that there would be a third bottom that needed to be spanked today. “Hullo, Margaret,” Vicky replied. “Do come in,” she added.

Once inside Margaret put down the small case she was carrying and when she stood back up focussed on the itching powder and looked up quizzically.

Vicky saw the look. “Oh, this is for Emilie and Marian. They were so naughty last night as they got back well after the time they were supposed to.”

“I know, Miss Vicky. I was with them. All of a sudden they panicked and told me they had missed their curfew and they rushed off. I see they don’t get second chances with you, Miss Vicky,” Margaret said in a respectful tone.

Vicky smiled. “I seem to think you never gave second chances either, did you, Margaret?” Vicky asked.

“That is true, Miss Vicky. Rules are rules,” Margaret agreed.

“Yes indeed, Margaret. Anyway, you have also earned a spanking so I will deal with all three of you before church.”

Margaret replied, “I know I need to be spanked again, Miss Vicky. The thing is, I could not sleep last night as I kept thinking about you telling me I had earned more than one spanking for how I dealt with Emilie and Marian all those years ago at school.”

Vicky looked sternly at Margaret, “Well you certainly have earned more than one spanking. I would say several actually. The one today will be one less I need to give you.”

Margaret blushed as she said, “Thank you, Miss Vicky. I am sure a spanking before church will be a very good reminder for me.”

Vicky pointed upstairs. “Go to my bedroom. Emilie and Marian are doing naughty spot time before I spank them.”

Margaret blushed as she went quickly upstairs and into Vicky’s bedroom. She gasped as she saw Emilie and Marian facing the wall. Both were naked. She turned to Vicky and asked in a worried tone, “Me too I suppose?”

Vicky was in no mood for silly questions and snapped. “Yes, Margaret. You too and be quick about it.”

Margaret blushed as she quickly slipped off her dress and bra and knickers and went and stood facing the wall next to Emilie and Marian.

Vicky left the three women for a few more minutes before she sat on her chair and ordered, “All of you turn and face me but keep your hands on your heads.”

Vicky smiled to herself as she looked from one lady to the next. Each stood with her hands on her head with her full breasts on show and each had taut nipples showing how aroused they were being under punishment. Their pussies were also on show. Emilie’s Brazilian was a particular delight to look at. After letting them suffer her gaze for a while she pointed the paddle wooden backed hairbrush at them and said sternly, “You will each get sixty spanks with the hairbrush before we go to church. Any misbehaviour at church and you will get another spanking when we get home. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss Vicky,” all three replied together. Just like at school, Vicky told herself with a wicked smile.

Vicky looked at Marian and ordered, “You first, Marian.”

Marian scrunched up her face as she stepped across to Vicky and eased herself across the teenager’s lap.

Vicky waited for Marian to settle and tapped the paddle hairbrush on her bottom a couple of times before raising it and bringing it down firmly on her bare bottom cheek.

Marian gasped and then when a moment later the hairbrush landed on her other bare bottom cheek she cried out again.

Vicky decided a non-stop barrage of spanks was called for as she had three women to deal with. So she landed spank after spank on alternate bottom cheeks time and again as Marian squirmed around on her lap and kicked her legs and cried out. Vicky saw Marian’s bottom quickly turn dark pink and then red as the spanks continued. She kept count of the spanks and at twenty spanks on each bottom cheek saw they were nicely glowing. She could also see Marian sobbing and the tears flowing down her face.

Marian was struggling as the spanks landed time and again without any respite. She had never been spanked so hard although as painful as it was she still felt aroused as the stinging cascaded around her bottom and the quivers gushed around her pussy.

Vicky looked up and saw both Emilie and Margaret were wide-eyed and clearly thinking about the spanking they were about to get.

At sixty spanks Vicky ordered, “Get up Marian and go and stand by Margaret. Make sure you do not rub and stand with your hands on your head.”

Marian was crying uncontrollably as she eased herself up from Vicky’s lap and stepped back across the room. She could not stop herself from dancing from foot to foot but by clasping her hands on top of her head she prevented herself from rubbing her bottom.”

“You next, Emilie,” Vicky ordered.

A very worried looking Emilie stepped over to Vicky and moments later she was across the teenagers lap and was focussing on the backs of her legs which was a sight that always turned her on and helped her relax. Of course, relax wasn’t quite the description as she pondered the pain that was about to grip her. She felt the two taps and the first two spanks on alternate bottom cheeks and then cried out as the spanks continued unabated just as they had with Marian. She struggled to cope and was soon crying just as Marian did. Also just like Marian, she was getting aroused as the spanking intensified and her bottom stung crazily.

Sixty spanks later Vicky ordered, “Get up and stand by Marian, Emilie. Don’t forget there will be no rubbing or you will be straight back across my lap.”

Emilie was blubbering as she eased herself up and went and stood next to Marian keeping her hands clasped above her head. Once again Vicky’s ‘Obey me or else,’ tone of voice turned her on. It still couldn’t stop her stepping from foot to foot as she stood looking at the dominant Vicky.

“Now you, Margaret,” Vicky ordered.

Margaret looked even more worried than Emilie as she went over to Vicky and bent across her lap. She too focussed on the backs of the teenager’s legs to try to settle herself. The feeling of submission was one she had enjoyed when first put across Vicky’s lap and she hoped that would help to get her into the mindset to take what was going to be a rather more severe spanking this time.

In the event, it worked. The first two spanks were hard but manageable whereas what followed was pretty much as she had expected and she had convinced herself during those few moments looking at the backs of Vicky’s legs that that was what she had accepted. She had kept telling herself since that first spanking how wrong she had been to take her bad moods out on her pupils and that she deserved that spanking and this spanking and no doubt many many more spankings. Of course the fact that she was aroused by the reality of being spanked only helped. So as it was her turn to blubber as the spanks rained down on her she was sure that it would lead to both tears running down her face but also to a very damp pussy.

“Get up and join the others,” Vicky demanded as she reached the allotted sixty spanks.

Margaret was surprised the sixty spanks had been given so quickly and as she eased herself up from Vicky’s lap felt erotically charged as the quivers raced around her pussy. Indeed, as she stood facing Vicky with her hands clasped on top of her head she felt the continuing quivers rushing around her pussy.

Vicky sat with her legs and arms crossed looking sternly at the three women she had just spanked. She decided she had particularly enjoyed spanking them as she had. The continuous spanks had led to more tears and crying and squirming and kicking than usual which in turn had made her more and more aroused.

Vicky was sure Emilie and Marian would like to spend some time together and she reckoned that she would enjoy another chance to make out with Margaret. There was a huge age difference between them but as she was the one in charge and Margaret was suitably submissive that age difference was of no concern to the teenager.

“Emilie and Marian, you can go to the bathroom and tidy yourselves up. Make sure you are back downstairs in forty-five minutes and dressed for church. However make sure you carry your knickers. Don’t forget I will be applying itching powder to your bottoms.”

“Yes, Miss Vicky,” Emilie and Marian dutifully replied as they walked together out of the room with both of them furiously rubbing their bottoms. Vicky knew they would spend a large part of the forty-five minutes making love.

Vicky then stood up and looking steadily at Margaret slowly removed her clothes as Margaret looked more and more aroused. Once naked she stepped over to Margaret and took one of her taut nipples in between her finger and thumb and squeezed.

Margaret gasped as the pain hit her. She made sure she kept her hands on her head though as she still wanted to be ultra-obedient to Miss Vicky.

Vicky saw from the strained look on Margaret’s face she was forcing herself to keep her hands clasped to the top of her head even though the pain was clear. That pleased her and made her more intent to discipline her again. First, though, she had other thoughts of a sexual nature. So she pulled Margaret by her nipple and with a wicked smile which she knew Margaret saw led the sixty-five-tear-old to the sofa.

Within moments, a relieved Margaret was rubbing her nipple with one hand and her bottom with the other as she lay on the sofa. Not for long though as Vicky moved her hand away from her nipple which she engulfed with her mouth and kissed and sucked and licked as Margaret sighed and groaned erotically.

Vicky moved around and a willing Margaret returned the kisses and licks and sucks as she caressed and cuddled the teenager until they were both gyrating in unison as they licked and kissed the others wet pussies and edged their tongues inside. Both came together in what for Vicky was the best ever orgasm.

Vicky and Margaret lay in each others' arms as they continued to kiss and cuddle. They brought each other to orgasm again with finger sex as their tongues were entwined in Margaret’s mouth. They settled down and relaxed still in each other's arms until Vicky ordered, “We must get dressed.”

Vicky led Margaret out of the living room. Margaret stopped to pick up her case and together they went upstairs. Vicky noticed the bathroom was empty but Emilie’s bedroom door was closed and guessed with a smile where the two ladies were.

Vicky and Margaret stood with each other in the bathroom and then went to Vicky’s bedroom where they got dressed for church.

“No knickers yet,” Vicky warned Margaret.

Margaret replied, “Yes, Miss Vicky,” as she remembered the threat about the itching powder.

Vicky and Margaret re-entered the living room to find Emilie and Marian waiting for them. They were both dressed but held their knickers.

“Bend over the back of the sofa all of you and lift your dresses above your waists and stretch your bottom cheeks apart.”

Vicky watched the three women follow her instructions and was soon looking at three bottoms that were nicely stretched apart leaving wide open bottom cracks. She took a box of tissues and poured itching powder on the first tissue. With a wicked smile, she wiped it several times along Emilie’s stretched bottom crack before taking out another tissue and rubbing itching powder along Marian’s bottom crack. Finally, she did the same to Margaret.

“Get up and put your knickers on all of you. Then it is off to church. We will attend the tea and cake session afterwards and I expect you all to be sociable.”

“Yes, Miss Vicky,” they each replied as they stepped into their knickers and straightened out their dresses.

Vicky walked to church behind the three women enjoying their obviously increasing discomfort. None of them could sit still during the service and clearly none of them wanted to stay for tea and cakes.

Emilie went over to Vicky and when no one else could hear pleaded, “Please can we go home, Miss Vicky. We are all finding the itching powder a nightmare to deal with.”

“Is that my problem, Emilie? Was I the naughty one?”

Emilie understood Vicky’s point. “Yes, we agree, Miss Vicky. The three of us are the naughty ones. What do we need to do to get you to agree to let us go home?”

Vicky gave a stern smile. “I think another trip across my lap, Emilie. For all three of you. I think another sixty spanks with the hairbrush would be in order.”

Emilie looked towards Marian and Margaret and she nodded at them. They nodded back.

Vicky knew the three of them had discussed this before Emilie came over. It was a definite sign the three of them wanted to be spanked again and no doubt go to bed again.

“That is agreed,” Emile said blushing.

Vicky smiled as she led the three women out of the hall. As she walked them home she was looking forward to having each of them across her lap again. Just as much as she was looking forward to making love to Margaret afterwards. It was a routine she now expected to repeat time and again.

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