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Visit To The Head's Office

A trip to the headmaster's office helps a wayward student!
I rewrote this story with a different setting as "The Submissive Wife". Partly because the original was written for a friend rather than for public consumption. However, I also wasn't quite sure how I felt writing stories about schoolgirls, even ones who were sixteen lol. In the end however, I have decided that I actually prefer this setting and wanted to share it.

You knock on my office door but there's no reply. You hope I am away, had forgotten about you, but then you hear voices coming from inside. After a few moments the door opens and you see your form tutor, Miss Davies, standing on the other side. You stand to one side to let her past and she gives you a quick sad smile tinged with disappointment, then the butterflies in your stomach start as I tell you to come in.

I'm writing at my desk and I ignore you.

You feel the tension rise until I put my pen down and open a file. You strain to see what is written on it and feel your heart sink when you realise it is your name.

I read from the file, "Smoking, leaving the school premises without permission, arguing with teachers, failure to complete course work, failure to complete homework, failure to complete class work. " I stop reading and look at you.

You quickly lower your eyes allowing your hair to partially cover your face.

"I am not sure what has happened to you this year. You were such a promising student but suddenly your attitude to learning has deteriorated. Is there anything you want to tell me?"

You shake your head and I continue, "So how old are you now?"

"Sixteen, sir" you mumble.

"Sixteen. Your final year. The exams you take this year could dictate the rest of your life and so it is more important than ever that you focus on your studies. Now, I have discussed with your parents the possibility of bringing you up before a Governors' disciplinary hearing with a view to excluding you, however, they feel, and I agree, that the process of fitting into a new school would disrupt your learning further. Instead I have taken the extraordinary step of getting their permission to administer corporal punishment. Do you understand, I am going to cane you."

The cane! Your eyes widen and you feel your heart beat faster with fear, but lower down in your body you feel a thrill of pleasure at the thought, and you become aware of a dampness growing between your legs. You realise that I am speaking again.

"Hang your blazer on the stand and come over to the desk."

As you remove your blazer, I am very aware of the swell of your breasts pushing against your blouse. Then, as you lift your hand to hang your jacket, your blouse rides up out of your skirt revealing the gentle curve of your soft belly. I imagine what lies lower and feel the beginning of an erection slowly growing in my trousers.

The cane is normally administered to the hand but, as my desire grows at the thought of your body, I suddenly make a decision, "Come here and bend over the desk."

I am nervous, what I am about to do is unprofessional and breaks every code of practice I have known. If you say 'no' now, or make a fuss my career would be over, but you meekly move over to the desk and bend over, your breasts pressing against the wood.

I raise your skirt over your back revealing white cotton panties. The swell of your buttocks is barely contained as you stretch over my desk and, hardly daring to breath I remove your panties, noticing the slight glint of moisture between your legs. Then I slide my hand over the smooth globe of your ass down to your inner thigh and watch the tiny movements of your body as you react to my fingers. I let my fingers gently brush across you pussy and the rosebud of your anus, waiting for a protest but it never comes .

I fetch my cane and, after a slight pause, I bring it down sharp on your ass cheek.

You cry out, more in surprise than pain. If you weren't aroused it would have hurt but all you feel is a slight sting then a warm sensation that suffuses your ass and reaches down to your groin.

I run my hand over the blush of your cheek before bringing the cane down on the other cheek.

Again you feel the sharp sting then a delicious warmth in your buttocks. You raise your ass, your body asking for more.

Twice more, then another two times I strike your flesh, each time pulling a gasp from your throat and filling your buttocks with a pleasurable pain. I stop and kneel behind you. As I look on the redness of your ass I feel my cock getting even harder.

I run my hands over your cheeks and feel the glowing heat before lowering my mouth and cooling your ass with my lips and tongue. I stand and you feel my tongue and lips move higher to the base of your spine then I make a decision. I undo my trousers, freeing my erect penis and I press it against you.

You feel the head of my cock, impossibly warm against your buttocks. I pause and you wait half in anticipation and half in fear that I am going to plunge my cock into your anus.

Instead, I pull your hips towards me so that your ass is raised higher in the air and your head is cradled in your arms. I part your pussy lips with one hand while guiding my cock into you with my other.

You are wet but tight, and you shudder with pleasure as I slowly inch my cock into you until my whole length is inside. I push down on the small of the back so that your upper body is forced lower on the desk and your ass is raised higher. My cock goes deeper and I begin to move very slightly in and out. Waves of pleasure ride your body at even this slightest movement.

Suddenly I pull out and you almost scream with frustration, but immediately I plunge it back, in burying my cock in the warmth of your pussy. I do it again and again, and I am rewarded by a gentle vibration running through your body.

The movements of your body grow stronger seeming to match the movement of my cock in and out of your wet hole, then suddenly you give a surprised little cry and seem to collapse on my desk as an intense orgasm sweeps through you.

I am almost ready to cum as well but I want to do something first. I slip my cock out of you moist pussy and you give a long shuddering sigh at the sensation. I curse slightly at the wetness that drips from your lips on to the carpet, then I address you, "Pull up your pants and kneel down."

Although your legs are rather shaky, you follow my instructions.

Soon I am gazing down at you as you sit on your haunches, hands in your lap and an expectant look on your face. I notice your nipples pushing against your blouse and my cock gives a little twitch at the sight. I move closer to you, moving my cock closer to your mouth.

I don't need to say anything, you wrap one hand around my shaft, still damp from your pussy. I see the tip of your tongue flick out of your mouth, moistening your lips then you wrap those lips round the head of my cock.

You smell and taste your own juices mingled with a slight undercurrent of fresh soap and you begin to move your hand and mouth over my cock.

The sensation is intense and I realise I am not going to last long. I notice your other hand is playing with your breast, your thumb circling your hardened nipple in time with your mouth. It is too much and my body shakes before I give a long moan and cum in your mouth.

You make a little surprised sound but don't withdraw. Your mouth and tongue continue to work my cock until I feel the erection begin to fade and I withdraw. You swallow and I pass you a paper tissue before taking one myself.

We get our clothes adjusted then I go to my door and open it. "Ah, Miss Davies, I think this young lady is ready to go back to class now."

"Very good, headmaster!" She replies.

I turn to you as you walk towards the door, "Well, young lady, I hope you have learned your lesson?"

"Yes, sir! Thank you, sir." I detect a slight smile cross your face at these words.

"And remember, if you need to, ah..., my door is always open."

As I watch you leave my room and accompany Miss Davies down the corridor, I notice you give your bottom a surreptitious rub and I smile.
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Copyright © Please note this story is all my own work and I reserve the moral right to be seen as author of this work. I also retain the copyright. All the characters in this story are fictitious and any resemblance to actual people, especially ex-girlfriends or partners, is purely coincidental.

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