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A story of female domination, spanking, sex, and a great love.
“I think we should invite Linda over. Some time when you are dressed, that is. It could be fun. What do you think?”

I was in no position to argue, bent over Sue’s knees, my skirt hitched up, panties rolled down, and my bare bottom, very hot, very red, and very sore.

“Mmm, yes that could be interesting.”

“I think so too. I will ask her tonight. You can dress as a maid, and I will ask her to come over and help me with your make up. It will help you get used to the idea of others seeing you dressed in a skirt.” 

“I will tell her that we are both going to a fancy dress party dressed as maids, and you are shy, and need your confidence building.”

Sue tightened her grip around my waist; I could see in the mirror her right hand raise the slipper.

Then the slipper started its tattoo of sharp spanks on my exposed cheeks.

The spanking went on and on, Sue was clearly excited about the prospect of Linda’s visit, and I suspected, more.

But the stinging in my bare bottom fully occupied my mind.

“Right, up you get and bend over for me.”

I struggled to my feet, moved away and dutifully bent over, legs apart, panties stretched tight between my thighs, hands gripping my ankles; just as I had done hundreds of times in our relationship.

I could hear Sue rise, move to the chest of draws. Imagine her selecting the next implement of torment.

“I think a couple of dozen with the medium tawse, and then we shall see.”

The hem of my skirt was raised, placed over my back, even with my bottom so hot; I could feel the cool air above my stocking tops.

My panties had already been rolled down to just below stocking tops.

Sue measured the leather tawse against my exposed cheeks, raised it, and started to methodically punish my bottom.

The pain was exquisite. All too soon it was over, and her hands were caressing my bottom, gently rubbing, squeezing, and playing.

“Stay bent over for me, sweetheart.”

Her left hand was beneath my skirt, tugging my lacy panties clear of my raging erection, then circling my shaft, slowly stroking, encircling, as she wanked me faster and faster.

Sue started to spank me with her right hand. It only took minutes, but minutes filled with pure ecstasy.

My climax was sudden and explosive, Sue expertly catching my discharge, milking every last drop of cum from me.

“Now, lick my hand clean, darling, but don’t swallow, I want to share.”

Eagerly I licked and sucked up the pool of cum, and then kissed her on the mouth.

Her tongue darted into my mouth, licking, savouring my lovely, sweet, white cum.

“That was lovely, really lovely, and now I am going to fuck you. Now help me with the strap on.”

Sue went to the bedside and brought over her harness and silicone cock.

“Slide the plugs into me, nice and slow.”

Sue bent over and spread her legs. I inserted the larger plug into her pink,and moist pussy, parting the inner lips as I did so.

Sue let out a low growl of animal pleasure.

The butt plug was next. Sliding a condom over it I quickly applied a liberal coating of KY, and then eased my finger into her bottom. Sue pushed back.

“Oh, that is so nice, please, the plug, oh please now, put it into me, now.”

Sue’s ring stretched, as I slowly and firmly pushed the plug into her bum hole, slowly twisting it as the black silicone entered her.

Between us we fastened the leather straps, pulling the crutch strap into the parted lips of Sue’s pussy, pressing leather onto her clit.

Sue fitted the silicone cock to the harness and turned round.

“On your knees, bitch, and suck my cock.”

I hurried to obey, licking the shaft, taking the bulbous end into my mouth.

Sue’s hands were behind my head, making my mouth bob onto the long silicone cock. Bliss.

“Turn over, on all fours, and present that lovely red bottom for me, my love, my slut.”

I did as bid, spreading my legs as I did so. Sue spread lubricant onto her fingers and inserted two into me, scissoring them sideways inside my bum hole, lubricating, stretching.

Then I felt the tip of the cock pressing against me. Sue’s hands gripped my hips; she held me firm, as she slowly increased the pressure and eased into me.

For the next 10 minutes Sue thrust in and out of me, fucking me hard and deep, pausing occasionally to pull back and spank my red cheeks, urging me on.

I was in heaven.

Sue had her third or fourth orgasm, and after a flurry of deep thrusts, Sue collapsed on top of me.

We showered and dressed.

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