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Wages of Sin Part 5: Role Reversal

The cock's on the other foot, so to speak...
Author’s Note: This is number five is a series. It makes more sense if you read one through four first, preferably in order.

My dreams that first night were filled with visions of the girls and I having sex. They were intense dreams, lots of touching, licking, sucking and fucking. So intense, if fact, that when I woke the next morning I discovered that I had experienced my first “wet dream” since my teens. I was still a little groggy and trying to figure out what to do with a sheet full of cum (I sleep in the nude) when I heard the girls start to open the door to my bedroom. I quickly drew up the covers and greeted them.

“Get out of bed, sleepy-head!” they shouted as they barged in. “It’s already after nine, and we want to go out in the boat.” I had hoped that we would be able to enjoy a morning round of screwing, but the girls were so eager that I agreed. I shooed them out, telling them that I was going to take a quick shower. As soon as they left, I got out of bed and threw the covers over my sperm deposit, figuring that I would deal with it later.

I quickly showered, changed into some cut-offs and a t-shirt, and went out to the kitchen to grab a quick bite. The girls had changed into thong bikinis with very small tops. I noticed that Meredith’s butt cheeks were still a little pink from her spanking the night before, and made a comment about making sure to rub in plenty of sun protection. Both of them just smiled at me, as if there was a conspiracy afloat. Little did I know...

After wolfing down a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee, I announced that the boat would be leaving in ten minutes. “Grab your towels and sunglasses!” I shouted, as I headed out the door to get the boat ready. Once again, the conspiratorial look passed between them, and then Erica said, “We seem to be a little short of clean beach towels. Something got on the ones that we left drying on the deck…”

“No problem,” I interrupted, “I’ve got some extras in my car. Meet me at the boat.” I had completely forgotten about my little escapade of voyeurism the night before. I sprinted down to my car, grabbed the extra towels and my sunglasses, and made it to the boat just as Erica got there. “Where’s Meredith?” I asked.

“Oh, probably making the beds. She is pretty anal about domestic chores.” Now I was worried. Would she notice the seed I left in the sheets last night? If she did, would she say anything? A minute later Meredith came skipping down the dock, dumped her stuff into the boat, and got in. She didn’t say a word, but I could have sworn that once again a look passed between the two.

My buddy had a pretty nice boat, cabin style with a Bimini top over the stand-up controls and a sunning deck forward. The girls spread their towels out on the deck, and immediately began to rub suntan lotion into each other as we headed out to sea. Watching them rubbing the emollient into each other’s firm butts was amazingly stimulating. As soon as we cleared the inlet, the bikini tops, as skimpy as they were, came off. I was then treated to another show as they spent another ten minutes apply protection to their own breasts, and each other’s. I guess one can’t get enough SPF. I was rock hard at that point.

The girls then lay down on the deck, heads facing towards the bow, so that I had a head-on view of their barely covered pussies and their jiggling jugs from my perch behind the wheel as the boat plowed ahead. Slowly so as to not arouse suspicion, I unzipped and let my raging hard-on loose. I was slowly stroking it when both girls decided to turn over and spread their legs so as to tan the inside of their thighs. Now I was looking at two very fine asses along with the two previously noted pussies. Suddenly I was squirting man-juice all over the console, a good amount of it then dripping down onto the deck beneath the wheel where is was standing. Tucking my member back in as discretely as I could, I wiped away what I could from the control panel without drawing attention; or so I thought.

When we got about two miles off-shore and far enough down the coast that we wouldn’t have to worry about people on shore watching with binoculars, I anchored. The girls immediately jumped into the water and began swimming about. I just stood there watching. After about ten minutes, two thongs came flying out of the water. The girls were both now totally naked. It was a beautiful sight. They continued frolicking for a while, and then tried to coax me into the water with them; but I told them that I was content to just leer. Giggling, they said that they would give me something to leer at, and both started floating on their backs with their legs spread wide, bringing their pussies, glistening with drops of sea water, boldly into view. Meanwhile, their hardened nipples created little sun-dials on their buoyant breasts. They lay floating like that for quite a while; long enough so that, once again, I was able to surreptitiously bring my cock out of confinement. Keeping just below sightlines, I slowly stroked my re-awakened erection until I was once again painting the deck with my sticky white fluid.

I think that the girls had an idea what I was doing, because just as I came they suddenly started swimming back to the boat. I quickly zipped up, and managed to stand on my puddle of spunk just as they came aboard. Again, a look passed between them. “We’re hungry,” they announced. “Let’s go back and eat.” As I started the engine, I was disappointed to see that they both put their bikinis back on. I still got a good look at those fine buttocks as we headed back in, but I was really looking forward to a more tactile experience once we got back to the house.

It was not to be; at least not in the manner I was expecting. I had hoped that once we docked, the girls would run inside to make lunch while I cleaned up the boat. Instead, they insisted on helping. There was no way that they missed the evidence of my ejaculations, but they didn’t utter a peep. We finished up and went in for a lunch of burgers and fries, accompanied by a bottle of wine. By the time lunch was over and the dishes put away, we were all feeling a bit sluggish. Meredith suggested that we all take a nap so that we would be fresh for dinner. “Oh, and a special desert,” Erica giggled.

I went into my bedroom, and noticed immediately that Meredith hadn’t just made my bed, she had changed the bedclothes from cotton to satin sheets and silk pillow cases. It felt luxurious to slip between them naked; yet I still wondered whether she had seen the mess I made. I assumed that in her rush she failed to notice anything awry, and drifted off to sleep with visions of nubile, naked bodies dancing in my head.

As I began to awaken, I first thought that the combination of the sun, salt air, and wine had wiped me out more than I expected. I was lying face down, spread-eagle, but could not seem to move my legs and arms to get up. But as I began to more fully come to my senses, I realized that I was, in fact, tied in position; one extremity fastened to each corner of the bed. “He’s awake,” I heard Meredith say. “Good,” said Erica, “now we can get started.”

I turned my head to the side to see the two of them, both naked. Erica was wearing the two-headed dildo again, and was hiding something behind her back, while Meredith had a pile of sheets and towels in her arms. Clearly, my eruptive deeds had not gone unnoticed. “You’ve been a bad boy,” said Meredith. “I think that he needs a little discipline, don’t you Erica?”

“Oh, yes indeed,” was Erica’s reply. She then brought her hands to the front. In them was the leather strap that she had used on Meredith the night before. “I think that a good whipping is clearly in order. But, to be fair, we need to compute how many stroke he deserves. From my count, he shot his load twice last night on the deck while he was watching us, once last night in bed after we went to sleep, twice more on the boat while we were swimming, and once more in bed again during his nap.” At which point I realized that I was laying in yet another pool of cum.

“So, he came six times without us; ‘robbing’ us of the benefit of his bodily fluid,” Meredith went on. “As I recall, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ is the fifth commandment. So, five times six means thirty strokes. How does that sound, Erica?”

“Sounds good to me, Mere. Let’s get him prepared.” Erica lifted my mid-section while Meredith slid one of the silk covered pillows underneath, raising my buttocks. “Not high enough,” she decided, lifting me again so that Meredith could add another pillow. “One more should do it,” and another pillow was added. Now my ass was definitely sticking up high and proud. “Perfect, Mere. Hand me the strap.”

I dawned on me that the girls might have been planning this for a while. The thought was confirmed when Meredith slid a dressing mirror over and angled it so that I had a view of my upturned rear. “We want you to watch,” she stated in a sexy, husky voice, as she slowly rubbed my vulnerable bottom, dipping her middle finger between my cheeks to diddle my anal opening. I started groaning, and my dick began swelling. She reached further down, lightly tracing the contents of my ball sack with her fingernail. I was soon hard again, my now turgid member trapped between two of the slick pillow cases. “He’s ready,” she said.

Erica stepped up to the side of the bed, one half of the fake dick wiggling out in front of her; the other, presumably, lodged in her vagina. “Remember to count,” she said. Lifting the strap over head, she swung down, the strip of leather forming the implement stinging as it slashed across my ass-cheeks.



THWACK! “Three”

We got to ten. I won’t lie; it stung worse than I thought it would. Looking in the mirror, I could see the red stripes left behind. But as apparently both Erica and Meredith discovered, the “warmth” penetrated deeper than the pain, and I could feel my entire groin area, from the inside out, pulsating in erotic response.

“Your turn,” said Erica, as she handed the whip to Meredith.

THWACK! “Eleven”

THWACK! “Twelve”

THWACK! “Thirteen”

At twenty, Meredith put the strap down. My ass was really red now, and hurt like blazes. Each taking a cheek, they rubbed a cooling aloe gel over my tortured tush. Next, first one and then the other ran a lubed finger in and out of my nether hole, each time pushing more of the slick stuff up my rectum as I was treated to a rear-end finger-fuck.

“I think he’s ready for the last ten ‘strokes’,” Erica said, “Lube me up.” Meredith took a big glob of the aloe gel and applied it liberally to the dildo protruding from Erica’s snatch. Erica then climbed up onto the bed, and in the mirror I could see her lining up between my cheeks, a semi-sadistic glint in her eyes. “This might hurt a little,” she said, as she pushed the head up against my puckered opening. Exerting more pressure, she slowly inserted the rubber phallus; stretching my sphincter as I felt and watched it disappear, inch by inch, until I could feel the top of the harness up against my inflamed rear, the bottom strap nudging my balls.

I’d never considered having anything shoved up my ass that wasn’t medically necessary, but this didn’t feel all that bad. Interestingly, my cock, which had begun to lose its hardness after the whipping, was starting to surge anew. “One,” I called out.

Erica slowly withdrew about half-way, and then thrust home. “Unh! Two,” I grunted, feeling the fullness and noticing that my erection was again at full ready.

Another withdrawal, this time a little further our before the shove back in, a little harder. “Unh! Three,” the force causing my dick to slide between the smooth silk.

I looked in the mirror as Erica pulled out again, leaving just the tip in before pushing even harder and faster back in. “Unh! Four”

Another withdrawal; another deep, forceful lunge. “Unh! Five”

This time Erica pulled all the way out. My ass was sore, but my dick was still rock hard. I looked over, wondering what she had in mind, and saw Meredith lasciviously fingering herself, cunt juice dripping onto the floor. “Your turn,” Erica said, as she took the apparatus off and inserted her end into Meredith’s squishy quim. Helping her fasten the straps to hold it in place, she then applied a fresh coat of lube, slapped her on the ass, and pointed her towards my waiting bum.

As much as Erica seemed determined to fuck my ass, Meredith suddenly turned squeamish. She timidly made her first insertion, not even bottoming out before quickly withdrawing.

I winced a little as I counted out “Six”. Meredith stopped. “Did I hurt your? Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” I said, “it’s okay. Keep going.” Mere slowly and carefully gave me my last four “strokes”, then pulled out and quickly took off the hardware. Leaning down, she tenderly kissed my cheek. Reaching between the pillows, she gently took my raging hard-on in her hand and pumped me to another orgasm, soiling yet another set of sheets.

“You’re not going to whip me for that, are you?” I asked.

“No!” she cried, a stricken look on her face. “I would never be that mean. I hoped that it would make you feel better.”

“Oh, Boo! Hoo!” chided Erica. Taking Meredith by the hand, she said, “Leave him alone to recover. Let’s go play!”

I still lay tied to the bed, my abused butt on full display. As they left the room, I began to plot my revenge; but also curious about Meredith’s actions.

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