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Welcome to the Building

(K is for Kate) Dan's new apartment has thin walls, and a hot neighbor
Bang bang bang!

Dan rolled his eyes and reached for the TV remote and turned the volume down. The knocking was coming from the opposite wall of his apartment. Dan had just moved in a month ago. The rent was lower than the other apartments he was considering, but the agent warned him that the reason was that the building was cheaply built and had very thin walls. Dan wasn't bothered by that. He lived alone and thought he was pretty quiet. The neighbor who had done the knocking just now was the quintessential little old lady. He thought it ironic that of his two neighbors, she was the one who knocked the most often. Why didn't she just turn her hearing aid down?

His other neighbor was a girl named Kate. She introduced herself while he was moving in. She too lived alone, but said she had learned to cope with the thin walls by listening to music with headphones on. Not only was it quieter for her neighbors, but also meant that she didn't complain so much.

Dan thought Kate was a knock-out. She was a tall, leggy blonde with wavy hair that fell just past her shoulders. Often when he ran into her on his way out the door, she was dressed for a jog, her hair pulled back in a pony tail. After a few hallway meetings, Dan got enough courage to ask her out to coffee, but she smiled and said that she was on her way to meet her boyfriend and could they make it another time? Dan was disappointed at being shot down, but to him it made sense - on what planet could such hotness stay available?

Dan started to flip through the channels, looking for something to watch. It was summer, so the shows were all either re-runs or shows he would never watch. He switched off the TV and sat back. He heard noises and for a moment wondered if he had not actually turned the TV off, but realized in a moment that the sounds were coming from behind him. He heard muffled voices. He couldn't make out the words, but the pitch of the voices changed. As he realized what he was hearing, a smile came to his lips. Kate must be with her boyfriend.

He stood up and moved to the end of the couch and sat sideways on the arm and pressed his ear to the wall. He heard two voices moaning alternately - one male, one female. He started to build a mental image of Kate and a faceless boyfriend with their clothes half off making out on a couch. As he did so, the voices stopped for a moment. As his mental image-making stalled, he suddenly heard a dull, but distinct slapping sound. Dan was momentarily confused. Was her boyfriend hitting her? Before he went down that train of thought very far, he heard the noise again, and then a third time, establishing a fast rhythm. Then he heard the feminine voice moan in a distinctly pleasurable way. He began to think.... Was her boyfriend spanking her?

Now the mental image machine in his head started back up. Kate was now face down over the faceless boyfriend's lap, head back, eyes open wide and her mouth shaped like an "O." The faceless boyfriend was raining hard spanks with his hand. Her ass cheeks were turning pink.

Dan suddenly felt an uncomfortable tightness in his pants. Without thinking he unsnapped and unzipped them, freeing his rapidly growing cock. His heart started beating more quickly. As he listened through the wall, he began to stroke his cock, his rhythm syncing up with the sounds of the spanking happening next door.

The moans of the female voice started to get loader and more urgent. Dan's imagination worked overtime, conjuring the scene for him while he stroked harder and faster, nearing his own orgasm quickly.

At last the female voice cried out. In his mind's eye, Kate's eyes closed and she threw her head back and came. And as she did, his own orgasm flooded over him and his cock shot its load all over his shirt and hands.

He sat for a moment, panting while his thoughts returned. What had he just done? He felt guilty for spying on Kate. As he thought this, a drop of his semen dripped from the fist still wrapped around his shrinking cock, distracting him. "Shit," he said out loud and stood up and walked towards the bathroom for a shower, stripping off his clothes as he went. He felt unclean, and not entirely because of the mess in his crotch.

When he was done showering, he poured himself a shot of bourbon, tossed it back and went to bed. As he fell asleep, the images returned to his head of Kate being spanked. Only the perspective was different now. As he started to dream, it was no longer the faceless boyfriend's lap that Kate was laying on, face down, but his own. It was his own hands that came down repeatedly on her bottom, making them burn, making Kate moan...

The next morning, he woke up and got ready for work, his morning routine distracting him from thinking further about the night before.

As he headed out his apartment door and turned to lock it, Kate came out of her door, hair in a pony tail, dressed for a jog. She saw him and said, "'morning, Dan," and tossed him a friendly wave.

Dan smiled nonchalantly and waved back, "Hi, Kate." He stood and watched her trot down the hall to the stairs. He stood there for a moment, watching her go. He wanted to say something, but what could he possibly say? He turned and headed down the hall and off to work.


Dan came home from work and was about to sit down to watch TV when there was a knock at the door. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Kate standing there.

"Hey, Dan. You know, you asked me once if I wanted to go get a cup of coffee... I was just thinking... maybe you'd like to go now?"

"Oh, sure! I'd love to!" He stepped out into the hall.

There was a local coffee store on the corner. They walked in and took two seats by a table in the corner. After a moment, Kate bit her lip and said, "I have a confession to make. A couple of weeks ago, I told you I was going to meet my boyfriend... But that was a fib. I don't have a boyfriend. I just say that to shut guys down. But you've been nice to me ever since you moved in. I feel bad for doing that to you. You're a nice guy, and I'd like to get to know you better."

Dan's face showed a puzzled look. Without thinking, he blurted out, "You don't have a boyfriend? Well, then last night who-" He bit his tongue, but it was too late.

Kate's face turned white. She said, "Oh my God. You heard that?"

Dan was horrified. He said, "I'm sorry. The walls-"

She shut her eyes. After a moment, she nodded. "It's ok. I suppose I should have known. Well, I guess there's no hiding it. I... I was watching porn on my computer." She looked at the floor. Dan's eyes were wide as saucers.

"So... you like... spanking?"

She looked up from the floor and nodded and bit her lip.

"Well, I think that means we're going to have to go apartment hunting before we get evicted because of the noise," he said with a wicked grin.

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