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Wet Lightening

Shawn and Melissa's passion explodes
The summer rain pounded against the roof, swirled down the gutters and turned the yard into a huge mud hole. The pack of kids, boys and girls ranging from 4 to 14, ran in and out of the back slider, whipped into a frenzy of delight by the rain, the mud, the mess and the fact that none of the adults were paying them much attention. As if the energy was contagious, the dogs barked joyfully each time a young body streaked past.

At the kitchen table, Melissa was in a deep discussion with Joy, Shawn's wife, and several of her other girl friends. Her husband, John, was in a deep discussion with the other cop husbands about his latest range scores with his service weapon. Under the table, she was stroking Shawn's leg with her barefoot. The kids weren't the only ones feeling frisky as a result of the late night thunderstorm.

Shawn shifted in his seat and shot a hot look across the table at Melissa. She took a sip of her wine, sending him a sly look over the rim of her glass. Shawn reached down, adjusted his hardening cock in his shorts and tried to re-direct his attention to what the guys were talking about. Some new dumb policy their Captain had put in place. At the moment, Shawn wasn't too interested in talking about the politics of the local police department where he and all the other men, including his partner, Melissa's husband, worked. He was focused on Melissa's small, warm feet moving sensually up his bare leg. It had been a long time since he had had her and she was driving him crazy with her tiny little skirt, tight tank top and suggestive looks. He had always been able to read her thoughts easily and tonight her big green eyes were clearly telling him she missed his thick cock as much as he missed her tight pussy. Earlier, he had pressed against Melissa's ass as he passed behind her while she was leaning against the counter helping his wife prepare appetizers. From that quick brush of his hips against her he was fairly certain she wasn't wearing any panties. Little slut.

“Is there more wine in the garage, Joy?” Melissa stood up, shook back her long hair and smiled at Shawn's wife. Shawn watched her from the corner of his eye. The skirt she had on barely covered the essentials, displaying her trim upper thighs. Her firm, high tits peeped out the top of her tank top. She had done something with her hair, too, something that made her look more like a naughty rock star groupie than a married mother of two.

“Nope, sorry...”

“There's some in my car,” Cindy, one of the other women, piped up. Melissa turned her attention to Cindy, but Cindy didn't much look like she felt like getting up even though her glass was also empty.

“I'll get it if you toss me your keys. Joy, can I borrow an umbrella? It's raining like crazy out there!”

“There are 3 bottles of wine in Cindy's car. We brought more vodka, too,” Cindy's husband, Rick, said. “Can you grab that, too? Looks like we're all in the mood for a long cocktail night!” Melissa smiled and nodded.

Shawn rose to his feet. “I'll help you. You can't carry all that and the umbrella without getting wet.” Melissa shrugged as if she didn't care if he went with her or not, as if she couldn't feel the sexual tension firing between them, as electric as the lightening flashing across the night sky and twice as dangerous.

The moment they slipped out the front door, Shawn pulled her onto the dark lawn. Melissa's mouth was hot and greedy on his own, her little hands moving all over his body, pulling him tight against her. Shawn slipped his free hand up under her skirt. He was right. No panties. Nothing but warm, wet pussy. Melissa groaned into his mouth. “You're wet,” He whispered. She nipped his full bottom lip.

“It is raining!” She giggled.

Shawn sucked on her ear lobe. “That's not why you're wet, dirty girl.” Melissa giggled and pressed closer to him, squirming as he played with her pussy, trying to get him deeper inside her. “Come to me, tomorrow, I have to have you.” Melissa nodded, pulling away reluctantly. The dark front lawn with their friends and spouses right inside was not a safe place for a tryst, but they were having a hard time keeping their hands off of each other.

Trying to steady their breath, they fetched the alcohol and went back inside, their 'just friends' masks back in place. For the rest of the night, Melissa's cheeks flushed slightly whenever she caught Shawn's eye. Her lips parted sensually when his feet brushed hers under the table and her eyes glazed with desire any time he spoke to her. Looking around, Shawn was amazed that no one else seemed to notice anything. But then, he had always been highly attuned to Melissa and had long since realized no one else read her like he did. To him, her sex drive and desire were palpable. As a result, his cock stayed half aroused and thick in his shorts all night. He went to bed that night thinking about her delicious little curvy body and all the things he wanted to do to it when he got her alone tomorrow.


Melissa was jittery with anticipation as she pulled into Shawn's garage. She knew the game they played was dangerous, but she was too addicted to care. Her panties were damp and her nipples hard as she closed the garage door and slipped into his house.

Shawn rose from the couch, his dark brown eyes devouring her. She stood for a moment, letting his gaze roam over her body, slowly coming back to focus on her face. She met his gaze, delighting in the desire in his eyes, the way his breath was already a bit unsteady, a tell-tale bulge growing in his pants. Feeling like the most beautiful, desired creature in the world, she crossed the last few feet to him and raised her face for a kiss.

As always, as soon as his lips touched hers, the rest of the world melted away. They fit together, tasting, teasing, thrusting their tongues in and out, sinking deeper and deeper into the desire that was always there, just under the surface, ready to ignite. On a groan, Shawn pulled back. “Go to the bedroom.” His voice was low and husky with need.

Melissa walked down the hall, Shawn close behind with his hands on her, stroking up and down, tracing the dip of her waist, the swell of her hips. As soon as they reached the bedroom, he pulled her back against him, grinding his hard cock against her ass. Melissa arched back, pushing against him, moaning softly. His hands moved up to cup her full breasts, weighing them in his palms. She moved under him, delighting in his touch.

Deftly, he undressed her, kissing each body part as it was revealed. Soon, she stood naked before him, posing for a moment so he could drink in the look of her, her smooth brown skin, big tits with hard nipples, tiny waist, luscious hips and slender, firm legs. Her beautiful face was flushed, her pouty red lips parted, big green eyes already dark with need. He kept his eyes on her as he stripped, then pulled back the comforter on the bed to reveal crisp, white sheets.

Melissa sauntered in front of him and climbed on the bed on all fours, her little ass high and displayed like a luscious little peach right in front of him. Shawn grinned in appreciation and slid into bed next to her.

Propping himself up on his elbow, he ran his hands down her body, enjoying the way she stretched and arched under him. She was so responsive to his every touch. Leisurely, his hand wandered down to her pussy. She spread her legs and pushed her hips up towards him. Teasingly, he circled his clit with his fingers, making her writhe in pleasure.

“Shawn, please, you're driving me crazy,” her voice was breathy.

“What do you need, Melissa?”

“Make me cum, Shawn, make me cum.” He would have liked to take it slowly, tease and play with her for hours, but it had been so long. He too was greedy for her body, for the pleasure they brought each other. On a groan, he sank two of his fingers deep in her pussy and simultaneously took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking hard.

He fucked her with his fingers, stretching and preparing her, watching her face as he suckled her breast. Melissa was watching him, loving how her tits looked in his mouth, feeling the orgasm build to an almost painful peak before it crashed over her, making her arch her back and scream in pleasure. Shawn rode out her orgasm, holding her steady with one hand as her hips bucked against him.

Before she was done shuddering, he drew her legs up and knelt between her spread legs so her slick wet pussy was spread wide for him. Watching her face, he took his hard cock in his hands and rubbed the head over her swollen, sensitive clit, sliding it around in her cum.

“Mmm...yes...I want you, Shawn, NOW!” Shawn raised an eyebrow at her demanding tone. Usually, he was the dominant one, Melissa an eager partner who submitted enthusiastically to everything he did to her. “Fuck me, Shawn. I need you. NOW.” In response, Shawn slapped her little pussy with his dick. She froze for a moment in shock, then moaned. “Ooh, I like that!” Shawn did it again, his dick making a wet sound as he hit it against her clit over and over in an increasing rhythm. Melissa began to pant the way she did when she was close to cumming.

Before she could, Shawn guided his thick cock against her tight opening and thrust.

She was tight. So tight he couldn't slide all the way in. He felt her stretch around him and Melissa wiggled her hips, spreading her legs wider to try to accommodate his girth. He pulled out, then pushed in a bit deeper. Her pussy clenched around him, trying to draw him deeper into her delicious depths. Again and again he pulled out, going deeper each time. Melissa grunted when he finally pushed all the way in, the tip of his head pressed against her depths.

The sound made him crazy. Taking her legs, he lifted them, hooking her ankles on his shoulders and leaning forward until their foreheads touched. He loved that she was flexible enough, willing enough, for him to fold her in half like this and fuck her as they looked into each other's eyes and kissed. Watching her eyes, he began to rock in her. In a moment, she exploded, her tight pussy milking his dick as she came around him.

When her orgasm was spent, he began to fuck her. Hard. Pushing up to his knees, he grasped her slim ankles in his hands and pushed them to her ears, fucking her in a hard, fast rhythm. Melissa began to cry out, begging him to make her cum. Shawn tried to time his own orgasm, watching her, feeling her begin to tighten around him again. When she arched back and screamed, he let himself go, pumping his hot, thick cum deep inside her.

Spent, he pulled out, pulled her up against him and sank into sleep.

He awoke later to Melissa straddling him, her full mouth licking and nibbling his chin and chest.

“Hi, sleepy head!” her voice was low and husky with sleep, her hair fuck-tousled, her tits rubbing against his belly. Shawn couldn't imagine a better way to wake up.

“Hi there.” He grinned at her.

Melissa wiggled down his body. She loved the taste and feel of his skin, the way it was taught over his muscles, tasting tangy from their sex. She licked and tasted as she pleased, drunk on the power of being on top of him, allowed to do whatever she wanted to his sexy body. She sucked on his flat nipples, hearing his gasp of pleasure. Spreading her legs wider, she rubbed her pussy against him as she continued her exploration of his body.

Slap. Melissa froze in shock. Shawn had just spanked her ass. Not hard, but hard enough to sting. She looked up at him. He grinned and spanked her again. Melissa held her breath. She had never been spanked before and was shocked that it was turning her on. Shawn, always able to read her, saw the surprised desire in her face and spanked her again. She moved against him. Taking her hips with one hand, Shawn began to spank and rub her ass as she squirmed against him, moaning. Her ass got hot under his hand.

When he reached down with his other hand, he found her sopping wet. He spanked her again and she cried out in pleasure. Shawn thrust a finger deep in her pussy and spanked her tight little ass. Melissa locked her eyes on his face, nervous about how much she was loving it, nervous that he would stop. When he pulled his fingers out and spanked her with that hand so she could feel her own wetness on her warm ass cheeks, she trembled in pleasure.

Suddenly, he used his wet finger to rub her little ass hole, still spanking and rubbing her with his other hand. Something in Melissa broke and she cast all her inhibitions aside. With a cry, she pushed against his finger, forcing it to slide deep into her ass.

She was rewarded by Shawn's moan and another hard spank. Melissa rose up, then slid back down on his finger, pushing it deeper into her ass, fucking him as he spanked, rubbed and slapped her ass, her pussy getting his belly wet.

She needed more. Rising up, she took his hard cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy, sinking down on his length in one long slide. Shawn spanked her again and kept his finger in her ass. She locked her eyes with his and begged for the release only he could give her. “Please, Shawn, God, please!”

“Then cum, baby. Cum all over me.” Melissa groaned and rocked against him, feeling his finger in her, his hand on her ass, his dick so deep she didn't know how she was taking all of it. The orgasm that ripped through her was brutal, hard, jagged, making her scream and throw her head back, her hips moving frantically, her hands thrust into her hair in wild abandon.

Watching her, Shawn thrust his hips deep into her, grabbed her hips with his hands to hold her steady, and came deep in her depths.

After a long, pulsing moment, Melissa collapsed onto him, breathing heavily in his ear, her hair spread all over his chest. Her voice, however, was soft and hesitant. “I liked being spanked.”

Shawn grinned and gave her little ass, red and warm from his spanking, a little pat. “I know, baby, I know.”

She sighed in her ear. “You'll do it again?”

“Oh yes. If you're good, I will spank you again. And again.”

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