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When Krystenah's Master is Away

Krystenah finds it hard to follow Master's instructions while he is away and is punished by her boss
Part One

Even though Master was out of town, every morning he sent an email outlining chores he wanted me to complete. Every one required that I take a picture and send it to him. “We both know how undisciplined you can be when I am not around,” he said. The words stung, but only because I knew they were true. Master’s first email read:

Good Morning, pet,

I need to you to get a reward & punishment journal today. You are going to keep track of how you do fulfilling my wishes while I am not there to watch over you. After my trip, you are to present it to me. Your instructions for today are:

Wear the white silk tank and navy tulip skirt. White lace bra, no panties. Black-heeled sandals. Clean the Master bathroom and pantry. Wear the weighted clamps and ass plug on your drive to and from work. Say ‘Yes’ to everyone at work today no matter what is requested. Send me 5 photos from the Internet depicting submission. “Easy enough,” I thought. At the bottom of his email he had written:

You may not eat any red foods.

“Strange,” I thought, but I replied to the email, “Yes, Master.”

I showered and dressed for work. The white lace bra was so thin that I found I could attach the clamps over it. The tank was form fitting and the clamps could be seen easily. The skirt Master wanted me to wear was also skintight. I pulled it up to my waist and slicked up the plug. I pressed the plug gradually into Master’s asshole until it was secure. I washed my hands and pulled the skirt down. I looked at myself in the mirror.

A casual observer would see my professional dress only, which is what I was counting on from any neighbors leaving for work at the same time as me or any driver who might glance over at a stoplight. A more careful examination would reveal that something was a little off, but unless the observer was a Dom or sub, I doubted anyone would guess that I had a rubber plug up my ass or that my nipples were being bitten and pulled by the weighted clamps. I could hear Master’s voice in my head. “Smile!” he said. I sighed and smiled at my reflection. I was thinking too much. I just had to do.

Traffic was heavier than usual on the way to work. The clamps were starting to pinch, but the ass plug felt heavenly. I almost regretted not being able to wear it longer at work. Master said on the drive, only, though. As the traffic slowed, I found myself rocking slightly back and forth to heighten the sensation. I remembered the last time I had had Master’s cock inside my ass.

My ass cheeks stung from a spanking session. Master had me on all fours as he stood over me facing the opposite direction and whipped my ass with his the cat and then the belt. I had the plug deep inside my ass and I had to relax my ass cheeks as I gripped the plug inside. Master told me he was teaching me to focus as I had been forgetful during the week. I had locked my keys inside the car and had forgotten to pay the cable bill. Both mistakes had caused Master unnecessary costs and inconvenience. As he straddled me, he held my waist in his thighs and whipped my ass by moving the cat back and forth against my hips. For the belting, he ordered me to hold a push-up position and count down from 25 as he whaled on my ass with the belt.

I felt a rush of triumph as he told me he was going to fuck his slave’s ass as a reward for taking the punishment. He pulled the plug out as he slipped his rigid cock deep inside his slave’s hole. The pleasure of his cock arrowing deep inside me mixed with the pain of his thighs slapping against my punished ass cheeks. He pulled my hair as he fucked his slave’s ass deep. “Who’s my good girl?” he demanded. “I am!” I moaned. “Who’s my bad girl?” he growled. “I am,” I whimpered. Over and over came the questioning until he tensed and filled my ass with his cream. I told me to clean his cock with my slut's mouth and told me I had earned a week of spankings to pay him back for being so distracted.

“And that clit is on restriction. No touching until you have taken all your spankings, pet.”

“Yes, Master,” I had said.

A honk from behind me jarred me back to reality. Traffic was moving again, but I was going to be late for work. My boss, Brian, had agreed to suspend spankings as my performance at work had improved dramatically, but I feared that my tardiness might be grounds for reinstatement.

As I shut off the car, I bent down in the seat to gingerly remove the clips. My nipples throbbed at the sensation. I pushed the clips into the glove box and sneaked a quick rub. I looked around and smoothed out my blouse. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to remove my plug, so I decided I would do it in the Ladies’ next to my office.

I grabbed my purse, locked my door and shuffled as quickly as I could in the heeled sandals and ass plug to the foyer. Carly was on a call when I walked in. She shook her finger at me in a comic pantomime and I hung my head with a smile. I hoped her jovial mood meant that I wasn’t in any real trouble. Brian’s spankings weren’t as severe as Master’s, but his lecturing hurt a lot. The fact that he enjoyed advertising my spankings to the rest of the office was truly mortifying.

I had almost made it to the rest room when Theresa stopped me. “Krystenah! I am glad I ran into you! I was wondering if you could edit my report before I submit it to Brian this afternoon. You always find a way to make my reports better. Please?” I started to fumble an apology to her, but then I remembered the directive from Master to say yes.

“Yes, Theresa. Thanks. I’d love to help.” Theresa looked relieved and she pulled out her report.

“Here’s a hard copy. I’ll mail you the soft one,” and she walked away. She doubled back and grabbed my elbow just as I had my hand on the handle to the women’s room. She leaned in and whispered. “Listen. Heads up. Brian is looking for you. He has a big meeting with a client, but he sent an email blast out telling everyone if they saw you to send you to his office. Oh, here, have a strawberry," she said and popped one in my mouth as I opened it to refuse.

I did a quick calculation in my mind as I chewed and swallowed the forbidden strawberry. If Brian had notified the entire office, I wouldn’t have time to use the bathroom. What if I ran into someone in the ladies’ room who had read the memo? They would report to him, that I had ignored his instruction and that would mean trouble for me from both Brian and Master. If he was with a client, though, he wouldn’t spank me on the spot, so I could remove the plug after I reported to his office. I took my hand off the handle and walked to my boss’ office as quickly as I could.

I saw that Brian was speaking to a handsome older man with greying temples and a playful expression. I knocked on the door.

“Enter!” Brian said, without looking up.

“I’m very sorry to interrupt,” I said to the man, who appeared a little surprised perhaps at Brian’s barking command to me.

“Come in, Krystenah,” Brian said with a sigh.

I came all the way inside the office and swallowed. I flashed a nervous, apologetic smile at the client.

“Krystenah, this is Mr. Rose. I have been trying to meet with him for several weeks now. We just haven’t been able to coordinate our schedules. I finally got a chance to meet with him and you decided that today, of all days, you were going to come to the office late.”

“Brian, I—“ I started.

“Krystenah. You know that inside this office you are to address me as 'Daddy' or 'Sir' only, correct?”

My face flushed red as I mumbled, “Yes, Sir.”

The client coughed into his hand, suppressing a laugh.

“Is this the girl you were telling me about, Brian? J--’s slut?”

Brian nodded as the man looked me up and down. “She does look like she needs a lot of correction. Don’t let me stop you. In fact, I would be happy to assist you in any way you require,” he said with a smile.

“Great minds think alike, Martin,” my boss said. “Kryssie, come over here,” Brian said to me. I shuffled to him, the plug starting to feel uncomfortable. “Martin, as I may have told you, Krystenah here is like a daughter to me. Unlike my own daughter, though, Kryssie here is very naughty. She comes to work late, she extends deadlines, in general she performs way below her potential. That is, unless, of course, she gets disciplined. It’s a funny thing, but when I was spanking her bare ass every day, twice a day she performed much better. Isn’t that true, Kryssie?”

“Yes, Daddy. That is true,” I said. I looked into Brian’s eyes and I bit my lip. I felt ashamed, but what he was saying was absolutely true. As much as I hated receiving twice daily spankings in his office, my performance did improve drastically.

Brian smiled and reached out and took my wrists. His face grew stern. “Now, Krystenah. Mr. Rose took time out of his busy schedule to meet with Daddy today and now because of your actions, you have not only inconvenienced me, but you have inconvenienced him, as well. You are going to be spanked by both of us as a result and you will have to document it in your punishment diary for your Master, as well. Did you get yourself a diary like your master asked you to, Kryssie?”

“No, Daddy,” I said. “I was going to go out at lunch and get one.”

“I figured as much, so I asked Mr. Rose to bring you one from his company.”

My heart was racing as I began to realize the implications of Brian’s words. I knew that my master and Brian routinely talked about my behavior, but now at least one my company’s clients knew, as well. Mr. Rose handed me a beautiful leather bound journal and I thanked him with a tiny voice.

“Set your journal on the desk, little girl, and get ready for your punishment,” Brian said as he unbuttoned his cuff and began rolling up his sleeve. I stared at him and clenched the plug. I held my hands in my lap. “I have to say that I am very disappointed in you, Krystenah. I am afraid we are going to have to add more punishment sessions until you learn how to get to work on time. It surprises me that a woman of your age needs so much discipline just to do those things most people half her age do automatically. Does it surprise you, Martin?”

“I think it is a disgrace, if you want to know the truth, Brian,” Mr. Rose said.

“Did you hear what Mr. Rose just said, little girl? A disgrace! That is what you are. Get your naughty ass over here. You are in for a very long session today.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” I said and I meant it.

“You are going to be sorry. Embarrassing me like this in front of a client! Get over my knee now, young lady!”

I lay across Brian’s lap and he hiked up my skirt roughly. He rubbed the bottom of my ass and felt the plug. “Martin! Will you look at this! Not only was she late, but she disregarded her Master’s instructions to wear the plug while driving! Are you driving now, young lady?”

“No, Daddy!” I cried. “I didn’t want to be any later to work.”

“Well, that is your problem, Missy. I am not going to go any easier on you for not following your Master’s instructions. Unbelievable!” Brian began smacking my ass harder than he ever had. My ass started to glow as he rained the blows down. He concentrated on one spot and smacked it over and over. He smacked the sit spot, thrusting the plug deeper into my ass.

“When are you going to learn?” Brian demanded. “Why does it take getting spanked by your own boss to get through to you?” His began spanking my thighs and I couldn’t hold my tears back any longer. “Such a bad, bad girl!” he said. “A grown woman needing to go over the knee to get disciplined! Shameful!”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” I screamed. “I’ll be good. I swear I’ll be good! Please no more.” But, to my delight and horror, the spanks continued to pepper my ass and thighs.

Mr. Rose began cheering Brian on saying things like, “Spank that brat’s ass good!” and “I can’t wait to teach her a lesson myself.”

I began blubbering and moaning and then suddenly it stopped when Brian, showing only the faintest of concern, pulled me up and sent me to the corner. My skirt was sat scrunched up on my waist and I didn’t care that I was bare and that my boss and his client could see the plug. I was just glad that it was over. My head was pounding and my eyes were still watery. Suddenly I heard my Master’s voice. He was on speakerphone and I turned toward the sound.


“Face the wall, slut!” my master commanded me. I snapped my attention back and felt that sinking feeling when I knew I had disappointed him.

“How long have you been out of my sight, slut?”

“12 hours S-Sir?” I blubbered.

“And I have to get a call from your boss on the first day of my trip?”

“I’m sorry, Master!” I cried.

“Mr. Rose, I apologize for the behavior of my slut. Rest assured when I get back she will be punished severely. For today, you are welcome to correct her as harshly as you desire. Brian, call me later. Slut, you are in deep trouble. Understand me?”

“Yes, Master,” I said and tried to catch my breath.

“Four more days until Master comes home!” I thought with horror, as Mr. Rose told me to come over to him.

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