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Which one for the Belt?

Denise and Suzi are desperate to keep their jobs!
Neville studied Denise and Suzi standing nervously before him in his spacious office.

He had called them in after a complaint from Larry Johnson, one of his largest customers, who had received a nasty letter with the latest invoice sent by one of his two 'trusty' office girls.

‘Explain to me why this letter was sent to Mr Johnson?’ he asked, holding up the offending letterhead to his two staff. He went on, ‘It reads, 'Dear Mr Johnson, we are sick and tired of your leering glances and innuendo when you visit our office. You are a lecherous old git who should know better than to look up the skirts of young girls. PS, go and pester someone of your own age.' And of course it is not signed,’ he added placing it back on his desk.

‘Which one of you is responsible?’

Both girls looked at each other but remained silent. Neville waited for one of them to own up, leaning back heavily in his chair. He was a large man approaching fifty with the bulging stomach of both middle age and over indulgence, being single, since the divorce from his second wife.

His import business was small but very profitable which he ran from a small office by himself and the two young women, Denise and Suzi, now standing uneasily before him, a practical joke having gone badly wrong.

Denise was the older of the two at twenty-two and basically ran the office side of the business whilst eighteen year-old Suzi fresh out of college and in her first job, was Denise's assistant.

Neville took off his glasses and placed them on top of the letter.

‘Mr Johnson has withdrawn his business from me over this,’ he explained, ‘so I'm afraid I won't need either of you from the end of this week.’

Denise was the first to speak.

‘You mean you're dismissing us?’ her voice was incredulous and at the same time filled with alarm. ‘Both of us?’ she asked defensively.

‘I've no choice,’ he said with a sigh, ‘without his business I can't afford to keep you on. I'll have to manage by myself as I did before I took you on.’

Suzi spoke next, distressed at the prospect of losing such a good job so soon after starting.

‘Please Neville, we didn't mean any harm. If we apologise…’

Denise interrupted her. ‘What do you mean, we. I don't know anything about all this,’ she beseeched trying to lay the blame squarely at Suzi’s door.

The look Suzi flashed her told Neville that they both knew about the letter, but the younger girl felt unable to enter into an argument with Denise over it.

‘I think it would take much more than an apology to make him change his mind,’ Neville ventured.

Denise offered a solution.

‘Why don't you just say it was a practical joke and that the letter was never meant to be sent, er... that it was just dashed off in the heat of the moment and we all regret it.’

She then added, ‘As Suzi obviously sent it out with his invoice you should sack her for being so stupid. I'm sure he would understand.’

Suddenly affronted by Denise's wish to sacrifice her so casually Suzi boiled over.

‘Well it wasn’t me who wrote the stupid letter in the first place,’ she screeched.

‘Well I didn't,’ Denise countered.

She was lying of course, that was patently obvious to Neville but she was desperate to avoid losing her job.

Her explanation about the practical joke going wrong was actually the truth, Denise had written it in a fit of pique after the horrible Mr Johnson, an ugly old man in his sixties, had quite openly stared up her skirt as she led him upstairs on his last visit. Even worse, he then complimented her on the 'wonderful' choice of sexy panties he had just witnessed and intimated that she would do very well for herself if she were to go to dinner with him. She had been incensed at the old man’s cheek!

Neville offered a lifeline.

‘Just supposing Mr Johnson was open to persuasion, there is no way an apology alone would do any good and I would need to know which one of you was responsible in the first place.’

Denise paled at the realisation that Neville wasn't just going to get rid of Suzi and let that be an end to it. She had only just finished moving into her own little apartment, and that meant she couldn't afford to lose her job and although she did write that damned letter she just had to put the blame on Suzi.

She shifted restlessly from one foot to the other inside her shiny black high heels, her very shapely long legs quivering slightly beneath her tight black skirt.

Neville stared at her intently, not at her face but as usual at her rather ample breasts accentuated by a lime green top with a low cut neckline and tight waist which she wore outside her skirt. Her long blonde hair hung down her back in large swirls of natural curls with an 'Alice band' keeping it clear of her pretty face.

Suzi also stood before him, a very worried girl. She also needed her job badly having just passed her driving test and splashing out on her first car, the repayments had to be kept up.

Denise was a slim size ten in all respects except for her over developed breasts whilst Suzi was much smaller both in height and shape, a petite size six and almost pencil thin.

She wore blue strappy high heels with matching nail polish on her toes and a near matching pleated skirt much shorter than her rival. A white blouse tucked into her skirt emphasised an attractive pair of very firm, recently ripened breasts.

Neville decided to force the issue.

‘I'll lay it on the line for you both... I have spoken to Mr Johnson and the only hope of you keeping your jobs is simple. The culprit must be made to pay, and that means bending over this desk for a good slippering from me followed by a good licking, panties down, from Mr Johnson with his belt.’

Now both girls paled, open-mouthed but silent at the suggestion. One of them would have to offer her bare bottom to Neville and that lecherous old man for him to leather with his own belt. They both shuddered simultaneously at the same thought.

Denise was just about to speak when he held up his hand, ‘I'm not finished yet,’ he continued.

‘I am very disappointed in you both, your silly pranks have put my business, which took me a long time to build, in jeopardy. You will both pay the price for that.’

He leant forward placing his chubby hands onto the top of his desk.

‘If you wish to continue your employment with me you will each have your bare bottoms spanked by me, right here and now, over my knee.’

Neville waited for his words to sink in before adding, ‘I will then hear each of your explanations before I decide which one of you will bend over this desk for Mr Johnson. The other will also be present to witness that punishment and be thankful not to be having the same.’

Both girls were speechless but Neville had not finished.

‘After that you will both express your gratitude to Mr Johnson and myself on your knees. And I'll leave you to work out what that means!’

Both girls stood motionless, silent as they took in Neville's suggestions.

‘If you do not accept any part of this punishment then you will go and clear your desk now and leave immediately.’

Again Denise was the first to speak.

‘Wha … you mean … you're going to spank us both and then let that horrible man take his belt to one of us?’ Her voice was wavering from shock, ‘and then we have to give you a blow job for letting us keep our jobs?’

‘Yuk!’ Suzi interjected, ‘you're old enough to be my dad. And that lecherous pig is as old as my granddad.’ She puffed her chest out in disgust. ‘No way am I going down on HIM!’

Neville remained adamant. ‘You know the alternative.’

Denise again attempted to deflect blame onto Suzi. ‘It's all her fault,’ she insisted, ‘it should be her getting punished, not me.’

Suzi reacted quickly.

‘It was you who wrote the letter, just because he looked up your prissy little skirt and saw your knickers; big deal. He'll see a lot more than knickers when he takes his belt off to one of us.’ She was equally keen to have her colleague take the heat. ‘It should be you,’ she squealed at her, ‘I didn't do anything wrong.’

Denise responded.

‘It was you who actually posted it, you stupid bitch. It was only meant to be a joke. I didn't think you would actually send it to him.’

Neville took control of the situation.

‘That's enough, girls. Now it's make your mind up time. I've heard your explanations and I will decide which one of you will have her bottom presented to Mr Johnson. Meanwhile you will both either go over my knee or you are free to leave, Suzi you will be first. Come here, my girl.’

He pushed back his chair as Suzi reluctantly shuffled around his desk to stand alongside his bulky frame. Even in her high heels, Neville seated was as tall as her standing up and in stature he dwarfed the slip of a girl.

Suzi stared down into his lap at his huge thighs clad in the baggy beige serge of his suit trousers which he always seemed to wear, his feet shod in huge brown brogues planted firmly on the floor; slightly apart to create a wide platform for her to bend over. It was ironic, she thought, that at eighteen she was about to go over a man's knee to be spanked for the first time in her life. She couldn't believe she was agreeing to it.

‘Over my knee, Suzi,’ Neville said simply.

She bent forward with her small hands perched onto his huge thigh to lower herself over and again stared into his lap, certain that she had detected a movement inside his crotch area.

Neville hardly noticed her slight weight as she settled into position across his knees thrusting her hands forward towards the floor for support. He also had detected the movement as his manhood reacted to the sight of the pretty girl lying bottom up waiting for his attention. She had long legs for such a small girl and very shapely stretching out rod-straight to the floor where her toes poked out of her strappy shoes into the carpet.

Her little blue skirt had ridden up her thighs to just below the under-curve of her provocative bottom barely hiding her nether charms from him. His chubby fingers quivering in anticipation as he reached for the hem of her pleated mini-skirt, sliding it up her legs and over her twin hemispheres, right up her back until it strained against the belt holding it up. Her pretty pink panties formed a tiny 'vee' from between her legs to her hips where its thin string of a waistband encircled her slim form, the skimpy material edged in fine lace.

The tail of her white blouse protruded like a frill from beneath her raised skirt and Neville clamped his free hand around her tiny waist to secure her to his huge knee. He placed his other hand across the tiny seat of her panties which seemed big enough to spank both her cheeks at the same time, and swung it high into the air bringing it down with a hefty 'SLAPP!' in the middle of her left mound.

Suzi’s legs kicked upwards in a series of involuntary moves as the next 'SLAPP!' arrived across the other side of her bottom.

Two smacks for her left cheek and two for her right cheek quickly followed.

‘Oooooww … oooow!’ she squealed trying to squirm off his lap but his grip was too powerful for her.

Several more slaps arrived rapidly and her legs were back in play, reacting to the heat generated on her posterior. Neville casually noticed that she still had the price sticker on the sole of one of her dainty high heels indicating they were the result of a recent shopping spree!

Denise stood on the other side of his desk with both hands to her lips clasped together almost in prayer. Suzi’s head was out of sight behind the desk but her little panty clad sit upon was very visible perched on the top of her bosses knee. His large hand continued smacking her bottom very efficiently and she knew that within minutes she would be bent over in exactly the same way, and that very same large hand would be smacking her own bottom!

Neville stopped suddenly and Suzi thought it was over until he hooked his fingers into the flimsy string forming the waistband of her little panties and slid the tiny slip of material down her legs to her knees.

‘Pants down young lady,’ he confirmed. Her slim arms raced to the rear in some futile gesture with a squeaky ‘No… p .. please no don't … p..please.’ but it was hopeless.

Having such a slim body meant the 'fruit' of her womanhood was displayed proudly at the base of her bottom curve and fully on view to him. Neville inspected the little gem before resuming spanking her directly to her bare backside.

His hand now make a crisp staccato sound as he applied bare hand to bare bottom and she squealed louder and longer between each spank kicking her little toes hard against the carpet.

The bulge in his trousers was growing rapidly, pressing into her delicate midriff as she wriggled on his lap.

Denise had moved her hands to her own bottom, unconsciously rubbing the back of her skirt as she witnessed Suzi's twin mounds turn from cherry red to crimson to vermilion. She could also see the girl's intimate area and shivered at the realisation that Neville, over twice her age, would soon be seeing her own maidenly charms. Her face flushed a deep red!

Neville decided he had spanked her enough and gently steadied her back onto her small feet. Her panties immediately slid to the floor and her skirt cascaded back into place but not before he had sight of her dark pubic triangle tantalisingly giving way to her pouting entrance.

As the young girl backed away from him still rubbing her rear ferociously he looked directly towards Denise who still had her hands clamped to her own bottom in imaginary pain.

‘Come here my girl. Your turn,’ he ordered.

Her stomach churned but she couldn't move; her legs although knocking together at the knees rooted to the spot.

‘Come here at once, young lady,’ he barked again making her jump into action. She stumbled around the desk to the side of his chair and with her head bowed looked, as Suzi did, into his massive lap, his knees slightly apart ready to support her as she went over.

Whenever he spoke to Denise he looked directly at her large breasts always over emphasised by the tightness of her blouses or the low cut of her tops. This time he looked at the tight black skirt rising from just above her knees to her slim waist and wondered how best to tackle her.

‘Lift up your skirt, Denise,’ he said indicating with an upward flick of his chubby hand.

She responded by holding each side of the tight skirt, weaving her hips to work it slowly up to her waist. The vision was majestic as her hem rose in front of him to reveal her magnificent legs and then the front panel of her black lace panties. She tucked her skirt up under the lime green bodice-top where it stayed hugged tightly around her waist. Her panties were now on full view to him, her seemingly endless legs tapering down to her shiny black high-heeled shoes.

‘Over my knee,’ he commanded tapping his thigh.

Again she became rooted to the spot.

‘Over my knee, Denise,’ he repeated, stirring her into action.

She moved forward and he pulled her across his lap, head sinking towards the carpet whilst her bottom reared upwards on his knee in the perfect spanking position. Her silky black panties had tightened as she had bent over partially disappearing into the cleft between her bulging cheeks, Neville swallowed hard at the magnificent view she had presented to him.

His shaft hardened into steel, protruding against his trousers and pressing hard against her womanly assets. Her ample breasts were squashed against his left knee and her equally ample bottom cheeks quivered like a jelly atop his right knee. Neville smoothed his hand across the seat of her silk panties, hardly able to believe his luck at having the beautiful Denise spread across his lap with her delightful derriere upended for his pleasure.

His hand tested the seat of her knickers with two good slaps to each side of her cleft making her jump in surprise.

‘Oow … oow!’ she squawked digging the pointed toes of her high heels into the carpet.

He paddled her bulging cheeks two each side and almost climaxed at the sight of her well-rounded orbs jiggling beneath his bear-paw of a hand.

‘Oooow … yeeeoooww … oooow … oooouuuucccchhh!’ she squealed in an ever increasing pitch as both her legs rose up with the long heels of her elegant shoes waving towards the ceiling as she swished them back and forth in a scissor like motion.

Neville gripped her tightly as his spanking hand reached for the elastic of her panties and began to tug them down. The expected resistance came in the form of renewed wriggling and her hand struggling with his to prevent the downward path of her sexy knickers.

‘I said I would spank your bottom with your panties down young lady,’ he explained, winning the struggle, ‘and down they will go.’

Denise instinctively clamped her thighs together tightly to prevent him seeing her private area and in effect pushed up her smarting bottom as she tensed her cheeks together.

‘Oooow … yeeeoooww … oooow … oooouuuucccchhh!’

His large hand spanked her firmly and quickly on the pinnacle of each exquisite mound animating the lower half of her slim body.

‘Oooooow … yeeeoooww … oooow … oooouuuucccchhh!’ She squealed, wriggling her naked pussy fur against the harsh material of his trousers as the heat raged across her behind causing her legs and cheeks to splay apart involuntarily.

Her moist 'woman-fruit' hove into view providing evidence of her excitement.

‘Oooooow … yeeeoooww … oooow … oooouuuucccchhh!’

The crisp spanks of his bare hand on her bare end punctuating each squeal.

He helped her up onto her tottering heels and savoured the view of her unprotected pubic bush, just as he had with Suzi, as she rubbed her behind before she realised her nakedness and slid her skirt down into place before pulling up her knickers.

Both young girls stood before him working hard on their sore bottoms.

‘I will let you know shortly which one of you will be punished tomorrow,’ he said smoothing the creases in his trousers where the two pretty ladies had been upended. ‘One of you will receive a dozen with the slipper from me to warm her up and two dozen licks of Mr Johnson's belt by way of an apology for upsetting him and withdrawing his business.’

Both girls winced at the prospect but listened intently as he continued, ‘Now get back to work whilst I make my decision.’

Both girls filed out of the office still rubbing their hot seats.

Neville didn't have to think about it at all, it would be Denise bending for the belt simply because she had the prettiest bottom and he knew Mr Johnson had always fancied the precocious little madam. Neville would have him eating out of his hand when he rang him to invite him to tomorrow's spanking party.

Back in their own outer office the two girls felt closer to each other now they had been punished together. As usual Denise was the first to air the subject.

‘I don't know about you,’ she said still ruefully rubbing her little bottom. ‘But being spanked by that fat old bastard has somehow turned me on. I can't understand it.’

Young Suzi was still trying to find a comfortable way to sit in her chair. The warmth in her hind-quarters had also spread between her legs.

‘Weird isn't it,’ she agreed, ‘he's an ugly sod and much older than my Dad but the thought of him seeing me, you know, down there, has made me feel really sexy. If I'd known he was going to lift my skirt I would have put on something much sexier, you know… like to tease him.’

Denise nodded her understanding. Not that I fancy him or anything, they both giggled simultaneously.

Denise continued, ‘I don't know why but the thought of him leering at my bum and actually smacking it has really made me wet.’

‘Me too, my knickers are sodden,’ Suzi agreed, ‘turned him on as well judging by his 'stiffy' scratching up and down my belly.’

‘Oh yeah,’ Denise concurred, ‘I felt that too when I was on his knee; dirty old sod!’ They both giggled again. ‘Pity only one of us is getting it tomorrow,’ she added.

Suzi jumped up from her seat with an idea, ‘Why don't we tell Neville we want to share the punishment between us.’

‘But what if you aren't the one who's going to get it?’ Denise countered.

‘But I do want it,’ Suzi said surprising herself at the admission.

‘Okay, we'll tell him; half each.’ Denise decided.

Suzi had another idea.

‘What if we dressed up to shock them?’

Now it was Denise who was surprised.

‘What do you mean?’

‘You know; stockings and suspenders, high heels, sexy knickers, the works.’

Denise was suddenly electrified at the idea.

‘Yeah, let's wear the same outfit, black skirt and white blouse. Agreed?’

Now Suzi was all fired up, the young eighteen year-old was off again.

‘What about a school tie, you know, St Trinian's style.’

‘I haven't got one,’ said Denise.

‘I've got two,’ said Suzi excitedly. ‘Remember, I've only just left school.’

‘Okay,’ agreed Denise, ‘we'll dress to thrill the old buzzards. They'll both come in their pants when we lift our skirts.’

‘Better than coming over us,’ said Suzi reminding Denise of the last part of the punishment. 'Afterwards you will both express your gratitude to Mr Johnson and myself on your knees,' that’s what he had said’.

Denise screwed up her face. ‘Perverts,’ she hissed. ‘We'll make them cum inside a minute.’ They fell about in a fit of knowing giggles.

Mr Johnson arrived wearing a smile from ear to ear and casting lecherous looks over the two young women dressed like schoolgirls.

He licked his lips in anticipation as he took in their choice of clothing. Both girls wore tight black skirts and black stockings tapering into very high sexy stilettos, white shirts were not tucked into their skirts but hung loose at the waist open necked with a school tie loosely knotted between their ample breasts. Both had their hair in two bunches tied with pink ribbons.

His erection was impossible to hide as he unbuttoned the jacket of his suit.

‘Apparently you two are going to perform a little dance for me?’ he said fingering a wide leather belt around his waist. ‘As you can see I will provide the music for you to dance to.’

Both girls stared at the thickness of his belt and at the bulge in his trousers gulping air but remaining silent.

‘Silence, eh!’ he said smiling. ‘You won't be quiet for long when you're bending over that desk. I'm expecting you both to sing very sweetly for me, and very loud!’

He entered Neville's office and closed the door behind him.

‘Old pervert,’ Denise hissed. ‘He's sixty if he's a day old and we are to wiggle our bare bums whilst the ugly old fossil gets to whack our backsides with that horrible looking belt.’ She shuddered at the prospect facing them.

Suzi joined the lament, ‘he's going to get off on us 'dancing’ for him, yuk.’

Neville's door opened, ‘you two, in here.’

Both girls’ stomachs churned at the same time and they shuffled slowly into the office, eyes widening at the huge battered brown leather slipper sitting on his desk. Neville picked it up and twacked it hard against his other hand, the smooth leather sole making an ear splitting 'SPATT!' resounding around the small room making them both jump to attention.

He bent the long slipper between his hands to demonstrate its flexibility, ‘I'm going to give each of you six of the best across the seat of your skirts to warm you up. Mr Johnson will then apply a dozen stingers with his belt to your bare bottoms, but you can still accept the alternative and leave this office now. Is that understood?’

Both girls nodded their agreement.

‘You first Suzi,’ he said pointing to the spot where she was to stand.

‘Since you are dressed as schoolgirls I will treat you that way. Instead of the desk you can bend over and touch your toes young lady. You will count each stroke, and refer to me as Sir. Is that understood?’

‘Yes, Sir,’ she squeaked feebly.

With the suppleness befitting a girl of eighteen Suzi promptly bent double, easily planting her long thin fingers against the toes of her high heels, her pert tightly skirted posterior rearing up into prominence.

Neville felt his manhood burst into life at the sight of her young behind, nicely rounded bottom cheeks protruding from the tight stretch of her skirt. He placed his slipper against her quivering bottom and gently tapped her seat to measure his stance and withdrew swatting her neatly across the centre of her left cheek.

‘Yeeeooowww!’ she squealed and belatedly cried, ‘One … Sir.’

‘If you forget to count I will repeat the stroke.’

'SWATT!' ‘Oooowww! T.. two … Sir.’

'SWATT!' ‘Oooowwwccchh! Th ... three … Sir.’

'SWATT!' ‘Yeeeooowww! F… four … Sir.’ She howled as her hands left her toes to sympathise with her hot bottom.

Neville tapped them with the slipper.

‘Touch your toes, Suzi; two more to go.’

'SWATT!' ‘Yeeeeooowwwcchh! Five, Sir.’ She gasped breathlessly.

'SWATT!' ‘Oooowww! S … s… six. Sir’ She rasped rearing up to her feet with both hands clamped to the back of her skirt.

As Suzi retreated from the spanking spotlight he beckoned to Denise.

‘Come here girl. Over you go and touch your toes. And keep your legs straight.’

Mr Johnson stood to one side, his cock almost bursting out of the trousers of his obviously expensive suit. Without any protest she took her position and bent over slightly more stiffly than her younger colleague. In those few extra years she had developed a curvier figure than Suzi. Not only were her breasts much larger, her bottom was infinitely sexier and her equally tight skirt sucked into the cleft of her curvaceous cheeks giving a wonderful outline to her pretty shape.

Neville's paw-like hand gripped his slipper tightly as he patted the smooth sole against Denise's gorgeous curves. His arm retreated in a full swing and 'SWATT!' the muted sound of leather against skirt filled the room.

‘Yeeeooowww!’ she squealed and quickly added, ‘One … Sir.’

'SWATT!' ‘Oooowww! T.. two … Sir.’

'SWATT!' ‘Oooowwwccchh! Th ... three … Sir.’

'SWATT!' ‘Yeeeooowww! F… four … Sir.’ She howled and, as Suzi before her, both hands went to her rear to rub the seat of her tight skirt furiously. She stood and turned to face him, her face flushed from bending, her expression pleading for leniency.

‘Bend over my girl,’ he ordered flexing his slipper between his chubby hands. ‘Come along now, let’s get on with it,’ he added placing his free hand on the back of her neck, forcing her over back into position.

'SWATT!' ‘Yeeeeooowwwcchh! Five, Sir,’ she gasped, her bottom weaving side to side.

'SWATT!' ‘Oooowwwccchhh! S … s… six Sir,’ her voice a whisper.

He held her over for a short time before allowing her back to her feet. She swivelled on her high heels to face them, a rueful look on her bright red face as she fanned both hands up and down the back of her skirt.

The excitement in the office was palpable; both men sported erections they could not conceal whilst both women stood contritely, hands behind them clamped firmly to their bottoms, breasts heaving inside the tight school-blouses, nipples hard and prominent.

To the intense gaze of Denise and Suzi, Mr Johnson unbuckled his wide belt and slid it from the loops on his trousers and spoke for the first time.

‘Skirts and panties off, girls.’

He folded the belt in half and doubled it over again to form a short thick strap, which he then tested, whacking it against his other hand. The sharp crack made both girls jump to attention.

There was no protest, both girls fully aroused after their initial spankings, pussies tingling with excitement and willing participants in tantalising the two old men with their young assets.

With the slow deliberate movements of striptease artistes, first Denise and then Suzi unzipped and wriggled out of the tight skirts to display endless legs. Black stockings held high up their legs by thin suspender belts give way to pure white thigh disappearing beneath black lace panties. Both girls tottered on their extra high heels as they stepped out of the skirts and placed them on the desk.

Mr Johnson held out his hand, ‘panties off, you pretty little things,’ he husked barely able to conceal his arousal.

Both hooked slim fingers into the waistbands of the flimsy garments and tugged them down their legs, standing precariously on one foot then the other as they slid the panties over each stiletto. Mr Johnson beckoned them to give him the tiny scraps of satin and lace, which he promptly thrust into his jacket pocket.

‘A little memento,’ he chuckled. Both girls now stood with hands clasped in front of them to protect their modesty, shirt-tails barely covering their pubic mounds.

‘Suzi, bend over the desk with your legs slightly apart,’ he ordered.

The young girl complied, her heels click-clacking as she shuffled over to Neville's large desk, placing her bare pubic patch against its cold edge before bending forward and placing her arms flat out in front of her. The sight of Suzi's slim legs rising out of her high heels, sexily clad in stockings; wide lacy tops distorted by the pull of her suspenders made Mr Johnson gasp inwardly.

Her cheeks glowed claret-red from Neville's slipper, the split peach of her recent development to womanhood, swollen and moist puckering from between her slightly parted legs. She was enjoying the pleasure-pain she was receiving and the prick-teasing she was giving to the two old men drooling over her nubile beauty behind her.

'SPATTT!' the sound of leather on bare bottom echoed like a gunshot around the office. A warm tingle spread rapidly across one side of her bottom.

SPATTT!' the warm tingle now spread across the other side.

Mr Johnson expertly applied his belt swiftly to each burning globe in turn and Suzi squirmed from side to side.

She gave out a long, ‘Yeeeeoooowwwccchh!’ as another lash arrived then, ‘Oooooouuuccch...’ as along came yet another.

‘Ooooooh, Sir,’ she cooed increasing the sexual tension in the room.

The strap continued its path across her derriere.

‘Yeeeoooowww … ooooouuuccch’ and suddenly her legs sprang into life.

With her bottom perched on the edge of the desk both legs kicked up high into the air, heels waving diagonally towards the ceiling.

She squealed at the top of her range, her little bottom well and truly thrashed and fully ablaze.

He let the belt drop to his side and waited for her legs to finish dancing.

‘Up you get Suzi. Well done,’ he added. She agreed with that, she was well done!

Mr Johnson had enjoyed leathering the young girl but the best was yet to come!

He had always fantasised about spanking Denise, she was the same age as his own grand-daughter who now lived with him, her own parents unable to cope with her. She had fallen into bad company and needed harsh discipline to keep her on the right path, he had purchased this very belt for that purpose and a condition of her continuing stay with him was that she accepted it.

‘Right Denise, over the desk my girl,’ he commanded, the words almost a whisper as his throat dried in excited anticipation. ‘Prepare to have your insolent little bottom well and truly spanked young lady.’

Denise offered her wispy pussy triangle up against the harsh edge of the desk as Suzi had done and bent forward, stretching her slender arms out front to grasp the other side of the desktop for stability.

Her perfectly formed posterior reared up in front of the old man, her pre-warmed cheeks, nicely reddened by Neville’s slipper, offered up for his personal delight. Mr Johnson’s cock hardened into a rod of steel and threatened to burst through the material of his trousers as he prepared the belt between his fingers. She flinched as he presented the cold leather against her hot cheeks.

'SPATTT!' Mr Johnson whipped his belt across her bare bottom, which again echoed around the office. She rose onto her toes as a wide red welt spread across her cheek.

SPATTT!' He matched it across the other side.

'SPATTT…SPATTT!' Mr Johnson quickly applied the leather to each side in turn, Denise swaying her hips in unison.

She gave out a long ‘Yeeeeoooowwwccchh!’ as a resounding snick of the leather tingled against her moist entrance then, Oooooouuuccch, Pl … please Sir,’ as he teased her again, her entire lower half in motion and no longer connected to the floor.

‘Yeeeoooowww … ooooouuuccch,’ she squealed and one of her shoes flew off narrowly missing Neville as he stood mesmerised by the sight of her stunning rear end. She continued flailing her legs giving both men an unrestricted view of her pouting entrance, Denise knew she was showing her all but didn't care as Mr Johnson continued spreading a fiery path across her bottom with each stroke.

Her voice reached a crescendo as the last two licks of his belt criss-crossed its previous path, rising from the desk and turning to face her spanker as he re-threaded his belt through the loops in his trousers. With both hands tenderly caressing her burning bottom she paid little attention to the men staring intently at her pubis and the inviting curve of her swollen pussy lips beneath it.

Both girls stared at the erections barely contained within their trousers, knowing that the next task would be to satisfy their lust.

Neville directed that last phase.

‘Denise, you will now show Mr Johnson how grateful you are to him for reinstating his business with us and allowing you to keep your job. Suzi you will do the same for me.’

Both men stood shoulder to shoulder as the two young girls got to their knees before them and almost simultaneously unzipped their flies extracting swollen penises.

Neville waited whilst Denise sank her mouth over Mr Johnson's massive erection, sending the old man into near ecstasy. He thrust his hips forward with a hand on the nape of her neck to control her speed. Satisfied with his client's reaction he placed his huge paw-like hand on the top of Suzi's small head and guided her onto his own iron hard shaft. The little eighteen-year old reacted with the gusto of a street girl and sucked him greedily.

Neville was amazed at how well the girls had accepted this part of the punishment, bobbing almost in unison on the end of their straining cocks. The old man came first quickly followed by Neville, exploding across face, hair and down the white shirts onto heaving breasts. The girls having had done their work waited obediently on their knees, eyes looking upward for the sign to get up and leave.

Mr Johnson tucked his worn out member back into his trousers.

‘Thank you, girls,’ he smiled. ‘Maybe we could discuss more business and a substantial pay rise for both of you in a similar way in the near future.’

Both nodded feebly and left for the washroom to clean up.

Denise went straight for a cubicle leaving Suzi listening to her workmate bringing herself off with her fingers but it was too much and quickly joined her, embracing each other tightly as they played with each other’s clits. Suzi couldn’t believe she was actually fingering another girl and climaxed at the same time as Denise, the little stall heady with the mixture of perfume and perspiration.


‘Neville, you cunning old dog,’ Mr Johnson whooped once the girls had left. ‘I can't believe they bought that story about me taking my business elsewhere,’ he rubbed his sore crotch. ‘But it was fantastic. Denise was everything I had dreamt about, and did you see her luscious fanny?’

Neville was smiling broadly at having convinced the girls into accepting the punishments.

‘They both deserved it,’ he explained. ‘They have been very snooty these past few weeks and it has been noted by some of my other clients. This will bring them down a peg or two. Besides, I really think they enjoyed teasing us.’

‘Well thanks for inviting me to join in,’ he shook Neville's hand warmly. ‘And don't forget, I meant it about the new business. Give me a call.’

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