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Wife's Early Bedtime.

Lynn sat nervously on the couch, looking at her watch for about the 15th time in as many minutes. She knew she was in trouble, she knew she would be punished and she also knew that the punishment would be fully deserved. Although she knew all of this, it did not stop her hopeing that she could use her womanly charms and wriggle out of her impending punishment. Lynn was an atractive lady in her mid 40's with a figure that most 20 year olds would be proud of. She had lived with her husband for the past 20 years and had always enjoyed a happy and contented marriage. Her Husband, Kieth, was a strong minded man who held a very important position at a local high street bank. During thier marriage, Lynn had wanted for nothing, all she was required to do was keep a clean, tidy house, pay the bills on time and always provied Kieth with a smart pressed shirt for work. Not a hard job, she even had time to spend at the hairdresses, gym or shopping. To most, she lived an ideal life, but what her friends did not realise was that there was always a price to pay for when she neglected her duties.

Today was one of those times, Kieth had a very important meeting with his bosses at the bank. If the meeting went well it would mean a huge promotion for Kieth. All he wanted from Lynn was his best pale blue shirt, with white cuffs and his pale blue tie. He reminded Lynn before he left for work and he even sent her a text message to remind her about the shirt and what would happen if she failed to press his shirt correctly. Lynn read her text message and tossed her phone back into her bag and continued to chat over coffee with her best friend, Lily. The day and time just sailed past and before Lynn knew it, Kieth was walking through the door. Kieth did not care much for Lily, as he viewed her as a bad influence on Lynn. Lily did not care much for Kieth either as she knew her friend Lynn was never the same girl once the ring went on her finger. Lily looked at the time and made some excuse about having to be somewhere, hugged Lynn and shot Kieth a frosty look and made her way out of the house, into her car and down the road. "How long has she been here?" Kieth asked a by now worried Lynn. "About an hour, I think" muttered Lynn. Kieth looked at his watch and sighed. He knew she was not telling him the truth, but he had a busy night preparing for his meeting and had niether the energy or effort to argue with his beautiful wife. Kieth got changed into his running gear and went for his daily 5 mile jog, this always cleared his head. When he returned, he showered, ate his evening meal and spent the rest of the evening planning for his meeting the following day.

The alarm rang out at 6.30am and Lynn rolled over to switch it off, groaned and stretched and got out of bed to get Kieths breakfast ready. She was an excellent cook, and made his morning meal and coffee and left it on the side ready for when he came out of the shower. She sipped her own coffee and looked out on to her well maintained garden. She was excited about Kieth's meeting, if he got this promotion, it would mean more money and status. She would be the envy of her local sports club. She was shaken from her day dreaming by the sound of Kieths voice "Lynn, Where's my blue shirt?" "Oh christ" she thought as she looked at the pile of washing, still to be done, and on the top of the pile was Kieth's shirt. She moved quickly to grab the shirt, but not quick enough. Kieth walked into the kitchen and repeated his question, but cut short his question when he saw Lynn holding his dirty shirt. "What is that?" he asked sternly "I...I'm sorry...I forgot" stuttered Lynn. Kieth looked straight at Lynn with a look that she had seen many times before. "Please Sir, I know I was supposed to have you shirt ready, but with Lily being here all day yesterday I completely fo...." she then realised she had been caught out in a lie. "You told me Lily had only been here for an hour, now it turns out she was here all day" Kieth looked at his wife and his eyes bore right into her as if he could read her mind. "You lied to me Lynn, one thing I ask you to do and you forget. Okay I have other shirts and its not the end of the world, but telling me lies!, that will not be tollerated. For failing to have my shirt ready, you know you will be punished But for telling me lies, you will also be punsihed....severley" the words sent a shock though Lynn as she tried to comprehend the amount of trouble she was in. "You had better go and find me a suitable shirt, while I eat my breakfast" hissed Kieth through his teeth. He was angry and upset with Lynn and he was determined to make her pay for her mistakes, but Kieth would never punish his wife in anger. The punishments would be measured and controlled, but also severe. When the shamed wife returned with her husbands shirt, he took it off her and told her what would be in store for her this evening. "I don't have time to deal with you now, but rest assured young lady, when I return home this evening you are going to be one sorry little lady" Lynn looked at the floor and the only words she could muster were "Yes Sir". "Now get out of my sight, but I want you waiting in the front room when I return home from work, in your punishment clothes" Barked Kieth. And her she was, waiting................................................................. be continued.

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