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I do what he says...always.

I know he’s in the room. I can smell him. He makes no sound. I keep my head down, eyes closed, waiting. I’ve been sitting on this stool for so long, my feet and legs are almost numb, but I knew if I moved, he’d know. He always knows.

I feel his clothing brush against my naked back. From my left, I hear him sigh. “Very good, Pet. Can you stand?” His raspy voice gives me chills.

Knowing he wants complete honesty, I whisper, “I’m not sure, Master.”

I hear him sit down. The sofa is leather and he’s wearing his leather pants. The friction of the two is audible. Barely. “I want you to come to me. If you can stand.”

Even if it kills me, I’m going to get up and go to him. Today I have been exceptionally good. I’ve followed his commands to the “T” so I know I will not be punished this night. Slowly I allow my feet to slide from the bottom rung of the stool and drop to the floor. The pain in my thighs is exquisite, but I don’t let it show.

After I stand I open my eyes. It’s dark in the room. A trio of candles burn on the table by the sofa. They throw just enough light for me to see him waiting. Watching me. I step gingerly. If I appear too eager, he will be upset. Once I am in front of him, I drop to my knees and bow my head. Waiting once again.

I feel his foot on my thigh. The bottom of his foot feels soft. I bet he had a pedicure today. He runs his foot up and down my leg. It almost tickles, but I don’t dare laugh. I hear him move. Then feel his hand on my head. He gently tugs my hair, forcing my head back. “Look at me.”

I open my eyes, staring into the dark depths of his. He leans closer, his breath on my face. “You’ve been a good girl.”

I fight the urge to smile. “I’m happy to serve, Master Alex.”

A sexy, almost evil smile plays across his lips. “That’s exactly what you shall do tonight, Pet. Serve me.”

I wait patiently for his directions. He leans back on the sofa. “Open my pants.”

I reach out, opening the top before gently tugging down the zipper of his slacks. Once they are open, I fight the urge to fish out his manhood and take control. I sit back and wait, lowering my eyes.

Once again I hear him move. I feel his hand on my shoulder. “Look at me.” His raspy voice sounds hard. Almost angry. I think quickly, what did I do wrong? I look up and he whispers, “Don’t fret. You aren’t in trouble. Yet.”

I almost sigh. I catch myself and stop. He stands. “Pull them down.” I pull his pants down. He steps out of them and kicks them aside. He sits back down, his manhood standing proudly from his groin. “Suck it.”

I lean forward, opening my mouth and claiming my prize. Instinct has me raise my hand and grab the base as I wrap my lips around the head. I feel dizzy and lightheaded as the salty taste of his skin touches my tongue.

Before I get half his cock in my mouth, he’s tugging my hair hard, pulling me back. I let go instantly, tears stinging my eyes as I look up at him. He’s angry. “I did not tell you to use your hands, did I?” His voice is low and rough. I bite my lip briefly before whispering, “No Master.”

He lets go of my head and leans back. “SUCK IT!”

His whispered demand spurs me into action. I put my hands on my knees and grip them tightly as I lean forward. Once again, my mouth is on him. I feel him watching as my head bobs up and down his length. He’s trained me in properly giving him a blow job. I can take his entire length and not gag. If I gag he gets very very angry.

I spend a good thirty minutes servicing him. My jaws ache, my back is sore and my knees are burning, but I don’t dare stop or complain. I’ve been drinking down his pre-cum at a steady rate for a good ten minutes so I know if I keep going, he’s going to cum. No matter how often I suck him off, he can never stop himself from grabbing my hair and forcing himself down my throat when he cums. I drink it greedily, wanting to please him in every way.

He pushes me away forcefully. I barely manage to keep from falling backwards. I lower my eyes, not wanting to see the anger or disappointment on his face from my earlier mistake. I hear him scoot back on the sofa, sitting up straighter.

Finally, he says, “Go get me a drink.”

“What would you like, Master Alex?” I question softly.

“Scotch, neat.” His succinct command makes me want to cry. He’s very, very angry.

I push myself to my feet, swallowing the painful groan that threatens to pass my lips. I move quietly to the door and let myself out. The harsh light of the hallway is blinding. I move quickly to the den and over to the bar. I pour his drink and grab a tray. Carrying it back to the room, I take a deep breath and enter quietly.

He hasn’t moved. His flaccid cock lays to the side. His dress shirt is still buttoned and he’s leaning his head back, his eyes closed. I kneel before him, holding the tray and very quietly say, “Your drink, Master Alex.”

My head is down. I see his tattooed hand reach out and grab the glass. I don’t move. I hold the tray completely still and wait. After what seems like a lifetime, the empty glass is placed on the tray. “Put the tray on the floor.”

I do as he asks. I wait. He sits up and quietly demands, “Over my knee, Pet.”

I sigh inwardly and move to his right, bending until my stomach is on his thighs and my head is laying on the sofa, facing away from him. “Look at me!” he commands.

I turn my head so he can see my face, my eyes moving to his. In a velvety whisper, he directs me. “You will not make a sound. Not a single peep. Each sound you make will double your punishment. Understand?”

Without hesitation, I reply in a quiet but steady voice. “Yes, Master Alex.”

I feel his hand on my bottom. He rubs up one butt cheek and down the other. I don’t dare move, even though the feel of his skin against my mine makes my pussy moisten. I keep my eyes open, staring at him. He turns his face to mine and an evil glint enters his eyes just as the first slap lands on my ass.

I force my tears not to fall and keep my lips firmly together as he continues his relentless spanking. I count in my head. Thirty so far. My bottom is on fire. My juices must be leaking out of me. Even through the pain, I’m so aroused by the intimate contact with my master, I just want more.

At forty-five, he whispers, “DO NOT CUM!” His voice alone is enough to push me over the edge. I clench my pussy tight, trying to keep my orgasm at bay. A single tear slips from my eye.

At fifty he stops, his hand resting so low on my body, I feel the palm of his hand on my pussy. I hear his harsh breathing and feel his cock hard under my stomach. He takes a deep breath and commands, “Move to the window, facing it.”

I do as he asks, looking out into the darkness. I feel him moving around the room. He stands behind me. “Hands on the glass…NOW!” I follow his command, putting my hands out and pressing them on the cool glass. “Bend over…let me look at the ass.”

I know what’s coming. I close my eyes. The light comes on and I hear him panting. “Such a lovely shade of red Pet. I really hope you never learn to completely obey. You do look good with a freshly spanked ass.”

I want to moan. I hear him grunt. “Spread your legs apart. Farther.”

My legs are slightly farther apart than my shoulders. I know this opens me up to his gaze and his body. I ache for him to fuck me. But I know he’ll make me wait. I slowly open my eyes, looking out. We’re high up, in his 15 th story apartment. The lights of the city twinkle below us. I don’t fear someone seeing, but I wouldn’t care if they did. He is my Master. I am proud to be his servant.

He presses against me, his cock nestling over my pussy. “Tell me Pet, why were you spanked?”

In a clear voice, I reply, “Because you told me to suck and I touched you with more than my mouth.”

I see his reflection in the glass. He's shrugging off his shirt. His tattooed body makes my breath lodge in my throat. He nods, smiling. “Very good, Pet. Now, tell me did you disobey on purpose?”

Again, in a clear voice, I reply, “No Master Alex, it was not intentional.”

Again, he nods. “Then why didn’t you obey?”

Knowing he demands complete honesty, I say passionately, “I live to serve you and bring you pleasure Master Alex. I wanted to do whatever I could to make you feel pleasure.”

He grinds into me, the head of his cock teasing the ring in my clit. The ring my Master personally pierced me with. “Now Pet…do you like it when I spank you?”

I cannot lie to him. “I do Master Alex.”

He leans back. I almost whimper when his cock leaves my pussy. Then I feel him push the head between my lips. His hips snap forward and in a single thrust, I’m impaled on the full 9 inches of his length. The breath hisses through my lips as he groans, “I love how wet your pussy is after a good spanking.”

He holds my hips tightly and thrusts hard and fast, grunting. I know he wants me to remain as quiet as possible so I bite my lip. When my orgasm threatens to overtake me, I bite harder. I taste the saltiness of my own blood as my body throbs, begging for release. When I don’t think I can hold back, in a strangled whisper, I beg, “May I cum?”

He grabs my hair and pulls hard, planting himself deep within me. “YES!”

His guttural whisper unleashes a torrent of sensations as I allow my body to succumb. My hands are sweating and slip on the glass. He holds me up, his cock pulsing inside me as his cum spills into me.

I get my hands once again firmly planted on the glass, locking my knees so I will not fall. He grinds into me, allowing my pussy to milk every last ounce of his semen from his body.

I feel him lean forward, his smooth chest pressing into my back as he throws my hair aside and kisses my neck. This is the signal. The game is over.

I fight to stand as he pulls away. I turn and collapse into his arms, wrapping my weakened limbs around his waist. He holds me close and murmurs, “That was so good Baby.”

I smile tiredly, into his neck. “I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

I stay snuggled against him, allowing him to lead me to the sofa. We collapse in a heap, our sweaty bodies sticking together. “He kisses my forehead and forces my head back. I stare into the eyes of my lover. I see a shadow cross his face and his thumb runs across my lips.

I look at his hand as he questions, “Why are you bleeding?”

I sigh. I forgot. “I bit my lip a little too hard. I’m ok, Alex.”

I watch in fascination as he licks my blood from his thumb. He leans closer and gently kisses me, his tongue sliding over my bruised lip like a feather, cleaning off the red stain that is there. He pulls back and whispers, “You bleed the next time and I’ll do more than spank you.”

I nod tiredly, snuggling against him. I live to make him happy. After all, he is my Master.

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