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You've Been A Bad Girl

You've Been A Bad Girl

Tags: spanking
You've been very naughty... and you know what happens to naughty girls!
With your hands at your sides you stand before Me waiting. You are dressed as I have requested; your little black dress fits you like a second skin. Your long, lean legs encased in your thigh top stockings are parted just slightly, promising delights yet to come. The silver open-toed sandals with their 6 inch stiletto heels bring you to just below My own 6 foot 2 inch height. As is our custom when at home, you are not wearing a bra or panties... a rule I established with you from the beginning.

Your stunning looks are not confined to the clothes you wear, however. With your long, chestnut brown hair cascading down your back and over your shoulders like a brown waterfall you wait, with your head down, for the inevitable.

On the coffee table directly in front of you, I have placed a few select items for tonight's activity... a set of clover-style nipple clamps... a large wooden paddle... the digital camera, and My signature crop.

You stand with your back to the doorway and are so engrossed with the implements in front of you and your own thoughts, that you fail to hear Me come in until I speak. You are startled when My voice comes across the room to you.

"It's time."

We had spent the day distracted by other things. The offense had occurred earlier that day but because we had appointments to keep and things to do, we couldn't address it properly at the time. Now, as the day was drawing to a close, you were probably wondering if I had forgotten about the promised spanking. Not a chance, dear.

As you turn your head toward Me, I grab you and bend you over the side of the table and you brace yourself with your hands on the table. You let out a girlish squeal of delight. With one hand on your back, I roughly hike your dress up. I reach between your parted legs and find what I am seeking.

"Such a naughty girl you are... your pussy is already wet. Well we'll see about that later. First there is the matter of your punishment to attend to. Stand and remove your clothes," I say as I rub your smoldering slit. Your heart is pounding in your chest and you're certain I can hear it as I smile that knowing smile. You stand and begin to strip slowly so that you will present as pleasing to Me. I take a seat in My chair and watch your little show saying nothing, but My smile praises your manner of presentation.

"Good," I say, "Now can you tell me why I'm going to forgo my pleasure with you today my dear?"

I pick up the crop and stepping up behind you I run the crop up your thigh, then across your bottom... your belly and on your breasts. You shake your head up and down to affirm that you are aware and jump when the crop bites into your left thigh.

"I can't hear you little one," I bark. Quickly you respond.

"Yes Sir I can. You are going to punish me for failure to complete an assigned task and for my rude behavior the other day," you reply. You gasp, the sting of the crop making you even wetter.

"Good girl," I say, but make no move toward you nor do I lift the crop again. Instead I stand and remove My shirt in preparation to do what needs to be done.

"God how hot," you think and blush when I laugh at you.

"Now, up on the table little one and we will get started," I tell you, pointing to the table. I move the implements of your punishment aside and you obediently climb up on the coffee table. I position you so you can hold on to the edge of the table and push your head down onto the tabletop.

"Head down and ass up, my sweet... you know the position I want."

"Yes Master," you reply, getting into the required position without further delay. You know that you are already in trouble and don't want to make it worse on yourself.

"That's better. I'll bet you wish there was a different reason for you to be in this position don't you my little pet? Wouldn't you like a cock in your mouth and one in your pussy or better yet your ass?"

You wisely decided that no answer is perhaps the best answer and keep your mouth shut. A good choice as I don't say anything further for the moment. Instead, taking up My crop, I began lightly tapping your thighs and ass... up the right thigh, across your ass, and down the left. Then back up the inside of the left thigh, and down the inside of the right one, intentionally neglecting your drooling pussy and smirking as you moan at My crop.

"Ok girl, it's time to get down to the business at hand and start your punishment. So let me outline it for you so that you'll know what to expect. We're going to begin with a hand spanking of your bare bottom for 20 minutes. I will then take up the paddle and paddle your blushing bottom for another 20 minutes. I will then give your now quite sore bottom 40 lashes with the crop and you will count down each one backwards. In between these different steps I will pause and let what I have done to you take effect. There will be no bottom rubbing or you will be sorry. If I catch you rubbing that red ass, we will start all over.

Once we are done, you will rise from your whipping gracefully, kneel and kiss the hand and then the rod that corrects you, apologize, promising to do better and ask forgiveness. After that you will be sent to your room to stand in your corner until I come to get you. Do you understand, my naughty girl?"

You are so shocked by the severity of the punishment all you can say is the required,

"Yes Sir."

"Good. Now before we begin, I am going to put these on you," I say, holding the nipple clamps by the chain that held them together. "I know how sensitive your nipples are girl, and the addition of these clamps will only add to the sensations that will be screaming for attention in your mind."

With that, I begin toying with your well-developed tits, and pinching and pulling on your sensitive nipples, gently... just enough to get them to swell and stiffen. As I do, you can't help but moan, softly closing your eyes and enjoying this last bit of pleasure before things get serious. I soften a bit, admittedly, seeing you enjoy this and I play with your nipples a little while longer than I should because of it.

But I know that there is work to do. So once your nipples are stiff and hard, I attach the first clamp, tightening it until I am certain it won't fall off. You suck in a breath as the clamp begins squeezing and as it gets tighter you moan, then whimper. I test the tension of the clamp by pulling on it slightly. Satisfied it isn't going anywhere, I repeat the procedure with the second clamp.

"Open," I command, placing the clamp chain between your teeth. "Do not let this chain fall from your mouth."

"Yes, Master," you say, taking the chain in your mouth.

Before beginning your spanking, I took the bottle of baby oil from the bathroom and now I apply a bit to your bare ass. This is for a couple of reasons; first it will protect your tender skin from damage from the paddle and crop. Secondly it also has a delightful tendency to hold the burn in place longer than it would otherwise! I apply a light coating of the oil to your upturned ass cheeks rubbing it around and massaging it in. You enjoy My hands working the oil in and wriggle your ass as you moan even louder. I can tell you are getting turned on by the rituals of your punishment. I allow you this brief bit of pleasure knowing that once I begin spanking you, it will be days before you could sit comfortably again.

"Now remember my dear this is not erotic spanking. This is a punishment - there will be no caressing, bottom rubbing, or wetness checking. Just a pure and simple ass whipping, understand?"

"Yes Master," you say, the words barely past your lips before I rain down upon your tender bottom a shower of hard, loud spanks. I spank and spank and spank your tender ass... the blows getting harder and harder as I go. I do not allow any rest between swats as I want your ass to catch fire quickly. At first you wiggle and then you bounce trying to move away from the spanks but you hold on tightly to the table edge, knowing that any interruptions will only make things worse and the sooner this is over the better it will be for you.

"So my slut doesn't think her assignments are important enough to complete" I growl. My hand rises and falls... rises and falls... rises and falls, first on one cheek then the other, covering your entire ass from top to bottom with a bright pink glow.

"Tell Me my slut, will you fail to complete your assignment again? Will you? Will you?" I say gruffly as I continue to pepper your ass with hard spanks. You continue to wiggle and squirm, but I just spank you all the harder. You pant and moan as My hand finds its mark, but you know better than to ask Me to fuck you. This is not supposed to be enjoyable and you don't want to do anything to make it seem so, fearing that it will only make Me madder and more vicious.

Then I stop My assault on your bottom and as you kneel on the table with your ass on fire, you hear Me pick up the paddle. You cringe knowing what damage I can do with the wicked tool, and know that your tender bottom will be a mass of bruises before I am finished with you. As you kneel waiting for the torment to resume, these thoughts and fears flood your mind. I give you time for contemplation and to feel what has already been done before I bring the first stroke of the paddle down and you nearly leap off the table.

"YEEEOWWITCH!!" you scream as the first paddle strike sears your ass. Involuntarily you raise your head up from the table, dropping the chain and turning to face Me. "Master! Please!!" you cry.

"Ah that got your attention... my naughty slut. Good, because there's more where that came from," I chuckle as I let the paddle fly again. I picked this particular paddle because I know you fear and hate it so. This isn't the first time you and My paddle have met and the last time the impression it left on you lasted for a long time. This meeting would be no different.

I lay into your now very red ass with powerful, punishing strokes knowing that very soon you wil be in tears and begging Me to stop... and I am correct. You try valiantly to hold back the tears, I will credit you for that, but that damn paddle reduces you to tears every time and just ten minutes into the paddling you are crying openly and begging Me to stop.

"Oh not yet slut, you still have 5 minutes left" I tell you.

I continue on with the strokes until the full 20 minutes has lapsed. Then just as with the spanking, the paddling stops. You kneel there on the table sobbing and breathing heavily, willing your hands to stay away from your very sore bottom, knowing if you rub it, there will be hell to pay. I let you stay like this for a few minutes without touching or saying a word to you. Your ass is glowing bright red and I can feel the heat coming from it without even touching it. Your legs tremble and your ass sways back and forth slightly as the fire rages in your ass.

Once you have calmed and your sobbing has diminished, I bark out once again.

"Shall we continue? It's time for the crop."

You grip the table again, eyes down and wait for Me to start again. A minute or two passes before I speak again.

"Ready, slut?"

I hear you sigh, thinking I was going to waive the rest of your punishment since I took so long to start up again.

I lightly rub My hand over your flaming ass and you shudder, drawing in a breath as you feel My touch. You know I am examining My handiwork before continuing. Then I speak and you remember why you love Me so much.

"Well my precious one," I start "... it would appear that your poor bottom is quite raw and bruised, so rather that the 40 lashes I had promised you earlier, I'll be giving you 10 only, but you will still be required to count them. Are you ready my dear?"

"Yes Master" falls from your trembling lips as you hear of My mercy. You wait anxiously for the first stroke to fall, but instead you hear the whir of the digital camera. You know that I am photographing your bottom and you blush deeply.

"These pictures will serve to remind you of this day even after the pain has subsided. I do not want to have to repeat this punishment and it is My hope that showing you these pictures from time to time will reinforce what we have done here today," I explain.

"Yes Master. Thank you," you say.

I set the camera down and pick up the crop. Flexing it once or twice in My hand, I draw it back and the first stroke falls sharply.

"Ten," you groan barely above a whisper.

"Louder dear, I want to hear you count, " I say as I strike again with a woosh and a crack.

"Nine," you manage a bit louder this time.


"Eight" your knees nearly buckling.






'Five," until at long last the final woosh... hits your bottom with a crack that sounds like a gun shot.

"Done Master," you whisper.

"Good girl... my very good girl. Now down and complete the punishment," I tell you.

You get down to the floor with My helping hand... lowering yourself to your knees, you kiss My hand and then the crop I have just whipped you with.

"Thank you, Master. I am sorry I failed you. I will do better in the future. I am sorry you had to forego your pleasure to punish this naughty girl."

"Very good my pet. Now to your room. Go to your corner and think about what has happened here tonight. Do not move until I come and get you."

"Y-yes, Master," you say, then turn to obey My order.

I let you stay there in your room for a few minutes while I put away the tools and straighten up the room. I notice a large wet spot on the tabletop and smile, knowing where the wetness came from. Once the room is back in its normal state, I pour Myself a drink and sit down in My chair to calm down and think about what I have done tonight as well.

After about 20 minutes, I go to the bedroom to check on you. You are standing as directed in your corner, your head in the corner and your eyes down. I hear you softly sobbing as I approach.

"Come here, little one," I say.

I lead you over and stand you in front of the full-length mirror, turning you so that you can look over your shoulder at your slaughtered bottom. Your breath hisses over you teeth as you see what I have done.

"Now My slut, tell Me what you thought to gain by being so disrespectful and disobedient to me. Do you enjoy being punished like this perhaps? Is this what you wanted?" I ask you softly.

"No, Master. I am very sorry I disrespected and disobeyed you. I won't do it again, I promise. Please forgive me Master," you say looking down at your feet.

Hooking My finger under your chin, I raise your face to My own. I see the streaks where your tears have caused your pretty makeup to run and the redness in your eyes from your crying. I see the hurt in your face and I know that the hurt you feel is more from disappointing Me than from what your bottom has been through. You are a good girl, and even though you disobeyed, I know that you always try to please Me. I am proud of you and I smile even as I try to be stern with you.

"Stay right here," I tell you. I go into the bathroom and return a couple moments later with a wash basin and a wash cloth. Helping you up on the bed and laying you on your stomach, I soak the washcloth in the cold water and then apply it carefully to your scorched ass flesh. I carefully let the cold water absorb the heat from your blistered ass and My tenderness makes you start crying all over again.

"Oh, Master!" you sob, "Oh I am so sorry. I am so sorry I disobeyed you and disappointed you."

"My precious little one, you made a mistake. You will do it again, too. But you do not disappoint Me. You are a good girl, you just made a poor choice this time. It is over, we shall not speak of this again. Now rest, My sweet girl," I say as I continue to tend to you. I pull up a chair next to the bedside and as the washcloth takes away the pain in your rear, I stroke your soft hair, tenderly caring for you as you lay there next to Me.

"You know that I do not like having to punish you, little one. I do not like causing you pain and suffering like this. But you must learn how to serve Me properly and without question if you are to become the submissive you truly crave to be. And sometimes lessons are best learned through the mistakes we make," I tell you soothingly as I stroke your hair.

"Yes, Master. I understand," you softly coo as you lay there enjoying My minstrations.

After about a half hour of caring for you, you turned to Me.

"Master, may I ask something of you?" you say.

"What is it my sweet?"

"Well I know that this was a punishment and I am not to enjoy it, and I didn't. But you had to set aside your own pleasure as well in order to punish me."

"Yes, that is true."

"Master please, I don't want you to miss out simply because you had to deal with me. Please fuck me. Please use me as you were going to tonight. It would make me feel better," you say.

I look into your eyes and see the concern and the sincerity in your expression. I know that to ignore this request, even for your own good, would hurt you far more than My crop or paddle ever could.

"You are such a good girl. All right then, if it means that much to you, I'll fuck you," I say. The grin on your face and the fire in your eyes is all the approval I need.

I pull My pants down, as you move into the center of the bed. After seeing the wet spot on the table earlier I know you are already warmed-up. I know what you want now. You want me to shove Myself all the way inside of you. You want Me to fuck you hard and fast. You want Me to use your body for My own pleasure.

So that's just what I do.

Positioning Myself between your splayed legs, I unceremoniously slam into your wet pussy all the way, your ass rippling each time My pelvis rocks against it. You bite into your pillow to keep from screaming and grip the sheets tightly.

As I begin pumping, you adjust to My size and rhythm and your moans get louder and louder, encouraging Me to fuck you still harder, faster.

"Do you want my ass higher in the air?" you ask Me.

I smile broadly. You really are a dirty little slut.

Without letting My cock leave your pussy, we move back away from the headboard just far enough so that your face is pressed into the pillows, and both of us are on our knees. As if this wasn't a big enough turn on for Me already, this position presents your puckered little asshole to the world.

I start pumping My cock in and out of your pussy again, but I have other plans brewing as well. You can feel my finger tracing circles around your asshole. Very lightly I start playing with it, keeping My cock going in and out of you at a steady rhythm.

As your surprise turns into moans and encouragement, I start tapping your little pink rosebud, lightly and then more forcefully, and then slide just the tip of my finger in and out, in and out. When I feel you relax, I slip my finger inside you up to the first knuckle, and start sliding it in and out as My cock slides in and out of your pussy, setting up an alternating pistoning action that brings out the most exquisite moans and shudders from you.

This turns me on. A lot. Now that I have a good rhythm going, I start to concentrate on Myself again, speeding up the action of My cock and My finger, your face pushed harder into the bedsheets even as you scream in pleasure.

A few minutes later My eyes start to roll back in My head. "Oh... ugh... I'm going to come!" I announce.

"Oh yes Master! Fuck me, come for me!" you beg desperately.

How can I refuse such an impassioned request?

I throw my head back and let out a deep growl. My cock explodes inside you, shooting stream after stream of hot sticky cum deep into your belly. I pump my cock inside you until the spasms die down, then slowly slide my cock and finger out of your sweating, shuddering body.

"Whew!" I gasp. "I know that you didn't come, but this night is not for you."

You calm down some and carefully turn on your side. "Thank you, Master. Thank you for using me tonight," you say, softly smiling. And I know that you feel loved and wanted once again.

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