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A Winter Conference

A night of incredible fun with springlike conditions

This is a true story to the best of my inebriated knowledge where it was just a guys' getaway to enjoy the springlike conditions and some golf. What occurred one evening was some of the best fun we have ever enjoyed sexually, at least in a long time. The names have been changed, of course.

Where to begin...It started with a not-great winter here in Pennsylvania.  Most skiing has been terrible this winter.  We had a couple of weeks where the skiing was good with cold temps and snowmaking machines going non-stop.  My friend Jim and I were talking one evening a couple of weeks ago about taking a small golf vacation in Williamsburg, VA.  We discussed it with our wives and they were fine as long as there were no issues with the weather in our area.  A week out, the forecast looked excellent for our area and springlike in Williamsburg.

Jim and I drove south for six hours through DC and into Williamsburg.  We arrived late into Monday evening at the W's Hotel and turned in for the night.  We woke on Tuesday morning to a beautiful sunrise and warm temperatures.  At 8AM the temperature was already 60F and sunny.  Jim and I enjoyed the free continental breakfast and went to the Golden Horseshoe to play a round of golf.  By 11am the temperature was 72F.  Jim and I both commented we couldn't have picked a better week in early February.  High-fiving and laughing and golfing, where back home it was 40F.

After our round of golf, Jim and I had a couple beers on the deck of the clubhouse enjoying the surroundings and the beautiful scenery.  

Jim and I went back to our room, showered and walked over to the historic area at 4pm.  We walked down DoG Street looking for a place to get a beer and maybe a snack.  Since it was early February none of the outside areas was open, which was disappointing.

We stopped into DoG Street Pub for a pint or two.  Two turned to three and then who knows how many.  At 10pm Jim and I were, well, feeling no pain.  We watched some hockey on the tv, but not really interested, and we talked to some patrons and the bartender.  We were having a great time.

In a blink of an eye, two very pretty women came into the pub and sat down right next to Jim and me.  We talked and before you knew it we all were doing shots.  The two women were married as well and they were in Williamsburg for an environmental conference.  The two women, Lisa and Laura, were in the same stage of inebriation as Jim and me.  We all were laughing with many innuendos being broadcast amongst our conversations.

Lisa decided to show us pictures from her phone.  Of course, being a gentleman I said, "Now show us your nude pictures."

Lisa looked at me, smiled and said, "Hold on."

Lisa opened a folder in her picture gallery from her phone and there were at least twenty-five pictures of her in all kinds of undressed modes.

Since it was early February and a Tuesday evening, the pub closed at 11pm.  Probably a good thing.

Lisa and Laura were also staying at the W's, so I convinced them it was a short walk to our hotel instead of calling an Uber.

On our walk down DoG Street, there was a roadside board where you put your face into it and take pictures with snowmen as the character.  Of course, these women decided they were going to pull down their pants and put their asses in the face cutouts.  They gave Jim and me their phones and we clicked away.  We laughed so hard.  Lisa fell over laughing with her pants at her ankles.

The four of us walked and laughed down the street as we paired up - Lisa with me and Laura with Jim.

I pulled Lisa and pressed my body into her.  We kissed so passionately and erotically, grinding our bodies together.  Our tongues intertwined, with Lisa sucking on my tongue.  My hands were on her ass pushing into my growing hard-on.  The kiss lasted about a minute before Jim and Laura broke us up.

We stopped at a vending machine area that had a canopy on our walk back to the W's.  Laura wanted a drink.

Lisa and I waited outside on a bench, while Jim helped Laura.

Lisa and I began our tongue-dancing kissing.  It had me so turned on I slid my hand down between her legs and rubbed on her wetness.  She lay back and told me to rub more to the right.  Finally, Lisa slid her pants down and looked into my eyes, told me to slide my finger in and curl it.  I love when a woman takes control and communicates what she wants.

I slowly slid my finger in and out.  "Faster," Lisa said.  Lisa lay back more, moaning and wanting my finger sliding in deeper and harder and faster.

After a couple of minutes, I could tell Lisa was about to orgasm. I said, "Cum on my finger, Baby."  Lisa closed her eyes and moaned softly.  I pulled my finger out and licked on it, giving it to Lisa.

My cock was bursting to get out.  Lisa reached for my pants and pulled them down taking my hard cock into her mouth.  She used her mouth expertly, circling my cock with her tongue.  Lisa slid her mouth up and down while she stroked my balls.  I grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth.

Lisa kept asking, "is Jim looking?" while I kept telling her "No."

Lisa pulled off and said, "Fuck my mouth, Sean.  Mmm, I want to feel your big cock fucking my mouth."

Lisa sucked on my cock with her hand massaging my balls.  It felt so good.  My hands grabbed her head again and I fucked her mouth, pushing my cock in and out.  I heard Lisa gag a bit which made me grab her head more.  I knew I wasn't going to last and moved my cock sliding in her mouth faster.

I moaned, "I'm going to cum, baby." Lisa continued sucking on me and sliding her mouth up and down on my cock.  The moment of no return arrived and I moaned, "Fuck, yes."

My cock spurted out and I heard Lisa gulp.  She didn't stop milking my cock for over a minute.  Since we were out in the open, Lisa and I hurried and pulled up our pants, just as Jim and Laura were coming out of the canopy vending area.  I noticed Laura was zipping up her jeans.

We finally arrived after a slight detour; being somewhat under the influence, I kind of lost my way.  Lisa came back to my room and Jim went with Laura to her room at the W's Hotel.

Lisa and I walked so fast to get to the room.  We knew what we wanted and couldn't wait for more fun.

I opened the door and immediately we were inside.  Now that I think about it, I think we rushed because we both had to use the toilet.  Lisa went to the bathroom first.

When I came out of the bathroom, Lisa was naked, lying on the bed with her legs spread.  She motioned for me to join her on the bed.  I climbed up on the bed and leaned into Lisa for one of her sexual kisses.  It certainly was enjoyable to kiss a woman that kissed me back.  My fingers went between her legs and she squirmed to my touch.  I wanted to lick on her sexy and wet pussy.  Lisa wanted to fuck.

I kissed down and positioned myself between her legs.  I kissed on her inner thighs up to her pussy.  She spread her lips for my tongue and I proceeded to use my tongue softly and slowly all over her wet pussy.  My tongue swished this way and that way, up and down, back and forth then in circles.  Lisa moaned and begged for me to stop teasing her with my tongue.  I licked down to her lips then up to her clitoris. I teased her clitoris softly with my tongue.  Lisa started to buck her hips into my mouth.  I wanted her to cum and attacked her clit with my mouth and tongue.  Faster and with more pressure my tongue licked on Lisa's clit.  Circling, then up and down, back and forth until Lisa moaned, "I'm cumming."  I slid a finger inside while my tongue slowed down on her clit.  Lisa's legs squeezed together making it hard for me to keep using my tongue, and her juices were on my chin.

Lisa moaned, "Put it in, Sean."  I slid up and kissed on her breasts and positioned myself between her legs. Lisa reached down, grabbed hold of my hard cock and positioned my hard cock to slide inside.

It felt so good. So wet and so warm.

I kissed up to her neck while pistoning my cock in and out, slowly.  We kissed deeply as our moans increased.

Lisa's pussy felt so wet and so tight.  I loved sliding in and out.

Lisa pulled her mouth away, telling me to fuck her harder.  I pushed in deeper and harder with her moans getting louder.

"Yes, yes, Sean, like that."  Lisa's legs were spread wider while my cock was sliding in and out faster, deeper and harder.  Lisa grabbed my ass with both hands pressing me in deeper.  Her moans increased while moaning in my ear.

"It feels so good.  Give it to me, Sean."

After five minutes of this hard fucking, my muscles started to tire.  I told her, "I want you on top.  I want your tits in my mouth."

Lisa climbed on top and slid down on my hard cock.  She started to rock back and forth, while my hands went to her tits.  Lisa has really nice and firm tits for a forty-seven-year-old woman.

Lisa pounded down on my cock and moaned.  Her moans were louder while I pinched her nipples, rolling them in my fingers.  I could tell she was ready to orgasm and I pulled her down to me with her body lying on mine. I  pushed my cock in and out of her wet pussy.  Lisa moaned in my ear.  Faster and harder I slid my cock in and out.

Lisa held on and moaned out, "Yes...yes...oh my god...Yes, Sean."

My cock was still hard as a rock and Lisa asked, "Are you going to cum, again?"

I said, "After I lose that first one, I can go a lot longer."

Lisa picked herself up and looked in my eyes. "I'm going to make you cum hard, Baby.  You better be ready for a good fuck."

I said, "Aren't we having a good fuck, now?" smiling and laughing.

Lisa rolled over on her stomach.

"Come on, Sean, fuck me."

I picked up Lisa from her hips and positioned my cock to slide in her wet and sore pussy.  Lisa reached behind and guided my hard cock in her wet and warm pussy.

I gripped her hips and pistoned my cock in and out.  Lisa pushed back and moved her ass in a circle taking my cock in and out.  I leaned back and let her do the work.  It felt and looked so good watching Lisa work her magic.  Lisa moaned loudly and begged me to cum.

I moved forward and grabbed her hair, while my cock was sliding in deeper and harder.  Lisa reached under and started to stroke my balls and her clit in one motion.  We both moaned louder.

Lisa moaned, "Cum with me, Sean.  Cum with me."

I pulled on Lisa's hair and, sliding in faster, I said, "Beg me to fuck your ass and I'll cum with you.  Beg me to fuck your ass, Baby."

Lisa moaned and, stroking my balls, said, "Fuck my ass, Sean.  I want to feel your cock in my ass."

She moaned it out again.  "Please, Sean, fuck my ass."

I couldn't take much more with her fingernails on my balls stroking them and my cock sliding in and out and hearing her want me to fuck her ass.

"I'm going to cum.  Cum with me."

I moaned as my balls started to release, squirting out my large head.

Lisa felt it erupt inside her womb and moaned,  "Fuck, Sean, I'm cumming.  Fuck, yes."

I squirted out while still sliding my cock in and out of her pussy from behind filling Lisa with my cum.

After a few minutes, I pulled out and collapsed next to Lisa who was drained and lying on her stomach.  I put my arms around her and we both fell asleep.

I don't know how long we were asleep.  I don't even know what time we made it to the room.  I awoke in a state of bliss.  I looked down and Lisa was licking and sucking on my cock.

I said, "I want you riding me."

Lisa said, "I won't be able to walk today.  Let me suck you off."

I wanted no parts of that.  I reached down and pulled Lisa up to me and she spread her legs positioning herself onto my hard cock.  Lisa slid and rocked up and down on my cock, just like before.  I pulled her head down and kissed her deeply while my cock pushed in.  As it slid in and out we both moaned in each other's mouth.

Lisa kissed me passionately and I was getting close to the point of release.  I pulled away from her mouth and bit her shoulder telling Lisa I was going to cum.  Lisa heard me and pushed back with more pressure, with her ass sliding on my cock faster and faster.  She picked herself up a bit and looked into my eyes with a naughty grin.  Sliding back and forth, I couldn't take it anymore.  I moaned and the head of my cock expanded, releasing and squirting my cum out.  Lisa moaned and smiled, sliding on my cock.  She pressed down on me and stopped.  We lay like that for a few minutes, knowing we needed to get up and be on our way.

Lisa dressed and came over to me. We kissed deeply again and said our goodbyes.  I opened the door and Jim was at the door.  


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