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She had just sat down with a drink, when she felt someone's stare.

 She was at a social for her best friend's upcoming marriage. She had just sat down with a drink, when she felt someone's stare. She turned her head and looked into the eyes of a man across the dance floor. The way he looked at her made her body heat up. She couldn't look away, she was like a moth drawn to a night light.

 After long minutes, he made his move, walking slowly across the dance floor. His eyes never left hers. The music started up, a slow dance. She watched how he moved, with the grace of a powerful big cat. And big he was, over six feet, broad shoulders, slim hips. He had slightly curly black hair, just past his ears. As he got closer she could see his eyes were green, they smoldered. He had a moustache to match his black hair, his lips were full.

 He smiled as he got closer to her, he wanted her and he was going to have her. She wore a long black dress that flared out from the hips. One side of the dress had been lifted up and pinned with a red rose, showing her long slim legs. The neckline was low, the sleeves came off her shoulders. She wore her long curly hair up, with just a colorful pin to hold it. Some curls fell onto her shoulder. She looked like a small woman even with the black heels she wore. He wanted her like he had never wanted a woman before.

 He stopped, put out his hand and said; “Ven, baila conmigo”.( Come, dance with me) She looked up at him, put her hand in his. He pulled her up and against his chest, bringing her arm behind her back. He held her close for long seconds. She could feel the beating of his heart through the thin material of her dress. She felt a shiver go up her spine.

They started to move to the music. As luck would have it, the song was a tango. He smiled as he pulled her body tight against his. She could now feel the heat and bulge of his groin. She closed her eyes, could feel her own body respond. They danced as one, the people stopped talking, all eyes were on the couple on the dance floor now. They moved to the rhythm of the dance of love like they knew each other for years.

 When it was over he bent down and whispered; “Te quiero” (I want you). She knew what that meant, it made her knees weak, her pulse increase. He moved his head, said; “ Beseme” (kiss me) and pressed his lips to hers. At first the kiss was gentle, then very rapidly it become so much more. She was swept away with the passion she now felt. Their mouths opened, tongues mingled.

 All of a sudden, his lips were gone, she opened her eyes realizing the music had stopped and all eyes were on them. Another song came on, and they started to move again. Other couples came on the floor to dance now. He danced her towards the door, stopped and gave her a look that said he could not wait any longer. They left the hall hand in hand.

 In the dark hall he pushed her up against the wall, and proceeded to do what he wanted to do since he first laid eyes on her. As his lips were busy with her mouth, his hands roamed down her throat, to her shoulders and down her bare arms. His big hands found her waist, and slowly went up the sides and felt the sides of her full round breasts. He moved them over and his thumbs felt the hardened nipples through her dress. She moaned, lifted her leg up, and his hand hooked her ankle behind his knee.

He pulled back, looked at her. Her hair had come undone, her breasts heaved, he couldn't wait any longer. Moaning, he said; “Quiero que ahora” (I want you now). Pushing the top of the dress down, his hand cupped her breast. His mouth took a nipple in his mouth and sucked.

 She gasped, and could only hang onto him now. His other hand went to the gap in her dress and slid up her leg until he found what he wanted. Her panties were soaking wet, he grasped them and tore them off. His fingers found her slit and rubbed up and down.

His mouth went back up to hers, she eagerly opened it for him, he slid his tongue in. Moments passed, the heat was rising. His fingers now found her entrance and easily slide in her. His fingers moved in time with his tongue. She was ready for him now, he couldn't wait any longer.

 His quickly undid his pants, his rigid cock sprang out, rubbed up against her belly. Pushing her dress up, he lifted her up and she put her legs around him. His hand went between them and found his cock, guided it to her hot entrance and slid all the way in to the hilt.

 She moaned out loud as it filled her. She held onto his neck, as he put his hands on her butt, and started to move. At first it was slow, but in their passion it didn't take long before he was furiously moving in and out of her pussy. Her juices coated his cock, as he continued to bang her. In this position her clit was getting a good rubbing, and she soon was crying out that she was cumming.

 This sent him over the edge, he could feel his balls tighten up, his cock increase in size even more and he started to spurt his cum into her hot channel. He drove it in deep, each time his cum spurted. Their bodies shook and spasmed, over and over, until finally they started to come down from an amazing fuck.

Exhausted, they hung onto each other, until they began to catch their breath. He looked at her, smiled and kissed her, as he set her down. His cum ran down her legs now. They laughed at each other, as the put their clothes back to rights. When they were ready, she looked up at him and smiled and lifted her eyebrow, tilting her head towards the hall. He smiled in agreement and they went back to the hall.

It was the beginning of a great evening. The two of them danced, drank, laughed and fucked the night away.
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