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Exposure III: The Final Climax!

In the final chapter, Chloe puts her plan in motion to finally bring Jimmy into her arms.

For several weeks, Chloe had slowly lured Jimmy into her trap. He wasn't aware that all the photo sessions were a ploy for Chloe to seduce Jimmy, ever since she found him jerking off in his bedroom.

Since that moment, Chloe couldn't help but dream of taking this strapping young man into her arms.  She often thought about touching his naked body, jerking off his hard thick cock, as well as sucking him off, but mostly, imagining him fucking her.

The notion that Jimmy was her best friend's son, who resided next door, or that he was only eighteen years old, was thrown out the window.  All she wanted was him, and was pretty sure he was still a virgin, from speaking to his mother, and her own observations over time.

She prepared for the day in question where everything would come to fruition.


One morning, Jimmy awoke to the beep of his phone. He looked to discover a text, from Chloe.

'Please come see me when free. Bring equipment. Chloe. xx', it read.

Jimmy got dressed, grabbed a quick snack before gathering his camera equipment to head over and see Chloe. He'd hoped she would strip off again, showing her beautiful body, unaware of Chloe's true intentions.

Jimmy knocked on her front door, where after a brief moment, Chloe opened.  Cast in a black silk robe, exposing her lacy satin slip beneath. Her long, smooth legs shined in the morning light.

"Hi sweetie, please come in!" Chloe stated, stepping aside.

Jimmy entered her home, stepping into the lounge where he sat down.  Chloe followed behind, sitting next to Jimmy upon the sofa.

As Chloe sat, her satin slip rode up her thighs, almost exposing her pussy, indicating she wasn't wearing any knickers. Her nipples were hard, poking at the lacy garment.

"Thanks for coming!" Chloe said.

"No problem, I've got the day off. I take it you want me to shoot some more photos?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes, same as last time if that's okay?" she replied, placing her hand upon Jimmy's knee.

"That's fine!" he answered.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Chloe spoke, as she rose to her feet and lead the way.

Jimmy followed behind, carrying his equipment in his bag, over his shoulder.


Chloe led Jimmy into her boudoir, where he stepped across the spacious room to the dresser.  He began to unpack his equipment, while Chloe removed her robe behind, tossing it upon a chair in one corner.

Jimmy grabbed his camera, where he turned to find Chloe pulling her satin slip over her body.  Her pussy shone between her thighs, as her breasts softly jiggled as they broke free.  Her nipples stood out upon her large areolas.

Over the next several minutes, Chloe posed around the bedroom, fully naked.  Jimmy snapped away shot after shot, capturing erotic snaps of this beautiful, sensual, mature woman.

Chloe guided Jimmy in closer, allowing him to capture her female form, initially concentrating upon the curves of her large, succulent breasts.  Chloe played with them, held them in her hands, while pulling on her hard nipples and bouncing them.

She moved to a chair, spreading her legs wide for Jimmy to take pictures of her pussy.  She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips open, allowing him to get a better view of how wet she was becoming.

Chloe's eyes had taken notice of the growing bulge in Jimmy's pants.  The thought of seeing his beautiful erect cock again made her mouth water.  Her pussy ached to be penetrated by such a young man's hard cock.

"I think it's time you joined the party!" Chloe said, looking at Jimmy, while indicating to his large bulge below.

Chloe approached Jimmy, who stopped taking photos.  She unzipped his pants, yanking them down his legs as they fell around his ankles. She kneeled down, removed his shoes, then his pants.

His erect cock stretched his boxers to the limit, in a desperate attempt to be allowed out to play.

Chloe wrapped her hands upon Jimmy's hips, taking hold of the hem of his boxers. She slowly slid them down, allowing her fingertips to brush against the firmness of his curved ass cheeks.

His boxers fell to the floor, as his cock bounced free, almost hitting Chloe in the face. He kicked the boxers off, while the one eye upon the swollen head of his thick hard cock stared upon Chloe, with a wicked devilish smile.

Chloe wanted to grab his cock, to stroke this beautiful piece of meat in her hand. The thought of ramming it inside her warm, wet mouth made her pussy even wetter.  But she knew she had to bide her time, take it slow and tease him a little while longer.

Chloe stood up, taking Jimmy's top and sliding it over his arms, before tossing it aside.  Both stood there, face to face, completely naked.

Chloe brushed her hands across Jimmy's chest, caressing him in a loving, sensual manner.  Below, Jimmy's aroused cock was doing it's Irish jig, in a desperate attempt for attention.  Jimmy gulped to himself, as he stood silent, still, unsure what was going to happen next.

Chloe stepped away, as she crawled upon the bed, before rolling over and looking back upon Jimmy, who remained frozen to the spot, almost in a daze.

"Let's carry on, shall we?" Chloe said.

Jimmy snapped out of his dream-like state, before he returned to taking photos of Chloe again.  Chloe rolled around upon the bed, using the sheets to cover her occasionally, while pouting with her ruby lips, smiling, laughing, as the camera captured her outer beauty.

Jimmy's body was aching for attention. His cock throbbed and pointed at Chloe, wanting so badly to be touched, by anyone.  He found it hard to resist the temptation, hoping the opportunity would arise soon.

Several minutes later, and after lots more shots, Jimmy uploaded what he'd taken upon his laptop for Chloe to inspect, as they took a small break.


After several minutes, Chloe returned from the kitchen with some soft drinks for them both. Chloe examined the new collection that Jimmy had taken, sitting at her dresser and offering support of his great work, while running her palm across the small of his back.

Chloe stepped to the bed, as she perched upon the edge and looked at Jimmy.

"I've got an idea, but only if you feel comfortable with it?" Chloe said, in a coy way.

"Depends what it is?" Jimmy replied.

"I'd like to take some photos with you in them!" she informed him.

"How do you mean?" he answered, curiously.

"Well, I thought about photos of me holding your cock, or pretending like I'm going to suck it.  Don't worry, sweetie. Your face won't be in any of them; no one will know it's you!" Chloe said, with a slight desperation in her voice he would agree to her demands.

Jimmy stood silent, pondering to himself about her proposal.  He was anxious about what she asked of him, yet a little exhilarated at the thought of her touching him.

"I guess, we could try!" he finally answered her.

"Great!" Chloe said, with a joyful tone to her voice.  "Come here!" she informed him, using her finger to wave him forward.

Jimmy approached Chloe, who remained on the edge of the bed. Jimmy stood in front of her, naked as the day he was born.  Chloe could see how nervous he was about this, especially considering this is probably the first time a woman had touched him.

"Don't be nervous, sweetie. I'm not gonna hurt you or anything!" she told him, looking up at his youthful face staring back upon her. She offered him a sweet smile of comfort.

Chloe's hands touched his upper chest, as she caressed them back and forth upon his naked body.  Her soft touch was taking it's effect, as his cock returned to bobbing away below, after becoming flaccid during the small break they took.

Her hands slipped down his chest, over his waist, as they found their way to run down his outer thighs.  She ran her hands up and down his legs, offering her sensual, loving touch upon his lower body.

"Don't forget to take photos, sweetie!" Chloe reminded him.

She guided them to his inner thighs, drawing closer towards his groin. He could feel his balls tightening a little, as her hands ushered closer to them.  His insides felt like they were burning, as he became more aroused than he'd felt before.

"You have such a beautiful cock, Jimmy!" Chloe spoke, in her soft tone.

Her fingertips brushed against his balls, and base of his groin.  His cock waved it's hello upon her, in reaction to her loving touch.  Jimmy took his camera, as he returned to taking photos of her hands touching his groin, with his cock bouncing away in the shot.

One of Chloe's hands continued in their loving gesture of caressing his thigh, while the other maneuvered towards his throbbing cock.  It slowly approached, like an animal taunting its prey, hunting among the grass of his pubic hair, growing closer to its target.

Her fingers hovered from the base of his cock, sliding along his piece of meat. Her hand was finally touching his perfect cock, as her mind rushed with thoughts of how hard he was, how thick it appeared, and mostly, how beautiful it felt in her hand.

Her fingers began to wrap themselves around his cock, as his body twitched slightly at the feel of a woman finally touching him. She grasped a hold of his cock, firmly holding it in her palm as she felt it throbbing.

Jimmy took more photos, as Chloe held his cock in her hand.  He'd taken photos before of his own cock, but never of anyone touching it. A warm feeling flushed through his body.

She gently peeled back his foreskin, allowing the engorged head to peek out.  Purple, swollen, and shining in the morning light, it awoke to her touch as the cover was pulled from over it. It was a sight to behold up close, Chloe thought.

Chloe looked up at Jimmy, seeing the desperation in his eyes. He wanted her to do things to him.  She wanted the same, but she wanted this time to last, and be very special for him.

Chloe moved her face closer to his throbbing cock, as she puckered her ruby lips, acting like she was going to kiss the tip of his cock.  Jimmy snapped a shot, as she held her position for a moment, before angling her face, pretending to kiss along his long, thick shaft.

Chloe then protruded her tongue, hanging it just below the tip of his cock, as if he was about to cum over her face, and onto her wet tongue.  Jimmy snapped away, but was struggling to keep his attention upon his work in hand, and Chloe sensed it.

"Does your camera have a timer thing on it?" Chloe asked, as she pulled away from his cock.

"Eh, yes!" Jimmy replied.

"Why don't you set it up to take photos automatically? Then you could place it on the dresser. It can take photos, so you don't need to keep holding it all the time!" she suggested.

"Oh, okay. I can do that, yeah!" Jimmy said.

Chloe let go of his cock, as Jimmy stepped to the dresser.  He hit a few buttons upon the machine, before placing it upon the dresser, positioning it to get the best picture possible of the bed in the room.

He hit the button, as it began to take shots after a few seconds, while Jimmy stepped back to the bed.  Chloe returned to her role, as she took possession of his hard cock in her hand once again.

She posed once more, acting as if she was going to lick, suck and jerk off Jimmy's cock, but held back the temptation. Chloe continued to pose with his cock in her hand, feeling it pulsating in her fingers for several more minutes.

Chloe saw Jimmy's cock glisten, as she noticed a small droplet of pre-cum seep from his slit.  She licked her lips at the thought of tasting it, to lick it from his swollen cock.

Finally, she gave in to her temptation. She leaned forward, clutching a firm grip upon his hard, thick cock. Her tongue slipped between her ruby lips, where upon it connected with the tip of Jimmy's cock.

Jimmy felt the touch of Chloe's wet tongue touch her below, as he stared down upon what was happening.  Her tongue caressed his swollen head, gliding across the tip as it collected the drop of pre-cum he had offered her.

Her tongue retracted back inside her mouth, as she tasted his pre-cum. So tasty that she wanted more. She looked up to see Jimmy watching her.

"I'm so sorry, Jimmy. I hope you don't mind, it's just ... you had a little pre-cum on your beautiful cock, and I just couldn't resist tasting it!" Chloe said, offering a soulful look upon her beautiful face.

"It's okay!" is all Jimmy had to say in return.

Chloe leaned in again, where she once more licked upon his engorged head.  It twitched at the touch of her rough, wet tongue.

"I'm sorry, but I just can't resist. Do you want me to stop?" Chloe asked, almost begging to continue with her face.

"No, don't stop, please!" Jimmy pleaded.

Chloe returned to licking Jimmy's swollen purple head.  Her tongue caressed the tip, before swirling around the large swollen head.

Jimmy felt like he was in heaven. He couldn't believe how good this felt, and was angry with himself that it had taken this long for him to feel a woman's tongue upon his cock.

Chloe raised his cock, so it pointed to the ceiling. She let her tongue do the talking, as it lathered her saliva across the underside of his thick member. She began at the base, rising up to slip off the peak, before repeating again and again. She covered all sides of his hard cock.

"Oh!" Jimmy moaned, at the feel of Chloe's sensual caressing with her tongue. He felt like he was the luckiest guy on Earth.

She pulled his cock back down, to stare directly at her face.  It glistened from her saliva.  Her hand began to slowly jerk his cock, sliding his foreskin back and forth over his thick, hard weapon.

As Chloe continued to jerk, her head approached the tip. She opened her mouth, as Jimmy felt the head of his cock enter her wet hole.  Her lips closed around the rim, where Jimmy felt her tenderly suckle upon the tip.

Stroking his foreskin back and forth from the base of his cock, Chloe sucked upon the engorged head. Her tongue circled around the swollen member, while occasionally flicking against the tip.

Soon, her mouth began taking in more than just the tip.  Inch by inch, she carefully slipped her lips over more of Jimmy's hard cock. Sliding back and forth, Jimmy felt his cock glide across Chloe's tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Jimmy groaned.

Chloe continued to suck Jimmy's fresh cock, while her hand jerked back and forth from the base, where she offered a gentle twisting motion at her wrist.

Chloe pulled his cock from her mouth, as it plopped free. She kissed the head, then the underside of his foreskin, working her way down to his sack below.

Her tongue glided over his balls, caressing them as they bounced off it.  She took one inside her mouth, suckling upon it, all while still jerking off his cock with her hand.

Her other hand began to cup and play with his balls, offering a soft squeeze upon them, while rolling them around between her fingers.

She returned back up top, where she took his thick member back inside her wet mouth.  Her head bobbed a little faster, while she tightened her grip upon his thick cock.

She stroked him, while her head moved faster, taking his cock deeper into her mouth.  She could feel that he was close, as her eyes glanced up to see the reaction upon his face.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jimmy bellowed.

His body began to shake. His legs quivered, while his balls tightened.  His cock throbbed, pulsating in the grasp of Chloe's fingers.

"Oh!" he groaned loudly, snapping his head back as the orgasm hit him like nothing before.

Chloe gave Jimmy's cock a hard jerk, where she felt a wave of cum rush through his shaft, as it spewed into her wet mouth.  A part hit the back of her throat, but like a professional, she didn't flinch as it splashed within.

Chloe jerked again, as she felt another, smaller wave of cum spew out of his slit and onto her tongue. It combined with her own saliva, and the first shot of cum, to form a pool upon her tongue.

Her head slowly pulled away, allowing his throbbing cock to pull free of her mouth.  It slipped between her lips, breaking out as she locked her lips tight to keep the salty goodness inside.

She looked up at Jimmy, who had calmed down a little from his beautiful experience. Opening her mouth, she showed him the pool of salty, gooey cum that had pooled on her tongue.

She then tossed her head back, where it slipped down her throat with ease, swallowing it whole.  She licked her lips, before opening her mouth to show her vanishing trick to Jimmy, who looked astonished at what she'd just done.

"Mmm, Jimmy.  Your cum is so sweet; I love the taste of it!" Chloe told him, with a wicked smile.

Chloe Jerked his cock a few times, drawing every drop from within.  She used her tongue to lick every last drop he offered her as a reward, swallowing it all.

"That was beautiful, Jimmy. I've wanted to suck your cock since I saw you jerking it several weeks ago. I knew your cum would be so tasty!" she informed him.

Jimmy just stood with a smile on his face, impressed at her actions, as well as her performance. He'd thought of her sucking him off too, and felt so much better than his dream.

"Have you ever eaten pussy before?" Chloe asked, as Jimmy shook his head in response.

Chloe stood upright, before crawling back upon the bed. Laying upon the bed, she spread her legs, as her wet pussy spread wide. She wagged her finger towards Jimmy, indicating for him to come and eat her out.

Jimmy crawled upon the edge of the bed, as he settled between her tender thighs.  He began to plant soft kisses upon her legs, alternating from one to the other.

He shuffled his way up her thighs, soon finding himself drawing closer to her womanhood. The sweet scent caused his nostrils to flare, as her puffy lips glistened from her juices.

His mouth grew dry at the thought of eating Chloe's sweet pussy.  Her lips spread, allowing him to see the dark, wet tunnel of her cunt. He licked his lips at the sight before him.

"Run your tongue over my pussy, sweetie!" Chloe guided Jimmy with her words.

Jimmy leaned forward, allowing his tongue to slide from the lower end, up and across Chloe's puffy lips. His soft caressing caused her fleshy lips to squish against his rough tongue. He repeated it, again and again.

Droplets of her sweet juices trickled onto his tongue, as he tasted her nectar. She was so sweet.  The heat from her warm pussy flowed across his face as he continued to lick her cunt.

Chloe ran her hand across her waist, where upon she began to gently rub in small circles over the hood of her engine. Jimmy continued licking away, while Chloe rubbed over the hood of her clit.

"Oh, that feels so good.  You lick pussy so well, Jimmy!" Chloe said in a sultry tone.

Jimmy loved the sweet taste of her pussy, as he lapped away at her pink flesh.  He placed his mouth against her opening, where his tongue guided itself inside her wet cave.

Chloe groaned in deep pleasure, at the feel of Jimmy's tongue entering her cunt.  It slipped between her inner silky walls, as he swirled his tongue inside. Chloe writhed in response.

Chloe's other hand grasped at one of her large breasts, squeezing it tight within her fingers.  Her head snapped back, deeper into the bed, while her eyes closed and mouth gasped in sexual lust at being eaten out by this young man.

Jimmy wanted to feel what it was like inside even more, as his head pulled away from her wet mound.  He gently eased the tip of his finger through the opening, as it slid inside her tunnel.

He swirled the tip of his finger in small circles inside her cunt, sending Chloe into a small spasm as he caressed against her inner walls.

"Oh yes, Jimmy!" Chloe groaned.

While Jimmy was just gaining his first experiences of pleasuring a woman, he'd taught himself a lot watching lots of porn on his laptop.  It appeared, from Chloe's response, that he'd studied hard.

Jimmy pulled his finger free from the hole, to find it coated in her juices.  He tasted it, licking every drop he could see upon his finger, before heading back in for more.

He added a second finger this occasion, pressed together, as they slid inside her cunt.  She appeared a little tighter this time, as they moved through the wet tunnel, with her juices acting as a lubricant for them slide inside with ease.

He swirled the tips again, causing Chloe to respond once more.  Her hips gently bucked at his tender actions inside her cunt.  She began to softly rock in motion as Jimmy's fingers continued to play around inside her.

Chloe grabbed her hard nipple upon one breast, began to pull upon it to add the already aroused feeling that flushed through her naked body.

Chloe's other hand peeled back the hood that covered her engine, where she looked down upon Jimmy.

"Run your tongue across my clit, sweetie. But be gentle, it's so sensitive, and I'm so close to having a beautiful orgasm for you!" Chloe informed him,

Jimmy ran his tongue across Chloe's nub, causing Chloe to squirm in response.  His fingers continued to play with her, alternating between circling against her silky walls, to thrusting in and out of her tight cunt in a fucking motion.

Jimmy lapped the tip of his tongue against her nub, flicking and playing with it.  Chloe's body lit up like a pinball machine. Thrashing and bucking hard in response.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, Jimmy!" Chloe bellowed.

The wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through Chloe's naked body. Her breasts jiggled, while her pussy pulsated in response to his gentle caressing inside. Her back arched off the bed, as she released a loud groan of sexual delight.

Chloe's body fell back upon the bed after a moment, as her breathing slowed to normal. Small spasms of aftershocks hit her body, causing her legs to flutter, as well as her pussy to pulsate.

Jimmy pulled his fingers free, as he licked at the juices that coated them. Licking them clean, he shuffled his body up the bed to lay at Chloe's side. The two stared up at the ceiling, naked together for a while, to regain their composure.


After a while, Chloe turned on her side, where her hand ran across Jimmy's naked chest.  Running across his skin, circling her finger around his nipple.  Below, his cock had already begun to harden once more, rising to the occasion.

Her hand slipped across his chest, down his waist, and towards his groin. Her fingers soon wrapped around his semi-hard cock, as she slowly began jerking him off.

It didn't take long for his cock to fully harden from her sensual touch, and jerking him off.  Chloe leaned over his chest, planting soft kisses upon his naked body. Her tongue circled, then suckled upon his nipple.

Her tongue soon slithered its way down his body, where her body angled itself, allowing her head to move back to his groin. She opened her mouth, before slipping his hard cock back inside.

She sucked, slurped, all while using her tongue to play and caress his throbbing member inside her wet mouth. She teased him with her mouth, but wanted his cock to fit in another hole upon her mature body.

She pulled her head free, as it plopped out from between her lips. She shuffled her body, stretching one leg across Jimmy's waist, as she found herself straddling the naked young man beneath her.

Her hand jerked his cock between her thighs, as she hovered over it.  She then sat down, but instead of inserting it inside, she began to rock her hips, as she rubbed her pussy lips across the underside of his throbbing cock.

Back and forth her body gently rocked, rolling her puffy wet lips across Jimmy's cock, sliding up and down its long shaft, but making sure to not allow it inside, not yet.  Jimmy felt her soaking wet cunt rub his cock, teasing him relentlessly.

"Have you ever fucked a woman before, Jimmy?" Chloe asked, knowing full well the answer.

Jimmy just shook his head in response. Chloe offered a smile in return.

"I want to fuck you, sweetie. I want your rock hard cock deep inside my dripping wet cunt!" Chloe moaned with a deep hunger.

With that, Chloe raised her body off Jimmy, allowing her hand to slip back between her thighs and grasping a firm grip of his throbbing cock. She positioned it to stand upright.

Chloe rubbed the engorged head back and forth across her opening, continuing to tease Jimmy with her sensual touch.  Then, she slowly descended upon his cock.

It slipped into her wet hole, inch by inch disappearing within her cunt. Chloe released a soft moan of pleasure as he entered her for the first time.

Jimmy's own face spoke volumes of the wonderful feeling that was rushing through his body. His eyes closed, as he released a hot, hard breathe.

Chloe took in a couple of inches, before sliding back up, then delving down deeper for more of this strapping young man's cock. She hadn't felt a man's cock inside her for so long, and only just realized how wonderful it felt to have the real thing inside her.

Chloe's silky inner walls spread apart, as Jimmy's cock pushed it's way deeper through the tunnel.  Soon, Chloe had taken in every inch of her lover's young weapon. She sat upon his body, staring down upon Jimmy who was lost in his own sexual pleasure.

"Does that feel good, sweetie?" Chloe asked.

"It feels amazing. It's so warm, and you're so wet!" he groaned in response.

Chloe smiled, as she began to gently rock her hips.  Jimmy felt his cock slither and slide inside her wet pussy, moving around against her insides with ease thanks to her own wet lubrication.

She started slowly, not wanting him to cum too soon since this was his first time. After a while, she picked up a little pace, staying upright, while her hips did all the moving as they rocked gently upon his body.

Chloe leaned forward, resting her hands either side of where Jimmy lay, while allowing her large heaving breasts to hang down over Jimmy's chest.  Jimmy couldn't help but stare upon them.

"Suck on them, sweetie!" she offered.

Jimmy couldn't say no. He leaned his head forward slightly, opening his mouth to wrap his lips upon the large mound of flesh that hovered over him.  He took some of it inside his mouth, suckling upon her breast.

His hands reached up, where one held her breast in position to continue his suckling of her soft flesh, allowing his tongue to circle her areola, while gently nibbling upon the hard nipple.  His other hand grabbed her other breast, squeezing it in his palm to feel the soft tissue of her naked body.

Chloe's body was shuffling back and forth, hovering over Jimmy's.  His cock slipped in and out of her wet cunt, the lower end of which glistened from being coated by her sweet juices.

"Oh fuck, Jimmy. I've wanted to fuck you for so long. You have such a beautiful cock!" Chloe moaned.

Jimmy couldn't respond, his mouth full of Chloe's breast stuffed deep inside his gaping mouth. Sucking on it like a baby in its desperation to be fed by its mother.

The bed began to rock with the two fucking upon it.  The headrest slammed against the wall, aligned with the moans and groans of the two fulfilling their sexual desires.

In and out, Jimmy's cock penetrated Chloe's wet cunt.  Slipping and sliding through her deep, wet tunnel of love.  Chloe rocked harder, bouncing upon his cock as it fucked her more.

Chloe pulled back, returning to sitting upright on his naked body.  She began to bounce up and down on his cock, where upon the beautiful sound of their body's interaction filled the room.

The sound of Chloe's body slamming down upon Jimmy's echoed around them.  Her breasts bounced and jiggled upon her chest, slapping together occasionally as she rode his thick, hard cock with such delight.

Jimmy watched her performance, finding it hard to understand how lucky he was to be fucked by such a beautiful mature woman, sharing this experience of a lifetime and taking his virginity.

Chloe bounced higher, as the sound of her body slamming down upon his own grew heavier.  She groaned as his cock pulsated and throbbed, penetrating her wet cunt.

She continued for a while, before she stopped, shuffling her body to the side as his cock pulled free of her pussy. She turned around, showing her ass to Jimmy, as she positioned herself on all fours.

"Fuck me from behind, Jimmy. Pound my wet cunt with your thick, hard cock!" Chloe groaned, staring over her shoulder to him.

Jimmy maneuvered around, finding himself positioned behind Chloe's ass. He kneeled between Chloe's legs, moving forward to find the tip of his cock press against the wet mound of her cunt.

He carefully pushed forward, allowing the tip of his cock to penetrate her pussy. Her lips parted ways, allowing him back inside her wet hole.  He pushed his cock deeper inside, as inch by inch he returned to penetrate her hole.

His hands clasped upon her hips, as he held firm and began to fuck Chloe from behind.  His hips rocking back and forth, allowing his throbbing cock to slide in and out to the sound of her wet cunt splashing around.

The bed rocked once more, as the two moved in perfect rhythm to the feel of his cock fucking her tight hole. Sweat formed around Jimmy's naked body, dripping down at the new exercise he'd discovered.

"Oh fuck yes!" Chloe groaned loudly, feeling his cock throbbing inside her cunt.

He picked up the pace, soon pounding his cock harder and deeper inside her wet hole, while his balls swung around beneath.  His body slamming against her soft ass cheeks, the sound of flesh upon flesh connecting.

Jimmy's own ass tightened with each thrust of his body that slapped against Chloe's, while his cock pushed its way through her wet tunnel, feeling the silky inner walls being pressed aside as his cock forced its way deeper inside.

Jimmy pounded faster, deeper.  Chloe's groans made sure Jimmy knew she was loving every minute of him fucking her from behind. Until, she called out to him.

"Hold on a minute, sweetie!" she stated.

Jimmy stopped, while in full force of pounding her wet cunt.  He hoped nothing was wrong, as she pulled free of his cock. She turned to lay upon the bed, on her back.

"Make love to me, Jimmy!" Chloe said, with a hunger in her eyes.

Jimmy leaned forward, using his hands either side of her position to hover over her naked form. Chloe reached between her thighs, grabbing Jimmy's hard cock and positioning it back against the puffy mound of her cunt.

She then reached around, with both hands grasping hold of his young firm ass cheeks.  She pushed him down in one hard, swift movement.

"Ooh!" Chloe groaned, feeling his cock pound back inside her once more.

"Agh!" Jimmy moaned, snapping his head back, his eyes shutting as he entered her again.

Jimmy rested his naked young body upon Chloe's mature frame. He could feel her nipples pressing hard into his chest, and the feel of her soft fleshy breasts beneath him.

Chloe guided his movement, clutching his ass cheeks as she helped him rock back and forth.  His cock pushed in and out of her wet cunt.  The bed rocking and creaking again to their musical performance.

Chloe wrapped her legs around Jimmy's, crossing her ankles to keep him locked in place. Their two bodies rocked in unison, Jimmy's upon Chloe's, as his hips rocked to fuck her hard.

"I want you to cum inside me, Jimmy. Will you do that for me?" Chloe moaned, staring at Jimmy.

Jimmy nodded, as he felt himself drawing closer to his conclusion.

"Fill my pussy with your cream, sweetie!" Chloe stated.

Jimmy picked up the pace, as his head buried into the bed at the side of her own face. One of her hands slipped up his spine, finding itself to clutch the back of his head, caressing him in a loving, tender manner.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jimmy moaned.

"Cum in me, baby!" Chloe responded.

Jimmy felt the orgasm hit him like an electric spark. His cock thrust hard and deep in one singular motion, inside Chloe's wet cunt.

His upper back curved, as his head snapped up and away from Chloe's. His eyes shut tight, his mouth agape, as he gasped for air.

His body shook, as the orgasm tore at his very soul.  His legs wavered, while his cock spurted out the creamy white cum Chloe had asked for.

It spewed inside her cunt, splashing against her silky walls, and combining with her own wet lubrication.  He stopped briefly, before he pulled away and thrust again, with a forceful push against her body.

A second wave of cum spurted out his cock, joining the rest. Jimmy could feel the squishy, sticky cum filling her wet hole, as it splashed against his throbbing cock.

Jimmy finally collapsed, falling upon Chloe's body, breathing heavy at fulfilling his first sexual encounter with a woman. He was exhausted, yet thrilled with his achievement.

Chloe's hands caressed back and forth upon Jimmy's spine, in a sweet, tender moment between the two, as she offered words of comfort as his reward.

"Mmm, that was beautiful, Jimmy. I've never felt like that before. I love the feel of your cock inside me, and filling me with your creamy seed!" she whispered in his ear, through her hot breath.

Jimmy remained upon Chloe for a moment longer, before he rolled to the side. His cock slipped out of her cunt, which dripped a little white cream from her hole.

Chloe finally rolled over after a moment, running her arm across Jimmy's waist, as she rested her head upon his chest in a loving gesture of what just took place.


Over the rest of the morning, as well as into the afternoon, Jimmy and Chloe continued to explore their sexual experiences with one another.  They made love in almost every room of Chloe's home, from the bedroom, to the lounge, and even upon the kitchen table.

For the next year or more, Jimmy continued to visit Chloe on a regular basis. Sometimes, several times a day.  His mother unaware of the secret tryst her own son, and her best friend had acquired.

After a while, Jimmy found himself heading off to continue his study in photography and filmmaking.  Years later, he found himself in a position of working within the adult world of photography and filming porn films, with hot models.

But, Jimmy never forgot his first encounter with the woman who helped him.  Not only taking his virginity, but helping him explore his own sexuality, and learning from an experienced, mature, beautiful woman as Chloe, who remained his mother's best friend.


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