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My throat burned from my mouth to my voice box. I lay there exhausted in the second week of my infection, sleeping as much as the discomfort allowed while keeping up with my classes and work. The doctor had tried three different tests and treatments so far and none had panned out. My fiancée had cooked the two of us dinner and somehow kept from laughing as I croaked back in Korean to her as we chatted; I had then washed up and gone to bed, even though it was only six, in the hope that exhaustion would put me under.


She walked over to the bed fully nude, smiled, and lifted the covers off me. Despite the illness, the sight brought me to full attention in a few seconds, and she smiled even more widely and immediately settled herself on me. Her smile was replaced by a look of desire I had rarely seen before, and with astonishing ease, she slid me into her throbbing wet pussy. I had never known her to be so wet so early; she usually responded vigorously but slowly.

She looked down at me impatiently and said, “Don’t come.” She then ground down hard on me and lifted herself slowly before plunging down hard again. She tilted her hips forward and backward as she fucked hard onto me, finding the perfect angle for the moment. Her scent filled the air as her cunt squished beguilingly on my cock, and as she tightened hard around me she sped up her movements, letting less of me out of her on each stroke as she tilted her hips during each stroke to grind her clit against me on the downstroke.

I held her hips to keep her positioned as her breasts swung up and down above me. I stared at her lust-twisted face as she used my cock for her pleasure. Within two minutes I saw the flush spreading across her chest as her muscles tightened in the way I knew so well, and with a sudden scream, she squeezed tight on me as she fucked down hard on me, nodding as I finally started thrusting up into her spasming cunt to help her out.

I somehow held off as she climaxed long and hard on me, and when she had caught her breath she said, “Again. Come this time with me.” She leaned back this time to let me see my pink shaft moving in and out of her flushed purple lips, her thick hair framing the join of our bodies. We moved together in labored unison, her squishing driving me crazy with desire, and I licked my thumb and reached down to rub her button.

We were frantic after two weeks without release, and we used each other mercilessly for our next orgasm. She circled her hips as I thrust straight up and down, both of us pounding away as the sight of the other drove us to stronger efforts. She watched my face closely as my climax approached, and when I grabbed her hips and screamed as my seed shot fast and hard into her, her cunt gripped me tightly as she thrust wildly above me without any discernable pattern to her movements. I groaned again as my second spurt was torn out of me, flooding into her as the first spurt dribbled down my shaft. Ten more spurts followed as her orgasm enveloped mine, continuing half a minute after mine had ended.

She reached down and smiled, “Still hard. I’m still wet.” She turned around and settled herself on me again, seeking different sensations. I stared in awe at the sight of her flushed labia enveloping my cock, my cum oozing out of her down my shaft, every detail of her engorged sex fully open to my eyes, and I let her do the work as she grabbed my ankles and worked me relentlessly.

The sight of my cock being devoured over and over by the treasure she only occasionally let me glimpse, and then only in the moments before orgasm, kept me fully hard, the pulsations of her orgasming cunt visible to me until she turned around and settled herself on me to rest, muttering in Korean, “You may come now, I’ll help.” I entered her and worked fast and hard up and in as she smiled down at my face inches from hers, enjoying the sight of my lust for her. She tilted her hips to let me move straight in and out as I took my pleasure inside her, and she whispered, “Use my pussy” in English as she squeezed down to drain me when I came far too soon, another ten spurts of two-week-old sperm shooting into her suddenly orgasming cunt, pulse after pulse draining both of us.

She got off and returned in a moment with a wet towel. She wiped me up quickly as I dozed off, and she kissed my forehead before going to shower. I slept soundly until waking, once again, far too early, but more refreshed than I had been in a week. She smiled at me drowsily, her black hair scattered over her face, and blew me a kiss as I left for work.

When I came home that evening, she was in bed coughing and supremely unhappy. “I didn’t kiss you; how did you give it to me?”

“Close living quarters?”

“Whatever it is, it’s awful. Both of us sick with this. We’ll die from neglect.”

We curled up unhappily and lay there until sleep took us. I took care of her as best I could the next day and she returned the favor when I was done helping her.


The morning three days after our sport, we woke up groggy and sore-throated, and as I gazed down at her face beautiful even on waking and her firm breasts, I hardened immediately. The image of her cunt opened fully to me filled my mind’s eye and I pulled the covers down to expose the join of her thighs. I knelt before her and said, “I loved when you opened yourself up to me. I want to see you again.”

In the past, she had steadfastly avoided doing so, but in a mixture of exhaustion and awakening desire, she let me spread her thighs and examine her flower as it awakened under my attentions. In Korea she had been active in student protests and, as was practically required in her leftist circles in her college days, she had given herself freely and without great satisfaction to well over a dozen of the men around her, always expecting something more satisfying either sexually or emotionally than they ever gave her; however, she had only ever experienced cunnilingus from me. She stared at me as I leaned in and licked her clitoris. She froze stock still as always when I started going down on her, apprehensive as if afraid of revealing her most intimate parts to me. In the past she had always held her thighs closed as I worked my tongue between them, letting me operate by feel and taste alone and opening herself only far enough to allow me to pleasure her, but this time she opened easily to the slight pressures of my hands, spreading her thighs to the full as her inner lips poked out and flushed and wettened under my tongue.

When she was fully aroused, I started running my fingertips between her lips and into the top of her tunnel, watching every part of her response happily as she gave herself over to my eyes. I looked up to see a mixture of desire and amazement on her face as her cunt enveloped my searching, plunging fingers. Soon she was on the edge, her head thrown back as I fucked her fast and hard with my fingers, finally seeing what I had so often felt and tasted. I rose enough to push her knees apart with my shoulders and fucked her like I had heard her finger-fucking herself during phone sex on her trips. She screamed and her loins gripped me tightly, her hips circling madly as pleasure washed over her.

When her climax had finished, I left my fingers inside her, massaging her G-spot lightly as she liked, watching her lips as they came alive again. When she was pulsing again slightly, I leaned in and gave her vigorous suck. She came again quickly and hard, and when it was over she pushed me away. I leaned down and kissed her, and she responded happily, no longer resisting her own scent on my lips as she had when we started. She smiled up at me in exhaustion and said, “You’re so hard. I’m too sick. I can’t take you now. Do the other.”

I mounted her chest and squeezed her breasts around my cock. She had giggled the first time I had fucked her tits, “The people you tell will think I’m so busty, like a model.” This time she didn’t giggle but merely watched curiously as I pulled the lube from under the mattress and slathered them up. I knew she wanted to sleep, so I didn’t hold back. She smiled as I worked madly between them and smiled even more broadly when my first spurt flooded onto her neck and dribbled onto her pillow, seven more spurts following to coat her chest and neck. I wiped her up as she dozed off, smiling at my tribute to her breasts, and was fast asleep by the time I left.


Two days later the doctor told me, “Mycoplasm. They’re nasty critters, neither plants nor animals. It’s no wonder your windpipe’s lit up like a Christmas tree. But they’re easy to treat.” I got a prescription that afternoon and went home immediately; the next morning I woke up refreshed and feeling nothing in my throat but thirst. She woke up unhappily and glowered as I smiled in recuperated joy, but glowered a bit less when I told her to make an appointment as soon as possible to get a prescription. The next day she woke up as happily as I had, and we went about our established morning routine for the first time in half a month.

When I came home that evening, she smiled and said, “Come with me.” She led me to the bed and watched as I undressed. “Shower,” she said. When I came back drying off, I found her naked except for a nurse’s cap. She smiled, “Do you like my new hat?”

All the usual fantasies of warm nurses and grateful patients flooded into my head and I simply nodded. She pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed and knelt before me. “Your first time was supposed to be for our wedding night, but I want to give it to you now. We can think of some other first for the honeymoon later.” Staring into my eyes, she leaned in and licked the head of my hardening cock. I watched as she took my head into her mouth, the first time she had ever done that for any man and almost the first time any woman had done it for me.

She grimaced a little at the taste of my first drops of precum, which were soon flowing regularly, but she smiled around the head and persisted pleasuring me. She stroked the shaft lightly as she swirled her tongue around me, moving her head back and forth slightly as we settled into a mutually acceptable rhythm. I wrapped my fingers in her hair as she closed her eyes and bobbed down, taking me into the back of her mouth, and back up, seemingly exploring every millimeter of my flesh with her tongue and lips.

I was too excited to last long, and it seemed best to come quickly so she wouldn’t tire, so I stared down at her as she picked up her speed and worked me a little further inside her. I moaned, “I’m about to come,” and she leaned in to take as much of me in her mouth as she could. About five seconds later the tingling in my loins launched off into waves of pleasure, and timing my release so the pulsations would work to spew my seed as hard as possible, I let my first pulse shoot into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide as she watched me giving myself over to her mouth, spurt after spurt flowing into her swallowing mouth as she stroked my shaft firmly with her fingertips and thumb.

She pulled away after the fourth spurt and took the last few on her chest, thick white drops dripping between her fine breasts toward her belly. She thrust her tongue in my mouth, the cum dripping from the corner of her mouth smearing onto my lips. We kissed each other greedily and I reached down to feel her drenched lips ready to take me inside her. I quickly hardened again and pierced her deeply as she mounted my seated lap. As we worked against each other, she whispered, “You drive me mad. I never knew I could do such dirty things with a man, even one I love so much. From now on, anything you want, I want too.” As our rhythm built, she said the dirtiest things to me I had ever heard in either Korean or English, and as we climaxed fast and hard against each other, I realized that even though she had had so many men before me, I was in a real sense her first.

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