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Join Me

Waiting for you in the shower...

You’re home early from work, walking into what seems like an empty house. You’re disappointed as you thought I’d be here. Little do you know I’m soaping myself up in the shower, waiting for you to join me. 

I know your routine by now; you come in, kick off your shoes, switch on the news then make your way to the bedroom to get changed. Just a couple more minutes until you find me! 

You’re making your way up the stairs when you realise you might not be alone after all. You can hear running water. You silently pray that you’re going to find me, naked and wet under the shower, ready for some fun and I’m about to make those prayers come true. 

“Honey, I’m home,” you shout from the doorway. 

“I’ve been waiting for you,” I respond. 

You come to the doorway of the bathroom and ever so casually lean against its frame. You smile that gorgeous smile, knowing what it does to me. You’re still just as sexy as the day we met. 

“So... what are you doing in the shower at this time in the afternoon?” you ask.

“Well, I was a little hot and sweaty after thinking about you all day so I thought I’d better come and rinse off.” It’s the answer you were hoping for. “Care to join me?”

It only takes those four words to have you stripping off and on your way in. I admire your tall, strong, muscular frame and I love the way your semi-hard cock hangs from your body. Those eight inches are soon going to be filling me up and I don’t know how much longer I can wait. 

You step into the shower, take my hand and pull me towards you. “Hi, gorgeous,” you whisper, before kissing my lips passionately. “So what have you been thinking about?”

“Oh you know,” I’m trying to sound casual to keep my cool but you can sense the tone of desperation in my voice, “just what we’d be getting up to if you’d been here, how you’d be teasing me and touching me...”

“Like I am now, you mean?” You say as you take my nipple between your fingers.

“Yeah, just like that” I trail off. Head falling back as I enjoy the sensation. You take the opportunity to press your lips against my neck, leaving a little trail of wet kisses down to my collarbone and my chest until you reach my breasts. You engulf my nipple into your mouth making me gasp with delight. You suck for a while, switching between both breasts until you gently bite down on one nipple and send shivers through my body. 

While I’m writhing away from the nipple play you’re running your hands all over me - your rough hands up and down my silky smooth skin. You put your right hand on my inner thigh and push outwards, silently telling me you want access to my pussy. I oblige. You slowly slide a finger down my slit, grazing my clitoris and finally finding my entrance - which, by the way, could not get any wetter if I tried. 

You bring your finger to my lips and place it inside my mouth. I take it in and suck it clean of my juices. My sweet, sweet juices. You kiss me hoping to get a little taste yourself but you’re without luck. 

“How badly do you want me?” I ask with fuck me eyes.

Without even opening your mouth I have my response. You grab my hips and turn me around. I squeal as my breasts are pressed against the cold tile. My ass cheeks are being pulled apart and I feel your cock penetrate my pussy, all 8 inches in one swift move. 

“Does that answer your question?” you ask rhetorically as you grab a handful of my hair. 

I know I’m in for a good, hard fucking. I brace myself for the pounding I’m about to receive.

You waste no time in getting into it. Already your thrusts are deep and powerful. I gasp and moan against the cold tiles just adding to the condensation that this steamy shower room is already filled with. The contrast of the cold on my breasts to the heat of the water is incredible and only adds to the sensation.

I’m getting lost in my thoughts about how good you feel when all of a sudden I’m brought back into the room with a hard slap to my ass. You love the way it jiggles when you do that. 

You pull me by my hair and growl in my ear, “let’s take this to the bedroom.”

Within seconds you’ve got my ass in the air, on my hands and knees waiting for the rest of my fucking. 

This time you tease me a little more. Rubbing the head of your cock against my womanhood, you want me to beg for you and you know that I will. 

“Please, baby.” 

Still teasing. 

“Please give it to me.”

Still teasing. 

“Please fill me with that huge cock, baby.”

That seems to do the trick. You slam your dick back inside me, every last inch stretching my tight little hole. With every thrust, you’re hitting my g-spot bringing me closer and closer to that climax. I know you won’t stop until I cum on that huge cock of yours. 

You reach forward and grab my breast from underneath me, knowing that a little nipple play is all I need for me to reach my climax. My legs begin to shake and you can feel me tightening around you. My orgasm takes over and I can feel it coursing through my body, completely taking over my physical state.

You give me a minute to calm down and get my breath back. Placing a gentle kiss on my forehead before you continue our fuck session. 

I crawl up the bed and lay on my back where you open my legs and pull me towards you. This time you slide yourself in quite slowly and I notice the look of satisfaction on your face. I know it won’t take you long to cum now. 

You’re watching my body as you fuck me. Loving the way my big breasts bounce for you. You grab my thighs and pull me closer into you, ensuring you’re as deep as you could possibly be. Your balls slap against my ass when you thrust getting you closer and closer to that point of no return. 

You lean down to kiss me passionately. Grunting and groaning into my open mouth. You’re seconds away from climax and with one last thrust that wave of pleasure that you've been working towards hits you. Spurt after spurt you fill me with your seed. 

You collapse on top of me. Our bodies in a hot, sweaty heap. I get up to run us a nice hot bath, we’re going to need it after that.


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