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... One night

And I, you
I wake to you lying beside me. I hear you breathing, slow and deep. I remember with a smile our time earlier in the day. My memories begin to awaken my desires for you. However, I am famished, and I imagine you will be as well when you wake.

I put on some clothes and start to make some dinner. It’s approximately an hour before sunset. My plan had been time to have dinner so we could watch the sunset over the beach across from us. So far, it looks like we’ll make it.

While the food is cooking, I go and look in on you. I can see that you’re just starting to wake up. I tell you that dinner will be ready soon and that you can take a bit of time to wake up, refresh yourself, and get dressed a little.

You look at me and beckon me to you. As I lean in towards you, you give me a very passionate kiss. When we part slightly, you say

“Hi, handsome. Thank you for such a wonderful welcome. I can’t wait until dessert.”

I smile at this, and return your kiss with another passionate kiss and respond “I love you.”

I get up and work to finish dinner and set the table.

As we eat the meal, I can see you looking at the sun setting over the sea. It’s a gorgeous sunset… perfect for the occasion. It was just as I dreamed it would be.

I look into your eyes and I can see the sunset reflected in your beautiful eyes. You look at me and say, “It’s a beautiful.”

“Yes, you are.”

You let a small giggle out, and then reply, “Did you plan this… to eat while we watched the sunset?”

“Yes, I did. I thought you might enjoy watching the sunset over the ocean. I knew I would enjoy watching you.”

I can see a blush come over your face. I can’t believe you don’t see how much I love you and how beautiful you are to me.

As we finish our meal, I tell you, “Why don’t you go take a nice long bath? I have some bath soaps for you to use. Relax. Take your time. I will clear the table and wash the dishes.”

After you protest a little, you take the hint and go off, and then I hear the bath run. While it is true that I took care of cleaning up, I also prepared the bedroom for your return.

When you exit the bathroom, you find the bedroom bathed in the glow of candles with the scent of vanilla in the air. You see me in a pair of silk boxers and a beautiful negligee waiting for you on the king-size bed. After you dry off and dress, I hold you and we sway slightly to sounds of a slow, sexy jazz piece.

The feeling of your body next to mine, the smell of your just washed face and skin, and the feeling of your arms around me have me stirring again. I hold your gaze a little as I can see the candlelight reflected in your eyes. I bend down and kiss you. More gently and soft than before, I kiss your lips for a little bit. I then move to kiss your cheeks, or neck, and your exposed shoulders. As I move over you with my mouth, I plant small kisses over you and am rewarded with sighs and moans from you. As I reach your mouth again, we kiss more passionately this time. You can definitely feel my stiffness through the silk material.

I then begin to caress your arms and back. I run my hands over your negligee as I reach your breasts. I can tell you’re getting turned on more and more. I again kiss your shoulders as I remove the strap of your negligee off of one shoulder then another.

You only wore the negligee for a few minutes really, but I wanted to caress all of you.

I lay you on the bed, and then place ties on your hand and ankles. At first you seemed apprehensive, but as I gently caress you starting with your face and moving downward, you don’t seem to mind.

I caress your arms and shoulders. I caress your chest, and marvel at the feeling of your gorgeous breasts. You seem disappointed as I refrain from touching your nipples or areola. However, I work my way down your stomach. At each and every point, I plant kisses and light nibbles after my hands have moved past that point.

Your breathing picked up considerably when I was caressing, kissing, and nibbling close to your cunt. However, I move just past your center to your inner thighs all the way down to your feet. I take my time and rub your feet. I gently but firmly rub your feet in time with the music and then work to turn you around.

Now that you’re on your belly, I work my way up from your feet to your head. I caress you. I kiss you. I nibble on you.

As I reach your neck, I take some massage oil, warm it in my hands, and then apply it to your neck and shoulders. I massage your entire backside. I work your shoulders, and your spine. I take great joy in massaging your ass, and then move to your thighs. Your calves and feet signify the end of the journey, but then I turn you over, and work my back up. Again, applying massage oil on you as I massage my way up your body.

By this time, you are quite worked up. Your breathing is quick and shallow, and your moans and sighs have me already worked up. I kiss you, and you hungrily kiss me back. You strain at the cuffs as you try to hold me closer. However, I move and caress your breasts. But this time, I run my palm lightly across your nipples – enticing them. After making sure your nipples are fully erect, I take one then another in my mouth. When my tongue first touches your nipple, you release a moan that is so loud, it covers the sound of the music. Your whole body quivers as I continue to lick and suck your nipples. As I do so, however, one hand begins to roll, and then squeeze the other nipple. My free hand moves towards your center.

At first I caress your inner things, but soon, I am gently touching your nether lips.

Your moans are more continuous now, and you begin to become more audible:

“Yes…Oh yes…Mmm…Harder…Mmm….Ohh….Ohhhh….Please….Don’t stop…”

After a while, my free hand replaces my mouth as I move my head between your legs.

“Fuck me…Oh please…Fuck me…”

I first blow warm air on your cunt, and I hear a groan from you. I start to gently lick your lips. I can tell you’re incredibly frustrated as you cannot close your legs or use your hands on me. However, I continue to lick you as my fingers squeeze and pull on your nipples. I remove my hand and open you up as I lick the inside of your cunt. I then start to lick your clit.

Your whole body shudders at this. “Yes…yes…yes!…” you almost yell.

I take a finger in place it in you. I curl it towards me and start to rub against your g-spot and I lick your clit. My other hand massages the spot above your clit on the opposite side of your g-spot.

“Yes…yes. I’m gonna cum…ohhh…aahhh” you scream as you cum.

I continue to lick you until I’m sure your climax is over. I again turn you over, and massage your back a little. Then I go back between your legs and lick you from your cunt to your ass. I do this several times as you begin to become aroused again. With your legs already spread from being cuffed, I move my hard, stiff cock into your cunt. I begin to thrust into you slowly at first.

However, it’s not long before you tell me, “Harder…fuck me harder…make me cum all over your cock”. Given that as I thrust into you, your clit rubs against the satin sheets, I now it will not take long before you cum.

The feeling of your tight, wet cunt squeezing my hard cock as you have a massive cum, brings me close to the brink. However, I stop. I release your hands and bring you up on to your knees.

From behind you, I feel you trying to calm yourself. With your ass exposed, I again, lick you from your cunt to your ass. I can hear you sigh as you realize I am not done with you. I take some lube and use it on your ass. I gently insert my finger in your ass and can feel you, yet again, getting aroused. I take a small toy I bought for you and gently insert it into your ass.

At first you’re shocked, but as you realize what I am doing and become accustomed to it, you moan and grunt – and I take that as a sign of approval. Once it is inside you, I turn it on, and hear the loudest groan from you I’ve ever heard.

I then slowly insert my cock back into your cunt. I leave it in for a bit to make sure you’re okay. I can feel the vibrations through your cunt. I begin to slowly thrust in and out. You begin to push on me.

I don’t hear moans or sighs anymore. All I hear are screams. Intense screams. I begin to slap your gorgeous ass. This just encourages you, and you scream at the top of your lungs. Even though you’ve cum twice now, the vibrating toy in your ass and my fucking you from behind has you on the verge of another. And this one seems like it will surpass anything we’ve experienced together.

As I feel your cunt squeezing my cock as you cum, and I release in your cunt. As we cum together, we scream in unison, and then afterwards, I collapse onto you. I remove your toy, and hold you in my arms. As I caress your face, I look into your eyes and tell you, “I love you”.

We gently kiss each other, and then soon drift off asleep in each others arms. The blaring of a car horn wakes me. I can feel the cotton sheets of my twin bed. I can hear the noise from the local kennel and factory in the concrete jungle as I try to wake. My cock is so hard and stiff as I remember that dream I had of a glorious night.

I turn and see the empty spot next to me that I always hoped you would take. I turn to my side and curse the thousands of miles that separate us.

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