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The Music Festival (Part 1)

Based on a true story - friend's little sister drives Mike on to have great sex with his girlfriend.

It was that time of year again. June in England meant it was time for the annual trip to Glastonbury Festival. After an eight hour wait for the gates to open, we were finally in the campsite and setting up our tents.

It was a slightly different group this year. All the usual guys were here but, for the first time, the wives and girlfriends were coming along too. That meant our group of eight had, this year, turned into a much bigger group of sixteen. I’d brought my girlfriend Sarah along.

At twenty-eight, she was a couple of years younger than me – I was only a couple of weeks short of turning thirty and it was making me feel old for the first time in my life. The other guys and girls were all around the same age. All except for Dave’s companion. Dave had been dumped by his girlfriend just a few weeks before the festival so he’d agreed instead to bring along his little sister Emily as her eighteenth birthday present.

Emily was the typical annoying teenager. She spent more time on her phone than talking to anyone and always wanted to change the music on our outdoor speaker.

Let me just describe Emily to you for a second. She was a fairly short girl, maybe around five-foot-two, with long dark hair. I couldn’t tell if it was dyed black or not, but it gave her a bit of an emo look. Her eyes were bright blue and when she made eye contact it felt like they were piercing your soul!

She was a petite girl with a small frame and small hips. Her legs looked long and smooth in her tiny little hot pant style shorts. Her stomach was flat and toned. But it was her breasts that really stood out! They weren’t massive but they looked completely out of proportion to the rest of her tiny stature. They were probably around 34D but, in her tight green boob tube, they looked full and round. It was a constant struggle to avoid staring at them whenever she was nearby!

That evening, after a few beers, we were sitting around in a circle in our camping chairs. I was sat on an inflatable sofa with Sarah next to me. The conversation turned to who was going to get engaged next, when we’d get to go on the next stag do and who was going to be the first of the group to have kids.

The girls got bored and so they got up to go for a walk around the festival site. The other guys got on to talking about computers and other things that didn’t interest me so I started playing on my phone. Just at that moment, Emily came out of her tent. She’d been on the phone to her parents, trying to reassure them that Dave was looking after her and keeping her out of trouble.

Emily came and sat next to me on the inflatable sofa.

“Oh sorry, was Sarah sitting here?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said. “But the girls all got bored of this lot and went for a walk. You can probably catch them up if you want to join them.”

“Sarah’s really pretty,” she said. “You’re really lucky to have a girlfriend like her.”

“I know,” I replied, “I sometimes feel like she’s way out of my league.”

The guys had formed their own little circle now as they discussed the latest graphics cards on the market.

“I don’t want to steal Sarah’s seat,” Emily said. “Are there any other seats free?”

“I don’t think so. Didn’t Dave bring one for you?”

“No, I don’t think he really wanted me to come,” she said as she stood up and stretched her arms up high in front of me. “You know, those guys have no idea we’re even here anymore, they’re in their own little world.”

“They’re always like this when they get on to geek talk,” I said. “The number of times I’ve just been sat there in the pub with them listening to this same conversation!”

“Well at least you’ve got me to keep you company this time,” Emily replied. And with that, she sat down sideways, across my lap.

“Erm, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Wel,l I didn’t want to steal Sarah’s seat and there’s nowhere else to sit,” she answered back immediately.

“I, I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“O,h don’t worry about it. None of them have even noticed,” she said nodding to the group of guys in front of us.

“Well, you’d better move before the other girls come back, this won’t look good.”

“Anyway,” she said, “Sarah’s definitely not out of your league. She’s pretty but you’re hot too. Especially for an older guy!”

“Older guy?!?!” I replied. “I was already feeling bad about turning thirty, being called an older guy doesn’t help!”

“Well, you’re all older guys to me,” Emily said, a cheeky grin on her face. ”I just think you’re a hot older guy.”

“OK, I don’t like the way this conversation is going Emily. I think you should sit somewhere else.”

“But it’s comfortable here,” she protested with a sad pouty look on her face. And with that, she wriggled her small, round butt back against my crotch. The movement and the conversation were causing a stirring in my shorts and if I didn’t get her off me soon she’d be able to feel it pressing against her ass.

“I think you’d better get off me now,” I said as I slid my hands under her to lift her off my lap.

“OK,” she said as she climbed off. “But I hope you got a good feel of my ass when you lifted me off then.” There was a worryingly mischievous look in her eye as she turned and walked off into the night.

An hour or so later the girls all returned. Sarah and Emily were deep in conversation and laughing together as they looked at me. I was getting worried, what had they been talking about?

Sarah and I went back to our tent around 2 am. At this time of night, the campsite is a strange mix of sounds. There’s the constant sound of drunk people talking nonsense at the tops of their voices. Then there’s the distant sound of groups of girls singing along to various tunes being played on mobile phones. There’s the constant shuffling and occasional moans as couples have drunken sex in their tents. And there’s the sound of people fast asleep snoring loudly as their hangovers kick in for the next morning.

I kissed Sarah hard on the lips as I rolled onto her. It was warm that night so we were both naked already. I kissed her neck and slowly worked my way down her body. I sucked on both of her large nipples on her 36C breasts then kissed her toned stomach as I continued on my downwards journey. I gently pushed her thighs apart and ran a finger along her opening, pushing her pubic hair to the side as I did it.

She was really wet already so I dove straight in with my tongue. I licked up and down between her lips tasting her juices and then pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I possibly could. She moaned out loud as I did this. I lifted my face and said, “shhhh, Emily’s tent is right next to us. We need to be quiet.” Sarah nodded as I dove back into slurping up her juices.

I pushed a finger inside her pussy as I flicked my tongue over her clit for the first time tonight. Sarah arched her back and pushed her hips upwards. I swirled my tongue round and round her clit as I pushed a second finger inside. She moaned and groaned and grabbed my head with both hands as I brought her closer and closer to her orgasm.

Another minute or two later, Sarah’s hips started bucking as she pushed her pussy against my face. I gently sucked her clit into my mouth and she let out a loud moan and a sigh as an intense orgasm ripped through her. As she came down we both lay there laughing and saying, “shhhh.”

With that Sarah pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. She reached back and took hold of my throbbing cock. She lined it up with her entrance and then sat down on it in one motion. I loved being inside Sarah. She was so tight and she had great control of her pelvic muscles. She just sat there on top of me for a minute, clenching her pussy walls around my cock. Then she leant forward, her breasts tickling my nose, and she started to slowly move up and down on top of me.

It was dark in the tent and I couldn’t see a thing. As she picked up the pace an image entered my head. It was the memory of Emily sitting in my lap earlier that evening. I could see Emily’s piercing eyes and her cheeky grin as Sarah bounced on my cock. I imagined Emily’s boob tube coming off and tried to picture what her round teenage breasts would look like underneath it.

I was thrusting up hard into Sarah by this point, driven on by the images of Emily in my head. I couldn’t hold out much longer, the fantasy was too much. I was groaning and panting loudly. Sarah had her eyes closed and was letting out high pitched squeaks as our thrusts met each other.

I reach forward and tweaked Sarah’s clit with my thumb, imagining it was Emily on top of me. And with that, we both thrust hard against each other. Sarah clamped down hard on my cock as she orgasmed for the second time. I groaned as I let out rope after rope of cum inside her.

Sarah collapsed on top of me and we cuddled, both completely spent.

“I don’t think we were very quiet,” Sarah whispered, giggling into my ear.

“No,” I said. “I hope everyone else was asleep otherwise we’ll be doing the walk of shame in the morning.”

“I don’t know,” said Sarah, “I don’t mind everyone hearing how hard you make me cum. I’m proud that I get you all to myself.” And with that, she rolled off me and kissed me goodnight.

My head was spinning. I had just cum harder than ever while imagining it was my friend’s little sister riding me to orgasm. I needed to get her out of my head, and fast! And with that, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

To be continued...




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