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14th A New Life!

I get into flow of life in the military!
Once basic training was over, I was posted to a camp further south in Suffolk. I was given a job in the mail room of the camp, delivering mail to the different sections of the camp. Life was a little more civilized now. We could go out when we wanted and go to bed when we wanted. We would go to the dances or the pictures in the local town, usually on Friday and Saturday nights.

I missed Julia at first and we agreed to keep in contact with each other. That first few days was spent getting settled in, they called it 'arriving'. I spent the first night writing letters to Mother, Emma and now Julia, to give them my new address and update them on my life in the military.

There was quite a mix of ages here, as some of the girls had been in the service for quite a few years. Some had enlisted for ‘life’ to make a career out of it. All in all they were more cheerful and happy. New friendships were quickly made as I was welcomed into the barracks. It was a much more relaxed atmosphere than training camp.

As I said, I was given a job in the postal section, sorting out both incoming mail, internal as well as external, and was given a bicycle so that I could deliver mail to different sections around the camp. I would drop off the incoming mail, and pick up any mail to be sent out, even if it was to other sections in the camp. I soon relaxed and quite enjoyed the job as it gave me a chance to get to know quite a few people, men and women.

Naturally there was a lot of flirting and teasing and it made me feel good, helping to bring me out of my shell. We could go out any time we were off duty and stay out as long as we liked. The only thing was we were a few miles outside the nearest town and had to take a bus. So, one had to make sure to catch the last bus back, which was around midnight, or you had a long walk.

One of the sections I delivered mail to was the Motor Transportation section, and that is when I first met Raymond. He was a driver who normally drove one of the Land Rovers that was used for towing Aircraft. I was attracted to him right away. Of course, like some others, he would flirt with me and I kind of enjoyed it.

On Saturdays, I would take the bus into town with some other girls. We could shop or just hang out for the afternoon, have supper, then have a few drinks in a pub and go to a dance after. That is where I met Raymond again. He asked me for a dance, and then we spent the rest of the evening together, chatting and getting to know each other between dances.

We sat together on the bus back to camp afterward. Then he walked me to my barracks where we stopped and kissed goodnight. They were soon long French kisses and I felt his stiffness through his clothes. I finally pulled myself away, saying "goodnight", and went in to bed. I admit he made me feel randy, but it was just our first date and I hoped he would want to see me again.

One thing about my job I enjoyed was the opportunity to visit sections all aver the camp and get to know quite a few people. The most interesting for me was the corporal in charge of the bedding and clothing stores. Corporal Higgins, as she was known, was a tall lady with short blond hair, and always looked quite prim. When we first met, she made me feel very welcome, introduced me to her staff, and offered me a cup of tea.

A lot of sections had what we called 'Tea Swindles,' where they could make their own tea for breaks. The stores were one of them. I would normally arrive at her section around 10 AM, when they were brewing up and I was always welcome. It was an honor system where you put your money, (in those days, three pence) in a cup and help yourself. It was always a pleasure to sit and chat for about a 15-minute break.

During the week, Ray asked me to go to the pictures with him on the Thursday night. Then, the following Saturday, we spent the afternoon and evening together, ending up in the dance hall. It was common practice to slip out of the dance hall before the end to be able to go find a quiet place and neck, so we did about half an hour before catching the last bus back to camp.

We began with kisses, kisses that were gentle at first then got more probing as tongues probed one another's mouths. When he undid the buttons on my coat, I did not try to stop him, and soon felt him press his manhood against me through our clothes. He was hard and solid and I liked the feel of it. His hand moved down to rub the cheeks of my arse and pull me to him. I liked it and felt ready for him, as I was wet. I wanted him, yet felt we had not dated long enough to go all the way. It was hard to discourage him.

Fortunately, I was saved by the bus. Without realizing it time had gone so quickly, we had to get on it. At my barracks, we kissed goodnight as before and I hurried inside to the toilets and masturbated. I took my knickers off altogether, and opening my legs wide, gave myself a good rub. My pussy had wanted it so bad it was almost painful, so my first orgasm was such a relief. It was quickly followed by two others.

In the barracks the girls were getting ready for bed. There was the usual banter after a night on the town.

"How was your night?" one girl asked.

"Okay," I replied, trying to be nonchalant about it.

As I got into my pyjamas and climbed into bed, I curled up in the fetal position.I slipped a hand inside my bottoms and cupped my pussy in my hand. She was still wet and felt warm. I groaned quietly to myself, whispering "soon, baby. soon," to myself. It had been a few months now since she had seen some action.

A lot of the girls were sexually active with their boyfriends, but they kept it low key. When they came in after a night out, you might notice a girl taking her clothes off to get ready for bed, and you could see she was not wearing any knickers. Or sometimes, after she hung up her coat in her locker, she would reach into the pocket and take out her knickers and put them with other items to be laundered. It was not really talked about, as that would have been too personal. Still, that was the reality at the time.

Ray asked me out again during the week, then again on the Friday night we went dancing. It was like before, only now we were getting more and more familiar with each other. He really made me feel good, and I was ready to go further in our relationship.

The next day we were not to be going out till the evening, so I had lots of time to myself. I was in a particularly good mood all day, as I think subconsciously I knew I was going to give in to my feelings. In the middle of the afternoon, (when I knew there would be lots of hot water) I took a bath, a long, leisurely bath where I soaked dreaming about what was to happen that night. I placed my legs over the edge of the tub. Just touching myself always felt so good.

I thought about Emma and our times together, as well as the different men I had been with. Alan was, of course, the most satisfying to date, but unfortunately that did not last. I assumed there would be others, just as good or even better lovers than he was. For a moment Corporal Higgins popped into my mind. She was a very quiet lady who, as I said, always greeted me warmly. She kept to herself a lot, and was not around on weekends. As she was a Londoner we assumed she went home to see a boyfriend there. I think in hindsight my feelings for her were coming to the surface.

The water was cooling and the skin of my fingertips was wrinkled from being in the bath so long, I climbed out and dried myself off, then went and had a nap to be fresh for my date. It was hard to sleep with so many thoughts going through my head, but I at least rested till supper time.

After supper, I got ready to go out for the evening, I put on a pretty red waist cincher with a matching bra and knickers set trimmed with white lace. I topped it off with a red dress that buttoned down the front, a pearl necklace and ear ring set. I was nervous, yet excited, and knew a couple of the other girls were watching as I got dressed. I avoided looking at them. Still it made me feel naughty knowing they were wondering what was going on with me.

I met Ray at the appointed time, and we walked arm in arm to the bus stop where we joined a lot of others heading for a night on the town.

As usual, we went to a pub and had a couple of drinks, then headed to the dance hall. Once there, we checked our coats and I headed to the ladies room to relieve myself, and then fix my hair and makeup. The face looking back at me in the mirror was smiling. She was sure tonight was the night. Her mind was made up and the anticipation was starting to excite me. Back in the hall, I joined Ray, and for a moment I saw him look me up and down. I swear he almost licked his lips.

We danced all the slow dances.The hall was crowded, so we held each other close and danced cheek to cheek. His hand was on top of my hip to hold me, as he would push a leg between mine and I kept my legs close so we could feel each other.He blew in my ear gently. I pressed my torso against his, where I could feel his manhood. I was randy. We both were, and he was being naughty.

When he suggested we leave, I just nodded and headed for the cloakroom so we could retrieve our coats. Outside, with arms around each other, we hurried down the street for a bit, then down a side street where we found a nice dark shop doorway that was away from the street lighting.

Within moments, he had our coats undone and was pressing our bodies together as we French kissed, long. tongue sucking kisses. He pressed a hand between our bodies to undo the buttons of my dress. There was no stopping him now. He was hungry. We both were. He pushed my bra up to caress my tits, then took a moment to suckle my nipples as he undid his trousers. Going back to French kissing me, I felt his manhood pressing against my thighs. He pushed it between them so I felt it press against my pussy through the material of my knickers.

In a way this was agony, as I wanted it so bad. I whispered "please" to him. He pulled back and pushed my knickers down to my thighs then pressed his cock between my thighs again, this time against my soaking wet labia. I opened my legs as far as I could and was rewarded by feeling him place the head between my lips. She was ready now and he thrust it all the way home until I felt the tip at my cervix and he started to ride me.

He rode me hard and I knew it would not take long. My climax mounted with each stroke. Then, when I felt I was almost there, he suddenly pulled out. I felt his cum splash over my thigh. "No," I thought. If only he had held on for another few strokes, we could have cum together. I could not help myself. I was so close to cumming, I had to finish the job by hand and enjoyed a beautiful orgasm as he held onto me.

I removed my knickers altogether and used them to wipe his cum. It had run down over my nylons. Then we went back to cuddling. I took his cock in my hand as he started kissing me again. It was wet and sticky, but I was used to that after a shag. Still I liked the feel of it and loved to feel it grow in my hand again, so we could have another ride before going to catch the bus. I asked him to get some rubbers if we were going to be doing 'this' often, and he agreed. It felt so good I could not trust myself to make him pull out and thought, "What if he had cum inside me?"

Our dates after that night would end with us having sex. Ray did not like using a rubber each time, but I wanted him to as it helped me enjoy the feeling of him cumming inside me. He also had to work nights at times. When he did, he would go to the mess for a supper around 10 o'clock, and we would arrange to meet so he would take me for a spin in his Land Rover over the Airfield.

Of course, I had to be in uniform then, so if others saw us it would not look too suspicious. We would go parking out on to the Airfield, where he was supposed to teach me to drive. A Military Land Rover has to be the most uncomfortable vehicle to make love in.

It was not too bad when I gave him blow jobs, although I was a bit scrunched up, but there was only one decent way to have sex. I would play with his cock or suck it as he drove, then he would park in a quiet spot and we would get out of the vehicle and leave my door open. Then I would lean over the seat and he would lift up my skirt, pull down my knickers and enter me from behind.

I got to love that position as I found it very satisfying and even started going out without my knickers on. When were out like on a Saturday night, we would sometimes do it that way when we could find a low wall or fence for me to lean on. One thing I did not like about our relationship was when we did do it bareback. Hhe loved to squirt his cum over the top of my arse or thigh, depending on the position I was in.

By now, my morning tea breaks was being taken with the girls in the bedding and clothing stores every day, I really looked forward to it and would arrive there in time for their tea break. I was always made most welcome, and when they were not busy, we could spend up to half an hour chatting as we sipped our tea.

Corporal Higgins was always there enjoying her break with her staff. She was easy to get along with and everyone liked her, as she was not too formal. While the conversation would sometimes be about one's boyfriend or family, Corporal seldom said anything about hers. Although she went to London where she was from every weekend, and we knew she was no't married. We all assumed she was seeing someone.

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