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21st Birthday Ecstasy Pain pt two

Inside the lift, my party began

As soon as the doors closed, Leanne pushed me against the side-wall of the lift. She kissed me passionately and pushed her tongue inside my mouth. I reached out and pushed the stop button on the lift, but missed and pressed the top floor. As Leanne pushed her tongue around mine, which was now set in auto mode, I forgot about the lift buttons.

As she pushed her hand onto my bulging cock, I took her hands and pushed her back against the other side of the lift, raising her arms up above her head. "Stay there a minute", I said. She did. I kissed her kneck hard, and pulled open her loose blouse. I looked down and saw her firm pulsating breasts. As I pulled down her lacy bra to expose her hard nipples I leant down a little to kiss and suck both nipples. She gasped and squirmed with pleasure. Her hands suddenly pulled me to her, and she grabbed my arse-cheeks. She pulled me tight against her, and I grabbed her head to thrust my tongue inside her as our groins pushed against each other. Thud! Damn, the lift had reached the top floor. The doors opened. Leanne led me out of the lift by hand, but not to my flat door six feet to the right, but to the open-doored stairs going down. We went down a few steps to a small landing.

Leanne turned me against the stair wall. She kissed me gently, and suddenly her hands were undoing my belt and unzipping my jeans. My throbbing cock burst out of its captivity, and without a word, Leanne was on it. She went straight on, taking my cock inside her warm mouth. Again, I gasped out loud in pleasure. She slowly sucked down on my cock, going deeper each time. Suddenly she pushed me hard inside her and my swollen head hit the back of her throat.  "Jesus!" I exclaimed, and she repeated this action several times more. I heard a noise.

As Leanne continued to suck, with her gorgeous arse stood up in front of me, I looked up to see Helena. She was stood half-way in the doorway to the stairs, turned away slightly. Her eyes were closed, her red dress pulled enough to show her hands. She was pleasuring herself, her left hand on her clit, and her right hand middle finger pushing inside her pussy. I was shocked initially, but then even more turned on. Helena opened her eyes and saw me looking at her. In a slow motion, she took her finger out of her tunnel, and moved to her mouth. She sucked on it hard.

Suddenly, I realised Leanne had moved to my balls, licking and sucking them, whilst stroking my shaft. I was buzzing, and quickly felt the charge within my groin. "Je viens" I said. Leanne quickly devoured my cock and within seconds I exploded deep into her throat. I jolted, and Leanne continued to suck, taking every charging drop of my juice. With my eyes slammed shut, and my body quivered uncontrollably. Eventually, Leanne pulled away. "Bonne Anniversaire" she said. I opened my eyes, smiled down at Leanne. Looking up, there was no sign of Helena. "Must go back now" Leanne said as she walked up the stairs to my flat. I followed her up, still shaking as I put my cock away.

I followed Leanne into the lounge, where she was checking on her reluctant companion. He had done one thing whilst we were away. He'd put The Specials on my stereo, and "Too Much Too Young" was blairing out. No sign of Helena, though. I went looking.

I entered the kitchen to find her opening another bottle of wine. "Hey, you ok?" I said. She poured two glasses of wine, turned and handed me one. "Just wish I'd seen the whole show" she whispered. Looking deep into my eyes stroking my stomach she said, "Guess I missed out there". I stepped back, gestured at my groin which showed a newly rock hard bulge, and said "what do you think?". We both took a huge swig of wine, placed our glasses on the kitchen table, and devoured each other's mouths. My hands rubbed down her back to her arse. She was weaing no knickers. I hadn't noticed when I was on the stairs. I pulled up her dress so I could get to her smooth flesh. As I squeezed her arse, she began to fiercely lick and bite my kneck. My right reached deep down and entered her wet warm pussy. She shuddered as I felt her inner wall. I needed to taste her. I motioned her to the table, and helped her sit on it. I pulled down the top of her dress, sucking hard on her nipples for a few seconds, before I knelt down, heading straight to her mound. As she layed back on the table, I sucked on her labia, and licked her clit. She groaned out loud in pleasure. She was pulsating as I moved passed her tunnel to bite her thighs. She sat up on one hand as I looked at her, and with the other hand pulling my head up to her wet juicy tunnel. I licked the outer rims causing her squirm even more. As I pushed my coiled tongue inside her I heard two gasps. I looked up to Helena. She was looking to her right. I stopped and looked over to my left.

In the kitchen doorway stood a shocked disgruntled-looking Leanne and her open-mouthed companion. I looked back at Helena, who smiled at me and then turned to Leanne and said "I get the full service". As she giggled, my other guests disappeared. I went back to the the "service" I was giving, thrusting my tongue in and out of Helena's increasingly wet tunnel, until she screamed in pleasure and flooded me with her juices. I lapped up her juices, but not until she was dry. I wanted to get into that wet warm paradise.

I stood up, undid my jeans,  and pulled out my rock hard cock. Without a word being said, Helena got off the table, turned and bent over it. I put one foot on a kitchen chair. She reached round and guided my head onto her vibrating mound. I pushed against it as we both moaned with pleasure. I took hold of my cock and positioned on the rim of her wet tunnel. Helena seemed to stop breathing for a moment. I pushed gently inside her, and in one motion slowly went in all the way. I grabbed her arse and began to slowly thrust. We were both breathing heavily, and I could feel her beginning to push her hips back against me, gaining maximum penetration. Within seconds I could feel myself brewing up to explode again. I grabbed her left hip and smacked her right arse cheek hard. I began thrusting hard and fast, now holding her smooth hips firmly. She screamed "Now" and jerked furiously. I exploded as her tunnel vibrated around my cock. I leant foward over her as our juices bubbled together. As I breathed heavily on her kneck, I whispered "More wine, beautiful?". "Ooh, yes, please". Giggling, embraces and wine followed...

I woke the next morning, slightly dazed, but very happy. What a night!. I noticed quickly that the pillow next to mine was empty. A piece of paper laid where Helena's pretty face should have been.

"Glad you had a great birthday. It was a lovely night", the note read.

Sadly, I didn't see Helena ever again, let alone Leanne!

There's the PAIN!

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