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2nd lunch

our first lunch was great, 2nd lunch was awesome

Co worker 2 nd lunch


Our first lunch was awesome. It was also my first blowjob EVER and it felt wonderful. The heat from her mouth engulfing my cock was a feeling to die for !!! The suction she created with her lips coupled with her fingers wrapped tightly around my shaft was enough to send my load of hot cum deep into her throat.


Weeks went by, it seemed like an eternity. We continued to chat on breaks and occasionally send periodic ‘messages’ to each other through our computer system. She continued to get me very hard so much so I was spending more time in the bathroom masturbating than working. Our little ‘instant messages’ were becoming so risqué that I thought for sure we were both going to be fired. We both decided to tone our little messages down quite a bit but it just didn’t seem to be the same.


I had to ‘take care of my business AGAIN’ one day and as I walked by her whispered in her ear what my plan was. I left the office to go to the bathroom and I noticed that she had gotten up from her chair and began to follow me out. I acted like I didn’t know she was back there. As I approached the bathrooms she grabbed my hand and told me to wait. She peeked in the ladies room, came back out and nearly ripping my shirt off she pulled me in the ladies restroom, and shoved me in the last stall which happened to be the handicap stall (with lots of room). She sat down on the toilet seat and pulled me close to her. Within seconds my zipper was down and she was digging for my rock hard cock. She said we needed to make it quick but there would be more to cum tomorrow. She rolled her tongue over the tip of my cock, her hot breath sent shivers up my spine. Just the thought of what she was going to do next was nearly enough for me to blow my cum all over her face. But with her fingers wrapped tightly around the base of my cock, there was no way she was going to let that happen. She slowly inched her mouth down onto my cock her moist lips and tongue slowly taking my entire shaft in her mouth. Oh my god the feeling was awesome. She tried to be as quiet as possible so no ladies would know what was going on. Her nose touched my stomach. I could feel the back of her throat. She sucked so hard with out moving my cock out of her mouth it was wonderful. Suddenly she stopped as we heard the door open. She grabbed one of my legs and pulled it up onto the seat with her (one less thing for someone to look at) She still had my cock in her mouth the whole time slowly licking the underside. Once the visitor had left she started stroking my cock with her hand and I grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. It didn’t take long and I shot my load of hot cum deep into her throat nearly making her gag. She gave my cock a quick kiss than tucked him away. She made sure the coast was clear and we both left the restroom and made it back to work.


The next day she came to work and came right over to me and said, “lunch is on you, your driving 12:30”. I nodded my head as I was on the phone with a customer at the time. My cock immediately started to stiffen with her comment. I couldn’t wait till lunch. I needed to be inside her badly and I didn’t want to wait. What seemed like an eternity; 12:30 finally came around and she walked out of the office. I finished what I was working on and casually followed her out. She got to my car first and waited for me to arrive. We both hopped in and I started driving. I could feel the tension in the car, I wanted her to grab my cock and blow me again but I knew she had other plans for our lunch today. We drove to a local park that had a golf course and driving range. We found a secluded (shaded) area of the parking lot and parked. She leaned over the middle console and immediately put her tongue in my mouth while rubbing my rock hard cock through my pants. God she was a good kisser, we were both horny as hell !! She was kneeling on the seat so my hand strayed to her crotch. She conveniently wore a skirt this day so my access to her hot pussy was flawless. She was also wearing a g string so I could easily pull that to the side and slip a finger or two into her wet hole. I could tell by her quick intake of air while still having her tongue in my mouth that I had found the right spot. I had two fingers fully in her hot wet cunt masturbating her wanting her to cum in my hand. She was furiously rubbing my cock through my pants. Finally she broke off the kiss and demanded that I get into the back of my SUV. I crawled over the seats and lay on my back. She quickly followed while unbuttoning and pulling my pants down to my ankles. She lifted her skirt and lowered her sopping pussy onto my rock hard cock.


First just the head went in, lifting herself off and back down; than she would lower herself further, about half way than back off doing that a few times. This was making me totally insane !!! Finally she lowered herself fully onto my cock, buried until it couldn’t go any further. I could feel the walls of her cunt grip my cock not wanting to let go. She leaned forward and we kissed again. I tried to settle into a rhythm, in and out but she would not cooperate. She just sat there with my cock fully inside her. We continued to kiss, I finally got her blouse off so I could concentrate on her eraser tip nipples. She began to moan heavily now letting me know she liked having her nipples squeezed. She even leaned forward just enough for me to take her nipples in my mouth and suck like a baby having a snack. But yet she still would not settle into a rhythm and let me fuck her. She pulled her nipples away from my mouth and she began to grind her pussy onto the base of my cock. Back and forth she went grinding her clit on my cock. She never lifted off to allow my cock some air she just ground her pussy onto my cock. She settled into her own rhythm and it didn’t include going in and out, but there was enough action on my cock that it felt just as good. It didn’t take long for us both to succumb to our orgasmic needs. She gripped my chest with her nails, her eyes closed tight and her mouth fell open. I could tell she was about to cum, and so was I. She finally leaned forward and I instantly began to pump my cock in and out of her. I grabbed her ass hard as I worked my cock furiously banging her pussy. I could feel the stirring in my balls as my cum started it’s way up my cock. She could feel my cock swell and heat up from my pending explosion. We both let out loud moans and she sat back down hard onto my cock so my cum could reach all the way to the top of her pussy. I could feel her pussy juice run down my cock onto my balls.


We could hear the sloppy moisture of our juices as she pulled off. I thought we were done at that point but she immediately turned around and planted her dripping pussy onto my face and engulfed my hard wet cock in her mouth. I could see my cum and the rest of her pussy juice slowly seep from her moist labia. I could feel her suck and lick my cock clean of our juices. I had never tasted my cum before but mixed with her pussy juice made it absolutely delicious. I sucked on her clit some more making her have one more earth shattering orgasm. She didn’t waste anytime getting me to cum again either as she took another load of my cum deep down her throat. She hopped off and we started to get dressed to get back to work. She gave me one more long cum soaked kiss and we headed back to the office.


She was a stunning fuck and I think she enjoyed our lunch also…….we started to make it regular occurrence.

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