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35 minutes

intense passion
I looked at my watch it said 10.18 pm and 43 seconds.

I’ve been meeting a girl for a while and we seemed to be getting on quite well, one night we ended back at my flat having sex.

Ashley was on top of me gently rocking and swaying, breathing deeply and sighing as she ran her hands over my chest. I on the other hand was lying there watching her, although I was erect and merely participating but not enjoying her make love with me. Don’t get me wrong she has a great body, maybe a little skinny but quite curvy.

"This feels so nice, I’m really enjoying this, aren't you?" She asked in her best sultry tone and a really sensual look on her face.

Maybe it was because I was drunk or even because I was bored but I blurted out "No, not really, this is crap".

Ashley stopped dead and glared at, pure hatred in her eyes.

"Sorry to have bothered you, I thought we were having fun, if I’m crap do you want me to get off and go?” She said in a huff.

Like an idiot the words "I’m sorry but maybe that’s a good idea, shall I call you a taxi?” Shot out of my mouth.

"You fucking shit. You total fucking shit, fuck you" Erupted from her in true drama queen style.

Ashley hurriedly got her clothes together went into the front room, got dressed and left, slamming the door as she went.

Again I looked at my watch it said 10.23 pm and 5 seconds.

I lay there for a while thinking what I could do, in a moment of great wisdom, I picked up my mobile phone and txt my ex called Jill.

"I know it's late and I also know we haven't spoken for a while but I was wandering if you wanted to come around for some sex?" I ambitiously sent her.

2 minutes later I got the reply.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?”.

So I responded with a plain “Yes or no".

"Maybe" Was her answer.

I didn't think my chances were very good so I tidied up, had a shower and went to the kitchen for a drink, when I heard a knock at the door.

I checked the time on my watch and it said 10.52 pm and 22 seconds.

She, by that I mean Jill, was stood there in a pink toweling bathrobe with matching pink toweling slippers, not very sexy I thought but still, I can’t wait to get her out of them.

"I’m so pleased you got in contact, I need a good session" Jill said surprisingly eager.

She slipped a hand inside her bathrobe and between her legs, she spread her knees slightly, she brought her hand out and rubbed 2 sticky fingers on my on my lips and into my mouth.

"Can you taste my pussy, I’m already wet for you" Her eyes were full of lust.

Oh my fucking god I thought, I licked and sucked her fingers, the liquid on them was slightly bitter but surprisingly thick. Jill smiled and pulled me closer.

We started kissing very passionately, her lips and tongue tasted sweet, her nails dragged
down my chest over my belly and inside my shorts; I was instantly growing erect and grew in her hand as she gently and teasingly stroked my cock, making me submit to her will and desires.

"I’ve so missed your cock" She said in a deep husky voice as she looked down at my now willing member.

Jill undid her robe to reveal a pink cotton night dress, again not very sexy.

She pulled my shorts down a little and began kissing me again, biting and nibbling my ears sending my senses to high alert.

“Take my nightie off" Get me undressed.

I did as she told me and I immediately remembered why I liked her so much, Jill was made to fuck, plain and simple, her tits are perfect, her waist is small and her hips are fleshy enough to grab and pull around yet the best part of her is that she is my complete whore, she loves my cock in her, any place I wish to put it.

I wrapped my arms around her waist; Jill held my cock in 1 hand and went on tip toes, placing it between her thighs and onto her slippery but tight cunt. She was wet enough for me to slide straight along her pussy lips, we both moaned with lust, I spun her around and pushed her back against the wall, I picked up her left leg and placed it around my thigh, allowing the tip of my dick to enter her slightly, I could feel myself peel past her outer lips and brush over her clit.

Jill grabbed my arse with her nails bringing sparks of pain into my eyes but pushed her hips forward, we began thrusting and grinding against each other, sighing and moaning in each other’s ears, her warm breath on my neck, (the thought of her is still turning me on as I write this).

"Stop teasing me and fuck me properly" Was her wish.

She pushed me back “Get on the floor".

I turned to look around but she pushed me again so I took the hint and laid down, unluckily for me I was laying on the cold hard kitchen floor, within the blink of an eye, Jill was holding my cock in 1 hand and holding the worktop with the other as she lowered herself onto my solid dick.

When she was fully on top of me and my dick embedded inside her she let out a sigh, Jill closed her eyes wriggled a bit and started riding me, slowly at first, her eyes closed and sighing, gradually she started to get faster, she rolled her head back and dug her nails into my chest as she rocked on me, I could feel the floor under my arse getting wet as she used my cock to pleasure herself, a couple of minutes later Jill’s face went very pink, her breathing faltered and her body went rigid then she opened her eyes to look at me, her fluids were leaking out of her and pooling on the floor.

“That’s the first time I’ve cum by using a real cock in 2 months" Jill shuffled herself about and placed her feet beside my waist, she was squatting on me with all her weight was resting on my cock, god that felt so nice.

"Fuck your deep" She exclaimed, Jill began rocking again on me, I could feel my dick touching her insides, I loved every second of it.

Jill placed her hands on my shoulders and dug her hips into mine.

"I'm going to fuck you" Moving forwards and backwards she glided on my shaft making me grit my teeth as she felt so bloody good on top of me. Next she started bouncing up and down on me, raising herself to the tip of my cock and dropping back down, I could feel even more trickles of her juices running down my cock and balls, finding it’s way under my body, my back was slipping on the tiles as she kept writhing.

"I love how you fill me and stretch me a little" Her voice was a whisper almost like she was talking to herself

Her nails cut into me as she stopped breathing, her body tensed and she hunched her shoulders up, I could feel contractions on my shaft as she orgasmed, she relaxed and drooped as it passed "Fucking shit I needed that" Jill said.

"Are you ready to do your bit, fuck me and hurt me if you can" She asked.

I was so close to cumming just at the sound of her words it was almost over before I got my chance. We tried to roll over but we slipped on her cum and giggled "I said I needed it didn’t I" Jill said.

She was flat on her back now, I was on top, her legs were around my waist, she looked so fucking beautiful. I started gently, easing myself inside her, my knees on the floor for leverage I began thrusting forward, Jill locked her ankles around my back and put 1 hand on my shoulders.

"Harder, fuck me" She commanded, I picked up my pace and pushed hard, faster and more aggressive I progressively got harder.

Jill slipped along the floor so she used 1 hand above her head to push away from the cupboards, I was going as fast and hard as I could manage, I used a hand to scoop up her waist to change the angle my cock that was ramming away at her, she moaned as it obviously pleased her.

"Yes, fucking yes, god don’t cum, please don’t cum" Jill said in panting words.

I closed my eyes and grit my teeth, my stomach muscles were on fire, my arse muscles were crying for a rest and I was fast running out of steam. Jill made some sort of grunting sound and squeal for a few seconds, she looked straight my eyes.

"Now you can do whatever you want to me" She said exhaustedly.

"Rollover, get on your knees", eagerly she obeyed, her arse was inches from me, I grasped her waist and rammed my cock into her pussy, hard and fast I pounded into her, I could hear her panting, again she placed a hand on the cupboard door in front of her to stop herself falling forward onto her face, my knees were sore, but my orgasm was building rapidly, the feel of her pussy as I released my passion on her, I closed my eyes as forced my cock deep into her as my semen squirted from me, I tensed my grip and made her yelp, I jolted and shook, Jill forced herself back onto me as I cum in her. I stopped and we both relaxed then lay on the floor, I rolled off and Jill placed her head on my shoulder, both of us were panting, I could feel sweat on my back and Jill's face was clammy, Jill placed a leg over mine and I could feel fluid on the inside of her thigh, our juices were all down the inside of her legs.

"Could we be friends again please because I’ve really missed our sex" she inquired, I said ok, I’d like that to.

We lay there for a while but we got cold, Jill got up and dressed, when she was ready to go, she said she'd txt me when she was ready for some more company.

I laughed and said “Don’t leave it to long".

After the front door was closed and I was alone I looked at my watch and it said 11.27 pm and 31 seconds.

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