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4 Wheeler ride

a very pleasurable bike ride
We decided to take the 4 wheeler for a spin. He starts it up and I climb on behind him and wrap my arms tightly around his waist, pushing my chest against his back.

We ride for a little while, enjoying the sights of the forest and the sound of the 4 wheeler. I enjoy the closeness of us. The roar of the engine and the vibrations are turning me on. I can start to feel the dampness in my panties.

He pulls off to the side of the trail and cuts the engine. I get off to try to stretch my legs and take off my helmet. Before I can walk away, he grabs my hand and pulls me close and look me in the eyes. "I had to stop. Your breasts against my back are making me insane." I smile a naughty little grin and swing my leg over the front of him so I am facing him. He grabs the back of my hair, forcibly but not painfully and tilts my head so he can plant a long, hard, deep kiss on my mouth. A moan escapes the most inner part of me in pleasure. We begin to kiss passionately and his hand is firmly in my hair, guiding my head to where he sees fit. His other hand begins to rub my pleasure spot and mine returns the favor. We engage in the heaviest of petting when we hear other 4 wheelers coming up the trail. As they pass and the moment is broken. I get off the 4 wheeler and we put on our helmets.

I take over driving. I could feel his hard cock poking into the small of my back. His hands roaming over my chest as I drive are very distracting. The heat radiating from between my legs is driving me wild. We ride for another 20 miles or so and then I stop. I can almost read his mind as to why we need to stop. Sensing the need, I hop off once again and remove my helmet. I lean in to kiss him deep, tasting his tongue, sucking his breath and smelling the exhaust of the machine. I am so totally turned on at this point and knowing that he feel the same.

He takes charge of the moment. He gets off the machine, fingers finding my fly. He pulls my pants and panties down with a firm force and then does his own. With a quick turn he bends me over the seat of the machine, my rear exposed, legs spread. He enters me hard and fast. I suck in my breath and a moan escapes from deep within me. He pumps harder and my hips respond. The thrill of the outdoors paired with the vibrating machine is so much. Not caring who might come upon us. He fucks me hard, thrusting his big hard cock in and out of my pussy. It doesn’t take long and he fucks me to climax.

His hands were on my hips pulling me back as he pounded his cock in and out of me. I can feel his balls slam against my clit as he keeps hammering away at my pussy. He slides a finger into my ass as he continues his assault on my pussy with his cock.

I can feel his body stiffing as he unloads his cum deep inside my pussy. He smacks my ass as he pulls out of me. I can feel his juices gushing out of my pussy and running down my thighs. I stand turning around giving him a big kiss as we pull our pants back up and start the journey home.

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