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5 Months In

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Meg always had lousy taste in men. It never made much sense. She was just a damn dumb smart person. She completed med school ahead of schedule, and knew more about infectious disease than a person should. But ask her the right temperature to cook a frozen pizza and she might guess around 100 degrees.

She also had nice, lean body which she tended to show off in yoga pants. And a cherubic little face with shoulder-length golden brown hair. It had to come down to self-esteem, really. Now she was five months pregnant and her most recent guy was balking. 

I was always curious how she would be in bed? But I was only ever curious. She was always an athlete and in very good shape. But for some reason, when I thought of her in bed she always seemed clumsy. But she always had a huge heart, and even if my thinking was correct, I knew she would do anything to satisfy someone. Given her current status, that may not always be the best thing.

Her back was to me while I sat at her kitchen table. She was talking about her frustrations with everything going on, troubles at work with the long days and being pregnant, not sure how the relationship would turn out, and so on. All I could see was her ass in black Capri exercise pants. She wore tiny white ankle socks and kept curling her toes under her feet as she stood.

I was completely captivated. Her hips cocked back and forth, and she would twist a bit, stretching her back. She had on a teal blue sports bra that was plain to see under her tank top.

"So, you haven't reacted, like at all," Meg finally said. "Were you listening at all?"

"Uh... no. I'm sorry," I owned up. I was completely embarrassed how badly I was busted. 

"I was saying my hormones are all over the place, and cravings are out of control. I want to fuck on a bed of quarter pounders and finish with a cigarette dipped in chocolate! And I don't even smoke," she said with hints of embarrassment. "Thankfully my belly is to the point where I'm clearly pregnant and don't just look like I'm lazy."

"Well... okay. That's a lot of information to get in fifteen seconds," I said a bit puzzled. "Meg, I'll be honest, I'm not sure what to say? But I've always had a curiosity about sex with a pregnant woman."

Apparently, that was taken as a suggestion. I was yanked from my chair and ushered furiously down a short hall to her bedroom. She leaned against the wall, pulling me to her and kissed me savagely. Our tongues flicked quickly as she took my hand and fed it down her pants. Two fingers pounded in her hole as my palm pressed against the outside of her mound. She recoiled just a bit.

"Sorry," she blushed. "Everything is just a little sensitive right now. And I'm just to the point where I'm having difficulty, um... reaching. So, I'm not exactly put together."

"Not to worry," I snuck in while our tongues assaulted one another. "I have an idea, if you'll let me."

I sent her to the bathroom. She came back with a razor, shaving gel, and a hot, damp towel. Lying her down on her bed, I peeled her pants down to the floor. Slipping my thumbs under her panties, I pressed her legs into the air and slid them off, casting them on the floor with her pants.

Her pussy was swollen, lovely, and already soaking wet. I placed the towel over her mound and she winced a bit at the heat. I sucked the crease of her thighs under her belly while working the gel into a lather. Then, removing the towel, I gently worked the gel all over her sex.

Her breathing tensed then relaxed as stroke after stroke I shaved her clean. Her fingers ran through my hair, pulling me to her bald pussy and forcing my mouth on to her. She pressed her feet into the bed, pressing her hips up with more and more assertion against my mouth.

I pressed inside her, fucking her with my tongue when one leg suddenly wrapped around my neck and a spasm took over her body. My face was sprayed with her cum as it rushed out of her, soaking the bed under her ass.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry," she cried, embarrassed at the scene. "I-oh geez... I always really thought squirting was a bunch of fake shit. Till I got pregnant..."

"What happened then?" I asked, pulling my shirt over my head to wipe off my face.

"Like I said before; my hormones got all out of whack and I started fucking myself with anything I could get my hands on. As you were," she ordered, reaching inside my jeans to unbutton them and yank them down.

She squirmed back on the bed, peeling off her shirt with one hand and furiously working her clit with the other. I stood there confused for just a minute at what was before me. This beautiful woman was down to a sports bra and ankle socks, fingering a bald and soaking wet pussy, begging to be fucked. And her belly was swollen with someone else's baby. How bizarre? But at the same time, it was provocative and incredibly primal. The whole room was filled with lust.

"Anytime," she moaned, arching her back while her fingers disappeared into her hole.

I lined myself up with her parted lips and slid inside her. The depth of her pussy was warm and as wet as I'd ever felt. I began to pump in shallow and predictable motions. Her sex was welcoming, but I couldn't seem to get comfortable with lying on top of a pregnant woman with a swollen belly. I worked deeper into her until I was buried to the base of my cock.

"Oh, enough with this," she nearly snarled with a roll of the eyes. "Will you just fuck me already?"

"Look," I replied, a little embarrassed. "I'm just trying to figure out the best way to -"

"Quit being a little bitch," she spat, cutting me off.

I pulled out and stood at the edge of the bed. Then hooking my arms under her legs, I pulled her right to me. Her ass was half off the bed when I fed eight inches of solid cock back into her lonely pussy. I kept my arms locked under her legs lifting her off the bed with each thrust. I clamped my grip tighter as her legs started to shake as though she might get away and pumped deeper until I was bottoming out on her back wall.

I watched her peel up her bra then lick her fingers before playing with her swollen nipples. I changed my grip and grabbed her by the ankles, squeezing her legs together in front of me. I held her petite, sock-covered feet as I ravaged her hole with everything I had. Then I felt her toes curl in my hands as her second orgasm ripped through her body. To my disappointment, she didn't squirt this time.

"Oh fuck! Oh shit! Stop, stop," she begged. "Too intense," she panted.

I liberated my cock from her hole with a satisfying, wet plop. Meg rolled on her side, and I could still see spasms making her naked ass twitch. She was still cupping one of her engorged tits as her stomach pulsed, catching her breath. I traced my fingers over her hips while she grinned from her recent satisfaction.

She rolled over on to her stomach in an awkward fashion, then slid back until the was bent at the waist, standing on the floor. Opening her stance, she swayed back and forth dragging her naked ass over my shaft. Then reaching back between her legs, tickled my balls and invited me back inside her. Clamping my grip on her hips, I slid my entire length back into her until the tip of my cock nudged her cervix.

The clumsiness I always kind of anticipated set in and she tried to meet my strokes with her hips, and our rhythm became confused. Grabbing her hips under the crease of her belly, I stapled her firmly to the ground. Then delivered deep, sharp, and deliberate thrusts nearly lifting her off the ground each time. She stood on her tiptoes as her thighs and ass clenched. Her growl as she came was deep and violent. 

I pulled out and slid moved around to sit on the bed. She slid to her knees, still twitching in the aftermath. I lay back, staring at the ceiling when I noticed a warm and lovely feeling. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking her own juice from my cock. My hips began to move in rhythm, pressing more and more length down her throat with each motion. She popped my dick from her mouth and pumped my shaft with her hand, all the while lapping my balls with her soft tongue. 

It was an unwelcome feeling when she stopped. I wanted to protest, until she slid herself up the length of my body. She dragged her tits across my cock and up my stomach to dangle them in my face. Just out of reach, all I could do was flick the tip of my tongue over her hardened nipples. Then moving father, she knelt over me. I felt the soft cotton of her socks on either hip.

Then sitting back, she began to grind her pussy on my chest. She licked her fingers. One hand teased her own nipples while the other worked her clit. I cupped her small belly, helping her to grind harder on top of me. If you’ve never had a woman grind a soaking wet pussy on your chest, make it happen.

I pushed her off on to her back and put my hands behind her knees. Her fingers pulled at my hair as I buried my face into her dripping cunt. With every move, she pulled harder. Three fingers fired into her while my mouth sucked her clit. I couldn’t do enough fast enough to satisfy either of us. Her moans became sharper and more aggressive.

”Oh, fuck... goddamnit,” she swore at me, arching her back and involuntarily kicking her legs. She babbled something else I couldn’t make out. “Get that fucking cock back in me!”

Immediately I was up and between her legs. The pool of our sweat and her cum had soaked the bed. She was almost too wet. I held her legs up by the ankles in front of me, begging her to squeeze me tighter. Her calves flexed and her toes curled again as she started to spasm. Cum flooded out of her hole with every thrust.

”Fuck... Meg, I’m gonna cum soon.”

”Oh God, yes! I want it! I want all of your cum,” she begged.

”If you want it anywhere else, you better tell me now,” I warned.

”Oh no. Nowhere else. I want it in my pussy! I want a hot load in my pussy! Cum in me! I’ll take it all.”

I grasped her feet. My thumbs massaged her soles through her socks. I felt it coming. My back arched as I spewed rope after rope of thick, hot cum deep into her body. Wave after wave, I didn’t know when it might stop.

My cock was buried inside her. My balls rested on her ass. I let go of her legs, and she dragged her toes playfully down my chest. Her tits and belly glistened in sweat. The lips of her cunt were swollen and pouty from the assault. Her juice covered her thighs. My cum poured from her as I slid myself out. 

“You... have no idea... how badly I needed that,” she panted.

I didn’t have words. At least none that made sense. I babbled something, laying in her bed staring up at the ceiling. 

“I think I’m going to go clean up,” she whispered, nuzzling into my ear. “Then maybe we can see about some dinner?”

She got up and walked into the bathroom, a little shaky on her feet. I could hear water running in the shower behind a partially closed door. 'Yeah, dinner... that’s what is on my mind right now...'

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