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A Back Seat Test Drive

Sales guy opens the deal, and her legs
The irony of the moment was beginning to sink in as I sit in a line of slow moving traffic on the exit ramp. The morning sun was just what I'd hoped for when I talked the Sales Manager into letting me drive one of the Corvettes home last night. I had the top down and just moments before I'd had it wide open on the highway driving her like she'd been meant to be driven. I'd even remembered to slow down before he mall exit (and, sure enough, that's where the speed trap was). There's something special about driving a machine that feels so smooth and natural going 100 miles per hour. But now I could be walking faster as traffic inches toward the intersection.

As I get near the light I can see that there's a car stalled in the right turn lane, with the hood up. Great, I need to turn right. I merge over to the left and eventually get to the light where I can turn and get past the obstruction. "What the hell, " I think, "this could be an opportunity. Might as well start work now." I pull onto the shoulder past the stalled car and get out. I can see that it's a Geo Prizm, about 5 years old. Not too old but not new. And probably not one the owner is too happy with right now. The owner is just putting away her cell phone as I approach. She's blonde, with a light weight cotton shirt that fit a bit snug. What catches my attention is the way it highlights the shapeliness of her breasts. They’re medium size, obviously all natural, and the way the shirt fit tight to her ribs under them revealed everything but her nipples.

"Is there anything I can do to help, " I ask.

She smiles and says "It just stalled here and won't start. I don't know why. I called the auto club and there's a truck on the way." Something about the way she smiles, the way it makes her face shine, the inviting look in her eyes, tickles my libido and I start to get that tingling feeling between my legs. I have a vision of how perfectly she’d fit on my cock, but I snap myself out of it. I’m not here for that. I mentally shift gears. I’m here to sell a car.

I ask "Has it done this before?"

"Not like this. But it was hard to start this morning. I had to crank it a lot and just when I thought it wouldn't, it did."

Glancing up the road I see the auto club truck coming from town. "It looks like the pros are almost here. They’ll get you going. I work just down the road there, at the auto dealer. I know you might not be thinking about it right now, ” I say, knowing she’ll have to think about it to conceptualize not thinking about it, “but if you can see yourself driving a reliable new car and appreciate the confident feeling that would give you stop in and see me. I'm sure I can help you get what you want." I hand her my business card. By now the tow truck has pulled up. She takes the card and thanks me for stopping. Her eyes momentarily glance slightly up and to the right, almost imperceptibly, and I know my embedded suggestion has done its job.

"Now that I think about it, I never got stuck when this car was new, " she says as I start back to the Corvette.

I get in and drive the 1/4 mile to the dealership and notice the Sales Manager standing by my desk as I park. That’s never a good sign. I’m only 5 minutes late so I’m not really sure what it’s going to be about this time.

“You took the fastest car on the lot home last night and you STILL can’t get here by 9 o’clock!” he yells at me as soon as I come through the door.

“There was a back-up getting off the expressway, give me a break. Look, you can see from here that it’s just starting to clear up now. There was a stalled car blocking the exit – and I stopped to try to sell her a car. So I already started working, OK.”

“I still want you here by 9 – no more excuses. I don’t care how many cars you sell. Is that clear?”

“OK, OK” I say. No sense arguing with the boss no matter how silly he’s being. It’s just a game he plays. He does care how many cars I sell, which is always more than average, and he won’t can me over this. And he knows the 1st half hour of the day is always about coffee, doughnuts and sports talk. Nobody signs on the dotted line at that time of day even if there are customers in the show room which today there are not.

I start my morning routine, scouting for prospects. This is always a good excuse to read the newspaper. I get names and addresses from wedding announcements, accident and theft reports, obituaries and any articles where people might be changing something about their life. I send out special sale event brochures to a dozen names I’ve collected. Most will get thrown away, I know, but I do this every day and at least once a week or so someone comes in to take a test drive and collect their “free gift”. I get about half of them to buy a car so it does pay off.

After that I start my follow up phone calls to my prospects who’ve come in and looked but didn’t buy – yet. Hopefully they are still looking and I can get them to come back for a second look. Like everything else about selling cars, most leads are dead ends and I expect that. It’s part of the job. I have to get through those to find the ones that do lead to sales. Still, it can get a bit dull and tedious. I haven’t been having much luck today and I start thinking about taking an early lunch when I get that tingling sensation between my legs again.

I look up and see the woman from the stalled car entering the show room. That explains the tingling! My first impression of her is immediately confirmed. She looks even sexier and more desirable than she did back in her car. She’s wearing a knee length skirt that hugs her hips and ass as deliciously as her blouse hugs her boobs. My cock is starting to get hard as I daydream about what she’s wearing under that skirt as I watch her approach my desk. Again, I mentally shift gears. Business first. “So, ” I say, “you are thinking about a new car.”

“Well, yes. You see, I’m getting divorced and my ex is supposed to provide me with reliable transportation. It’s part of the settlement. My name is Betty, by the way.” She holds out her hand and I shake it. “Pleased to meet you, Betty”

She continues, “That THING I’ve got now just isn’t going to cut it. I called my lawyer this morning and he agrees. It’s supposed to be a reliable car. He’s going to make my ex pay for a new one.”

“Well, I’m sure we can work something out.” This could get sticky. I know the ex may object. I’ve seen it before. It’s ultimately not up to him, it’s up to the lawyers. They almost always end up agreeing to pay but sometimes they can get pretty unreasonable about the price. “Are you looking for something fuel efficient like your Geo?”

“I need something bigger than that, something with more leg room. There’s just not enough room for two in that old thing, if you know what I mean. Especially in the back seat” she says as she gives me a little wink and an impish little smile. There’s that tingling sensation again. I know exactly what she means!

I ask if she might like to test drive a full size sedan, perhaps something like an Impala. She says “I’d like that. You are coming with me, aren’t you?”

I think to my self, “Hmm. Now she’s giving me embedded suggestions?” Well, that’s one suggestion I’ve never been able to resist. I don’t know if she’s done it on purpose but thinking about it makes the tingling sensation grows stronger. “Of course, ” I say, trying to stay focused on the sale. I get a car and bring it around by the show room. I let her get in the driver’s seat and take my place in the passenger seat and we start off. I suggest a drive down the expressway and back but she turns the other way.

“You know, I’ll need to make sure this big car will fit in my garage.” She says, almost teasingly. She turns on the radio and tunes it to a station playing soft rock and says “A little background music is always nice.” We turn onto a residential street and half way down the block she turns into a driveway. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a garage door opener transmitter and hits the button. The door opens and she pulls in. She hits the button again to close the door.

“Well, how about that, it fits, ” I say.

She switches on the dome light, turns sideways in her seat facing me with her knees apart, her skirt riding up on her thighs. My eyes slowly take in the delicious sight of her knees and the smooth curves of her inner thighs. I can see right up to her powder blue panties and how they hug the full mounds of her pussy lips. The tingling between my legs starts to stiffen things up. She smiles and teases me, “You don’t have to come help me check out the leg room in the back seat if you don’t want to.” I’ve given up any pretense of focusing on the sale at this point. Once she spread her legs she had me even without playing tricks on my subconscious.

We get out of the car and get in the back seat sitting next to each other. She presses up close to me and I smell the sweet flowery scent of her hair. She stretches out her legs and spreads her feet. “Plenty of room, so far.” She turns a bit towards me, again letting her skirt ride up. This time I can see her thighs but not quite all the way to her panties. She leans over and kisses me. I put my arms around her and hold her in a long, wet kiss. I feel her nipples pressing against my chest. I kiss her behind her ear and slowly lick down the side of her neck and kiss her shoulder. My cock has gotten fully erect and she notices it pressing against the crotch of my pants. She unfastens my belt and zipper and slides her hand in. I unbutton her shirt, slip my hand inside her bra and cup her warm tit in my hand. Her nipple is pressed against my palm. I draw my fingers up around her nipple and then back down again in gentle strokes. She squeezes and strokes my cock and works my pants down until she pulls it out and it stands at attention for her. She turns and kneels on the seat bringing her head down and licking the head of my cock. It throbs with excitement. She slowly circles her tongue around and puts it in her mouth. She moves her mouth up and down, each time taking me a bit further in. She starts going faster. I moan with pleasure and begin stroking the back of her neck. She puts her hand around the base of my shaft and strokes me as her mouth goes up and down. I start moaning louder. Just as I say “I’m cumming, baby. Here it comes!” she stops, sits up and says, “Not yet, big boy, it’s my turn now.”

She sits back on the seat spreading her knees and letting her skirt ride up. I slip my pants the rest of the way off and kneel on the floor between the seats, facing her. I start kissing her right knee. I lick and kiss my way slowly down the inside of her thigh until I get to her crotch. I slide my tongue in through the leg hole and push it aside until I reach the slippery wetness around her clit. I back up and start kissing her left thigh, again working my way down to her crotch. I bring my hands up to the waist band of her panties and start to slide them off. The hair around her pussy is glistening with sweet dampness as she hikes her butt up and I slide them down. I pause to appreciate the moment then continue pulling them down to her ankles. I put my mouth around her clit and begin to slowly suck and lick. She moans faintly at first then louder as I go faster. I go down a little lower and slide my tongue in her as far as I can get it. I begin to move my head up, pressing my fully extended tongue hard against her. I flick her clit with my tongue on the way by as I slowly bring my tongue all the way up and kiss her just below her belly button. I bring my head down, insert my tongue and star slowly up again. I slip my finger in her and curl it up to stroke her deep inside. I continue licking and stroking. A bit faster next time. Then faster again. And faster. She moans even louder and louder and finally and squeezes her thighs so tight I think she’ll crush my skull.

She pushes me away. “Come inside me!” she demands. She squeezes my cock in her hand and strokes it as she frantically guides it inside her wide open pussy. I gently bring the head of my cock out then back in again, then out and back in again. I slowly push it in a little further, then back out a bit then back in even more until I can feel my balls rubbing against her. I tell her “I’ve wanted to put my cock in you since the first time you smiled at me this morning!”

“I wanted you to, too, ” she says, “That’s why I smiled.” I hold it there awhile pressed as far in her as I can, rocking gently side to side and rubbing her clit against my belly. “Oh, yes! Cum inside me” she shouts. I slowly pull my cock out until just the tip is still in her then quickly plunge back in. “OH, YES!” I do it again, and again and again. Before long we’re keeping time with the music until I can’t hold back any longer. I plunge as deep and hard as I can and feel her squeezing me tight as I start pumping out cum. I pull all the way out and quickly back in spilling cum everywhere. We feel the hot cum between us as I squirm and rub on her and finish deep inside.

After a few minutes I withdraw as my hard on begins to fade. We cuddle up across the seat, me laying sideways with my ass against the seat back and her snuggled the same way next to me. It was a tight fit but I’d say there was just enough leg room. We stay that way for a while catching our breath and enjoying the glow of the moment.

“Thank you, Betty, ” I say. “I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun in the back seat before. I’ll ride in back with you anywhere!” After a while we sit up. I pick up her panties and start putting them on her. I get each ankle through the leg holes and slowly stroke her calves as I pull them up to her knees. Slowly I pull them past, gently stroking her thigh as I go higher and higher. I slip them around her butt and pull the crotch snugly up to her still moist pussy, fingering her clit gently one last time as I withdraw my fingers. I cup my hand on her panties around her pussy and hold it there while I gently kiss her lips. She picks up my briefs and puts them on me, one foot at a time, rubbing my thighs as she draws them up all the way. She kisses me one more time. I put my pants back on while she buttons her blouse and we get out of the car.

“Is that the kind of leg room you were hoping for?” I ask.

“Oh, yes. Everything fit just right. Much better than that little thing I’ve been driving. I think a car like this will do just fine.”

We get in the front seat and drive back to the dealership not saying much, just listening to the soft music from the radio. When we get back to my desk I’m ready to close the deal. It’ll keep the boss off my case if I get a sale today. And I won’t have to explain why the 5 minute test drive took two hours. I suggest that I’ll draw up the paper work for her ex to take care of.

“Oh, ” she says, “you can just send it to my lawyer and he’ll get it taken care of. But I don’t want that car. It’s red and I don’t want a red car. I don’t look good in red. I see you have another one over there that’s blue. I like blue cars. Can I come back tomorrow and test drive the blue one?”

“Whatever you want!” I say. “I think we have a green one, too.”

And you can bet that tomorrow, for once, I’ll be here by 9 o’clock!
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