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a bad week gets better

cure to a bad week
It was a brutal week at work. I was not in the mood to go home and I was
not in the mood to hangout with my friends. I went to the bar around
the corner from my apartment, took a stool bar side. I ordered a shot
of Tequila and a Corona. My favorite summertime beer. Three shots later
and I was feeling better. I decided to head to the jukebox and play
some tunes.  When I turned the corner I saw a stunning brunette in
tight black jeans with a red tank top that bared her stomach. Her belly
was firm and tight and you could almost see the muscles forming. She
had a small navel ring with a chain that pointed south. She was with a
small group of friends both men and women. We made eye contact and I
hit her with a sly smile. She coldly turned away and I figured she was
a stone cold bitch and proceeded to pick my tunes. Once done, I found
my stool and ordered another beer and shot.

A few minutes past and she slid in between me and the guy next to me
waving a ten dollar bill towards the barkeep. He noticed her right away
and headed towards her. She ordered a white Russian and turned towards
me, again I smiled but this time she said "Hello." The tequila's gave me
a boost of confidence, "David" I said, extending my hand to her. She
looked at me for a moment then replied with a cold "Karen". The
bartender refilled two shot glasses and I extended one towards her.
"What the heck" she said. We clinked glasses and downed out shots.
"Well, I should get back to my friends" she said. "Sure" I uttered.
"But be sure to come back and visit." With that she spun off and headed
back to her table, leaving behind her the sweet scent of either perfume
or shampoo. Whichever it was, it was nice.

A couple of hours passed and I was feeling no pain. People came and
people went. I remained. With the exception of a bathroom break or two,
I did not leave my barstool. I told myself, as I got up to hit the head
one more time, that I would have one more beer then head home. I did my
business and was headed back to my seat when I saw her again. Karen was
sitting on my stool, spinning herself from side to side. She saw me 
heading back and flashed me a big smile. "Miss me?" she asked already
knowing the answer. "Have we met?" I sarcastically replied. "Not
formally" she retorted.

As it turned out, Karen was out with some people from her office, most
of whom were married and all of whom she found to be extraordinarily
boring. She appeared to be a bit tipsy, but certainly not hammered.  We
had a few more drinks over the next ninety minutes all the while making
small talk. We discussed our personal lives. Her lack of a quality
boyfriend, my job, the usual crap. Then she asked me a question that no
one ever asked. "Are you happy?" she asked. She meant it in the
profound way, as in are you happy with your life. I told her about my
lousy week and that this may not be the best time to ask that. She
insisted upon an answer, so I told her it was more complex than that,
but if she had to have a yes or no answer, I would have to say no. She
looked at me for awhile then said "Yeah, neither am I." We sat in
silence for a few minutes then she asked what she could do to make me
happy. I had no idea where this was going and I told her I would have
to get back to her on that. "What could I do to make you happy?" I
asked. It seemed like the right thing to ask. "You can leave with me
now and make love to me all night long!" Karen was about 5'7, with long
flowing reddish hair. Her eyes were a catlike green in color and almond
shaped. Her breasts were smallish, A cup for sure, and her ass was
small and tight. In other words she was hot. I was surprised and asked
if she was serious. She nodded and I paid the tab as quickly as I

We decided her apartment, although one block further away then mine was
the better choice. Personally, I couldn't care less. We began our walk
to her place. Whenever we hit a red light stopping us from crossing, we
would begin to make out. Our tongues racing over the others. The
passion was intense.

Finally we got to her place. We continued making out in the elevator. We
stumbled to her front door and I began to feel her up from behind as
she fumbled with her keys. Once she opened the door, We began disrobing
one another. Her hands all over my chest and I traced my hands over her
tight ass. Garment by garment, we left a trail till we made our way to
her bedroom. The room was dark, the only light coming in was from the
open shades showing the busy city streets below. I laid her on the bed
and began my decent down. Her stomach was tight and flat. Her black
lace bikini panties were the only clothes that remained. I kissed her
till I hit the band of the panties. I let m hand run under the band
till my fingers hit her patch of pubic hair. I sat up above  her, and
began to slowly pull them down. When they were at her knees, I slid off
of her and began kissing her as I let my fingers wonder over her slit.
She was wet and I was hard, but I wanted to tease her a bit more. I let
my fingers wonder all over her pussy lips but intentionally I avoided
her clit and penetrating her. We continued kissing and teasing. I
finally could take it no longer. I slithered down her torso until my
face was inches from her pussy. She was extremely well groomed. Her
pussy was bare and I began to lap at it. Her scent was clean and fresh
and her taste was inviting. She was not at all salty in fact it was
rather sweet. She has a flavor I never encountered before. I delved
into her pussy and licked her slowly at first. As I licked her lips, I
managed to tug off her panties. She immediately wrapped her long legs
around me not keeping me in place, not that I was even considering
moving. I spread her outer lips apart with my fingers allowing my
tongue deeper access to her sex. Her clit become engorged and I sucked
on it, caressing it with my teeth. I sensed her orgasm quickly
approaching. Her moans grew louder and her legs gripped me tighter. Her
back arched slightly and she began bucking her hips ever so slightly. I
had my hands on her hips and tried hard to keep my mouth in contact
with her clit but her bucking made it difficult. Finally, her grip
relaxed and her vaginal lips became cold. I kissed her pussy a few
times then looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and she was playing
with her breasts. I licked the juices from my lips and chin and rolled
off of her.

I lay on my back trying to catch my breath, when I felt her climb a top
of me. She stoking my rigid cock and it felt so good. She paid a lot of
attention to the head, rubbing it in slow circular motions. At one
point she held the shaft in one hand and ran the palm of her other hand
over the head of my cock. I almost shot my load from that move. She
must have sensed that because she stopped just in time. She snaked her
way down my frame until her tiny tits were even with my cock. She
squeezed her breasts together creating more cleavage than god gave her.
She proceeded to tit fuck me for awhile. Her skin was soft and even
though her breasts were small, her tit fuck felt awfully good. After a
few minutes of this she went down on me taking my entire cock in her
throat. My cock is not massive but it is not small either. It is just
under seven inches long when erect and fairly thick. I guess it is
average, but nobody ever deep throated me the way she did. I got the
feeling she was able to handle several more inches with ease. She had
my entire cock down her throat and she sucked it hard. This vacuum like
sensation was overwhelming. My balls tightened and I began to blow my
load down her throat. She never released my cock, she continued sucking
and swallowing with ease. Once I released all my cum, she maneuvered
herself so we were in the sixty-nine position. Her ass just above my
face, I leaned up and licked her asshole. Her anus was tight and pink,
the tiny little circle gently opened as my pinkie slipped inside it. My
tongue just behind it. She began to suck my hairless balls in her mouth
as she stroked my cock. I never went fully limp but was not erect
either. She leaned over and opened a draw in the night stand next to her
bed and removed a bottle of KY warming liquid. She rubbed this all over
my cock and I instantly felt the warming sensation surround my cock.
She stroked my cock fast and began to blow air onto it. The sensation
of the warming sensation and the coolness she blew onto it merging
caused an instant reaction. My member was once again fully erect and
Karen began pumping my dick with her small hand. I did my best to lick
her ass and finger her pussy as she massaged my member. She then moved
out of the sixty nine and climbed on top of me using her hand to
position my cock at the entrance of her inviting pussy.

She slid down my pole grinding her pussy hard onto me. I sat up and
stroked her silky long hair. I kissed her shoulders and positioned my
hands on her tits. She continued to raise and lower herself on me. I
tried to pick up the pace but she was in control. Her back to me, she
grabbed my balls with some force. She squeezed them just so as she
lowered herself and released them as she raised herself up again. She
was working her magic and I felt the my cum forming and preparing for
release. So to prolong this, I sat up and pushed her back until her
face was on foot of the bed. Her ass was up in the air. I took the
warming ky fluid and rubbed some more on my stiff cock. Slowly I inched
myself into her ass. She was moving her hips in circles causing my cock
to stretch her ass and allowing me to penetrate her deeper. Finally I
was as deep in her ass as I could be. I reached over and toyed with her
clit. Her hips rocked back to meet my thrusts. My fingers strumming
over her clit with fast flicks trying to keep the rhythm. She was
moaning and I was groaning. I knew I could not last much longer but
desperately wanted to satisfy her. Thank goodness, she began to shout
that she was cumming and to fuck her ass faster. I did, and I
grunted loud as I blasted her hole with my cum. I fucked her ass fast
and hard until my creamy seed began to ooze out of her ass.

Breathless we lay motionless on the bed. She looked over at me and asked
"So, did I manage to make you happy?" "Happier than I have been in a
long time", I said.

We fell asleep and I woke to her sucking my erection till I came. Karen
and I have been dating exclusively ever since.
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