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A Bedtime Story

My first experience with phone sex....

The house is quiet and the lights are dimmed. I'm sitting on the edge of my bed watching the dancing shadows cast by the candle flames.

I'm nervous and a bit anxious. This is the first time I've done anything like this, and I'm more than a little intimidated by the idea. But just as much as I'm nervous, the idea of sharing fantasies over the phone really turns me on.

“Relax, baby, and I'll just tell you a little bedtime story. All I ask, for now, is that you listen. Can you do that for me?”


“Good girl. Alright, sweetheart, I'm in your bedroom with you, sitting in the easy chair by the fire place. Still fully dressed, just watching you. You stand up, with your back to me.”

He clears his throat, a soft, endearing sound. We've been talking about sex more lately, our likes, and dislikes. Even those simple admissions had been new for me. The innuendos, and certainly our more straight forward discussions have really excited me, breaking down the sexual tension between us as well as the walls of my own inhibitions. This is a step further, or rather a leap further, expressing our feelings for one another with our voices, hearing every shaky breath, every sigh, every moan.

His voice in my ear is more firm now, more commanding. “You unbutton your blouse, one button at a time. When you're done, you let it drop to the floor, sliding it past your shoulders, slowly, sensually. Next you do the same thing with your skirt. Oh, baby, I like watching as you unzip it languidly, running your hands up the sides of your legs, giving me a peek of your thighs and ass.” He swallows, audibly. I know he is imagining these things even as he is saying them, and I know, too, that he knows I'm beginning to touch myself. I listen carefully as he continues.

“With your skirt off, you are standing before me in just your bra and panties. The sheer, black velvety ones that I love so much. I watch as you take a step backwards and bend over the bed, pressing your hands into the mattress, your leg muscles tensing. I can see your ass fully outlined, taught against the material of your panties.” He takes a deep breath before his next line and I hold mine in anticipation.

I can barely believe he is saying these things to me. His words are so smooth, so real, I can see it, and feel it, and it definitely feels good. “I can see the beautiful bud of your lips. They look so warm and inviting. Just begging to be fingered and kissed. You're freshly clean shaven, of course.”

“Of course I am.” My words barely a whisper and I hear his intake of breath at the sound of my voice. I've been so very quiet before now.

“Are you touching yourself right now, baby?” His voice is beginning to sound more ragged.

“Yes.” Even the single word sounds shaky.

“You're doing fine. I'm with you. Keep touching yourself. Can you feel me with you?”

“Mhmm,” I sigh.

“Alright. I'm semi-erect now, still fully clothed, but I won't allow myself to touch my hard-on just yet. I'm unbuttoning my shirt. As I do it, you to turn around to face me, cupping your tits in your hands. I ask you to turn around once more, and undo your bra. I watch carefully as you comply. Your fingers release the clasps and the fabric hangs loosely against your flesh. I see your shoulders tense, it pushes your breasts closer together.”

My hands move up to my breasts and I tease the nipples.

“Do not touch yourself,” he says sternly.

This excites me. You telling me what to do and what not to do. A small noise of approval escapes my lips. He goes on, his voice sure and steady. “You turn back around and drop the bra to the floor. You stand there with your arms by your sides. I rise from the chair to take my shirt the rest of the way off, and I drop it to the floor. I start to undo my belt. My eyes are on you, as I'm looking at your legs, your tits, openly and uninhibited. It excites you, my telling you what to do, knowing that I'm in control. The idea is such a turn on for you that you want to touch yourself, you want to touch me. But not yet. The waiting will only make things better."

“I want you to touch your breasts for me now, and give me a good show of it. I watch as you run your fingers in circles around your areolas, brushing your hard nipples with each pass, sending tingles of pleasure down to your navel, down your legs so that they almost buckle. I'm fully hard now, and fumbling with the zipper of my pants, but I'm still calm and completely focused on you. I'm grinning now, pleased with the way things are going.” I can hear the faint rustle of clothing over the line and his voice is getting just a bit more husky.

“You lie back on the bed and I move closer, watching as your eyes travel down to the front of my pants, where you can see my bulging erection. I make no attempts to hide it. I'm smiling, pleased at the sight of you. I tell you to spread your legs for me. Your panties are on, but they are so sheer, I can see your flesh underneath. Standing over you, I unzip my fly.”

“Mmm..” is all I can manage in response.

“I tell you to remove your panties and pleasure yourself for me the way you do in private, in your secret moments. You slip them off, with a sly smile and toss them to me. I catch them, and a whiff of your musky aroma. It makes my penis throb and I ache to reach for you. You have your come-here-and-fuck-me face on, but I won't give in. Soon, but not yet. I'm having too much fun watching you touch yourself. It's fascinating to watch your different strokes, the way you finger yourself with one hand while teasing your breasts with the other. I watch you finger your clit, rubbing it gently and slowly at first, then more quickly, with your index finger, then two fingers together.”

His story has really affected me in ways I hadn't entirely expected. I'm playing with my clit even as he's describing it to me. I know he can hear the small muted moans that I can't suppress. Just tiny declarations of my excitement, but I hope they give him a bit of pleasure.

“You dip your fingers in and out of your pussy now, your legs quivering with small, irregular spasms. Your sent has intensified and I can see how wet you are. You are ready, ready for my hands on your lush body, ready for my mouth, my cock.

“Baby your moans are driving me wild. Keep touching yourself.”

“You tell me you've grown tired of the game, you want me to fuck you. I tell you to fucking beg if you want it so badly, and you do. Please, you say, I need your cock, baby, I need it bad, I'd crawl over burning coals for your fucking cock right now. I need to suck on it, and I need to fee it thrust inside me deep, deep in my cunt.”

I'm not shocked by his words. Quite the contrary, I'm thoroughly turned on and in my head I can hear myself begging him to fuck me. “Keep going, darling. Please don't stop.”

“Hastily I remove my briefs, and as I do so you rise off the bed to slide your lips around my cock. Your mouth is warm and wet, like your pussy. Your tongue comes to life, massaging and lighting up all the fiery nerve endings along my shaft. I take hold of the back of your head and wrap my fingers in your beautiful hair, and start fucking your face, tensing my ass for leverage. I tell you to say ah, and you do it, leaving your mouth open so I can take control and fuck it at my leisure, varying the pace, first with long, lingering strokes, then rapid pumps, like a piston, getting harder all the time. Then I tell you to stand up and you get off your knees and we kiss passionately, feverishly. I tell you to bend over the bed and stick your ass n the air, and you do it, fingering yourself the whole time. I step up behind you and lay my hard penis along the crack of your ass.”

“Oh, yes,” I breath.

“I thrust my hips back and forth, my balls sliding up and down just above your pussy, dangling down against it. I can feel how wet your are and I grind against you. Again you beg me to fuck you, and this time, I finally do. I ease just the head into you, watching as your eyes role back, hearing your heavy breaths. I am determined to take it slow, but another part of me demands to be selfish, to pound the shit out of you, take from you, my own climax the priority.”

“Then, little by little, I begin to slide myself into you. You try to buck your hips in an effort to rush me, but I press down on your shoulders with my hands, telling you no, it's me in control. Each stroke I'm giving your more of my cock, and your body is still now as you allow me to set the pace. Only your pussy is alive, like a glove, as you tense and release it, trying to pull in more of my cock just like your hungry mouth did. Patience, baby, you'll get the whole thing when I'm ready. Finally I sink the whole thing into you, burying it up to the hilt, my balls pulled up tight and banging against your clit, and you groan, knowing the fucking you've been waiting for is coming.”

As if on cue, I do groan into the phone. “Mmm, darling, yes, give me all of you.”

“I grab hold of your lower back, firmly, just above your hips, and I start stroking you, measuring each one carefully so we both get the full enjoyment of it. You're writhing on the bed, so turned on already by everything that came before, and you keep asking me to fuck you faster, harder.”

“I spread your legs open further, and mine too, for balance and leverage. Grabbing hold of your wrists, I pin you to the bed. You writhe and moan beneath me. It turns me on even more, and I'm fucking you faster now. I bring your wrists together, and really start pumping. I want to cum, I'm close, but you're making such pleasing noises, yelping with each thrust like you're possessed.”

“Yes, darling, fuck me.” I can barely breathe now. I don't know how he can keep focused on telling his story.

“I speed up my thrusts, quick and hard, sending you over the edge into a screaming orgasm. Just before I surrender to my own orgasm, I pull out and order you to turn around and kneel down. I'm hold my throbbing cock over you and tell you to thrust your chest forward and play with your nipples.”

“Cum on me, darling, cum.”

“I do, I cum all over your perfect, pert breasts.” I can hear his heavy breaths, the catches, the moans, and the muted grunt as he cums. After a long shuddering breath, he continues. “You're kneeling there in front of me, your tits covered in my cum, and you pull me down to kiss you. It feels so good, our bodies pressed together.”

“Well, baby, did you like it. Did you cum for me?”

“Oh, yes."

“Good girl. Now go take a shower and slip into bed. Sweet dreams.”

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