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A Birthday Gift From My Wife pt. 3

Sister-In-Law has a gift of her own.
Here is the third and final part of the story. Sorry it took so long to get out there. Hope everyone enjoys!

My wife, Aurora, leaned into me to give me a kiss on my neck, disguising the fact that she was stifling a moan as I had turned the setting on the vibrator suddenly to 5 for a split second.

“You are a horrible man, dear husband.” She whispers in my ear.

“I would only be horrible if you didn’t enjoy my torturing so much, dearest wife.” I whispered back, and stole a quick kiss.

She had made many similar actions throughout dinner. We were now sitting in the back seat of Rachel’s car on our way back home from my surprise birthday dinner. It was a nice meal, with only a small group of our closest friends and family, perhaps ten or twelve of us in total. Most everyone at the table thought Aurora’s constant nibbling at my neck were nothing more than simple affectionate caresses, but with each kiss came a desperate whisper, begging me to take her home and pump her juicy cunt full of my cock meat so she can scream in orgasm over and over. Only her sister, Rachel, knew the real reason for each of those little love bites. Aurora was now repeating her begging whispers between kisses across my lips, face and neck, while reaching down and releasing my erection through my now unzipped pants. I looked over to Rachel in the front seat, where she was openly fingering her bare pussy at each red light, and asked, “How long until you have us home Rachel? I have a slut waiting for me to fuck.”

Rachel finished licking her fingers of her juices before answering, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll have the two of you home soon enough.” Ten minutes later we were pulling into the driveway, my wife all but raping me at this point, and the three of us quickly made our way into the house. Now that we were back in the house, my wife fully reprised her role as my obedient slave.

“Wait right here Master. I have instructions to give you a surprise tonight before bed. So just give me ten minutes to set it up and come and find me in your bedroom.”

As Aurora left the room, Rachel looked to me and asked, “So have you thought about my little proposal from earlier?”

“I have, but are you sure about it? You’ve already done enough for me today. The dinner was a great surprise. I’d hate for you to think I was taking advantage of your generosity just because it’s my birthday.”

“Oh don’t you worry, it’s not like we haven’t done something like this before. Besides, I was really hoping you would take advantage.” Was her response, with a devilish smile and lustful glint in her eyes.

“All right then. In that case I’ll expect your present to arrive in about five minutes. That should give me enough time to get my Slut all worked up.” And turning to head toward my bedroom, smiling to myself as well as Rachel, I was thinking about how great birthday this has turned out to be.

I entered my room to discover a wonderful sight. My Slave had tied each of her legs to a bed post with some silk wraps, blind folded herself, and then handcuffed herself to one of the bars of the headboard directly above her on our king sized brass bed. What a sight it was. Her perky tits standing firm and high upon her chest, hard little nipples erect with the excitement of the night to come. Legs spread wide enough to allow full access to her beautiful, tight pussy, glistening with her juices already dripping from her in anticipation.

“Are you there, Master?” She asks, as I take off my clothes.

“Yes, I’m here baby.”

“Do you like your surprise?”

“Oh yes, I love it. You’re such a good little slut. I might just have to ask the wife if we can keep you.”

“Wellllll, maybe if you asked her in the right way she might let me visit.” She giggled.

I leaned over between her legs, my face just inches above her flowered lips, inhaling her womanly and erotic scent. “I’m lifting the ban on you being able to cum my sweet. I think I’ve let you suffer long enough.” I extend my tongue and give it a firm swipe across her lips, releasing a long, animalistic groan from my slave-wife, while at the same time she tries her best to push her hips upwards to bury my tongue deeper inside of her. I snaked my hands beneath her bottom and grabbed hold of her perfect cheeks, giving her what she wanted by pulling her mound further into my mouth. Having kept her on edge most of the night, it didn’t take more than a few minutes of my licking and slurping and sucking before her succulent juices were freely flowing from her gaping hole and off my mouth and chin. Right as she was ready to give over to her release I lifted my head from her crotch and gently lowered her back to the bed.

“UUUNNNGGGHH!!! Why did you stop? Please finish me!!!” Her pleas were accompanied by her attempts to find my tongue again with her hips as she wildly bucked and grinded at the air as best she could with the restraints on her legs.

“Not yet my pet. I have a surprise of my own to show you first.”

I looked over at the door, where Rachel had been standing, naked, since I had begun feasting on my wife’s delicious cunt meat. Four of the fingers on her right hand were buried deep inside her own smooth snatch, vigorously pumping between her lips while she played with her tits with the other hand. You could almost hear the squishing noises of how wet she was from where I was at the bed. I signaled Rachel to move toward the bed slowly as I kissed my way up my wife’s body until I was kissing up along her neck and my mouth rested near her ear.

“I got another birthday gift that arrived a few minutes ago.” I whispered to her.

“What is it? Can I see?”

“You will soon enough.”

I made my way back down toward my slave-wife’s breasts, licking around her left nipple before taking the erect nub into my mouth and suckling on it. I reached my hand up toward Rachel, who was leaning gently on the bed so as not to alert Aurora to her presence as of yet, and reached through her auburn hair, grabbing her behind her head and bringing her mouth to her sister’s neglected right breast. Aurora gasped from both shock and pleasure as Rachel’s mouth joined mine to suckle at her tasty tits.

“Who is that? What’s going on?”

I tore myself away from the nipple I was feasting on and began to remove the blindfold over Aurora’s eyes as I whisper back, “I told you, I got another present for my birthday.” She looked down at the face still attached to her chest and her eyes went wide in surprise. Rachel lifted her face to greet her sister, “Hi baby sister. Looks like we were given to the same Master this weekend. I hope you don’t mind sharing.”

“Noooooooo.” Aurora whined. “It was supposed to be just me. I’m his cunt. I’m his Slut. Not you!”

“Oh don’t worry sis, you’re still his Slut. I’m going to be his Whore. Besides, I was told you were being naughty today. So if you’re a bad girl again then Master won’t have to risk getting blue balls with me around.”

While they talked I moved Rachel around to straddle her sister on all fours. I then positioned myself so I was kneeling between and behind my two slaves and slowly began feeding my member into Rachel’s slick tunnel.

“Ooooooooo, Master has such a fat cock. Maybe I should get you in trouble on purpose so I can have his big dick all to myself tomorrow.” Giggled Rachel. “I could eat your little cunny until you cum all over my face and then tell Master what you did. Then he’ll stuff me full of his cock and make you watch as your punishment for cumming without him.”

“NO! He’s my Master and you can’t have him!” Aurora protested, now struggling against the restraints she placed herself in.

I always find it amusing how these two seem to revert to little girls fighting over a toy whenever we all play together like this. Of course, I also had the benefit of being the toy they were fighting over. Always finding ways to secretly get in an extra play session with me, trying to out score the other as if it were a contest to see how many times they could have me; or attacking each other in an effort to make the other orgasm first, having bet that the last to cum gets to impale themselves on my pole first, always ensuring the show was hot enough that their prize was hard and ready for them when the victor was decided.

By now I was thrusting into my slave whore at a steady rhythm, my balls slapping against my slut’s pussy lips and clit, the sisters now making out with each other while making small whimpers and moans. Rachel’s moans getting louder with every thrust of my cock into her clasping snatch. Her pussy walls gripping my shaft tight every time I withdrew, not wanting to release me, and happily welcomed me back with each inward movement with a gush of fresh juices.

Finally she came, “OOOOOHHHNNNYES!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck me, yes!” My own release followed before she could come down from hers, sending her back into orgasmic bliss upon the first blast of my semen into her womb. As we came down from our sexual highs, Rachel turned around to clean my still hyper sensitive cock of our combined juices. Unable to bear the pleasurable pain for too long, I pulled my whore up by her hair and kissed her, tasting both of us on her tongue. Not forgetting my first slave I whisper in her ear, “Why don’t you feed your sister the cum she’s been wanting so much tonight?”

With a gleeful, yet devilish, grin on her face Rachel slowly crawled up her sister’s body telling her in a singsong voice, “Oh sissy, I’ve got a present for you.”

“Will I like it?”

“Uh huh, but I think I’ll like it more.” And with that Rachel straddled Aurora’s face, grabbed two fistfuls of her red locks, and shoved it between her legs. “Ungh, yeah! That’s it; eat Master’s cum from my nasty little cunny. If you do it good enough, maybe I won’t hog Master’s cock all to myself tomorrow. Maybe just part of it. Hahaha!”

I sat back and watched as my wife, my slave, voraciously ate her older sister’s cunt. I swear she enjoys the task as much as I do. My cock slowly began to revive itself at the sight of Rachel’s hips hunching urgently against Aurora’s face, the smell of so much womanly sex in the air, and the squishy sounds of a lusty tongue and mouth against a succulent wet cunt.

Before I joined back into the fray, I decided it was time for my slut of a wife to have free movement of her limbs again. So I walked around to the nightstand where the keys to the handcuffs were and unlocked her hands from above her head. Now free, her hands immediately grabbed her sister’s ass cheeks and pulled her face even further into Rachel’s fiery, gushing puss. Evoking a desperate grunt from my wife and further encouraging yelps, and words from Rachel. I now moved to the foot of the bed and untied first one, then both legs from their silk manacles. I pulled each leg onto my shoulders and positioned myself to give my wife-slave the fucking she deserved. Muffled whimpers of anticipation came to my ears from my wife as I glided the head of my cock up and down her slit before I plunged into her fully with one fast stroke.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHH!” Was the only word I could make out from under the rutting hips of my brown-headed whore, as Aurora came hard on that first stroke. I continued my thrusts after letting her enjoy the orgasm she had been waiting for most of the day. My cock strokes apparently bringing new innovation to her mouth and tongue as well as Rachel cried out, “What ever you’re doing to the bitch don’t stop! She’s eating me better than I’ve ever known her to before. Ungh! God! Fuck yes! It’s sooooo goooooood! AAARRRRGH!!” Shortly after her orgasm Rachel rolled off Aurora’s face and lay next to her sister, lungs gasping for air after her mind shattering tongue-lashing. I leaned forward to be embraced in my wife’s arms, our tongues seeking each other in a passionate kiss as she crashed through another orgasm of her own.

After she recovered I maneuvered her legs so I could twist her around onto her stomach while never leaving the grasp of her nether lips. I lifted her hips up a little so I could get a better angle and began thrusting into her at the same pace I was before. She appreciated the roughness as she began to scream and hunched her hips back into me, matching my thrusts with my own. Rachel not wanting to be left out began crawling underneath her Aurora’s body, positioning herself in a sixty-nine with her sister. The two began eagerly lapping at each other as I continued driving my meat in and out of my wife, Rachel’s tongue finding its way to my shaft every few in-strokes adding to my pleasure.

At last I began to feel the pressure in my balls building, my impending release moments away. I grunted with relief as I made several final thrusts and my thick seed was being pumped into my wife’s hungry cunt. That set off Aurora’s orgasm, which then set off Rachel’s. For a few glorious moments we all basked in the glow of a shared orgasm and slowly untangled our bodies from one another. Rachel quickly cleaned Aurora’s snatch of my cum as Aurora cleaned my cock of her own and mine before we all laid back on the bed, me sandwiched between my two slaves.

Aurora lovingly kissed my face all over, “Thank you Master. That was one of the best orgasms you’ve given me.”

“The pleasure was all mine my pet. Thank you for the gift that is you.” Our mouths met once more in a lover’s kiss.

“So what am I? The two-dollar hooker dropped off on the street?” Rachel interrupted.

“You did say you were the whore. I don’t see why we couldn’t drop you off on some back alley.” Aurora sniped back, and stuck out her tongue.

Rachel leaned over me to her sister and began sucking her tongue into her mouth and the two shared a lonving kiss. “I love you two baby sister. Thank you for letting me share your husband for the weekend.”

“Of course you’re welcome. I’m glad you decided to join us.”

Rachel and I shared our own goodnight kiss before I pulled the covers over us and we all drifted off to a blissful sleep. I was awakened early the next morning; the sun hadn’t even begun to rise yet. However I didn’t mind so much as my ears were filled with the sound of sucking noises and my cock and balls were being attentively licked, fondled and sucked by two incredibly talented mouths. I lifted the covers just slightly so I could look down and watch as my two horny slaves took turns gulping my dick into their wet and inviting throats, suckling on my balls and when they would make the transition to swap places they would lick along the side of shaft and briefly make out with my thick meat caught between their open mouths and dueling tongues. I just lay my head back down on my pillow and enjoy the sensations these two beautiful women were so willing to give me.

This is going to be one hell of a weekend.

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