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A bit tied up in the conference room

Tags: hotel, rope, tied, risky, pov
Issy and Kris tell their story of secret sex in a hotel conference room, from their point of view
From Kris's point of view

We're at an exclusive hotel for the night, you and I. We've had dinner, and as we head back to our room, we pass a room that was used for a conference earlier in the day. You whisper in my ear that you'd like to go in there, so we sneak in and close the door. The room is divided in two by a floor to ceiling divider, and we can hear talking on the other side - some meeting is going on.

We kiss, our tongues searching the depths of each other's mouths, and you tell me that you're not wearing any knickers. I pull you close, the satin of your black dress folding itself around us as you lift your leg to my hip and unzip my fly. "Wait," I say, as I notice rope fencing used for the conference.

I unhook some ropes from the stand, and lead you over to a table that formed part of the displays. You look at me slyly as though you know what's coming. "You wanted risky," I say, as I bend you over the table, and part your legs. "I don't want you to change your mind with those people in the next room."

You smile at me, knowing that I mean to tie you to the table; you won't be able to make a quick exit if someone comes in. I slide your dress up, and you position your legs at the edge of the table. I push you down, roughly, but with kindness, so that your arms are over the front of the table, and your legs are behind.

Using the rope, I wrap your legs to the table legs, and your arms to the table on the other side. You are spread over the table, tied down with no chance to make a quick exit. I walk round to your head, and you look up seeing that my cock is hard. I pull my cock out and you take it in your mouth. With my hands in your hair, I lean over, pulling your dress all the way up, exposing your bum.

You're sucking and moving your head up and down on my cock, while my hand is dipping into your moist pussy and touching your pert hole, but I want to take you properly, so I pull myself away from your mouth (oh, how I want to stay there, with your tongue lapping around my cock). I move back round to your rear, and pulling your cheeks apart, I slide my hard cock along your slit, teasing your pussy and brushing your clit.

We can hear applause coming from the other side of the divider, and you push back towards me, eager to get my cock inside you. I slide my cock up along your slit again, just edging inside your pussy and nuzzling gently against your puckered bum, your wetness making things easy for me to slide against.

I lean over you as I slide my cock deep inside your sopping pussy, which is now open wide with desire. One of my hands reaches inside your dress to play with your nipples, while my other hand reaches between your legs, flicking your clit.

You are immobile, tied to the table, with me pushing in and out of you, you gasp as you feel your climax building, nearing release, with my hard cock deep inside your wet pussy and your clit tingling, nearly burning with explosion. You writhe against the bonds because the climax seem like it will be too much. As I feel you tremble, your orgasm bursts through you, and my cock jumps and pulsates inside you. You are so aroused that you squirt a little as you cum, pulling against the ropes, and finally, we are still.

As I push one final time inside you, making you shiver between your legs, we hear the divider start to be unlatched as the meeting in the room next door is over. I quickly pull out, making you moan again, and untie your arms and legs as we hear the dividers start to open. You stand up, flustered as a member of the hotel staff walks in and says, "Sorry, you're not meant to be in here."

We apologize, giggling, suspecting that he knows what's been going on as we make our exit.

And from Issy's point of view

I haven't seen him in a while and he has whisked me away to a fancy hotel for the night. He spoiled me with a romantic dinner in the elegant restaurant and now my head is delightfully fuzzy as a result of the delicious bottle of wine we shared.

He looked so sexy over dinner. We've both made an effort, him in a sharp suit and me in a little black satin dress which showed off my curves. He could not take his eyes off me over the table - I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes - and, although we made small talk, both of us were clearly thinking about what would come after dinner. Knowing that I was not wearing any panties - my little secret that I intended to surprise him with later - made me even hornier.

After he had signed the bill he took my hand and pulled me to my feet, his longing clear in his eyes. We nearly ran out of the restaurant and towards our room. But halfway there, as we passed the door to a conference room, I decided to have a little fun. It must have been the wine!

I convinced him to sneak into the conference room with me...and that's where we are now.

His hands are all over me and he is kissing me, hard and deep. The warm glow of desire is spreading and growing inside me. I can hear people talking on the other side of a partition wall - there's a meeting still going on - but I just don't care. In fact, it makes it even hotter.

I tell him my secret, whispering in his ear that I am knickerless, and he makes a guttural, primal sound from the back of his throat, kisses me even harder and pulls me closer so I can feel his straining cock pressing into me. I lift my leg to his hip...I want to feel it straining against my now aching pussy.

I want him inside me so much and start to fumble with his flies, but this gorgeous man is clearly not finished teasing me yet and pushes my hands away.

He turns away, leaving me yearning, and picks up some rope fencing left over from the conference earlier in the day. A dark look crosses his face and I can tell what he's thinking. "You wanted risky," he murmurs, as he gently yet firmly bends me over a table and parts my legs with his.

"I don't want you to change your mind with those people in the next room," he says, as a devilish and sexy-as-hell grin crosses his face.

He slides my dress up, and wraps the rope around my legs, tying them to the table legs. He uses the rest of the rope to secure my arms to the table top. I am completely immobilised and vulnerable, naked from the waist down and desperate for him to take me. I can feel my wetness dripping down my thighs. I am aching and ready for him.

But he's not finished teasing me yet. He walks round the table and presents his gorgeous cock to my waiting and willing mouth. He puts his hands in my hair and moans as I suck, moving my head up and down on his cock. At the same time his hands are on my pussy, and his fingers finally dip inside. I am so turned on I can feel my orgasm building.

But just as I am near he stills and pulls away...and I am left writhing.

But it's not long before I feel him again. He is sliding his hard cock along my slit, teasing my pussy and brushing against my clit. We hear applause coming from the other side of the divider.

I can't take it anymore and strain against my bonds, trying to force him inside me.

He teases me for a second longer and then, in one smooth movement, he is deep inside me. The sudden fullness is so satisfying.

One of his hands reaches down into my dress, pushing my bra down and gently squeezing my nipples. His other hand reaches between my legs, flicking my wet clit. All the while he is thrusting hard and deep into me.

He is relentless, pounding into me again and again. The sensations start to well up deep inside me. I'm going to explode around him. I have to bite my lip hard to keep from crying out as I totally lose control. Just as my orgasm rips through me I feel him pulsating and gushing inside me.

He leans down over me. We are totally spent. But we don't have time to stay like that as we hear the dividing wall start to be unlatched.

He pulls out of me, unties me, and I stand and yank my dress down quickly. He zips himself up just in time as a member of the hotel staff walks in. "Sorry," he says, looking embarrassed, "you're not meant to be in here."

"Sorry," we both mumble and walk, giggling, from the door we came in by back out to the corridor.

As we leave I look back over my shoulder as the staff member picks up the rope.

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