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A Blast From The Past

My First Time In A Motel.
Hi again all, I've been thinking about what to write. I've decided to go back in time 16 years, to a time when I was a young, 20 year old nymphomaniac. Things were different then. I was living with my parents, didn't have any tattoos, my ass was rounder and my tits were firmer. I loved to party, and I loved to fuck.
I was early summer, and I had just gotten a job as a clerk at a large department store, in the hardware department. My department manager was a handsome, 27 year old young man named Eric. I've always been flirtatious, though now, it's more blatant, and I've never worn underwear unless its a formal event, or I'm in a short skirt.

At this store, they gave us dark blue t-shirts to wear with the store name on it, so it was easy for me not to wear a bra, and have nobody notice. Over time, I had taken a liking to Eric, and wanted to fuck him, but I heard that he was dating another girl from the store. That surprized me, because he was always coming on to me. I found out later that he came on to all of the girls, and that the girl he used to date, didn't work there anymore.

One afternoon, in the break room, we began talking. I had been flirting with him for a few weeks, and I could tell that he liked me. He asked me out on a date, I accepted. It was your typical dinner and movie date on a Saturday night. Though I lived at home, I didn't have a curfew, but my Dad would not be happy if I spent the night with a guy, so I never did. 

When date night came, I was ready. I still remember that I wore my sneakers, tight jeans and a blue halter top. Naturally, I didn't wear any underwear. My Dad would frequently notice that I would go out without a bra on, he never said anything, but would sometimes just shake his head. Both of my parents knew that I wasn't a virgin.

It was a warm June night, and Eric picked me up in a 1992 Jeep Wrangler, with the top off. Right away, my nipples stiffened. My father was out front.

"Have fun, and please be home by 1." He said, as we pulled away,"And put that damn seat belt on!"

"Yes, Dad." I replied sarcastically. 

Eric and I had spoken earlier in the day, and we decided to forego the movie. I've never been a movie theatre fan. So after a nice dinner, we decided to take a ride to the beach. We walked around the boardwalk, played games, he bought me cotton candy. It was fun. As the sun began to go down, we decided to take a walk on the beach.

Up to that point, we had both been well behaved, aside from holding hands. We decided to go sit on the sea wall. Actually, he sat on the wall and I stood in front of him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him.

"May I kiss you?" he asked.

"Please." I replied.

He held me tight and began kissing, my arms were around his neck and my firm nipples against his chest. I felt my pussy dampen. I sat next to him, and for then next 20 minutes or so we hugged and made out, right on the sea wall. Then he looked into my eyes, and asked the question I was hoping he'd ask.

"Well, the night's still young, what would you like to do?"

Without hesitation, I replied, "Fuck."

Within minutes, we were in his Jeep, driving down the road. At this time, aside from a boyfriends house, I had only had sex in cars and outdoors. I was trying to figure out, in my head, how to fuck in a Jeep Wrangler. After driving for about 10 minutes, Eric pulled up to this building. I realized, right away, that it was a motel.

This motel actually no longer exists, It was torn down 10 years ago and is now a strip mall. As I look back on it now, it was a dump. It was a small little room with a double bed, and an ugly red carpet on the floor. There was a night stand with a lamp next to the bed. It smelled a bit musty and the walls were paper thin. There was a mirror on the wall.

The motel had about 12 rooms, all on the ground floor. When we pulled in, there were 2 cars parked down the other end. The rest of the parking lot was empty. I don't remember if we were in 2 or 3, but I do remember that the air conditioner had been left on. The room was freezing. Eric turned it off, opened up a window, and turned on the heat. We stepped outside to have a cigarette. By the time we were done, the room had warmed up.

When went back in, I told him that I needed to use the bathroom, and asked him to turn the bed down. When I emerged, Eric was laying on the sheets wearing only his underwear. I took my top off, but my jeans were so tight, I needed to sit in a chair to remove them. We had the tv on with the volume low and the small light next to the bed was on. The room was dimly lit, but enough to see.

I stood at the end of the bed, and squeezed my tits together with my hands while I shook my hips. I noticed the bulge in his underpants expand. I climbed on the bed next to him, and we began making out again. Eric was feeling my tits and I was rubbing the bulge in his pants. Gently, I put my hand between his waist and his waist band, and began stroking his cock. After a few moments, I began slowly kissing and licking his body, from his neck, downward. I pulled off his underwear and started licking his cock.

His cock was off average size and width, but was as hard as steel. I was licking the shaft and the head. Then I put it in my mouth. wrapping my lips tightly around it, I sucked it fast and deep, occasionally spitting on the head. He was getting into it, moaning and writhing, and talking dirty.

"Suck it Sara, suck it...suck it!"

"Mmmmm" I replied, as I picked up the pace.

He thrust his hips upward with every suck, gently using his hand to guide my head downward. I tried not to gag. His moans got louder, his hard cock throbbing in my mouth. I saw his leg begin to shake.

" suck my fucking cock!" he said, in a relatively loud voice.

Now, my goal was to have him fuck me, so I didn't want him to cum. I could tell that he was getting close. I abruptly stopped sucking, I kissed his body upward and looked him in the eyes.

"Fuck me." I said, in a soft voice.

My favorite position has always been missionary. I got on my back, bent my knees and spread my legs.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." he said, as he rolled over.

"Fuck my brains out, baby." I replied.

I let out a gasp as I watched him grab his cock ans put it in me. He wasted no time giving it to me, but good. He was fucking me with long, deep thrusts. The cheap bed moved with every one, the headboard banged off of the wall. He was just getting started.

I've learned in recent years that men that age, can go and go. They can keep a hardon longer and most are in good shape. He fucked me like that for 5 minutes or so, then he grabbed me legs, put them together, raised them high in the air, and pushed them back behind my head. My bare feet were up against the headboard as he got on his knees and began doing pushups. It slammed against the wall with every thrust. We started talking.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied, "fuck my pussy."

He grabbed my ankles and open my legs. He craddled them in his elbows, grabbed both of my tits, and using them for leverage, he tore into me. The bed springs squeaked loudly and the headboard pounded of the wall about 3 times each second. He was tearing my tight pussy up.

"OH, FUCK." I screamed, as he fucked away at me."FUCK ME."

This went on for at least 10 minutes. I was screaming, he was calling me names like "whore" and "slut". More people had arrived at the motel by this time, and I remember that a window was open slightly. Between his talking, my screaming and the bed trying to stay together from the pounding I was taking, we wouldn't have heard anyone, but they certainly heard us.

I've always been an exhibitionist and voyeuristic. If I know that someone can hear me fucking, it's an incredible turn-on. Knowing that people could hear us made me want it harder. Eric obliged.

"Turn the fuck over." he commanded.

I rolled over, he grabbed my hips and pulled them up. He folded a pillow in half and put it under my waist. My upper body was flat against the bed, my arms spread out. I turned my head to the right and looked into the large mirror on the wall as Eric rammed his cock back into me. Again, he wasted no time. He put his arms on the center of my back and pushed down as he began to hammer away at my tight, 20 year old vagina.

A loud slapping sound could be heard every time his pelvis hit my ass. The headboard looked as though it would break as it bounced off of the. Eric was calling me every name in the book.

"You think you're a woman, slut." he said. "This is how I fuck women."

Suddenly I heard "crack" as he slapped my ass. He did it again and again. He was doing what he said he'd do. He was fucking the shit out of me. At this point I had already cum twice, by now, I was almost in tears.

"" I whimpered, every word corresponding to a thrust by his cock into me.

He grabbed my hair, which, at that time, was down to the center of my back. He yanked my upper body off of the bed. Using my hair for leverage, Eric went animalistic on me. Extremely hard and fast thrusts that moved my body on the bed. It seemed like it lasted forever as he took out all of his frustrations on my pussy.

There was now a couple in the room next to us. They had just arrived.

"That poor girl" I heard the woman in the next room say. I bet she was jealous.

"FUCK ME!!!!!!!" I screamed, more than once.

I felt my body begin to shake, my vision got blurry. I looked in the mirror again, Eric had this look of determination on his face. Then, it happened.


That's all I could get out as my body shook violently and I squirted all over the bed. Eric pounded away for, what seemed like an eternity, but in reality, was only a few more minutes. I watchedhim cum in the mirror

"Arrrrrrgh" Eric screamed.

I saw and felt 2 huge streams of cum hit my back, 2 more hit my ass. My ass was still gyrating. My pussy wanted more, but Eric was done. So was I. He collapsed on top of me. The room was like a sauna, we were soaked.

After resting for a bit, we realized that it was getting late. I remember thinking how I wish that I didn't have to go home, I was ready for an all nighter. But we were exhausted.We showered and Eric took me home. That night, I slept like a baby.

As you get older,and have more and more sex, there are some fucks that you never forget, and some that you wish you could. I'll always remember this one.It was a night of firsts. My first motel. the first time anyone ever treated me, and talked to me, like a whore, and the first time I ever squirted. To this day, It's one of the hardest and longest fucks I've ever had.

Oh yeah, I'll always remeber this one. Take care See you soon all.

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