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A Brazen Affair On A Blazing Day

Tags: affair, oral, cum
A true story of a scorching summer...

            She knew he was married from the beginning.But it was a blazing summer and she was bored, hot and horny and wanted not to care.

            They met online and had clicked right away, both looking for something discreet and fulfilling. They'd talked for a couple of days online and through e-mails, exchanging explicit pictures and words about what they wanted to do to each other. They hadn't been entirely sure that they'd ever get the chance to hook up because of their conflicting schedules, but as Ally showered and dressed that morning, she knew it was time for the teasing to be over…She was gonna feel Matt's hands and mouth on her body before the day was done.

            She had spent extra time in the shower, letting the hot water run over her caramel skin as she squeezed her large, full breasts in her hands, watching rivulets of water slide down between them. She had 38dds and they were firm, soft, and round. She gingerly tugged and pinched her knotted brown nipples, moaning while she watched them respond to her administrations. All the while she thought about how Matt had told her they looked like sweet chocolate chips that he couldn't wait to taste. He loved telling her what he wanted to do with her tits.Just the night before, he’d said how bad he wanted to see and feel his thick white cock sliding between them. And she'd responded with how much she'd love to suck on the swollen head of his dick while he fucked them.

            Thinking about it now made her pussy wet. Her panties were getting soaked. She almost changed them, but remembered how Matt had told her he wanted to taste her sweet pussy so bad, and figured he might like a little extra wetness. So she slipped into her heels, put on her sunglasses, grabbed her car keys and headed out the door, all the while feeling her pussy getting wetter with anticipation.

             Matt only had to work half a day that day and Ally was off so they'd decided to meet up at an out of the way place for lunch so Matt wouldn't bee seen by anyone that might know him or his wife. The plan was to park near the back of the restaurant next to each other, and Matt would come over to her a car and get in so they could get acquainted face to face before going inside.

            Ally nervously pulled into the parking space one spot away from where she saw Matt’s car, and waited. About 20 seconds later her passenger door opened and he slid in next to her looking gorgeous and smelling clean and fresh.There was a brief awkwardness and neither of them knew what to say. All Ally could do was stare at the bulge in his pants while she tried to think of a way to tell him they should skip lunch because all she really wanted was to rip his pants off and devour his thick cock. She wanted to see it, feel it, and taste it. She wanted him to push it to the back of her throat and fuck her mouth til she couldn't breathe. At the same time, Matt was staring at Ally's beautiful tits, imagining himself ripping apart the thin, lacy top she wore and burying his face between them. Her cleavage was incredible. She smelled so good and her scent filled the air in her small car. He wanted to see if she smelled that good everywhere, and he wanted to taste her.

Ally spoke up first, "Sooo, what should we do? Are you hungry?"

Matt responded, "Not really, I guess we could head in though."


But neither of them moved.

"Your pictures don't do you justice."

"Yours either."

"They're even bigger than I thought!" Matt said, motioning towards Ally's breasts.

"Mmm, you haven't even seen them in their full glory yet" Ally teased, then licked her lips. 

           Just then Matt leaned in and kissed her, licking her closed lips urging her to part them and let him in. As soon as she did he was surprised as she took over the kiss, sucking on his tongue so erotically that it sent a jolt of pleasure through his body and he could feel precum start to leak from the tip of his engorged manhood.   After sucking on his tongue, she pulled back and sucked his bottom lip into her mouth gently biting it, and then sucking on it once again. She was driving him crazy and he wanted more.

            Before Ally knew what was happening Matt had broken the kiss and deftly pulled one of her breasts out of her tank top and had his lips clasped around her dark nipple. She had never felt such overwhelming pleasure. All she could do was moan as she watched his lips tugging on her sensitive nipple while his tongue swirled around it and he gently bit it, making her swollen clit jump. As he continued to suck, she bent her head forward and started to suck and lick his ear and down his neck to wherever her mouth could reach without causing him to break the hold he had on her breast.   When Matt felt her sucking on his neck he almost came from the sensation of it all. Her lips were so soft on his skin and he'd never seen or felt a better pair of tits in his life.

            They pulled apart long enough for Matt to free Ally's other breast from her shirt so he could give it the attention the other had already received. At the same time, she reached for his dick, rubbing her fingers along the length of it through his pants. She tried to let it free so she could wrap her hand around it but Matt was moving out of her reach.Between breathy moans Ally tried to tell him how bad she wanted his cock, but Matt was so close to cumming he wasn't ready to let her touch it yet. Instead he grabbed her fumbling hand and pinned it to her side as he continued to suckle on her sweet, rock-hard nipples, listening to her gasp and moan every time he pulled one between his teeth or tried to suck as much of her large breasts into his mouth as possible. Then with one swift movement he leaned back her seat to give him better access to her beautiful body. He let go of the hand he had pinned to her side and reached his fingers under the hem of her skirt that had become bunched around her hips with all her squirming. Before he even touched her pussy he could feel the heat emanating from it and he couldn't wait to sink his fingers into it.

            Ally was out of her mind with the pleasure she was feeling. She couldn't have formed a coherent thought at that moment even if her life depended on it. Matt's hot, wet mouth felt incredible everywhere it touched. Then she felt his fingers rubbing the wetness between her thighs and she almost lost it as she let her legs fall open to give him better access. He pulled her panties to the side and sank his middle finger deep into her soaked pussy. She moaned and began to buck against his hand and clench her pussy around his finger as he rhythmically slid it in and out of her and rubbed her aching clit with his thumb. His mouth on her nipples and his fingers in her pussy were too much for Ally to take. Her orgasm ripped through her and her cum squirted out and gushed all over his hand as she screamed with the force of it. Matt slowly pulled his hand away and licked his fingers clean, tasting and savoring her sweet juices all over them. As he did this, Ally recovered from her shattering orgasm and reached for the zipper on his pants. This time he let her. She unzipped them all the way and found that he had nothing on underneath as all 9 inches of his hard cock sprung out in front of her. It was so thick and long with its swollen purple head, all she wanted to do was get her mouth around it and lick up all the precum she saw glistening on the tip.

             Matt eased back down in the passenger seat as Ally leaned over him and tentatively flicked her pink tongue over his cock. In an instant she was devouring it, trying to slide it all the way into her mouth while she swirled her tongue around, tracing every vein on it. She couldn't get enough. He was shaved smooth and his warm hard cock felt and tasted so good in her mouth that she never wanted to stop sucking it. She slowly let it slide out of her mouth then she softly sucked on his balls.

They were so large and filled with cum. She kept sucking on them and rolling them around in her mouth while her hand stroked up and down the length of his shaft eliciting deep moans of pleasure from him.

            After she was done giving his balls attention, she licked her way up from the base to the tip of his cock and again took it into her mouth. She began bobbing up and down on it, sucking slow and hard. Soon matt began to thrust up causing his cock to hit the back of her throat. She came up for air long enough to encourage him with the first words that had passed between them since it all started: "Mmm baby, just like that...fuck my mouth like you're fucking my pussy. I want all of your hot cum".

It was all the encouragement Matt needed. He thrust his hard cock back into Ally’s mouth and fucked it for all he was worth. Every time it hit the back of her throat she moaned sending vibrations up his shaft til he couldn't take it any longer and he began to squirt hot jets of cum down the back of her throat. She swallowed every drop, milking his cock dry.

            Ally raised up licking her lips making sure to get any remnants of cum that had seeped out of her mouth.”

That felt so good" said Matt.”

It’s supposed to" she responded.

            They straightened up and put their clothes back in order, then nervously looked around the parking lot realizing that they'd been so caught up in their passion they'd forgotten where they were. To their relief they were still the only ones in that section of the lot.

            Just then Matt’s cell phone rang. It was his wife.He explained that he had to go and gave Ally a quick kiss leaving her with the promise that when they met up the next day he wouldn't leave til he felt her squirt on his thick cock...



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