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A broken horse

tired and worn out after working the doors again in south east jolly old i wanna go home to my good woman.. and there she is stood in the most sexiest laced red and black silk line lingerie iv'e ever seen her wear in the hall way. My eyes scanning her up and down and i feel something move in my pants

She looks at me and says "your not going to sleep yet!". so i was intrigued as to what little plan she had come up with she turned the lights down and slid between my legs and starts kissing them and nibbling on them and i knew exactly what was coming and she's a absolute pro with her lips and tongue and she sends me to heaven every single time

She pulls off my boxers and teases the head of my cock with her tongue, flicking and circling it and sucking on it softly and she continued to do so until she wanted more and she took me all in her mouth and she stopped with me in her mouth re positioned herself and then just went all the way in with me until i was hitting the back of her throat and i let out a loud moan of pleasure and she sucks and strokes my cock more until she makes me cum in her mouth

but something was different tonight. she wanted me to break her. she straddled my thighs and she let herself down gently onto my cock and she lets out a soft moan and takes me deeper and deeper into her lovely wet pussy. she clenches her muscles and tightens around me

slowly but deep she motions up and down on my cock and i moan softly. she kisses my lips lustfully and lovingly and whispers in my ear that "I want us to be both broken after this, i want it rough and hard and i want you to fuck me as hard as you can"

her words in my ears ringing and ringing she lifts herself off and she grips my cock softly in her hand and takes me upstairs into the bedroom and i push her onto the bed and she gasps with a suprise but with excitement and looks up at me and asks "what are you going to do to me?".. "you'll find out right now, now roll over and get on your hands and knees"

she does just that and obeys when i tell her to do such a thing and she knows i am the only one in charge in the bedroom but she has her way aswell as i do and we love it

i slip up behind her and i slide my hard cock inside her and she gasps with relief again and i grip her hips sliding in and out of her slowly until she reaches round pulling me in ordering for me to go harder so i do as i am asked and pound her hard and grip her hair pulling it and she's in heaven now.

Fucking her hard and deep just how she likes it her juices are just oozing out of her pussy she is just dripping wet holding her hair tight in one hand and reaching to her shoulder pulling her back onto my hard cock so i can get in deeper. Her body rigid and she lets out a huge moan along with the words "i'm coming.. don't stop!!!!!" well this drives me crazy and i go into another gear and another phase i feel the look in my eye burn onto her back and my gaze has changed from this loving man to a just sex crazed animal.

I moan loudly and she knows what's coming and its not me about to cum.

i reposition her she's on her back now me on top with her legs up against my shoulders and i know this is another position she loves. start off slow and then gradually getting deeper and harder (i try and go soft and sensual but my woman always wants it hard and fast all the time)

were both in exstacy now loving the feel of eachother the aroma in the air and the look in each others eyes and i hear her hold back a moan and fill her lungs up with air and lets out the biggest moan ever

This she has never done before and i nodded and slowed my pace down a little the moans going softer and more calmer.. inches away from cumin i moaned and told her i was  gonna cum and she sat up quickly and wrapped her lips around my cock not a second too soon before i started shooting my load and she moaned softly and she sucked and licked my cock to get the most out of it as she could

Watching her remove her lips from my cock she moved back her mouth full of my cum and she smiled and let me watch her swallow everything that there was and she moaned softly and said "i tasted great"

she moved in closer to me and kissed me softly.. the bedroom light is flicked off and i held my woman close she was content, loved, warm and most of all safe in these arms. Watching her drift off into a deep sleep

I close my eyes and i am happy and content also

The following morning since we both have the day off i felt something around my cock.. she was teasing it with her tongue again. she always does that now to wake me up

ah ah ah!!!.. this my friends

Is another story

until next time.........................................
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