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A bus journey to remember

This is my first story i've written, comments and criticisms are welcome.

It is mid November and the weather is cold and miserable, you've recently turned eighteen and are still a virgin, after another day at college you get the public bus home. You've got this bus everyday for the last two years and Its always been busy with old people taking up every seat but recently this bus has been a double decker so you have the entire top row to yourself. So your waiting at the bus stop and as usual the bus is late and your getting colder by the second. Breathing into your hands you try and warm yourself up, when the bus turns around the corner to your delight. You fumble with your wallet as try to get the bus fare and step aboard as it pulls up. As you receive your ticked you take the stairs to the second floor and look around the bus to see what seat your going to take. The bus is fairly empty at the moment and you relish in the fact that you don't have to sit next to a stranger, that's when you notice her.

The first thing you realize is that you never seen her before on the bus, but there she was sitting at the back out of view where no one would notice her. She had no reason to hide she was beautiful, well that's what I thought. You realised she was a student as she has a school bag next to her, a small detail you don't really care about. To describe her in words is difficult; she had gorgeous shoulder length blonde hair which at the moment was tied back into a pony tail, her face had no blemishes no irregularities but was perfectly smooth and natural, a face that some people rarely own. She wasn't dressed inappropriately and indecent but was covered up in a long sleeved red and white striped top with a black jacket on top undone. She wore black tights and a denim skirt that reached half way down her thighs that revealed her skinny legs. The perfect legs to have draped over your own body you think to yourself. Her feet were covered up by thick furry winter boats. To make things even better was the fact that long sleeved top was tight revealing very nice breasts. Seeing as she was wearing a top its hard to imagine for the moment, I don't know about you but I prefer small breasts I believe women with large ones just aren't as attractive as ones with small breasts. Well this girl has c sized breasts that I could tell and she was just sitting there at the back of the bus on her own, so doing the gentleman thing you decide to sit near her on the same row. As you sit she turns her head towards you and does a playful smile. You smile and she turns back and looks out of the window.

After a minute you continue to look at her out of the corner of your eye relishing in every detail of the girl imaging her naked and picturing all different kinds of scenarios in your head, you quickly try to remove these thoughts though as a bulge steadily grows in your trousers and has become apparent. You quickly try to hide it with your hands. You look up and see that the girl is staring at you notice her eyes glance down at your erect penis and she slowly licks her lips and slides over to sit right next to you bringing her bag. You look over at her and your eyes glance down towards her breasts where you can't help but notice two bulges, to your delight you realize she isn't wearing a bra and the bulges are in fact her erect nipples. She leans her head towards you ear and whispers,

"I can't help but notice you looking, do you like what you see?.", she leans back and you start nodding because your speechless. She leans forward again and whispers,

"Do you want me to play with myself right here near all these people?", as she stops speaking she licks you ear and slowly moves her hand towards your inner thigh as she rests her hand on her lap whilst staring at you expecting a response. She starts biting her lower lip, you manage to whisper, "Yes".

You swap seats to hide her from nearby people, you decide to place both of your bags on the seat next to you to discourage anyone else from sitting next to you. As you place the girls bag on your you notice a small purple dildo resting at the top of the bag, you reach in and pick it up and to your surprise its wet. As you lean in closer the girl snatches it out of your hand and playfully starts to lick it. You cock starts to get hard again and the bulge is evident in your trousers.

Now that your facing t he girl she asks you to slowly move her skirt up so she can easily play with herself, you willingly oblige and you reach down towards the top of her skirt and slowly inch by inch move it up her hips. You stop pulling up the skirt just as it reaches her breasts. You reach out to try to get a feel but the girl slaps your hand and tells you no touching. You withdraw your hand and turn your head towards the girls pussy. You now reach and grab the top of her tights and start to pull them down, you then realise that it isn't going to work so you start to pull them apart and they rip, the girl lets out a quiet giggle and moan s through bitten lips. Y ou quickly follow through and remove the tights completely placing them in your bag next to you . Now all thats left are her panties. As you look down a pair of Freya Dotty short knickers are looking back at you, the girl slowly wiggles the panties down towards he feet and takes them off as well as her boots, all the while trying to stay as low as possible as not to be seen by the other passengers and drops them in your lap, you pick them up and to your surprise they are wet already.

Now staring back at you is a shaved pussy not a hair in sight, the purple dildo the girl took off you is now slowly moving towards her pussy and just as it enters she lets out a small moan of delight. You start to feel pre cum coming out of your cock so you decide to unbuckle your belt and pull down your trousers and boxer s until there around your ankles and grab your 6 inch cock, you slowly start to stroke it whilst the girl is fingering herself with the purple dildo. But she asks you not to touch yourself either and for you just to watch the show. By now your doing anything the girl says and just leave your cock out. The girl is now slightly thrusting the dildo inside herself faster now and she's being to moan slightly louder you think thats she nearly about to orgasm when , she suddenly pulls out the dildo and starts licking the juices from it and her hand slowly moves towards her tits has she starts to massage them. She moves the dildo towards your cock and gathers some of the pre cum off the tip and returns it to her hungry pussy. She quickens the pace of her thrusting and her moaning starts to get louder and louder. Y ou get worried that some one might notice and lean towards and start passionately kissing the girl whilst reaching under her top and squeezing her tits. The dildo is now literally flying in and out of her pussy and she starts jerking in her seat, as her orgasm builds up inside her body starts getting tense and her moaning gets more intense. Now her orgasm is building uncontrollably through her body, she can hardly control herself as she jerks forward and slides off the seat, her juices are trickling down her legs as she starts squirting on the seat in front of her. She quickly uses the dildo to lap up the cum off her legs and moves it towards your mouth, you happily suck off the juices and swallow it hole. You look towards you cock th at is quivering out of anticipation and the girls rolls her tongue over her lips and moves down between the seats and moves so she is kneeling in front of you.

Now kneeling directly in front of you she places the cock in both of her hands, she slowly slides her mouth on the head of the penis whilst her tongue gently licks the tip, you moan as the tongue starts to play with the sensitive tip of you penis. She slowly starts moving her head up and down trying to suck out your own juices and you start to feel your cum building up. Horny again the girl reaches for the dildo and starts ramming it in her pussy again as she sucks you off. You feel yourself struggling to hold the cum back but you legs start to shake as you get tense and ready to burst, not able to control yourself you shoot your cum into the girls mouth, you can feel the girl sucking your cock and drinking your cum and this turns you on even more and more cum flows out of your cock straight into the girls mouth.

The girl moves away from your cock and lies down on the floor with her back resting against the side of the bus and pulls you on top of her, she directs you head towards her wet pussy. The smell intoxicates you and you start using your tongue, you've never done this before but your tongue seems to have found the right spot as the girl starts moaning again and begins thrusting her hips in the face insisting that you suck her harder. You place your finger at the entrance of her pussy and slowly start moving it in and out causing the girls juices to trickle out of her pussy. You remove your finger and suck off her juices before placing it back it but fingering her quicker. She starts moaning again and you decide to risk it and using your other hand you move your hand so its behind her and rest it on her asshole, she doesn't object so you push your finger into her ass, she gasps with pleasure and starts moaning again, your now finger both her pussy and arse whilst sucking and licking her pussy. The girl can't handle it much longer and starts thrusting her pussy into your face, she starts moan ing and gasping out of pleasure, with one final thrust she releases the orgasm she had been letting build up inside her out and squirts her juices into your mouth. You greedily start sucking again and swallow the juices as the continue to flow from her pussy.

All this time your cock hard and you can't wait any longer , you pull the girl so she is lying down on the floor with you kneeling above her. Y ou direct you dick to her pussy and you playfully stroke it against her, you then slowly start to push it, her pussy is tight and you slowly force yourself further into her, you keep pushing it in until it hits the back of her pussy and you both gasp and moan as it does. You now start thrusting you hips moving your cock slowly back and forth. You forget about anyone else on the bus and focus on the girl lying on the floor in front of you. You pull the girls top down so her breasts are exposed and grab them in one of your hands and squeeze them. You bend over and gently bite the tip of her nipple, causing the girl to receive countless pleasure to ripple through her body. The girl grabs your head and pulls you towards her mouth and you start to kiss as y ou r cock is smacking the back of her pussy causing her to moan each time between each kiss. As you kiss her s he moans loudly and starts to whisper to you to fuck her harder. You start moving your hips faster and faster, the girls face scrunches up in pain a s your rhythmically fucking her harder and harder. Her eyes suddenly open wide and her hips force themselves up making the moment more pleasurable for you. Y ou feel liquid trickling down your legs and realise the girl has just had yet another orgasm and squirted all over your cock. You continue to fuck her and she starts moaning in pleasure , you starting feeling pressure in your cock as you realise you cum is building up. You start to thrust faster now and the girl is moaning uncontrollably. The girl picks up the dildo off the seat and inserts it into her ass and starts moving it as you continue to fuck her. The build up on c um is too much and you start to whisper repeatedly that your about to c um , the girl insists that you hold on, but you barely can. The girl starts panting now and your both moaning the girls say that she is about to come again, now you can't hold it anymore you shoot your cum inside of her it seems that it isn't ending, now the girl is squirting all over you. She starts moaning in pleasure that she can feel your warm cum building up inside her pussy. You r tired body rests against the girls and your sweat intwines with hers as you kiss passionately.

The girls pulls away from you and your cock is pulled from the girls pussy and becomes hard again, the girl rises an eyebrow in surprise,”Determined aren't you?”. She starts to stand but remains in a crouching position, she reaches around to her ass and pulls out the dildo, she wiggles down her skirt until you can't see her pussy anymore and puts her tits back underneath her top and begins to straightens her hair. As you pull up your boxers and trousers you sit next to the girl and look at her admiringly.

“ That was unbelievable you say”, you say.

“ Pretty good for your first time eh, I could tell. We should do it again some time. Somewhere perhaps less crowded, where we can have some real fun.”

You place your hand on the girls cheek and she pulls your head towards hers and she kisses you on the lips. Unknown to you she slips a piece of paper into your bag with her phone number on it. You sit kissing one another for a moment until the girl pulls away pulls your hand down towards her pussy. You think to yourself how can the girl keep going. Your hand is now creeping up her skirt and you playfully stroke the girls thigh, as you near her pussy your hand starts getting wet and you feel the entrance to her pussy. You slowly push your fingers into her pussy and slowly move them in and out, the girls breath become shallow and quickens. You realise that she was near orgasm already and your little fingering session is all she needs to be pushed off the edge. She grips your arm and rests her mouth on your shoulder and starts to moan into you. You feel her tensing up and quicken the pace to satisfy her, as she lets out one final moan into your shoulder she starts squirting onto your hand as you pull it out of her pussy. You move your hand to your mouth and suck on her juices but she intervenes are moves it to her mouth and greedily sucks as your fingers

“ Thank you”, She whispers..

You both sit there embracing one another, kissing each other when the girl pulls away and presses the button to get off the bus. She laughs at the look of disappointment on your face. She stands to leave and bends over to give you one last kiss on the cheek, she takes the purple dildo from her bag and places it in your lap and whispers,

“ The name is Abi by the way, you promise that you'll bring this back to me ok”, Before you can reply how the girl starts down the aisle to get off the bus. You can't help but notice liquid rolling down her leg from above her skirt, you quickly realise thats its cum. As she starts to take the stairs down she turns back towards you and blows a kiss. You start to worry thinking that it might gain the attention of the people level below but realise that you don't care, you've just had a bus journey that your never going to forget. You just smile to yourself at this unbelievable moment that has happened on the bus.

You get off the bus at the next stop and reach into your bag to take out your iPod, when you stop for a moment and take a look at the treasures from your bus time fun; a dildo with the girls juices on it, a wet pair of knickers and a piece of paper. You open the piece of paper and realise its the girls phone number. You make your way home with the promise of amazing times to com e.

Thank you for reading!

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