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A Business Meeting That Turned Out To Be More

A business meeting and a follow-up encounter

Living in Southern California gives a man a lot of opportunities to meet lots of beautiful girls. I had recently moved in with a buddy of mine in a large house with two other guys I had never met. The house was nice with a great hot tub and pool in the backyard. During one of the many housewarming parties, we agreed to each bring a girl we were hooking up with and as many others as we could. I had been hooking up with a good-looking girl for the first few weeks so I brought her along; we also had a few friends show up to our pool party and we were having a great time. I was freshly twenty-one and was in the prime of my physical appearance and had no problems picking up girls. This made these pool parties fun because I enjoyed getting attention from new girls.

To go back a little, I had just gotten a job as a nutritionist and was selling supplements to people I met. It's never a good idea to offer girls I was trying to hook up with nutrition supplies for obvious reasons, but that didn't stop some from asking for samples. I can remember it like yesterday when my new roommate walked in with this more-than-stunning Latina bombshell. She walked in wearing this revealing but elegant yellow skirt, and had straight black hair. She must have weighed about one hundred ten pounds and was only about five-foot-four. My dream girl, if I were to describe her. We ate some food and had some drinks before heading out for our Sunday fun day in the pool. There were lots of girls and guys enjoying the pool and jumping off the roof into the deep end. 

I noticed a few times that she would stare at me when I walked into the same room and it wasn't until I was alone and the girl I brought was in the pool that she approached me and introduced herself. We stood in the kitchen with me in just my swim trunks and her in her tiny black bikini. Being so close to her I realized just how petite and tight her body was. Her smile and her personality all seemed to fit with what I wanted. The conversation, in my mind, was just casual and I did not have any expectations since we both had other people at the party we had come with. We made small talk about what we do and where we work and she seemed really interested in learning more about my supplements. Because it was a party I did not want to bother her with business so I gave her my number and told her to call me and we could talk more about supplements.

We returned to the party and soon the party was dying down; most everyone had left and my girl along with my roommate's girl had both left. I was returning from the shower when my phone went off with a text message. The message was from the girl in the yellow dress and she asked if I could meet her to discuss the supplements tonight since her week would be busy with work. Being professional and wanting the commission, I agreed. Since it was only mid-afternoon I thought, what the heck, I have nothing else to do. I quickly changed and got my supplies and headed out the door. She asked me to just meet her at her apartment and we could have a drink and talk about nutrition.

I arrived and was greeted at the door by the girl now wearing a skirt and a tank top. She had two dogs, both of which didn't even get up when I walked in. She offered me a glass of wine and we sat on the couch; we started talking and I told her I had brought a few pamphlets and samples. She stopped me shortly after I set the bag down on the floor and told me she was sorry but she was not interested in any supplements. She said she wanted to get me there and I soon realized when she scooted close to me that she wanted me. She leaned in, set her and my glasses down, and started kissing me. She tasted and smelled so good I kissed her back long and hard.

Our tongues were soon entangled as she straddled my legs and I massaged her back and hips and soon ran my hands down the crest of her ass. She had her hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her and grinding into my stomach. I slowly pulled her skirt up to reveal a tiny g-string that did nothing more than make me harder. I moved my lips down her neck and lifted her up so I could kiss her shoulders and pulled her straps down her arms. It was so hot to be kissing and caressing this gorgeous dream girl and it was getting so hot. 

I had one hand on her tight ass squeezing and massaging and the other hand was now pulling her tank top over her arm to reveal her tits. Her boobs were a perfect handful with perfect nipples that my mouth found very nice. I was licking and nibbling her nipples when she reached around and grabbed my hard cock through my shorts. In California I never wore underwear and it was evident she knew this because she easily unzipped my shorts and pulled out my hard dick. She started stroking me while I kissed her tits. Her moans grew louder and I knew she wanted my dick inside her. She whispered that she wanted to go to bed and I picked her up and carried her through the door to find the bed. I tossed her on the bed and pulled her skirt and thong off, and she pulled her shirt off. I stood up and admired this girl as she lay naked and sprawled on the bed. I pulled my shorts off and couldn't resist anymore.

I crawled between her legs and pressed my hard cock against her tight pussy. She was so wet, but I was so hard that it took a few seconds to get my big head inside her pussy. It felt so amazing as every inch slid inside and she wrapped her arms around me and moaned in pleasure as she felt my bare dick enter her body. I kissed her so hard and began to fuck her harder. Our bodies were glistening in sweat as we passionately fucked. I fucked her from on top for a few minutes as she came multiple times, then she got up, turned around and let me fuck her from behind. I had to stop for a few seconds when she reached underneath and started playing with my balls. She then turned her eyes on me as she reached even further and slid a finger over my ass hole. I had only had a girl touch my ass hole once and I knew this was going to make me cum. I began fucking her harder and her eyes knew I was about to cum. Her fingers teased my ass as my cock slid deeper and harder inside.

I felt my orgasm was coming soon and she began cumming again. She told me she wanted me to pull out and I knew just where I would cum. She finished cumming hard and I pulled out and shot a huge stream on her ass and back. I was cumming so hard that it landed on her neck and back and dropped down her ass crack. After I finished cumming we both lay down, spent from the hottest sex I had ever had. Once we cleaned up I knew we would do this again. I left after giving her a big kiss that I knew left her wanting more. Unfortunately, when I arrived home I realized I wanted more and still had a raging hard-on.

Since it was still only about 8:00 pm I did what I felt I wanted and I called my other hookup that I had brought to the party, and she eagerly arrived for a night of good fucking. I fucked her but in the end, it was never as good as the girl in the yellow dress.

Thank goodness for that job because we fucked and had the best summer of my life. We fucked everywhere and in every position. She even let me fuck her in her tight ass for about a year until I left California for good. This will always be my greatest fuck ever.


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