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A Business Trip Interlude

He told her over lunch he thought they should see each other naked

Em had always found it difficult to resist a straight-out proposition from someone she was enjoying lunch or dinner with one-on-one and with whom she had established some empathy. Sometimes she wondered briefly whether this was entirely proper. Mostly she put this unworthy thought out of her head immediately.

Even if she didn’t, even if the thought lingered which it sometimes did and which was always very sexy, she usually ended up with an urgently ardent new cock between her legs.

So when Fyodor, whom she had met on a two-day business trip to the other side of the country, invited her to lunch she was already expecting to meet his cock. Such anticipation always hardened her nipples and moistened her pussy, even if in the end she turned the man down. It was lovely to be desired.

She had no intention of turning Fyodor down, however. He would be the first Russian to win entry rights to her pussy. This prospect had excited her so much the night before that Vic the Vibrator had played Russian lover in her bed and she had come very hotly indeed.

Afterwards she had reviewed her European collection. It featured seven Britons, one Irishman, three French, one German, three Italians, a Spaniard, a Surinamese Dutchman, a Dane, a Norwegian and a Greek. She decided that a Russian should be added.

This was simply Em’s European collection. The full collection included a dozen Australians, one New Zealander, a South African who had made love to her in Afrikaans and one who did so in Zulu, five Americans, three of them excitingly long and black, three Japanese, two Chinese, three Argentines, a Chilean, two Brazilians, and five Indonesians. She was quite proud of her international collection.

The full list numbered fifty-six. Fyodor would be number fifty-seven. Em reasoned that if you divided this number by the fifteen years she had been indulging herself it was only a modest three point seven a year.

Besides, Fyodor had a wonderful sense of humour. Ambrose had once told her that contrary to much of the literature on the subject Russians did indeed like a laugh. She had been pleased to establish that yet again Ambrose was right.

Fyodor also had a big and strong body, which was one of Em’s essential markers for fuck candidates. He was well travelled, too, indicating that a world view would have modified the stay-at-home Russian psyche.

First thing that morning she had called her secretary and told her she needed to stay one more night and to make the required travel booking changes. She would fly home late the next day.

Then she rang Ambrose and told him the same.

She had dressed carefully for this lunch, which was to be taken in the break in the conference they were both attending. It was a warm day and they were to eat al fresco by the river.

She chose a little flowery knee-length dress with a crossover top that revealed what her mother might suggest was an immodest amount of cleavage. It was in a very light fabric and she was pleased that, as she walked to their lunch venue, the light breeze had flicked up her hem nicely a couple of times. Not quite to no-knickers point, but close enough.

She was also wearing charcoal thigh-high stay-ups. Em loved to feel sexy.

Feeling sexy was enhanced this day by the presence beneath her dress of a very tiny but astonishingly effective push-up bra. It was black and lacy and like her dress absolutely unable to hide hardened, raised nipples.

She was also wearing her currently most-favoured play string. This was simply a thin length of black lace around her hips with a tiny V of red lace tassels hanging loose at the front. She had bought it in a sex shop in Tokyo on a business trip and had tried it out on a Japanese businessman with spectacular success the same night.

It always worked very well. Once play began it hid nothing. That was how she liked it.

It had most recently re-proved itself one Saturday afternoon the previous month when she had visited a hotel in her own city to see a fly-in visitor for whom she was seriously hot.

He had discovered her sexy little secret just after they started foreplay and he had fucked her immediately, ripping off her dress and bra as he did so. The little string stayed on, exciting both of them. It had stayed on for their hotly immediate follow-up fuck as well.

Not hidden by her little string was the ultra-thin line of dark hair she was currently keeping above her pussy. It was an eighth of an inch wide and two inches long.

Em was seriously aroused by the time she had walked to their lunch venue. Fyodor was already there. He stood up and pulled out the chair next to him for her. As he did so he undressed her with his eyes and said, “Welcome. You look lovely.”

He was an attentive host. He was paying for the lunch, naturally. They ordered lightly but well. Over the salad starters, Fyodor said to Em, “I am sure you have a beautiful body and a very hot pussy. Also your nipples are very plainly erect and hard, which I find irresistible.

“Forgive me for being so forward but I really think we should see each other naked.”

Em looked at him over the top of her killer sun glasses and stared. Fyodor began to look alarmed.

Then Em laughed and said, “It won't be quite naked Fyodor, at least not the first time. I’m not wearing panties, just a little tasselled string that will arouse you hugely. And I would certainly like to have your tongue and your cock in my pussy.”

Fyodor got an instant bulge in his bespoke trousers. He licked his lips and Em thought that, poor man, they must have suddenly become very dry. He said, “You too are very forward which I find arousing. When shall you have both my tongue and my cock in your pussy?”

Em considered this question. While she did so she took Fyodor’s hand and slipped it up her dress, past the top of her charcoal stay-ups, across the cool flesh of her inside thighs and into the hot wetness of her open pussy.

He gave her a surprised look, then found her clit with a finger and played her until she came. Em did this decorously and surprisingly quietly. She also did this very quickly. Fyodor withdrew his finger and tasted it.

He said, “I think as soon as possible, Em.”

Em said, “Let’s cancel lunch and go and fuck each other quickly, your room or mine. Then after that dinner tonight we can blow each other apart again, perhaps several times. Plus I have cancelled my morning flight home tomorrow. We could blow lunch again.”

She laughed. Fyodor looked at her and said, “You are an extraordinary woman.”

Em smiled at him. “I make a lot of noise when I’m coming too.”

Fyodor said, “Let’s go.”

He paid the bill and excused their sudden departure as being because something that had come up suddenly. Like Em, it seemed, he liked to stick with the literal truth when telling fibs.

Em was by this time almost panting for it. They walked briskly back to the hotel. In the lift going up to the thirty-third floor where his room was, Fyodor knelt, pushed up her dress and hotly licked her pussy.

Em made noises and fervently hoped there wasn’t a security camera in the lift.

He broke off just before the lift stopped but there was no one in the corridor so he put his hand up Em’s skirt, grabbed her naked ass gently and propelled her along the corridor to his door.

Em’s knees went weak when while he doing this when he slipped two fingers into her pussy and simultaneously probed her hot mouth with his urgent tongue.

Somehow he got the door to his room unlocked. He held it open with a foot and took Em’s dress and bra off. She felt seriously hot standing in the corridor in just her heels, stockings and little tasselled hip string. He licked and bit her nipples.

Em tore at his trousers, opening his zip and pulling his shorts down. His hot rod found her hand immediately. It was huge. It was hairless, obviously waxed regularly. It was very hard. And it would be thrusting its way inside her within seconds. She uttered an anticipatory moan.

Fyodor moved them inside and let the door close itself. He fully opened his trousers and let them fall as he stood. His boxer shorts followed. Em had ripped off his tie and opened his shirt by this time. She kissed his hairy chest and bit his nipples.

He lifted her feet from the floor and she clamped her stocking clad legs around his hips. He entered her with force and fucked her very fast. Her little breasts with their come-on upturned nipples were jigging in time with his thrusts. Her flying tassels were exciting both her tiny little landing strip and pussy and Fyodor’s thick black bush and rampant cock.

She looked at his cock. It was huge as it plunged in and out of her. It was certainly the biggest she’d seen that wasn’t owned by a black man. She felt as if it was stretching her vagina to its maximum. It was certainly filling the full length of it. She came screaming his name. Then Fyodor came with a string of Russian oaths and hot gouts of Russian cum.

After it was over he carried her gently to his bed and took off her high heels and her stockings. He left the little string on but flicked the tassels up to expose her landing strip and pussy.

He kissed, nibbled and licked every inch of her from her toes to the crown of her head. She came again when he kissed, nibbled and licked her open pussy.

Then his cock stirred again and she said to him, “Roll over.” He looked at her with smoky lust and did so. Em straddled him sixty-nine style. She placed herself so that her still leaking pussy was directly above his mouth.

She unclipped her little string and, stretching it a little, clipped it around Fyodor’s pelvis so that his cock, now fully erect again, thrust urgently through the tassels. He shouted, “So hot, so hot!”

Em whispered to him, “And now you’re going to come in my mouth.” She went down on him, her tongue moistening his massive shaft first, then her lips kissing its entire length, and then her teeth clamped tightly around it.

She gave him her hot Saturday night special, a tightly rapid oral masturbation which a number of lucky men had nearly died for. Fyodor made beautiful noises. It took her two minutes to mouth-fuck him to orgasm and to feel the hot sticky shock of his hot cum spurting from the tip of his pulsing cock in her mouth. He made even more beautiful man noises then.

Then she came, also loudly and on fire with passion, on the tip of his hot probing tongue that had been fully inside her hot cunt, exciting her beyond measure, while she gave him the blow job.

They met again after dinner that evening. This time Em had nothing on at all beneath her little black dress and she had already made no-evening-call excuses at home. She fucked Fyodor and he fucked her through the night in her bed, four times in all and once for breakfast as a bonus

They skipped lunch again, too.

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