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A Calendar Christmas

We arrived at the cabin late Friday afternoon. Our friends, Mike and Molly, had won a trip for four to a Colorado cabin resort in a television contest and invited my husband, Eric, and I along as their plus two. We were thrilled. We decided to go the week after Thanksgiving, that way we all had our Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings unimpeded. We got out of the car and began unloading our things, the men trailing behind us and complaining about carrying most of the load.

“It’s not all that bad boys. After all you get to stare at the two finest asses in Colorado.” Molly said back to them as she shimmed and popped hers to tease our husbands.

“She’s got us there Mike. It does seem fair payment.” Eric remarked.

“Excuse me?” I turned to gaze accusingly at my husband. “What are you doing staring at another woman’s rear when you should be enjoying the view of mine?”

“They invited us on vacation honey. I’m simply enjoying all of the sights while we’re here.” He smiled and winked back.

“You better enjoy the sights while you can then. Keep it up and it may just be all the ass you get to view this week.” We all laughed and continued on into the cabin.

The inside looked amazing and even bigger than you would have thought from the outside. It had two floors with a large common area with a fireplace, a kitchen toward the back of the building with a dining room and four bedrooms upstairs each with a private balcony and shared bathrooms. It was intended for larger families, but in a way we lucked out in that it was one of the few cabin’s left available when we made our reservations. We settled into our rooms and unpacked our clothes and other belongings and stretched out our muscles from the plane and car rides to the mountains.

“So think we’ll be able to make our photo appointments this weekend?” Eric asked.

“We better. We won’t be able to get the photos selected and prepared in time for us to exchange our gifts on Christmas otherwise.”

Eric and I had already chosen each other’s gifts for Christmas. We were each going to make custom calendars, sexy calendars. We had gotten the idea from a TV show that had interviewed several wives that had hired professional photographers to take pictures of them in lingerie and other various states of undress and then use the photos to make a calendar for their husbands to hang up in their bedroom, or even their private offices. Each month with a different picture of their wife on display just for them. We were both having pictures taken. I saw no reason why I should be left out from the sexy gifts and requested one of my own. My hubby was a hunk and I was looking forward to seeing him on display on the bedroom wall throughout the year. Eric’s dad was a manager at a printing company and we had asked if he would be able to help us put everything together and print the calendars there to save money. The unexpected invitation by our friends here put a hiccup in our plans to make time for photo sessions and have everything prepared to make the calendars in time, but Eric and I figured out a way to get them done this weekend while here in the mountains.

“You guys ready to get something to eat?” Molly asked as she walked into the room.

“Sure, we’ll meet you at the door in just a moment.”

After we rebundled ourselves in our winter garb we met outside the front of the cabin and stood between the two log columns of the entry way as we took in the view before us. The sun was just beginning to set over the mountaintops, casting light onto the valley below in a golden glow.

“Wow, that’s where we get to ski down to?” Molly gasped. “I hope it looks as beautiful when you’re in the middle of it as it does from up here.”

“Well, we’ll get to find out tomorrow morning for our ski lessons. They start at 8am so we’ll need to get a good night’s sleep if we’re to avoid crashing into any of those trees.” Mike explained.

“Not wasting any time are we?” Eric quipped.

“Why waste what we can enjoy? Now let’s eat!” Mike took the lead as we walked down to the resort’s restaurant.

We ate dinner and talked about the schedule layout of the weekend, when instructors were available, when shops in town would be open, etc. When we arrived back at the cabin after dinner we were all exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep to rid us of our travel fatigue; the ski lessons in the morning were sure to be a challenge to us all. After changing into my pajamas I looked out the glass double doors that lead out onto the balcony. Clouds had just moved in and began to drop a fresh fall of snow, hiding the light of the moon and making the valley below impossible to see. Eric walked up behind me and pulled the waistband of my pajama bottoms from my back.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Enjoying the view.”

“The view is out there mister.”

“Not from where I’m standing it’s not.”

I giggled and turned to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck and looking into his beautiful green eyes, filled with so much love for me. I pulled his head down and met his lips to mine in a kiss. He wrapped one arm around my back and used the other to cup my ass in his large hand and lift me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist once my feet were clear of the floor and he carried me to the bed where we made love before falling into blissful sleep.

The next day was full of fun on the slopes; both Eric and Mike skied off the trail into the trees. Molly and me fared better at staying on the path but constantly kept falling on our butts, the snow not as soft as we would have liked to break our falls. Everyone was sore all over by the time we made it back to the cabin late in the day. It wasn’t until almost eight in the evening that I was able to meet with the photographer for my session. We went ahead and set everything up in our room, hoping that we would be able to get my shots done by tonight and then find the time to do Eric’s in the next two days.

It was nearing 10 o’clock and we only had two months left to shoot. I was quite pleased with what we had done so far. February had me in red and pink lacey underwear; for April I had chosen bunny ears and tail with fancy cuffs and collar similar to a Playboy bunny, along with black bra and panties to go with the Easter theme; May had me in the Slave Leia gold bikini to fit with the “May the 4 th be with you” pun; for October I put on a red corset that barely cupped enough of my C cups to hide my nipples, with matching red panties, garter belt and stockings, high heels, with devil horns and a whip; I hadn’t quite decided what to do for September yet, that was Eric’s birth month and was saving that for last. I was contemplating on perhaps just doing the picture for that in my birthday suit, but was a bit worried about letting the cameraman see me completely in the buff.

Now I was kneeling and posing on the bed in my “honeymoon” outfit, white lace bra and panties with white stockings and garter belt that had a semi-circle of a wedding dress like train, made of a sheer material, that reached from hip to hip around my back and ended to just above my knee. The whole thing was topped off with a small veil crowned atop my head, my long brown hair had no issue flowing beyond it’s bounds but it was simple enough to give me an air of regality when combined with everything else. Eric simply went wild the first time he saw me dressed in this on our wedding night and he can’t resist me in it even now. It’s his favorite outfit that I own and I thought it could be used best in the calendar making me look like a December snow queen. Even I liked the way it made me look. Moving to the mirror for more pictures and looking at my reflection I remembered what it felt like presenting myself to my new husband some hours after we had exchanged our vows and how it felt shortly after to be together as husband and wife for the first time.

My panties were beginning to get soaked and there was no doubt that they could be seen by the cameraman, who seemed to enjoy my honeymoon outfit as well. He had been sporting a bulge in his pants most of the night since we started, which I was quite appreciative of, but now it was growing and I was becoming impressed at the size it was reaching.

“My goodness Raina, your husband is a lucky man.” The photographer complimented as he continued to click away with his camera.

I blushed and replied with a quiet, “Thank you.” Then turned to sit on a cushioned bench, my legs having gone a bit weak at this handsome man’s smile.

He pulled out another camera from his bag, placed it on a tripod and after fiddling with it a bit returned to snapping pictures with the first camera. A little closer than most of his other shots it seemed.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, a little nervous at his new proximity.

“What? No, no, everything is fine. Why?”

“I just don’t remember you getting this close for the other pictures before.”

“Oh, sorry. It’s the train. The material isn’t quite as see through in these lights to get a good shot of your bottom to compare with the others. Would you mind if I lifted it and get a couple of shots? You may not even want to use them with what we’ve already got, but you may still want the option.”

“Well… I suppose. I do want to have as many options as possible.” I said shakily and bent over the bench seat. He smiled that intoxicating smile of his again.

He reached out and lifted my garter’s train and I heard the clicks of the camera as he snapped away. Then I heard him gasp.

“What is it?”

“Sorry, it’s just… well… you’ve soaked through your underwear so that it’s see through. I can take some close ups of you there if you’d like, we can place smaller pictures under the main, give him more to look at.”

“More options?”


“Ok.” I agreed wistfully.

He pulled the train over to rest on my back and his hand trailed back down to caress the cheeks of my ass, sending shivers through my body. As he took my close up his hand stayed on my body and it strayed between my legs.

I gasped, “NO! Stop that.”

“Don’t worry, I just want to get some bare shots of you. Just incase. You know, more options.” He hooked his finger inside my panties and pulled them aside to expose my wet pussy.

“Stop it! You shouldn’t be seeing that. Ohhmm!” I moaned when he slid a finger inside my moist slit.

“My god you’re absolutely dripping. I bet your husband enjoys giving you a good tongue lashing.”

“Stop it now! This has gone to far.” I turned to sit and face him, his head was between my legs and only inches from my still exposed slit. What I saw in his green eyes was a commanding predatory lust and I doubted I had the strength to resist him, or even the will to want to. I should have stopped this much sooner.

“You’re right. This has gone to far. And I don’t plan on turning back now.” He lunged forward and covered my cunt with his mouth and began licking at my engorged lips and clit with abandon.

“OOOHHH! NNNnnooohhh! No! Oh that feels so good. Stop it! Oh you horrible man! Where did you learn to do that? Get away from me! Oh my god yes!”

I tried to back away from him but his tongue already found the controls to my legs from inside my cunt, placing them over his shoulders. I moved my hands down and grabbed and handful of his hair to push his head away but instead they pushed him against me further as my hips hunched against his face urging his tongue deeper inside me. As much as my mind wanted to him to stop my body simply wasn’t willing to stop the pleasure he was giving me. It was only moments later when this man’s oral talents had me bathing his face in copious amounts of my womanly juices. I was allowed a few moments of reprieve lying across the cushioned bench with my eyes closed before he spoke.

“You enjoyed that.”

“I didn’t.” I feebly denied. He laughed defiantly.

“Well you’re sure to really like this then.” I opened my eyes to find that he was now naked and poised at the entrance to my love tunnel was a long, thick cock. My jaw dropped and I looked back up at his face, that smile was back. “Enjoy.” He thrust in.


I was still sensitive from when I came earlier and having that fine piece of meat enter me felt exquisite. He was controlled, he was urgent, he was gentle, he was good. He kept me in the throws of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like ages before he finally joined me, releasing blast after thick blast of his man cream into my womb. When we calmed down from our mutual high, he leaned down and kissed me.

“That’s what we’ll use for September.”

“What?” I asked not understanding in my orgasmic hazed state.

“The picture for September. I want it to be of you cumming just now. You never look more beautiful than when you’re in orgasm.”

“But how did you get the picture?”

“I set the camera on the tripod for video record, I can go back and freeze frame and cut it for a still photo from that.” I smiled at my husband’s cleverness then looked toward the bed.

“If you can carry me to the bed over there and fuck me again like you just did then you have yourself a deal mister.” He easily lifted me off the bench, his still hard cock in my cunt, and we made love for the second night in a row on that bed.

Early the next morning I stepped out onto the balcony in a robe and slippers and looked out to the valley below. It was blanketed in a fog that the sun couldn’t penetrate, even most of the snow covered cabins on the hillside below us were difficult to see, but it was a beautiful sight nevertheless. Eric walked up behind me a few moments later and wrapped me up in his arms.

“You’re naked.” I said accusingly, “go put something on or you’ll freeze to death.”

“I’m always warmed up whenever I’m around you.” Judging by what I felt poking me from behind, something sure wasn’t being deterred by the cold weather.

“Mike and Molly must think we’re animals.”

“I think I heard them making some animal noises of their own between your moans last night. I’m sure they don’t mind.” He kissed me along my neck.

“Someone will see you out here.”

“We’re in the higher cabins. No one will be looking up at us when they have a view like that down below.” I smiled naughtily as I got an idea about giving them something to look at. I turned to give him a quick kiss and dropped my robe at my feet, my nipples showing off hard and erect from more than just the cold. I knelt in front of my husband, looking him in the eyes hoping I showed the same lust in mine that he had last night while gently stroking his cock with my fingertips.

“You really should put him somewhere warm. We wouldn’t want him to get frostbite.” He stroked a hand through my long hair.

“You have any suggestions?” I nodded my head, my mouth opened wide.

“Uh-huh” I uttered as I stuffed my mouth full of cock meat, a trickle of precum hitting my tongue.

What a wonderful way to start the holidays. I thought to myself.

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