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A Camp With A Difference

A Cheeky Drama

Man eater Kate strikes again, her confidence and gutsy panache know no bounds as she sets upon her prey. She is ten times more confident and daring than I have ever been and always gets her man …


I packed my rucksack with a few essentials and threw it into the passenger seat of the pick-up. I fired up the gutsy engine and pulled out of the drive. I drove about five miles and took the slip road for the main trunk route. I was heading due north and reckoned my journey would take around four hours, give or take a half hour.

My phone was switched off, I was unreachable for the foreseeable. I had already called my boss and arranged a few days break. I flicked the radio on and the traffic report was coming through, not good news. My route was pretty congested and delays were probable. Shit, … it would mean a heavy detour but I’d have to chance it. The pick-up could cope no problem with it’s off-road tyres and the suspension was tailor made for uneven terrain.

I drove at a steady speed, I had three quarters of a tank of fuel which should take me there and most of the way back. The sun was just starting to appear over the horizon and it hung like a water colour image in the morning sky. Beautiful it was and so calming. I kind of liked my own company and was looking forward to a few days in remote mountain countryside. Good thing I had brought my vibrator with me. Three days is a long time.

A few hours later I was pretty hungry and I pulled into a small town on my route. I was glad to get off the rocky terrain. I parked on the street in front of a hardware store and eased myself out of the pick-up. After flexing my muscles I glanced up and down the street, it was darn quiet. You know the type of place, dead with a capital D. I walked for about fifty yards and stopped at a diner. The menu looked appetising, so in I went and grabbed myself a seat.

I ordered the all day breakfast, it should keep me going till later. It was still early and the little diner was pretty quiet. There was only me and some guy sitting by the window sipping a cup of coffee. I reckoned he was early to mid forties and pretty handsome in a rugged kind of way with dark eyes and an honest face. He had clocked me the minute I walked in the door. The guy was staring now, I gave him a nod, by way of a friendly greeting. He nodded back and started to come over.

“Just passing through?” he said in a rich gravely voice.

“Yeah, … heading north, got another hours drive ahead of me.”

He stood assessing me before he spoke again. “Name’s Josh, I run the holiday camp on the road out of town.” he said extending a big rough hand.

“Hi, … I’m Kate, I was hoping to rent a room up country.” I said accepting his hand, he held onto mine a moment too long and penetrated my stare.

“Why not stay at my holiday camp instead?” he said raising an eyebrow.

He had caught me off guard and I guess it sounded like a good idea. “Maybe.” I said, I kind of liked him.

“Good rates.” he said turning to go. “Call in on your way past.”

Crikey, … was that an offer I couldn’t refuse? It would kind of scupper my plans but what the hell, in for a penny in for a pound. I hungrily ate my breakfast and paid the bill.

Once outside, I stood for more than a minute wondering what to do. I fired up the engine of the pick-up and it sprang into life. The entrance to the camp was four hundred yards or so out of town. On a whim I indicated left and turned in. Josh was gazing at a computer screen as I entered the small reception. From what I could see he was naked from the waist up. Quick work, and I hadn’t even asked him to strip, … yet. I wasn’t sure what was going on and eyed him with suspicion.

“Kate, … got a nice log cabin for you overlooking the bay.” he said handing me the key.

“Great.” I said and suddenly noticed the key-fob which read - Sunny Bay Nudist Camp.

Josh smiled and stood with his big hands on the counter. “You can undress here if you like.”

“Ah, … okay then.” I said, avoiding his gaze.

I turned very shy all of a sudden, but started to undress non the less. Firstly taking off my walking boots, then my moleskin trousers. Just then I glanced up and Josh was still watching me.

“Enjoying the view?” I said with an irritated fleeting look.

“Yup, … you carry on … don’t mind me.” He said with a wink.

Now I was shoving my garments into the rucksack in irritation but was also kind of turned on at the same time. I continued to undress, pulling my shirt off and my thick hiking socks which just left my bra and panties. I glanced up again and he was still fucking watching me. My pussy was throbbing by this time as I took a deep breath and unhooked my bra in one expert manoeuvre. My boobs hung loose and my nipples hardened at the cooler air. I could see Josh in my peripheral vision as his hand dropped below the counter. And I really didn’t want to know what he was doing. I pulled my panties down my long legs with my thumbs and flicked them into the rucksack. Job done. Crikey, this nudity malarkey was making me feel pretty horny. An excited feeling had swept through me and I felt the wetness of my vaginal juices as I walked to the exit.

As Josh walked out from behind the counter, my eyes darted to his naked body. I looked him up and down and again, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Two hundred pounds of prime beef and a nice dick. Perfect. He offered to carry my rucksack to the cabin and I accepted. I watched his ass the whole way and wondered what it would be like to run my hand over it. Perhaps I would find out. I have to say I was fizzing with anticipation and could hardly wait to see what would happen next.

Once inside the cabin he showed me around and stood too damn close as my pussy lips smarted with an electrical buzz. I noted he wasn’t wearing a wedding band, but I suppose that went for nothing. His well toned body was sending our signals to me. He brushed my left breast with a muscular arm as he demonstrated the heating. And I jolt of desire swept through me. All I really wanted to do was grab hold of his dick and run my hand over that damn fine ass. Why don’t you just sit down here next to me Josh, I thought to myself. Bet you don’t see many desirable women here in this sleepy little back-water town? So when was your last proper date? Last month, you say. Why don’t we remedy that little situation right now? And then I woke from my haze. Wet and very wanting.

“That’s pretty much it.” he was saying. “Come down to the Spa later if you like, and you can have a dip in the hot tub.”

“You know Josh, try and stop me.” I said with a smile. “Hope you’ll be there too?”

“You bet.” he said.

Crikey, … my hands were trembling. I was really looked forward to that. It suddenly struck me that nobody knew my location. And I didn’t know where the heck this place was, it didn’t seem to be on the map. Plus there was no phone reception, I was completely out of radar and cut off. A slight panic was welling up inside me. But it also felt damn exciting as another wave of fervent anticipation swept through me.

A was hoping to spot some birds of prey on my trip, but there was still time left for all of that. I gazed out the picture window and looked onto Lock Fyne, it was so beautiful in the mid morning sun, as the light reflected off the glistening blue waters.

Later on that day …

“You know Josh, this is a pretty nifty little place you have here.” I said touching his shoulder as we sat in the hot tub.

“Thanks, I worked off shore for a few years before buying this little place.”

“Really.” I said gazing around me. You know I never noticed those other folks sitting over by the pool earlier. Two couples by the looks of things and having a great time laughing and joking in their full nakedness. They seemed to be watching us and were having a few glasses of wine. Which reminded me, I leant over and picked up my glass of Spanish Rioja and took a few sips. Delicious. Was that my second or third? You know I really couldn’t remember.

After a while the folks came over and joined us in the hot tub. Nice bodies, very fit. They seemed pleasant and started some small talk. My name, oh it’s Kate. And they were Ron and Julie and Mike and Angie. Very nice to meet you all. After ten minutes or so the two couples started kissing, real passionate like, but keeping to there own partner. I could only watch with my pussy throbbing in wanting anticipation. I felt as if I was in a dream, it was a completely surreal experience. Josh had moved closer now and was gazing longingly at my shapely boobs. God, … I couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned to him and French kissed him to within an inch of his tonsils. He seemed to like it though and pressed his hard-on up against me. Wow, … what a brute. I could almost hear it growl.

Lesson 1 - Don’t write cheques your cock can’t cash. Lesson 2 - Making me come before you is a rule of thumb. Lesson three - Can’t remember, but I’ll tell you later.

A thought suddenly crossed my mind, it would be kind of hard to fuck in here. I mulled the thought over in my over productive mind as Josh slipped his thumb into my excited pussy. It felt so fucking good as he worked it in a circular motion. We were in a sort of a clinch now as I stroked the length of his pulsating dick, and extended my fingers to his balls. He groaned as I massaged them and then he stuck his middle finger up my ass, working both his finger and thumb in unison. Wow, … nice feeling. He toyed with my nipples and I felt my orgasm build and increase. The sight of the two other couples getting it on was really working me up, combined with the red wine which always makes me so horny.

I was still trying to work out how we were going to fuck in here, as I really wanted it to happen quite soon. Like in the next five minutes. Foreplay is all well and good but when you’re real hungry for it, it’s got to happen like now.

God, … Ron and Julie were really pumping and grinding, and … I understood now. You hang onto the grab handles at the side of tub and … just do it. I levered myself onto Josh’ s lap and straddled his cock. He smiled at me thinking all his birthdays had come at once. My pussy was in position and he pushed his cock right in, - text book scenario. You know Josh was really quite gorgeous from this angle. I’ll bet he’s broken a few hearts in his time. I teased his lips with my tongue as we moved back and forth, his dick was so damn hard I could feel every ripple on it.

“Kate, … you’ve got terrific tits.” he said with a cheeky smirk.

“Thanks J, can I call you that?”

“You can call me anything you please, just keep riding my dick like that.” he said with a lustful grin.

I was doing a nice little gyration and taking the length of him. His big hands were on my ass and pushing me back and forth. He was moving with me and taking my tongue in his mouth every time I moved forward. I could see Mike and Angie in my peripheral vision and they were watching J and me do our stuff. A big turn on for me, my arousal was peeking. My orgasm was building up big time, as I closed my eyes to savour the whole damn thing. We moved faster and harder, my hands clasping J’ s thighs with vigour.

J’ s cock seemed to be getting bigger inside me with each passing thrust. He was stroking my curvaceous breasts and kissing me with such raw passion now, as I fought to stave off my orgasm for a little bit longer. The weightless feeling was adding to my immense pleasure as the water bubbled all around us. I was groaning now like never before and calling his name as his shaft plunged into me for all it was worth. Our breathing was becoming laboured and my face getting redder.

I kissed him deeply as he held me closer now. God, … what a great kisser he was. The heat of the tub was making us both so frisky as we let ourselves go completely lost in each other. He was grinding his cock into me so intensely I almost lost myself there and then.

Wow, … I was on the crest of a wave now and I was being swept away. And then it hit me full force. I was coming … I panted in small breaths as a massive orgasm took over. It racked me in a swirling wave, sweeping through me in convulsive spasms. I was lost as the wonderful feeling spread through my veins leaving me motionless.

J continued to move his cock inside me giving sharp forceful thrusts as he too came with as much fury as I have ever witnessed. Shooting his ribbon of semen deep into me. He gave a few forward thrusts as his cum continued to engorge my pussy. I could see it’s silvery thread leek out and coat our spent bodies. I’ve got to say I had a tear in my eye as our bodies went limp, clutching each other in our post orgasm exhaustion. We sat there sweating and giggling, glad to be free of the pent up randiness.

Oh, … and before I forget. Lesson 3 - Do it like you mean it!!

I was now completely oblivious to the others and lay back with a self satisfied look on my face. I finished my Spanish Rioja and took off to shower away the smell of glorious rampant sex. J followed and we flirted hopelessly in the shower, soaping each others delicious naked bodies as we planted little butterfly kissed all over each other. I still felt pretty hot as he stuck two fingers deep inside my pussy and moved them slowly at first then faster. I felt another orgasm well up in me, he toyed with my nipples and that just set me off, I came violently dripping my juices onto his fingers. Holy shit, … my legs were just about to buckle from under me.

J’ s cock was hard against me, so I teased the full length of it with my tongue. Paying particular attention to the sensitive underside of it and the rim where the foreskin meets the purple helmet end. I licked his balls all over and took them in my mouth one by one. He writhed and groaned as I continued to lick him. I then sucked him off and worked my hand up and down his hard shaft as he played with my long hair and groaned like mad. He said he was going to come like a volcano erupting right now.

J gave one final groan and shot his hot cum right to the back of my throat. I swallowed the lot and licked round his dick to collect the last remaining drops as he convulsed again and again. I was pretty impressed, he was no young guy, but you wouldn’t have known it. His breathing shallow, he smiled and stroked along my pussy, you’re soaking wet he said. You make me so horny, I said. The throbbing between my legs was getting intense again as he fingering me and wow, … rubbed my g-spot. I instantly had another orgasms, I shook and convulsed, my pussy clenching his fingers as I continued to shiver and shake. You’re so bad I said. He grinned cheekily at me and lapped up my sweet juices as they continued to flow. Still shaky from our extensive exertions we had another shower and slowly towel dried each other. We laughed and held each other close and with one last kiss, I made off on my quest to spot the magnificent white-tailed eagle …


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