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A Camping Trip to Remember: Part 1

Angie and Chris...
I was so excited for the week to come. My boyfriend Chris had asked me to go camping with him. A whole week alone in the wilderness, with the man I love. How could life get any better?

Let me tell you more about us. We met online and had been together for over two years. I (Angie) was now 18 and Chris was 19. He had a wonderful thick 6-inch dick, and I had a beautiful set of round 36C tits. Our sex life was sensual and erotic. We often stayed at each other's houses and planned to move in together within the next month.

I had spent the past three days packing sexy lingerie and skimpy bikinis that I knew would give Chris a hard-on as soon as he laid eyes on me in them. When the day had finally come I got up at 7 am to have a hot steamy shower. I stopped myself from playing with my hot, aching pussy when I shaved it neatly. I figured I would save my horniness for my baby.

I got out and wrapped my dripping body in a towel. I put on Chris' favourite matching pink lace bra and thong. Since it was so hot outside I put on some skimpy jean shorts and a tight cropped top, that showed a bit of cleavage.

I ate breakfast which was a bagel and a coffee, and waited on the couch for my wonderful boyfriend to come. I jumped onto my feet when I heard the door bell ring. Even after dating him for so long I still got butterflies every time I saw him.

I opened up the door to see Chris holding a small flower. I happily took it from him and put it in my long wavy brown hair. I then took him in for a long hug and kiss. I always felt content in his strong arms.

Chris got my bags and I locked my front door. I was walking in front of him, he gave my swaying ass a gentle smack. He opened the Jeep door for me and I jumped in. He put my bags in the truck. He got in the car and started driving. We chatted and he looked over at me, and I could see he had a massive boner. I instantly got wet, and the rest of the two hour drive was torture.

We finally arrived at our private paradise. There was not a soul within ten miles. When Chris parked he came around the front of the car, opened the door for me and shut behind me. I went to open the trunk.

Chris exclaimed, "Baby girl, you're so wet, you have leaked through your sexy shorts!"

"Oh my.. That's embarrassing, let me put on another pair," I said shyly.

"I have another idea," he said in his sexy voice that he knew instantly made me horny.

So he pulled my shorts and thong down and told me, "There's no one here we can prance around naked!"

So we undressed each other very slowly. I noticed he was still very hard and the air instantly made my nipples hard.

He knew I wanted to fuck, but he decided to tease me instead. As we put up the tent he came from behind me and I could feel his manhood against my ass but as soon as I tried to press against his dick, he was gone.

After torturing me like that for over two hours, at about noon he suggested we go swimming. I jumped at the chance and we headed to the lake holding hands.

We got there and he quickly jumped in. I on the other hand sat on the dock. Chris came under the dock and grabbed my feet. The next thing I knew he was cradling me in his arms. I loved his sense of humour!

We started splashing each other and wresting, which somehow ended with my now rock hard nipple in his mouth. He was sucking and biting which drove me crazy. I was letting out moans of pure ecstasy.

Time had passed so quickly, we decided we should go back to camp and make lunch. I knew our fun had only just started. We got back and he put a soft blanket on the hard dirt, and prompted me to lay down. He then blindfolded me, which he knew turned me on.

I then felt something cold being set on my lower stomach. Right after that I heard something being squirted onto me. What could Chris be doing?

I was then told to take my blind fold off. There he was knelling beside me. On my stomach were strawberries and whipped cream. Yum! I think Chris suspected I was a little tense.

"Relax, baby girl, enjoy this," he purred.

"Mmm," was all I could get out, excited for what Chris was about to do to me.

He then began nibbling on the strawberries and whipped cream, just the feeling of his tongue on my stomach made me shiver. This went on for about fifteen minutes.

Once there was not a single thing left on me, he spread my legs open and got between them. My pussy was right in front of his smooth face. He grabbed the whipped cream canister and sprayed some on my pussy lips and clit. I shifted a little bit and closed my eyes. Chris then started licking it all off, sucking my clit while he did it. I was moaning in such happiness. This went on for twenty minutes. I had four powerful orgasms.

Chris then picked up a strawberry and fed it to me. I happily obliged and and savoured the sweet taste. He fed me the rest of the strawberries and made sure I was full.

He lay down behind me on the blanket. Spooning was our favourite thing to do. We lay there for half an hour and enjoyed each other's company. The sound of birds chirping was very peaceful.

I felt something poking against my bare ass. Boy was I wet, so I turned around to see Chris staring at me with a huge hard-on. I had to do something about that!

I commanded him to stand up, so he did. I knelt in front of him and licked the tip of his throbbing cock. Pre cum was already leaking out. I slowly started putting more of him in my mouth and sucking him off faster. I could hear him grunting and groaning. I felt him twitching and continued what I was doing. He came in my mouth and I looked deep into his eyes and swallowed every last drip of cum. He looked mesmerized, judging by his facial expression.

To be continued...

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