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A Chance Encounter

A chance encounter saves two lonely souls and leads to adventure.
The cool air rushed over him as he plunged into the darkness. This was Jake’s favorite time to run. The darkness heightened all of his senses and he felt like he was floating. As he glided through the side streets on his way to the waterfront, he could hear the traffic and people on the main street. To his surprise, he also heard a woman’s voice call out from one of the dark side alleys. He decided to angle over to investigate.

As he rounded a corner, he saw three teenagers surrounding a woman. One held her wrist and was laughing as she struggled to get free. The other two seemed to be enjoying the spectacle, but were standing apart.

“Go ahead and yell. No one’ll hear you back here.”

Jake stepped forward close enough that they could see them. Before they could react, he pulled something from his pocket and tapped on it. As they stared at him, he strode forward. Although he was much bigger, there were three of them.

“What the fuck are you doing man? You should just be moving on. You didn’t see anything.”

Jake stopped just short of the group. “Look, I just sent a help message on my 911 App on my phone. The police will be along any minute. They already have a lock on the location with the GPS. You three should just get out of here.”

The thug holding the woman reached into his pocket. There was a gentle “snick” as the blade extended on the knife he pulled out with his free hand. “Listen ya stupid fuck, you’re pushing your luck. Get the fuck out of here.”

Before anyone could think, including himself, Jake sprang forward and grabbed the hand with the knife. He used his momentum and all the strength he could muster to slam it into a telephone pole. He repeated the motion and was rewarded by hearing the knife clatter to the ground. The woman pivoted and drove her toe deep into her captors groin. With a surprised grunt he dropped to the ground.

A siren sounded in the distance. The two thugs still standing looked at one another, turned and bolted out of there. Jake grabbed the woman’s arm. “Let’s get out here.” As he pulled her through the alley toward the main road she tried to hold back.

“The police will be here any second. Why are we leaving? What about your 911 call on your App?”

“I never run with a phone. Those two are going to realize that no one is coming and will be back for their friend shortly. We need to get to the main road.”

They hurried along the alleys and side streets until they reached the main road. Jake breathed a sigh of relief as the bright lights shone around them. He turned and got his first good look at the woman. His heart jumped as he realized how attractive she was.

“Hey, my name is Jake. I’m sorry about how that went down back there. Hopefully they didn’t get any of your things before I came along.”

She turned to him and smiled, “Well ‘Jake’, I have never been so happy to see anyone in my life. My ‘things’ are all still intact because of you. Brandy…” She held out her hand. Jake shook it and wondered what was next.

“How did those guys get you? What were you doing back there?”

“I’m visiting some friends. They had to go out of town for a couple of days, so I went for a walk. I thought I could take a short cut through the side roads.”

“Usually those roads are safe, but I think you should stick to well lit streets from now on. Where is your place? Do you want me to walk you home?”

“Not far from here. Please. I am a bit shaken right now.”

She took his hand and started walking. Her hand felt so soft and smooth. As they walked along, Jake felt a bit week in the knees. He decided it must be the run in that had him agitated. Still there was something about this woman.

They reached the front of the house that Brandy was staying in. She turned to him and grabbed his other hand. “Jake, I’m still pretty shook up. Would you mind coming in for a bit? My friends aren’t here and I don’t want to be alone. I’ll make you the best cup of tea you’ve ever had….”

Jake hesitated for just a few seconds. Spending more time with Brandy would be amazing. “Of course. I’d be happy to spend more time with you.” As she unlocked the door, he stepped forward and held it for her. She flipped on the lights and turned to smile at him. When his heart jumped this time he knew it wasn’t the adrenaline. He blushed and looked down.

“Oh look at you, Mr. Shy. No problem taking on nasty thugs, but a smile from a young woman knocks you completely off balance.” She walked into the kitchen and started taking things down from the cupboard. As she leaned against the counter facing away from him, he saw her hand shaking.

He stepped up behind her and gently brushed her cheek with his hand. As he leaned in close he felt her lean against him. He breathed deeply to calm himself and was filled with her incredible scent. He laid his hand on her shoulder to calm her. His presence seemed to have the desired effect as she stopped shaking and pressed harder against him. He slowly started to run his hands down her neck and across her shoulders. He was awarded with a soft “mmmm.”

He slowly worked her with his hands. As he caressed and massaged her shoulders, he felt the tension releasing. He let his hands glide lower on her back as he slowly explored and worked her body. She leaned against the counter and sighed. When he reached her hips, she turned and kissed him on the cheek. “I don’t suppose you do feet?”

WIth a strength that surprised her, he lifted her up and set her on the counter. She kicked off her sandals exposing her cute feet with red-polished toenails. Grabbing some lotion he saw on the counter, Jake started by running his hands over one of her ankles, down to her arch and then to her toes. He separated and worked each toe, drawing on it and stroking it. When he was done, he balled his hand into a fist and massaged the bottom of her foot. Brandy leaned back and groaned, “ok, so can I hire you to do this every night?” He switched to the other foot and looked up and smiled.

When he was done, he stood and leaned back. He was embarrassed when he realized that the process had aroused him and he was more “visible” than he expected. Blushing, he stammered “I’m so sorry. I really should go. You must think I’m a jerk.”

Brandy giggled. “Now I know what they mean when they say ‘a big lug.’” She placed her foot against his leg and let it drift up until it was against his manhood. As he felt her toes against him, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Jake, I think you better undo your jeans. Otherwise I think the pressure is going to cause them to pop.” She smiled.

Jake unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. He stood in front of her, his shaft nearly bursting out of his boxers

Brandy wrapped her leg around him and drew him closer. He felt her soft body against him as she kissed him on the mouth. Her hand went down his chest, pausing for a min to pinch his nipple and across her stomach. She slid it below his boxers and let her fingers run over his shaft. “Mmmm…how big?”

“7 inches. But I swear it feels bigger than normal right now.”

“I want that inside of me. Help me pull my jeans off.”

He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. He groaned when he saw the sexy knickers she was wearing under them. He stepped back and dropped his boxers.

“Mmm. Nice. You didn’t lie. Bring that thing over here.”

He stepped in close and felt her wrap her legs around him. She leaned back on the counter, fully exposing herself.

“Take me now Jake!”

He positioned himself against her. He could feel her juices on his engorged head. He entered her inch by inch. He could feel her opening for him. Her warmth and wetness enveloped him. The sensation was so amazing he felt a spasm and had to hold back with all of his might to not release. She sensed the issue, showed mercy and held back. He closed his eyes, gathered himself and then regained his composure.

“Mmm. Brandy you are amazing.” He started slow at first, working her body with his. As he glided in and out, he felt her shifting to get the right position. She started to push against him harder, using the wall behind her for leverage. He grabbed her hips and pulled her onto himself. She groaned and he could feel the wave starting in her. She called out “YES JAKE…NOW” as the orgasm crashed through her. He felt his own body respond and shuddered as he released deep inside of her.

Panting he leaned against her. She came up and held him close. They could feel each other’s heart pounding. They held each other until they could breathe again.

“Mmmm. Brandy, you are amazing. I can’t believe I found you.”

“Well Jake, I’m guessing we are both pretty lucky tonight. Hope you don’t have any plans for the rest of the evening.”

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