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A Chase Down Under

A Chase Down Under

This is a fantasy of meeting someone from Lush in person. Several of my friends were inspiration...
I looked out of my window as the plane began its decent.Wiping away the tired from my eyes I took in the gorgeous coast line. I couldn’t believe that I was finally here. After over a day of travel I was about to land. My heart started to race as the reality of where I was hit me. In a few moments I would take my first steps in Australia.

He knew I was coming, we planned it together over email and Skype for months, but as I gathered my belongings from the overhead compartment I grew nervous. What if he wasn’t what I thought he was? What if I wasn’t what he wanted? Panic grew inside me. We had met online almost a year ago. The day before Valentine’s Day actually. My mind slipped into the sweet memories of the past year and I felt a goofy smile creep across my face and all my worry melted away.

Suddenly I was filled with excitement and anticipation. I just wanted to clear customs and get outside of the Brisbane Airport. Everything from that point until I was sitting in the back of a cab seemed to take forever.

I took the cab ride in silence, taking in the sights. I was still in disbelief that I was in Australia about to finally meet Kyran. Thoughts of our last conversation before I departed Los Angeles International swarmed through my mind and I could feel my pussy start to get wet. I readjusted myself awkwardly in my seat taking a quick glance at the cab driver as if he had heard my thoughts.

The cab pulled up outside a shop just outside of Brisbane. Kyran had given me the address to his job since he would be working until 5pm. It was 3:52. I paid the man, and the cab pulled away. For a fleeting moment, just as on the plane, panic came over me. I turned wanting to call back the cab and jump back on a plane to the United States, but I knew it was too late. My heart raced, feeling like it would burst out of my chest as I took steps toward the door, carting my luggage behind me.

Walking into the bakery-café, the smell of fresh bread and coffee hit my nose and began to calm me down. I quickly found a table to sit and gather my thoughts. I quietly started to give myself a pep talk before walking up to the counter to ask for Kyran.

“Okay, Erynn, you’ve come this far. You’re here, he’s here–“ Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a yell.

“Kyran! Phone for you. This lady wants to put in a cake order.” It was one of the workers behind the counter.

Immediately as I heard Kyran’s name echo through the bakery my eyes searched for the man who would answer the call. Then there he was, tall and handsome the guy I had been talking to for months came through the back kitchen door. I watched him walk to the phone and answer it. He was more gorgeous in person than on the internet.

I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help but stare. All of my nerves and fear began to melt away. As he took the order, he looked up for a moment and caught my stare. I just smiled at him unable to move. Fumbling through the remainder of his phone call, he quickly ended the conversation and hung up the phone. My eyes never left him as he removed his apron and mumbled something about taking a break. He circled around the counter and walked toward me. I stood up, entranced at his gorgeous physique and crystal blue eyes.


He stood right in front of me and I could feel my face getting red. I had to look up to look at his face now, as he was a good foot taller than me. I managed to barely whisper his name, “Kyran?”

He nodded softly; I could tell he was just as amazed as I was that we were standing in front of each other. His hand reached out and he slowly brought his fingers from my fingertips up my arms. It was like a currently of electricity was suddenly pulsing through my body. His touch filled me with such a great desire. My pussy started throbbing as I took a step closer to him and looked up at him with a wanting that I had never felt for anyone before.

A loud bang from the back broke the moment and we separated.

“Can you wait here for me? I’ll be done soon.” I nodded and took a seat - his sexy accent ringing in my ears. He grabbed his apron and headed into the back.

It was an hour before he reemerged now changed out of his uniform and into street clothes. I didn’t know how it could be possible, but he looked even more attractive than when I had seen him an hour earlier.

“You ready to go?” He asked and motioned for the door.

Was I ever! I let my eyes take in the beautiful view that he was before grabbing my luggage and walking toward him and out the door.

We loaded up into his BMW and began the 45 minute drive to his place. It was a quiet ride at first, hundreds of thoughts were running through my mind. I wanted him so bad. My panties were getting so soaked with my thoughts of how after all this time we were finally going to have sex. Real sex, not Skype, or instant message. The rest of the car ride I could feel the sexual tension building as the miles of Australian scenery pass by the window.

His tongue was down my throat as he fumbled with his keys in the door. He had one arm around me pressing me against him as the door opened. We fell through the threshold, my back slammed against the wall. He closed the door with his foot and threw the keys off somewhere that would later require a good search.

Our shirts flew off somewhere in the living room. Luckily his roommates were not home at that time. We fumble through the living room and down the hall where I manage to undo his belt. My pants were undone long ago and the top of my lacy blue panties were now exposed. In one swift motion he lifted my tiny frame up and my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. I could feel his hard cock through his open jeans pressed up against me. I let out a soft moan and he carried me the rest of the way to his room; my hips grinded into his as we travel.

He laid me back onto his bed softly and my bra was the next thing to go. His bed was soft under my bare back. His hands and lips were now exploring my body. Kissing my neck he moved up to my ear.

“I want you, Erynn.” He knew this drove me wild and I kissed him hard again thrusting my hips up to meet his. He kissed down my neck and chest taking my nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, Kyran. Take me, baby.” My words came out exasperated. I was so turned on I could barely focus.

He continued to kiss down my belly and lowered my pants in one swoop when his lips reach my panty line. And there I was - the only thing separating him from his first taste of my sweet, wet pussy was a pair of Victoria’s Secret boy shorts. Quickly those were lowered and he had a perfect view of my pink pussy dripping for him. Instinctively my hands traced down my body and I inserted two fingers deep into my pussy while he watched. His pants and undies were now gone and he stroked his hard cock, which looked so delicious.

As I finger fucked myself he brought his tongue to join. I removed my fingers and they were replaced by his tongue. All I could do was moan my approval. His tongue was everything I thought it would be. Soft and warm as he licked the full length of my lips, taking them one at a time in his mouth and sucking them. I took my two fingers, covered in pussy juice and seductively licked them for him. He knew how much I love to taste myself, and I knew how that drove him crazy to see.

“Mmm, you’re so sexy, baby,” he said right before taking my clit into his mouth.

My hips bucked in approval.

“Oh, Kyran….mmmm….”

He continued to suck hard and I could feel my juices dripping down my pussy, and coating my asshole. He inserted his fingers, fucking me deep with them while his tongue danced with my clit, causing my back to arch and my body to writhe in pleasure. My hands rubbed his back and ran through his hair as he ate out my pussy. He made me feel so good and I could feel an orgasm building already.

“Kyran…oh baby yes. Please don’t stop.” My breathing became quick and I could feel my pussy begin to tighten around his fingers. I could tell he felt this too and he began to move them faster inside from wall to wall, curling them at my g-spot. “I’m going to cum, baby. Fuck me! I’m cumming!”

His moans were the last thing I heard before my mind and body were engulfed in a wave of pleasure. My pussy contracted hard and deep around his fingers and my body uncontrollably convulsed. My moans filled the room as I screamed his name over and over again.

When it was over, he pulled his fingers out and took a taste of me. It took a second for me to focus my mind and come down from the intense orgasm he had just given me. He crawled over the top of me and kissed my lips.

I could taste my pussy on his tongue. It tasted so good and as our tongues danced I could feel my pussy getting wetter.

Our lips separated, and we stared deep into each other’s eyes, our noses still touching. I reached my hand down between us and took hold of his cock, never losing his gaze.

“Mmmm…good girl,” he whisperd to me.

This is the one phrase that drives me up the wall more than any other.

“I want you to take me, Kyran. Let me show you what a good girl I can be.” I could hardly contain myself. My legs opened wide as he crawled between them. He pressed the head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy.

“You ready, babe?” He didn’t wait for an answer outside of my moans before inserting his head in. He thrust little by little and I took in more of his cock each time. He was so thick that I could feel him stretching my pussy walls as he entered. I was so wet that I could take it and allow him to continue. With one last thrust, he was completely in me, thrusting deep, making me take the full length of his hard cock. It felt so much better than I ever could have imagined. His chest was pressed into mine, squishing my boobs as our bodies moved in sync with each other.

With him deep inside me still, I began the motion to get him onto his back. He helped me complete the roll making sure his dick never left my pussy. I loved the control being on top gave me over him, and I knew cowgirl was one of his favorite positions – he loved the view.

My pussy ground hard into his hips. I took long strides on his cock as I pinned his shoulders to the bed, my boobs bounced back and forth. Leaning forward a bit I kissed his lips and began to move my pussy faster on him as our tongues met once more. I could still taste my pussy.

“Mmmm….slow down…” he said through our locked lips.

This motivated me to go faster. For nearly ten seconds I rode him hard and fast, this time it was his moans that filled the room. And then I stopped suddenly, and slowly slid my pussy up his shaft. His face looked like a cross between pain and pleasure. I brought my pussy up so that just his head was inside me and I lowered and raised myself over his head only. I loved teasing him.

His hands found my hips and tried to pull me back down over him, but I resisted and continued to tease.

“You are such an evil little girl,” he said. I loved how his accent sounded when he said ‘evil little girl’.

My only reply was to give him a cheeky grin. I locked my eyes to his, as I allowed him to pull me back down onto him. My eyes closed as once again his cock stretched my pussy. This time, his hands on my hips guided me. I leaned back, curving my body and supporting myself with my hands. With his guidance I raised and lowered my pussy onto his hard cock as he watched it disappear inside of me. To add to the show, I sat back up and took one breast in my hand rubbing and massaging it, my nipples hard between my fingers. At the same time, I reached the other hand down and started rubbing my clit. I could feel that this trifecta of pleasure was going to take me over the edge soon.

“Mmm baby…good girl.” He had such a raw desire in his eyes it turned me on even more and I could feel myself losing control.

“Mmm, Kyran. Call me good girl again.” The intensity was rising.

“You’re such a good girl, Erynn.”

“I’m your good girl, baby?” I rubbed my clit faster.

“Yes, baby. You’re my good fucking girl.

“Say it again,” I demanded.

“You’re my good fucking girl.” He moved my hips faster on his cock.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum for you, baby.” My whole body felt flush.

“Cum for me, baby. Show me how much of a good girl you are.”

With those words I lost complete control of my body. For the second time that evening the world around me disappeared as my body experienced waves of intense pleasure. I continued to grind, his cock deep inside me as I came, harder and longer than the first time. I could feel my cum coating his cock and hips. As the contractions slowed and the intensity died down, I found myself collapsing onto his chest, his hard cock still inside me.

He lifted his head and leaned forward to kiss my forehead. “Good girl.”

But I knew he wasn’t done yet. He always liked to let my body reboot after cumming. A minute passed and I could feel him slowly making tiny thrusting motions with his hips, reawakening my pussy. The thrusts became more frequent and deeper. I started to sit back up, and he followed suit. My legs once again spread wide, wrapped around his waist.

He kissed me.

“Remember what we talked about before about the chair?” he asked. I did. And my face got flush with the memory.

“I do,” I nodded. My chest rose and fell deeply.

In a demonstration of his strength he took us from sitting on the edge of the bed to standing with minimal effort and walked across the room setting me down next to his desk.

“Put your leg up and open them wide.”

I did as I was told. He helped me balance as I got into place. Whenever I masturbated online with him at home, this position always made every touch more intense. He grabbed his cock and directed it to my pussy. This time he did not ease it in slowly. Instead he thrust in deep and hard. By now my pussy was used to his thick cock so it felt 100 % pleasurable. My knees almost buckled, but he supported me. I could hardly stand. Each thrust reaching deep into my pussy in a way I had never experienced before.

I knew what he was doing. We had talked about it before. He wanted to break my record of how many times I came in one sitting. So far the count was three, and we always talked about breaking that whenever we finally met. His plan was working. Every thrust with me spread as wide as I could was so unbelievably intense that I felt myself approaching climax very quickly.

“Oh, Kyran! Harder baby.”

“Mmmmm,” he moaned and thrust his dick harder, deeper and faster into my pussy.

“Fuck me! Yes. Kyran…mmmmm….Kyran…” for the third time my pussy tightened, contracting around his cock. He slowed his thrusts to the rhythm of the waves of my orgasm, which intensified the feeling. For the third time I felt myself weak.

My eyes closed, and he pulled out his cock. It glistened with my cum. Wanting to return the favor I knelt down without a word, took his cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around it. My tongue swirling around his head as I bobbed my head up and down while jerking the base. One of his hands rested on my shoulder, while the other was placed strategically on the back of my neck and head. He gently applied pressure for me to bring him deeper into my mouth.

“Mmmm….you’re so fucking sexy, baby,” he said looking down at me.

I looked up at him as I sucked his cock, enjoying him watching me blow him. Still looking up at him I started to move as far down the base as I could, then bring my mouth back up to his tip. He seemed to really like this and after a few times I could feel pre cum drip from his cock onto my tongue. I took his cock from my mouth and licked from base to head again, now massaging his balls as I did this. I could tell he liked it not only by his facial expression, but by the pre cum that continued to flow from his cock. Angling my tongue so he could see best, I slowly ran the tip of my tongue around his head twirling it to meet the pre cum at its source. It tasted so good I wanted more.

I once again took his entire dick in my mouth, this time, relaxing my throat so that I could get him to go in as deep as possible. Through practice, I learned how not to gag with a cock down my throat. His hand on the back of my head applied slightly more force.

“Good girl,” he half whispered, half moaned.

His cock felt so right deep in my throat. I prepared myself to take his load deciding if I would swallow or allow it to run out of my mouth and down my chin. Before I could make a decision, he interrupted my thoughts.

“Erynn, I need to fuck you. I want to cum inside your pussy.”

I gave one last suck before coming off his cock and standing up. He kissed me hard and walked me backwards until I slammed into the wall. I knew exactly how I was going to get number four.

Grabbing either side of my ass, once again he lifted me his waist. This was both of our absolute favorite position. Using the wall and one hand to support me he took the other and inserted his tip into my pussy entrance before lowering me onto his cock. He immediately started thrusting up deep. His hands spreading my ass cheeks he took turns sucking on each of my nipples making them stand erect like his hard cock in my pussy. I could only moan. His tongue felt so good as his soft lips kissed each breast all over as I bounced my wet pussy on top of his cock. I moaned and screamed as he fucked me deeper, his cock covered in my wetness.

“Oh, baby, I want to explode my load inside you.”

“Mmmm….yes, baby.”

His mouth found my ear and he nibbled at my lobe. My hands wrapped on his shoulders, our chests pressed together; squishing my boobs against his body I ride him hard wanting his cum deep inside my pussy.

“Will you cum for me too, baby?” he whispered into my ear.

“Mmmm…Kyran. Fill my pussy with your delicious cum.”

Number four was on the approach.

“Mmmm yes Erynn. Such a good girl.”

That was all I needed to hear. Without holding back he started to fuck my pussy hard and deep.

“Oh yes, Kyran. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, baby!”

“Mmmm. Cum for me, Erynn.”

“Oh god, baby. I’m going to cum.”

“Mmmm good girl.”

As he drove his cock deeper into me I could feel my pussy tighten. The words ‘good girl’ echoed in my head helping to bring me to the point of cumming.

“I’m cumming for you, baby!”

“Oh god yes, mmmmm.”

With deep thrusts I could feel his load exploding into my pussy. My pussy walls contracted on his cock, draining it of all his cum.

“Oh baby, I’m still cumming.”

The wave of pleasure continued as the remainder of his load shot into my pussy.


He carried me back to the bed and took a seat on the edge, still inside me. Lying back, he pulled me over the top of him. Keeping his cock inside of me, I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart beating. It was one of the most beautiful moments I had ever experienced. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead, rubbing my back as we lay there.

And the vacation down under was just beginning…

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