A college friend...Once

By Skippy

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Preface: This will be my first story to write. I have been a longtime observer and have finally gotten the courage to see what you all think of my experiences and the stories that have come from them.

The First time I met Alexis was at a Summer camp during my High School days, we became acquaintances during the short time that we were there, I was immediately attracted to her like no other woman I have ever met. Unfortunately there was no contact between us until my Junior year of college, some 4 years later.

I had just turned 21 and was at my regular bar that I attended for drinks with my friends when I saw her. She was playing pool with a group of people, one of which was her boyfriend, eventually we made eye contact from a distance across the bar. We stared into each others eyes for what seemed to be ages, finally to be broken by her boyfriend informing her it was her shot. I, not wanting to intrude on her evening, left the situation alone the rest of the evening and continued drinking it up with my friends, leaving for the evening without so much as a word spoken between Alexis and myself.

I was in class the following day, checking my email and myspace instead of listening to the professor as normal, when I noticed that I had received a friend request from Alexis, along with a message asking why I didn't speak to her the previous night. After several messages back and forth we decided that we would meet up that afternoon at a coffee shop on campus. While we sat there catching up on the happenings in each of our lives since our departure over 4 years prior, I found myself lost in lust at her magnificent body. She is around 5 feet 6 inches with dark wavy brown hair with eyes of the same color, her breasts are a very large C, but the most captivating asset to her body was her glorious long slender legs that tied into a very tight but delicately large ass. I could not help but imagine ravishing her body with reckless abandon, her screaming my name as we climaxed together on a beach...of course, this was purely in my imagination and reality soon struck as her "jealous and very protective" boyfriend called her, which cut our meeting short.

It was a week later before I saw her again, in the same bar, this time only with her girlfriends. I asked if I could play a couple games of pool with them, which the politely agreed. As time rolled on, and the alcohol started to take effect on us all, I became more and more brave with my actions around her, and she me. As the night was slowly coming to an end we sat in a booth together watching the band play and making small talk. My hand brushed against her thigh slowly toward her knee, she gently opened her leg towards mine and I soon found my hand resting on the inner part of her kneecap. We continued talking with her friends across from us as she slowly moved my hand up her luscious leg towards her vagina. As my hand moved closer and closer to her womanhood I could feel the heat radiating through her jeans. She stopped my hand directly below her waist, and continued talking to her friends as if I was non-existent to the table. My cock was rock hard under the table and I was thankful I chose to wear jeans that evening instead of some khaki shorts. Suddenly and without any notice Alexis reached over and grabbed my engorged member through my jeans and whispered ever so quietly "I had a wonderful time tonight, we will have to get together again soon." This came as a total shock, I had somewhat expected to get something out of the recent events which had caused my boxers to be dripping with pre-cum but, no, that was it. I took the hint, said goodbye to her friends and left, stunned at what had just transpired.

Alexis and I text messaged each other for the next couple of days. She explained that she had to take a trip with her boyfriend for the weekend but would love to see my prior to there departure. We made plans to meet at a quick shop in the early afternoon. She only had 10 minutes as her boyfriend knew when she got off work and would become suspicious if she took longer than that before coming home to the house they rented together. I waited impatiently and very aroused for her to show up. My dick jumped when I saw her SUV pull up next to my truck, I got out and sat in the passenger seat. We sat there for a short period without words, knowing us meeting like this was forbidden, immoral, unethical, and everything else that could send an already lust filled moment into sheer emotional ecstasy. As I looked into her eyes, I knew she was mine, they screamed for me to kiss her violently and take her there in that moment. I leaned in close to her, our lips inches away, I could sense her breath quicken as I moved slowly closer and kissed her gently on the side of her mouth. She gasped as I unexpectedly reached and took her breast in my hand, kneading her nipple with my fingers, all the time slowly kissing towards her neck. Her eyes begged me to kiss her passionately, find my way under her skirt and pleasure her at that moment. As much as my body wanted to oblige, I knew it was not the time nor the place. I pulled back, only for her to lean in closer, I kissed her forehead and left.

I did not hear from her all weekend, it was Monday morning when I received the text message informing me she would be at the bar that evening. I did not ask any more questions and that night I showed up early, I wasn't going to let another opportunity slip by. As promised she showed up that night, wearing black skirt only covering up about half of her upper thigh, a white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to cause my imagination to run wild, and topped off with a pair of red 4 inch heels (why red I have no idea, but I didn't want to ask.) The sexual tension between us grew by the minute, we would touch and hold each other whenever possible without making too much of a scene, as she did have a boyfriend. The band began playing a song that is somewhat of a local "legend" so we danced. As our bodies moved slowly across the floor I know she could feel my growing cock pressed against her perfect body. Her breath quickened with each passing minute and her moments became more seductive. At the conclusion of the song, she grabbed my hand and headed for the back door. As we emerged from the smokey bar into the parking lot she pushed up up against the nearest vehicle, pressing her body on mine, our lips locked deeply. We kissed passionately while our hands explored each others bodies. I broke the intense moment by taking her hand and running to my truck, as we jumped in, our destination my apartment, she immediately began undoing my pants as I pulled onto the nearest road home. She expertly pulled my engorged member out of my pants and slowly, ever so slowly, began licking me from the base to the tip, stopping at the top momentarily to swirl her precious tongue in and around the opening of my penis. I was on the verge of wrecking, or getting a speeding ticket as I hurried home. I was only a mile or so from my place when her teasing ceased and she engulfed my penis entirely, her movements of sucking and moving up and down sent me into an instant daze. I pulled into a parking spot directly under my apartment and moved my seat back to give her more room, she understood my intentions and began devouring my cock, expertly bringing me to a climax. I informed her of my situation, to which she sped up her motion and swallowed ever drop or my seed.

We exited my truck immediately following and scurried up the stairs to my apartment. As I locked the door behind us I swung her around to face me, desire was in her eyes as we kissed while I lead her to my bedroom. Once I lay her on the bed I began slowly kissing down her neck, reaching the top of her blouse, I unbuttoned it slowly kissing every inch of skin as I removed the clothing covering it. After removing her blouse and bra, I gently circled each nipple with my tongue, barely touching her flesh, then softly blowing on the slightly wet areas. She arched her back trying to bring her nipple into my mouth, and to her dismay I resisted and continued kissing down towards her naval. Once I reached the top of her skirt I removed it slowly with both hands as my mouth followed it down. As she now lay completely naked except for a black thong that covered her most coveted region. I took in her beauty and slowly lowered my head to the top of her ankle, I ever so slowly moved my lips upward, stopping to kiss behind her knee and then continued slowly up her inner thigh, once I reached the bottom of her thong, and kissed her womanhood through the thin fabric briefly before moving to her other ankle and once again began my slow journey up her leg. By this time Alexis was grabbing at the sheets and begging for me to give in. This time as I reached the bottom of her labia I removed her thong, exposed her beautiful pussy. I kissed and slowly licked my way in a full circle around her vagina. Then slightly flicked her exposed clit, causing Alexis to moan and arch her back violently. With that I gave in to her needs, I devoured every inch of her vagina, sucking and gently biting at her clit. She soon grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled me into her, she moaned loudly and squeezed my head as she came. I hungrily lapped up all of her juices as her breathing slowed to normal.

I removed my clothes with the help of her and climbed into bed, my cock at full mast anticipating the sequence of events to follow. She climbed on top of me, her legs straddling my waist one hand firmly placed on my chest, while the other grabbed my member and slowly inserted it into her awaiting vagina. She leaned back as she slowly began lowering herself on me. Our movements became intertwined as I thrust into. My hands found their way to each ass cheek to pull her deeper into me with each thrust. That moment in time was pure ecstasy for both of us, not a care in the world but our own selfish desires. Our movements became more violent and her moans louder as I knew she was nearing an orgasm, I too felt an orgasm coming. I lifted her off of me and rolled her onto her back, I sucked on both nipples as I arranged myself between her legs. He guided my cock into her as I thrust forward. My hands on either side of her head and our lips only inches apart, we kissed passionately as I continued to bury my cock deep into her pussy. We broke our kiss and were looking deep into each others eyes as our climax's hit simultaneously. We stayed locked in each others arms, my cock still inside her as it slowly softened.

We feel asleep in each others arms that night, drenched in the aroma of sex, and completely at peace. I awoke the next morning to find only a note...it read as follows.

"Words cannot express to you how wonderful last night was, it was the most passionate night of sex I have ever had. I will not be seeing you anymore as my boyfriend asked me to marry him on our trip last weekend and I have agreed, we are moving to London very soon. Once again, thank you for a wonderful night that I will remember forever...Have a great life. XOXO Alexis.