A Comics Treat

By Jaidee

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A sexy treat whilst he is hard at work
A comics treat

I walk in to the room and see you at your desk. You are concentrating on your newest comic ideas, and don't even notice me enter. I am dressed fully in leather, just how you like it. My leather suit is crotchless so you can still get to my wet pussy. 

I'm soaked in the anticipation of what is about to come.

I stand behind you and grab you by your hair, I pull your head back and stick my tongue into your mouth. You are shocked but reciprocate my kiss.

I pull your chair out and sit on your lap, you bring your hands up to touch me and I slap them away. I whisper in your ear "Your my toy tonight, you do not touch me until I tell you it is ok". I feel your hard cock in your trousers poking into me and I know how excited this is making you. 

I stand up and grab you by your shirt, pulling you to your feet. I sit on the chair and lift one of my legs up to the desk, so you can see my wet glistening pussy clearly. You lick your lips and move forward. I stop you, "sit back down, you can look but you cannot touch".

I slowly bring my hand down my thigh, and brush over my pussy. Your breathing gets heavier. I use two fingers to give you a better view, I start to stroke my clit and moan. You can't take your eyes off of me. I slip one finger into my hole and I can feel myself cuming. I motion for you to come over, when you get close I grab your head and push your face into my now contracting pussy. I'm cuming and I'm making you lick up all of the juices. My fingers are still gripped into your hair as I grind my pussy on your face. My breathing slows down and you pull your face away. "I hope you don't think your done, you still have a lot of work to do." 

I tell you to lay down on your back on the floor, I then lower myself on to your face. Lick it. I know how much you want it. You bring your hand up and put two fingers into me, god this feels so good. 

You lick my pussy like a good little toy, I'm moaning and covering your face in my cum. 

I decide it is time to give you some release. I stand up and tell you to lick your fingers. You like the taste don't you. I tell you stand up and you help me out of my leather. I rip off your shirt and pull it off your body, I then drop to my knees and pull your trousers down. Your cock is throbbing and I take your big hard member into my hot mouth. I suck eagerly and gently stroke your balls at the same time. I hold on to the base of your cock and push you to the back of my throat. You let out a loud groan. You grab my head and push your cock back further into my throat, fucking my mouth. 

You are about to cum so you stop. I pull your cock out of my mouth and stand up. I back up against the wall and you press yourself against me and kiss me hard. You lower your mouth and lick my nipples while playing with my clit. I'm in heaven. 

I take your cock into my hand and lead you into my wet hole. You thrust into me with so much passion. You have been waiting for this moment for so long. You push in and out fast, and my juices are running down your cock. I'm cuming again and moaning loudly. As I start to contract around your cock I feel a pulse inside of me. You cum hard, we both collapse on to the floor and spend the rest of the night there. Touching, kissing and wanting more.