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A Coworker And Best Friend Part 3

The concluding night of a business trip with an older coworker
I was glad I was wearing tight briefs and dark pants when I met Rene in the hotel atrium for a continental breakfast. My cock was being unusually response to pretty women. I think it was because my asshole was still feeling kinda stretched and overused from her strapon the night before. I was proud that I could "man up" and take it, even though she had verbally attacked my manhood and given me reason to feel like a wimp. It was kind of confusing and I was having a little difficulty switching gears from that newly discovered sissy slave side of me.

Rene had promised to be my slave on the final night of our trip. Despite the things she had said about owning me while she dominated me, it seemed she really wanted me to own her for the evening. I found myself being a little ambivalent about that, because I enjoyed being the bottom more than I expected. But perhaps I should explain again why I was having this affair with my coworker.

Neither my wife, Karen nor Rene's husband, Danny were adventurous enough for us and we both missed some of things we enjoyed when we were younger and single, or at least younger and still doing them with our spouses. We both missed giving and receiving oral sex. We both wanted to try things that are partners were denying us, mainly anal sex with a dominant-submissive tone to it. You could say that fulfilling our desires with each other was cheating. Our spouses almost surely would agree, but they weren't being very understanding. Both of us felt that as long as we confine our sex play to those things are spouses wouldn't do with us, they would deserve part of the blame for our duplicity.

Basically, that meant no vaginal intercourse, because that was about all our spouses did with us. We weren't going to take this exclusion to the level where we couldn't touch the parts the other spouse could touch, but I guess we also excluded deep heartfelt kissing. Rene and I were just friends and this was just about unfulfilled desires. Our spouses still had a firm grip on our hearts. They were just too boring in the sack.

Karen was a vanilla. She wouldn't even consider oral sex, giving or receiving. That was something that just gradually dropped off her list a few years into our marriage. She had also expressly stated a complete lack of interest in anal. Even when we showered together, which wasn't often any more, she would not wash inside my ass crack and when I washed inside of hers, she would tense up if I rubbed her anus with anything other than a soapy cloth.

She wouldn't admit to having any fantasies or masturbating either. She said that it was okay that I did, but she just wasn't interested. For some reason this made me averse to masturbating when we were both at home and with the gradual decrease in fucking that seemed to come from boredom, that meant I wasn't getting much.

Danny had expressed fantasies of dominating Rene and she was interested in being dominated, some of the time. But she wanted to dominate him back and he wouldn't agree to it. In her career, she had to be aggressive. She was good in her field because she had a dominant streak. She wouldn't allow herself to always be submissive. She wasn't all balls. She enjoyed fantasies of being dominated, but she only wanted to submit some of the time. She was willing to show her submissive side to me because I had earned the privelege by letting her dominate me.

I was going to get my shot at fucking Rene's ass that night. But she was going to be mine all day, so I gave her curvy butt a squeeze while we were in the elevator on the way to our software classes.

"Ungh. God, that feels good. Yeah, it's in there."

I could feel the wide base flange of the butt plug. She had to give a brief presentation during one of the sessions and that involved walking up to the front of the room. Maybe it was just because I knew she was clenching it, but she seemed to have an unusually seductive walk and stance.

For dinner I commanded her to wear a dress and stockings with no panties. She gave me a mischievious smile, but she complied.

"But only if I don't have to wear the butt plug without panties. I wouldn't want it falling out on a restaurant floor."

"Okay. It might be good to give your tight hole a little rest before tonight."

I coaxed her into flashing her shaved beaver at other patrons at the restaurant and several men and at least one woman were keeping their eyes in her direction. Back in the hotel elevator, I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to fondle her ass and say how much I was going to enjoy fucking it.

When we got to her room I tried not to enjoy giving her the enemas too much, but she sure seemed to enjoy getting them. She was on the floor with her dress pulled up on her back and while I was squeezing the water into her, I snapped her garter straps against her thighs.

"OW! Stop!", she giggled. "You'll make me leak."

After she returned from the second flushing, she was still fully dressed. I decided to clarify the rules. I wouldn't fuck her pussy, but I could lick it. I would fuck her ass. She would wear what I wanted. Then I had an inspiration.

"Can I fuck your pussy with the dildo?"

She thought about it for a second and then smiled and said, "Well, it's something Danny's never done, so it's fair game."

"While I'm fucking your ass?"

She broke into a big grin and said, "I've always wondered about a double penetration."

"Great. Here's what I want. Yesterday you wanted me to worship your cock. Today, I want to use your whole body, Rene, every square inch of it. First I want you to strip for me, slow and sexy, but leave the stockings on."

She sat me in a chair and went to her laptop. After looking around a bit, some music started playing and she stood in front of me and began to move, not raunchy, but very coy. She rubbed her hands over her body and showed off her curves. The dress came off and she writhed very seductively to the music, showing her ass a lot. She seemed a little uncomfortable and I realized that she was self-conscious about her boobs. I had seen her without a bra the night before, but she was wearing my shirt, so I had never actually seen her tits.

Sensing that she was reluctant to remove her bra, I stood and said, "I want to do this part for you." I reached behind her and unhooked it while gazing into her eyes. I pulled it off her shoulders then brought my hands up to her breasts. I fondled them while keeping her eyes locked with mine. They were more than a little saggy, but not more than you would expect for a woman her age who had breastfed two kids. "You're beautiful," I said as I leaned over and kissed each nipple. Then I sat back down and said, "Continue."

This did the trick for her as she now rubbed her bare breasts and then continued on to remove her shoes. When she was done, I stood and began to caress every inch of her body with my hands. It soon became clear that this was turning Rene on as much as it was me. She especially liked having her ears and ankles rubbed. When I was done with everything except her breasts, asshole and pussy, I laid her back on the bed and quickly undressed. I strapped her strapon around my hips above my cock and then climbed onto the bed. I expressed my devotion to her breasts by carressing them and then gently nibbling her nipples. I moved down to her shaved pussy and licked her.

"Ah, Stephen. This is so good. Oh, yes. Right there. Damn, that's good."

My face was slowly bathed in her juices as her hips rolled and then bucked in orgasmic bliss. Licking her clit, smelling her, tasting her and finally hearing her sweet passion notes made me so hard I could no longer resist. I lifted her legs and asked,"Do you need me to relax your hole with the butt plug?"

"If you just watch it for a moment, I may be able to just open up." She tried, but it didn't work, so she said, "Just lube the tip of a finger and stroke it a couple of times."

I rubbed her anus very gently and watched with amazement as it opened right up. It stayed open as I inserted the dildo into her pussy and then the head of my cock into her ass. With her legs placed over my shoulders, I gradually pushed my cock all the way into her ass until I was balls deep.

"Play with your clit, slut. And your tits."

She rubbed in circles around her clit and then pulled one nipple up to her mouth while pinching the other. I started stroking in and out of both of her holes, alternately grinding deliberately into one and then the other. Ramming the strapon into her juicy pussy was maybe the closest I would ever get to fucking it, but her sweet ass was tighter than any pussy I've ever fucked.

"Oh, this is good. Your cock in my ass feels wonderful, but with the strapon in my pussy this is really intense. I feel so stuffed. Ahhhhhhh! Yesssss! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

I felt a load building inside of me and fucked her harder and harder until her boobs were rolling back and forth from her chin to her navel.

"Oh, I'm coming! Oh, fuck yes!", she moaned as I sprayed my load up her ass. I could feel her ass clenching over and over as I pumped into her.

When we could breathe normally again I pulled back until both of my cocks pulled out of her holes. I watched as her juices drained from her pussy down to mingle with my cum as it oozed from her slowly tightening asshole.

The next day on the plane back home, she gave me the buttplug and told me that if we ever traveled again on business I should let her know if I was bringing it. Then she gave me a thumbdrive and told me to keep it very safe. The hot little minx had her laptop recording the action on both nights. It was grainy video, but I get hard every time I watch either night.

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