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A Cute 22 Year Old Secretary And Her Kinky Boss

Megan was your typical 22 year old girl. She loved sports along with hiking and jogging. She was extremely beautiful as she had light blonde hair along with gorgeous blue eyes. Her body was absolutely sensational. Her tits were beautifully shaped and firm as well as her ass. She had one of the best asses you will ever see.

Megan had been job hunting for the last few months. She had gotten her 2 year degree in being a secretary. She applied at a up and coming company that had over 100 hundred employees. The owner of the company was Ken and he did this interview himself. He was in need of a new secretary and wanted to interview Megan personally.

Ken was a handsomely strong 50 something year old gentlemen. He had never been married and you certainly could classified him as a playboy. He had plenty of money along with sporty cars and many women in the past.

As Megan walked into his office for her interview Ken’s eyes lit up. She practically had the job before she had sat down. He loved younger women and specially ones as good looking as Megan was. Her interview only took 5 minutes and immediately she was offered the job. She was to start immediately.

Megan was so excited as she left that she had found a job. She couldn’t wait to tell her boyfriend about it. Since now she had a job they could start to make wedding plans. She was so happy right now.

The first few weeks working for Ken were great. He seemed like a great guy and was always so helpful. One day in the lunch room a few of the other women employees sat down next to Megan. One of them said, “Wow! I can see why you got the job! With an ass like that you will go far in this company. He is a real ass man I heard.”

“What are you talking about?” Megan asked back.

“This guy is the biggest playboy around! I can see why he hired you. You are gorgeous looking. I bet he will bang you before the month is over.” one of them said to Megan.

“You guys are crazy!” Megan replied back.

Megan then heard, “Watch out! I heard he had a room made downstairs just for sex. It had a round bed in the middle of it along with mirrors on the ceiling. He can be very kinky from what I heard.”

Megan listened to all their different comments about Ken. As she headed back to her office she couldn’t help wonder if Ken was that big of a playboy. It turned her on just the thought of what they had to say about him.

It was a week later when Ken called Megan into his office. He wanted her to dictate a letter for him as she sat down in front of his desk. He got up and walked around the office and closed the door as he dictated to her. A few minutes into it Megan suddenly felt Ken’s hand on top of her boob. He continued on with his dictation as he slowly slid his hand down into her open blouse.

Megan didn’t know what to do as she continued to type in everything Ken had told her. His hand quickly had found Megan’s boob as he slid it underneath her bra. Megan still didn’t stop typing as she needed this job so badly. A few minutes later Ken was done with not just his letter, but also his hand had slid back out of her blouse.

“I need you to come over to my place tonight to do some more work for me. Here is my address and I want you there at 7. No later!” Ken said to Megan as she got up and walked out of his office.

Megan went back to her office and thought about all the rumors she was told about Ken. She needed this job and it paid extremely well so she had no choice but to go over to his place tonight.

Megan was scared but also very turned on as she arrived at the driveway of Ken’s place. It had an iron gate in front of it as she got out to ring the bell. The gate opened up as soon as she pushed it and she immediately drove up the long driveway to his house.

Ken opened up the door and said, “Right on time! I like when someone is on time!”

Ken’s house was spectacular as he led her into his living room. He poured each of them a glass of wine and sat and chatted before any work was to start.

They ended up chatting for a good thirty minutes as Megan was now on her second glass of wine. Ken had sat directly across from her as the talked had quickly turned to the subject of sex.

Megan now felt pretty relaxed as Ken asked her to stand up. Megan got up off the couch and stood up in front of him.

Ken said, “I want you to turn around. I want to see that beautiful ass of yours.”

Megan had a tight pair of jeans on as she turned around. Her ass face Ken as he was only five feet from her. He then said, “I want you to pull your jeans down!”

Megan felt confused but obey his orders. She slowly lowered her jeans down as she had on a red thong pair of underwear. Ken now had a perfect view of Megan’s ass as he said, “Damn, that has to be the cutest ass I had ever seen. How about you bending over and removing that sexy thong for me.”

Megan bent slightly over as she reached back and slid the red thong down to her ankles. Ken was about to jump off the couch as Megan’s ass had him totally turned on.

Megan continued to be bent over in front of Ken as he got up off the couch. He walked over to Megan’s beautiful ass and slid his hands across it. A few seconds later he gave Megan a slap on each of her cheeks with his hand. Her ass was so firm and beautiful.

Megan felt very horny as Ken had her step out of her jeans and panties. He then led Megan down into the lower level where he brought her to a room. Megan knew this must had been the notorious room she heard all about.

As he opened the door all the rumors she had heard about it where true. There was a huge round bed in the middle of it and mirrors covered the ceiling. There was a set of straps that hung down from the ceiling along with a few other sexual devices in the room.

Megan pussy began to get very wet now as Ken laid her down onto the bed. He had her remove her shirt and bra as he went to grabbed a bag. Megan got a big surprise as he pulled out a vibrator and a huge dildo out of a bag he had grabbed. He said to Megan, “I want you to relax and enjoy!”

Megan felt the vibrator up against her now swollen clit. Her body jerked up off the bed as it had felt enormously good. Ken quickly grabbed the dildo and began to work it into Megan’s wet pussy. She let out a loud moan as it slipped easily into her wet pussy. As Ken worked the huge dildo into her he turned up the setting on it. Megan’s body began to tremble even more as Ken worked it deeper into her. It had been only a few minutes when Megan couldn’t take anymore. She cried out as she began to cum all over the dildo that was inside her.

A few minutes later Ken began to worked the dildo back into her again. Megan cried out, “I can’t take anymore!”

Megan’s body squirmed about the bed as Ken pushed the dildo deep inside her. He held Megan tightly to the bed as he turned it up to the highest setting. Megan screamed out as it was way to much for her. There was nothing she could do to stop it as another orgasm began to build up inside her. A few seconds later Megan screamed out loudly as she had another earth shattering orgasm on it. Ken then pulled the dildo out of her as her body shook for several more minutes after that.

Ken then had Megan turn over onto her stomach. He wanted nothing more than to lick that gorgeous ass of hers. He ran his tongue all around her gorgeous ass while he groped it with his hands. He then slid his tongue down the crack of her ass until he reached her asshole.

He then stood up on top of the bed as Megan sat on the bed in front of him. He yanked down his pants as Megan got her first look at Ken’s big cock. It was in a semi erect state as it was very thick and close to 9 inches in length.

Ken grabbed Megan’s head and pulled her mouth up towards his cock. He slid his big cock into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth with it. Megan choked on it a few times at the beginning, but she had become acclimated with it quickly after that.

Ken’s big cock was rock hard now as he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He then led Megan off the bed over to where the two straps hung down from the ceiling. He secured each of her wrists to them as her arms were now lifted into the air.

Megan’s beautiful body was now their for the taking as he spanked Megan’s ass several times with his hands. He then moved in behind Megan and pulled her beautiful ass back towards his rock hard cock. His cock slid up against Megan’s hot pussy as she moaned out loudly. A few seconds later he pushed his big cock right into her tight little pussy.

Megan’s screams could be heard all throughout the house as Ken began to fuck Megan with earnest from behind. Megan’s beautiful tits swayed freely in the air as Ken’s cock punished Megan’s sweet little pussy. Ken squeeze Megan’s beautiful ass with his hands as he fucked her.

Ken grunted out, “Damn! Your pussy is so hot!”

Megan screamed out a few minutes later as she started to cum again. Ken rammed his cock hard into her as her juices ran down over the shaft of his big cock. Megan’s legs then began to weaken as Ken continued to fuck her hard from behind.

It was a few minutes later when Ken let out a loud grunt. He yanked his cock out of Megan’s pussy and started to cum all over Megan’s gorgeous ass. Ken had cum so hard he could barely stand up. His 50 something year old body trembled for several minutes after he had cum. Megan’s body on the other side went practically limp as the straps were the only thing keeping her body from collapsing down onto the floor.

A few minutes later Ken removed Megan from the straps that had hung down from the ceiling. His cum dripped off Megan’s ass as she crashed back down onto the bed.

It was about 30 minutes later and Megan and Ken were back at it again. Megan was on her back on the bed while Ken had now positioned himself down on top of her. He pushed his big cock back into Megan’s tight pussy as she let out a loud moan.

He yanked Megan’s young 22 year old legs up in the air so he could get deeper penetration. Megan now could see herself being fucked by Ken through the glass mirrors on the ceiling. Ken fucked Megan good and hard as his big cock slid in and out of her pussy. It was a few minutes later when Megan screamed out again into another powerful orgasm.

Ken now wanted to fuck Megan doggie style. He moved Megan onto all fours as he couldn’t get over how gorgeous Megan’s tight little ass was. He quickly rammed his big cock back into Megan’s hot pussy. Megan’s body nearly jumped up off the bed as Ken began to hammer her with his large cock.

He grabbed both of Megan’s arms and pulled her ass tightly up against his cock. As he held her tightly he forced his cock extremely deep into her pussy. Megan screamed out extremely loud as Ken rammed his cock several times hard into her. Megan ended up cumming a few seconds later as she let out another very loud scream as she came.

Ken was now exhausted as he wanted Megan to blow him. He laid flat on the bed as Megan moved her mouth onto his big cock. She began to suck feverishly on his cock as her hand played with his big balls.

Megan worked over his cock for a good 10 minutes as Ken was getting close to cumming. Ken began to grunt out loudly as Megan now grabbed his cock with her hand and began to stroke on it. She gave Ken’s cock several hard strokes when it began to erupt. Megan quickly moved her face right up next to it as his cum began to fly all over her beautiful face. She stroke hard on his cock until every last drop of cum had dripped out of it.

Megan then asked Ken, “Do I still need to work tonight?”

Ken responded, “You already did your work for the night! Tomorrow night is a different story!”

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