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A Dangerous Game With My Ex Husband's Nephew

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I had always found my ex husband's nephew, Oliver, handsome even before my ex husband and Iwere married. He had that strikingly handsome face and sweet personality that you could not resist.

During the years I was married to Oliver's uncle, there was an absolute physical attraction between us but obviously we were family at the time we couldn't do anything that was truly and unforgiveably forbidden.

A few years after Oliver's uncle and I split, I bumped into Oliver down at the Leisure Centre one day when I went to go for a swim. We exchanged a few friendly smiles and talk and felt that all familar sexual strong chemistry between us. We shook hands and it was like an electric spark had gone off between us.

When it was closing time Oliver and I stayed behind and gave in to our sexual desires of wanting one another.

Our arms and and hands were all over each other passionately as we kissed, the heat was steaming off our bodies as we threw all of our clothes off and threw caution to the wind.

Oliver was five foot 10, spikey light brown hair, brown blue eyes, the cheekiest smile you ever saw, and had unshaven stubble on his chin as well.

Oliver took me by the hand and we walked into the shower room and he turned one of the showers on and pushed me under it until I was soaking wet from head to toe. I saw that his dick had sprung to life in an instant and he pressed his body against mine under the shower.

Oliver teased my very wet and horny pussy with the tip of his huge erection until I was panting like a bitch on heat for him to fuck me. He saw how tormented I was by his teasing so he thrusted himself deep inside me under the shower, the water showering over our hot entwined bodies as they became one.

I moaned pleasurely as my body was pushed up and down against the cold wall as I was being fucked by my ex husband's nephew who was in my opinion a lot more handsome. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed his naked buttocks as they moved rapidly as his body went in and out of me.

I pushed Oliver back and grined sultry up at him fluttering my long dark eyelashs his way and grabbed up a sponge and squeezed water slowly from it over my big breasts while looking up at him in a sexy and sultry look.

"Are you trying to torture me now?" Oliver moaned, and picking me up and laid me down on the cold tiled floor of the shower room. He got in between my legs and thrusted into me excitedly before I could tease him more than I already had been.

Oliver stretched out and moved up and down over me grunting and moaning pleasurably.

I bit down on my lower lip as our fucking grew more and more intense. I moaned and closed my eyes and felt his hot kisses down my neck, down the base of my neck, down the valley between my breasts. I felt myself getting hotter and hotter and my breathing increased as I felt my body was building up to a almighty orgasm. I cried out loud and clear when I did orgasm as my body quivered in ectasy.

Oliver fucked me harder and faster until he let out a cry of an animal as he orgasmed spurting out all of his hot juices deep inside me.

We held onto each other tightly before moving onto seconds.
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